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Existing in the Existential State of the City of New York: Watching the Clowns Troop By

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2011
Politics Is So Beneath Me

Ralph Nadir did write a cool little vignette on the Ghost of Bin Laden visiting President Obama in the Oval Office and I enjoyed it; it was well written and realistic, but other than that the rest of the writing on this presidential election is such bullshit. I mean the candidates themselves are so full of bullshit and by candidates I mean both Mitt "The Mormon" Romney--he's a totally spoiled-little-rich-brat ignorant man--and Barack "Yes, We Can But We Won't" Obama.

I can't imagine anybody but a fool voting for Mitt "The Mormon" Romney. He reminds me so much of Barry Goldwater who was trounced by Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson back in '64. This whole pack of Repugnican ninnies are such a bunch of self-abusing jack-offs; yet I know and you should know these lunatics will garner perhaps as many as 50% of the votes (or steal enough to beat Obama; remember, Karl Rove is still free and packing millions of vote-buying bucks). I mean these jack-offs came on strong in the 2012 elections taking back the House and winning most of the governorships across the country. Half of the voters who vote in this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave are total idiots who vote from hatred and spite rather than care.

Dumbocrats have no choice--they have to vote for Obama, though of course there are your idiot Dumbos, too, who'll cross over and vote for the Mittman and whoever his jack-off running mate will be--why not Sarah "Paleface" Palin again? Or why not the Mittman's wife as his running mate? You gotta remember that the people in Massachusetts, a state thought of as a progressive, Kennedy-Dumbocrat state, elected Mitt the Mormon as their governor. How scary is that?

I was just reading a doomsday article by one of our Congressmen who went over to Japan and saw the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster live and he has come back begging Congress to wake up to the fact that if Unit #4 collapses and brings down the 1500-plus LIVE fuel rods stacked on top of it, the nuclear devastation it could reek could kill maybe 2 billion of us! And I don't think he was exaggerating either. It would certainly wipe out the foolish Japanese who are staying on there--I mean can you imagine living in Tokyo right now?--breathing the foul air from what did explode at Fukushima? Idiot Japanese. I mean after suffering what they did when We the People of the USA nuked their asses in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, you'd think they'd of had sense enough to stay away from nuclear power, but, no, in their greed for world power they fell head over heals for General Electric's bullshit and allowed GE to build Fukushima. This is the same GE who built most of our now wearing-out nuke plants. Yes, the human race is wiping itself out; yet we have our noses up the asses of our Power Elite and their jive that is keeping us asleep at the wheel in terms of fouling our own nests. Do any of these jack-offs running for president mention any of this? Hell no. Do they give a shit? Hell no. As George Carlin said, they don't give one shit in Hades about We the People of the USA; they are only interested in their own glory, their own wealth, their own POWER! Look at the POWER Barack Obama has over us through his executive orders! Look at it! I mean he can with one order exterminate hundreds of thousands of us if he so wishes. You think I'm exaggerating? He is pro-nuclear power. He is allowing nuclear plants to be built--or at least he's given his OK for several of them to be built--I mean we're lucky they may not be built because they cost so damn much to build and there are no Wall Street pirates willing to risk losing billions by backing them--but, hey, if they did, it's OK with Barack Obama. He touts nuclear energy as clean energy. And look how much nuclear energy our US Navy uses. Our first Black president and he's acting worse than our worse White president, the little prick, G.W. Bush, who's living down in Dallas like a little duke, like a little prince, sipping his bourbon while Pickles is getting high in the other room.

But in spite of my feeling these clowns are beneath me and politics is beneath me, I still can't ignore them and their policies. I mean if Mitt the Mormon is elected...Jesus, you think G.W. Bush was bad. I mean Congress is already a big Ship of Fools sailing without any navigational tools. Most of them spoiled little rich brats--either coming from already wealthy parents or certainly once they've been in Washington, District of Corruption, for any length of time becoming millionaires--like that jerk-off Max Baucus. These are men who have never had to worry about income or jobs most of their lives. These are privileged men and women born of privileged fathers and mothers--like this Paul Ryan idiot who wants to reduce us all to near-slaves. As George Carlin again taught us, we don't have any RIGHTS, all we have are privileges. And how do you get privileges? You buy them, that's how.

Oooh, writing about these geeks gives me the willies.

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The Glaring Wisdom of George Carlin
[YouTube says this video is no longer available--that's bullshit--just go to George Carlin on YouTube and click on George Carlin on Rights!]

artwork: Fernand Léger - Woman Holding a Vase 1927. Oil on canvas, 146.3 x 97.5 cm. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY © 2010 Artists Rights Society (ARS), NY /ADAGP, Paris. -  Photo: David Heald © The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York.

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