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Existing in the Police State of New York City With Protesters Declared Terrorists

Foto by tgw, "Clouds Over 6th Avenue," New York City, 2011
Nobody Calls It "The Avenue of the Americas" Anymore

I was enjoying listening to the Occupy Movement (they don't refer to themselves as Occupy Wall Street anymore--the New York City Fascist/Capitalist Police Force put a stop to that movement) marching down Broadway to Union Square Park or marching over to Madison Square Park. Beating drums and shouting tons of "We must do this and that" slogans into today's warming-up New York City air, air filtered by a pelting little rainstorm we had this morning around daybreak, a rain that washed the chills away and after it ceased left us with a near-spring day, a day of alas warmish air. WBAI-FM here in New York City was gushing with Occupy moving all afternoon with breathless Mimi Rosenberg and her aging sidekick Ken Nash doing the cheerleading, trying to make something super out of what was totally ignored by the commercial press and the paid-for-by-the-1%-Power-Elite television and then totally trumped by President Obama pulling a G.W.-Bush-tactic out of his bag of political tricks and showing up in Afghanistan in a hanger at the infamous Bagrom Air Force Base (and Prison (a torture center of forced confessions)) to say that maybe he was pulling US troops out of Afghanistan...MAYBE...assuring the trembling Afghanistan people that he wouldn't abandon them--like what did that mean? I was thinking could this Obama trick be a true trick--like G.W. Bush on the deck of the Lincoln out in the safety of the San Diego Harbor during his bullshit moment where he declared our mission in Iraq accomplished--a mission that went on many more years--a mission continued by President Obama--a mission that left thousands of Iraqis dead and over 2 million of them displaced--a mission that is still killing Iraqis even today after Obama pulled our troops out of there, though leaving over 100,000 contractors and oil hunters and connivers there and oh yeah, Sec'y of State Hillbilly Hillary's little State Department army there to protect the world's largest Embassy--oh yeah--and 30 or 40 Iraqis a day are still being blown away--why? Why are they still bombing the hell out of each other when they now have control of their own New Democratic Republic of Iraq? And, yes, I'm being snide. Obama could have actually been in a hanger out at Andrews Air Force Base outside the District of Corruption for all we really know using one of the blue-screen stages where you can appear to be in one place when you're really in another place. Remember my backwards-thinking theory. If our President or our government says something, what they actually mean is the exact opposite. But whether our president was actually in Afghanistan or in a rigged up simulation stage out at Andrews Air Force Base matters not. What matters is he trumped the Occupiers May Day occupations. He pulled an election-year trick out of his bag of tricks, this wily President, this man who like G.W. Bush can speak double-speak out both corners of his mouth while in the meantime though he claims he's bringing out worn-out psycho-troops home from Afghanistan, he's not ending but extending this stupid bullshit War on Terror.

And looking for guerrilla actions by these Occupiers I click-traveled around through all the many "progressive" news sites (BuzzFlash, Truthdig, the Huffing and Puffing (AOL-owned) Post, Mother Jones, the Nation, Counterpunch)...and whew-boy, you know how many pundit-preachings I came across, all with a different view of the Occupy Movement--several of these pundits already with full-length books out on the subject? I mean there are hundreds of these journalistic EXPERTS giving their oppositional or defensive positions on this Occupy Movement, which as far as I can see hasn't really done one god-damn thing to bringing down the 1%--who are actually about 40% of us when you consider all the $200, 000-a-year jive assers working in the corrupt-erations off of which the 1%-ers (our ruling Power Elite) are getting richer and richer--the hundreds of thousands of Yes Men and Yes Ladies who are making millions-a-year--the thousands of toadies and hit men and goons who are making big bucks doing the dirty work for the 1%-ers. Mitt "the Mormon" Romney is one of them; President Obama is one of them. Rupert Murdoch's son, that clown, is one of them--he's moving to the US by the way; England's gotten too hot for the boy.

I mean Noam Chomsky has just knocked off a book on the Occupiers. I find it amazing how fast these guys can knock off books. Chris Hedges has knocked off a new book. Why even Rachel Maddow, a former failure on what was it called, the All-America Radio Network?--how quickly we've forgotten that failed effort, Rachel Maddow surviving by becoming coopted by the commercial television agents--but even Rachel has found time to pen a book giving her reasoning on why we are at WAR. Hey, Rachel, we here at The Daily Growler said years ago our only way of surviving in this country was via WAR and more wars and drone air forces and threatening war and selling war tools, weapons of mass destruction, to countries like Saudi-Arabia and Taiwan and India and Pakistan and Uzbekistan and Turkey and even soon-to-be bankrupt Greece. I mean come on, Rach, you're just now figuring this out. We are a war economy--why do you think we need so much fossil-fuel energy? Who's the biggest user of such energy and nuclear energy in the world? Think about it.

These journalists have their sword fights and tool around all the above-mentioned "news" on-line magazines and each one has scores of articles afresh every day commenting on some aspect of this corrupt world--Laura Flanders interviewing Noam Chomsky on one site--why do you have to interview Noam Chomsky again and again? Read his books--he says the same thing over and over in all his books. I'm not saying he's wrong in his political views--in fact, I can agree with most of his stances--I don't see why these news sites must constantly interview him or publish every statement he makes--and that goes for Ralph Nadir and Bernie Sanders and Thomas Hartmann and this Brooks idiot and Chris Hedges. None of whom's ravings are having one iota of dent in stopping Fascism from taking us over. They've got plenty of platforms, yet big fat cow Rush Limbaugh has more clout than all those above-mentioned pundits put together.

I love the late George Carlin for the way he got things across. I just watched his YouTube offering on the anti-abortion Pro-Life crowd--in 10 minutes he whittles that bunch of scary murderous bastards down to flea-like proportions--makes total idiots out of them--no need for a journalistic pundit to write his opinions of this bunch of fools, just play Carlin's video over and over again. Or Carlin's video on defining Republicans. That's all you need. Not another article on "Why Are Republicans Trying to Bring Our Great Nation Down?" Hell if you know your Reagan-Neo-Con-Bush-Family-Empire history you know that's been Republicans's agenda since Paul Wolfowitz graduated from the University of Chicago under the influence of Leo Strauss and Milton Friedman.

In the meantime, what did the Occupy Movement accomplish with their Labor Day brouhahas? The Democrats are still going to hold their convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, and President Obama will give another of his "Yes, We Can" bullshit speeches in Bank of America Stadium there in the banking utopia called Charlotte, North Carolina. And trust me, our President will be totally protected from the Occupiers by his own personal gang of thugs Secret Service goons, tons of FBI infiltrators, CIA and US Army goons, local White-Racist Police--remember, President Obama considers protesters TERRORISTS. And, you bet there'll be several fleets of drones cruising those Charlotte skies with missiles readied and aimed at men, women, and children (including babes in arms) terrorists--and there'll be arrests and beatings and pepper-spraying galore and sound canons aimed at the Occupiers.

But oh how the tons of pundits will be filling the columns of those progressive news magazines with their great words of wisdom. Where's a Martin Luther King reasoner when we need him? Where's a Malcolm X reasoner when we need him? Where's a Stokely Carmichael? Where's an Allen Ginsberg? Where's a new George Carlin? Where's Dick Gregory?

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