Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Existing in New York City: Sitting on the Razor's Edge

Foto by tgw, "Penn Terminal Building," New York City, 2012
Trying to Rise Above My Situation

Politics is so beneath me. Fools! Ignorant fools! I'm floating in the transcendent clouds.
All around the world just plain folks are being massacred. For what? For Power, that's what. Like Ass(hole)ad in Syria. He's just holding on to Power. He's willing to die in order to hold on to Power. And if he's gonna die, then dammit so are thousands of Syrians, too. Those Power Elites We the People of the USA prop up around the world. It's the Power that they are willing to die for. That's beneath me. Killing. What manner of human being is willing to massacre gobs of humans? Just aim weapons of mass destruction at people and, BOOM, blow them away or burn them alive or bomb the bejesus out of them. I think of a group of weapons designers sitting in a conference room: "Hey, I've got this great idea for a weapon! It seeks out children...children only...to kill. Can you imagine the grief it would cause? Damn, that gives me a thrill to think I have the Power to invent such a mean weapon."

I'm dealing with my body that is trying to kill me. Perhaps I should grab a gun and go to war. What a way to die, eh? "I'm killing myself so I may as well take some of you bastards with me." Like cops blowing away unarmed children. What thrill is there in that? What thrill does Obama get picking human beings off his death list to be killed on any given day? Can you imagine the Power in being able to designate human beings to kill as a day's sport?

I'm back to writing poetry. You know I'm transcendent when I'm writing poetry. Short verse. I've no time for epics. And while I'm writing these verses that nobody but me will ever read some poor slob and his family are getting their brains blown out because they are suspects. Like in Iraq yesterday a car bomb blew a bunch of people away because they were on the wrong side of Islam. Stupid religions. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Backwards believing. Killing each other over religious beliefs. Dumb ass faithful. God. How stupid to have no faith in yourself but to have faith unto death in a make believe Big Daddy up in a celestial place somewhere that is nowhere. Dumb. And in the middle of this poetic flying, I ask you, how dumb, utterly dumb, is it being a Mormon?

Somerset Maugham wrote in The Summing Up, "We are the playthings of nature." He wrote a few paragraphs down from that, "So long as men are cursed with the sense of possession, and that I presume is as long as they exist, they will wrest what they can from those who are powerless to hold it."

Man is an animal. No different from a low-life monkey. No different from a gorilla. Monkeys and gorillas are smarter because they have stayed put in the jungle and have rejected civilization, except for the ones we human animals have captured and put in zoos or put in labs to torture them beyond belief in order to keep ourselves believing we are civilized.

We are idiots. We still live in jungles. Concrete jungles. Look at the skyline of New York City. Why more and more and higher and higher buildings? A huge 60-story monstrosity office building sits mostly empty up the street from me. It is architecturally tacky. A glass box. Waste. Wasted space. Wasted talent. Wasted existence. It replaced a low-level group of businesses that provided the common man with cheap foods, reading glasses, iPods, teevee sets, CD players, soaps, towels, sheets, pillow cases, jeans, purses, underwear, hats, luggage, shoes.

I'm just reading where there are on last count 43,000 homeless in New York City. And our billionaire mayor just cut back on aid to the homeless. This little spoiled brat rich bastard hates the poor. He wants to see them flee New York City, especially Manhattan, an island he wants to make available as an exclusive playground for his rich friends, Arab and Israeli speculators, Japanese businessmen with bags of money to burn, prissy junior jumpshooters who use daddy's money to open chi-chi little restaurants with sky-high prices on foods that are high in fats and oils and greed, pretentious little restaurants and bistros that probably are money laundering affairs. Who the hell knows. They pop up one day and stay a season then are suddenly gone.

I have to lower my thoughts to write about this; yet this is the reality I have to live within. I have to exist within. I have to strive within. "Eight million people living on the brink," Mose Allison wrote (in "A Foolkiller's Comin'"), "Got no time to stop and think."

I had a chance over the past weekend to see a Sunday (it was delivered Saturday morning) New York Times and I tried reading its hundreds of thousands of words but I would get down a paragraph or two and suddenly realize I was reading pulp. Worthless crap. And yet the writers of this pulp-crap were the most respected writers in the business. But what they were writing was repeated bullshit. Bullshit that has been around since I was conceived. The same old bullshit rehashing old bullshit, analyzing world events as though they were all just happening. Like war. When have we not had wars? All White writers, too. I noticed that. The White perspective. And the White perspective has given us slavery, Capitalism, Neo-Cons, fundamentalist Christians, Libertarians who find Ayn Rand credible, and a presidential candidate who is a Mormon. White hypocrisy in total bloom.

"There's a foolkiller coming," Mose Allison wrote, "he's gettin' closer every day. There's a foolkiller coming, I've got to try and make my getaway."

How do you getaway from all this bullshit? All this hypocrisy? A President who says he's gonna do this if elected and then when elected he goes on taking us backwards the same way his predecessor did, a little spoiled rich brat who even the idiots of this country admit was our worst-ever president. Yet this little spoiled brat now sits safe and sound down in Dallas living the good life. And President Obama never brings this little worthless bastard up to accuse him of getting We the People in all the messes we're in. Obama never blaming this the worst-ever president for his own presidential woes. Never pushing this little asshole back into the faces of his Repugnican opponents. Obama's an idiot, too. Being an idiot doesn't mean he's not smart. But what good is being smart if you are making dumb decisions and thinking backwards?

Mose Allison wrote, "If you've never been a fool then you don't have to worry, no need to go and get in a hurry, but just to be on the safe side, better get yourself a place to hide...'cause a foolkiller's comin'...."

Lies Becoming Truths
Lies are given as truths
Truths that are reversed
Truths that lie
Lies that will one day
Blow up in their faces
Yet even with their lips gone
They will continue to lie

So I sit here an opposition to the continuous Fascist directions those who are supposed to be in my corner are taking me. Corruption rules from our president on down to the local government goons.

I sit on the razor's edge. Like I'm stuck taking 7 meds a day, some of which obviously do more bad than they do good; yet these drugs are established in the protocols all cardiologists adhere to. I take Plavix, a drug that has been proven to be a cause of heart attacks and strokes; yet my cardiologist pooh-poohs any objections to the drug I bring up--Bristol-Myer, the drug's manufacturer, it is well known lied about the efficacy of the drug; yet, my cardiologist says I must keep taking it in order to keep plaque from building up on my stent, the stent that for the time being is saving my life. If I say, "Well, doc, Omega 3s do the same job as Plavix...." He will interrupt me and say he believes Omega 3s (found in either fish oil or flax seed oil) are drugs, blah, blah, blah, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. I'm left sitting on the fence. What do I do? Do I stop taking Plavix and go whole hog with Omega 3s or do I go along with my cardiologist and risk having another heart attack or having my brain start bleeding, a happening that if it occurs sends me immediately back to the ER for another emergency procedure? I'm playing a game of chicken with my life.

In the meantime, get ready for us backing Israel in an attack on Iran. It's coming. War. War and more war. We the People of the USA have to pay for these wars. Using Israel to head up this war isn't saving us money. Israel could not exist without our aid. Israel's army couldn't practice ruthless tactics without our military aid.

The rebels in Syria. Where do you think they are getting their weapons and the ammunition they need to fight a military that is well heeled due to its being supplied weapons by Russia and China? This civil war in Syria was started and had its fires fueled by our CIA. The CIA is our little asshole group that goes about the globe prying into governments and instigating conflicts. Our current problems with Pakistan--and The Daily Growler has said for years now that our imperialist government has wanted all along to invade and occupy Pakistan--were originally caused by the CIA, the outfit that was originally in charge of those drone strikes that President Obama like a child with toys is so jumping-for-joy employing daily against the Pakistani people. A drone crashed just today (June 12th) in Maryland. The Pentagon said it was on a test flight when the remote operator lost control of it. It crashed in a swamp and set half the swamp on fire; of course, it's only logical that one of these sorry-ass weapons of mass destruction will crash over say New York City one of these days.

I mean I could go on and on and on, but, like I said at the beginning of this, politics is so beneath me now. It's so corrupt it ain't funny anymore. We have rich asshole clowns running for president and running for Congress. We have idiots making laws against us. Our own president is working against us. We no longer have any representation in our Congress.

I give up. I'm going to write another poem.

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