Thursday, May 10, 2012

Existing in New York City: White People Scared They're Losing Their Supremacy, That Granted Them By God

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2003
White Folks Fearing Their White God's Country Is Turning Brown

I have said all along that White folks, my people, will divide this country before they let it go all Black or Brown or Tan or Yellow...any color but White. Even though Barack Obama got elected in 2008, it wasn't White people in general who put him in the presidency, though once he got there he found out it was White Power Elitists who had their hands up his ass and were working his brain and mouth. He became a Whiter president than privileged White boy G.W. Bush and I said at the time of his inauguration that he was being told what to do by the Clinton-Pappy Bush coalition--I remembering that Slick Willie Clinton stated before the election that old Pappy Bush was his new best friend. And remember, the Slick One and Pappy became partners in the billion-dollar tsunami hoax--at least I believe Slick Willie and old Pappy scraped several million off the top of that fund. Explain to me how Slick Willie became an ex-president suddenly worth over 200 million dollars? There had to be some fixin' goin' on somewhere in that pile of loose money. Also, remember, Obama chose of all people the Slick One and G.W. Bush to rule over Haiti--and look what a splendid job those two knuckleheads did for that country, still in a shambles to this day, Port au Prince still a ruined city, still with people living in tents, still with people in need of medical supplies and doctors--300,000 wiped out by the earthquake and another 100,000 wiped out by the cholera epidemic.

Yesterday in North Carolina, in the largest turnout of voters in the history of the state, the White folks of that hillbilly backward state voted overwhelmingly to ban gay marriage; in fact, to ban even civil marriages and common-law unions with a state law that now says only man-woman marriages approved by God (that's the Christian God Jehovah, folks, in case you get confused about what God it is that decides on who can marry who) are the only marriages that count. Only stupid hillbillies could come up with so stupid a law. And North Carolina is a damn stupid state where the Dumbocrats are holding their stupid convention this year, in Charlotte, hillbilly home of the Bank of America, the crookedest of the most crooked US banks, a place where Barack Obama will deliver his automatic acceptance speech in the Bank of America stadium--what a god-damn stupid move on his part, EXCEPT, this foolish man is dependent on Bank of America bucks to run his near-billion-dollar presidential campaign against the Repugnican idiot, Mitt "the Mormon" Romney, a spoiled brat lyin' son of a bitch who's never had to work a day in his privileged life, an idiot of a man who you would think would not get one vote running for dog catcher but who managed to convince the so-called progressive state of Massachusetts (it is a stupid backward state in my opinion) to elect him their governor.

And in Indiana, those backward-thinking hillbillies threw moderate old Dick Lugar out, a Repugnican nutjob, and put in his place a truer nutjob than he, the State Treasurer and idiot Teabagger, Richard Mourdoch (rhymes with Rupert Murdoch), a White racist who now brings the Senate down another notch in terms of ignorance, an ignorance even lower than old Dick Lugar's. But then Indiana ain't one of our brightest states.

Isn't it funny to you how these backwards hillbilly states are dominating us with their stupid backwards laws? I say let these states withdraw from the Union--we wouldn't miss a state like Indiana at all (remember Dan Quayle?); we wouldn't miss Gawjah, or Old South Carolina, or North Carolina, or Florida, or Alabama, or Mississippi, or Oklahoma, or Texas, or God-damn there are a hell of a lot of these backward states, even Arizona, Colorado, the Dakotas, even Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, let 'em all drop out and form the New Confederacy--ban all but White people from being residents--put all Blacks back into slavery. Send all Messkins back to Mexico. Annihilate all Jews--and yes these White people basically hate Jews. The recent White Supremacists arrested in the great backward state of Florida had Jews along with Blacks and Messkins at the top of their "KILL" list.

Don't be surprised if Obama isn't beaten by Mitt "the Mormon" Romney--White backlash doesn't give a shit if Mitt is a stupid dick Mormon privileged little spoiled brat rich boy; in fact because he's rich shows God is on his side to these jokers, these Jukes, these Snopes.

Like I say, I'm White, from Texas, and I know my people. They speak truths to me because I'm White. Only when they find out I'm a god-damn nigger-loving A-theist-Socialist-Humanitarian contrarian do they condemn me; yet they still try and convert me--to bring me back into the White fold.  Like, Wolf Man, how could you let your heritage down?

What happened to me?  I was born with intellectual curiosity thanks to my fair-minded and good-intentioned White parents and the line of thinking White people I inherited in my genes.

So I'm smarter than the average White man that still doesn't change the fact that the dumb White people aren't still terribly supremacists when it comes to allowing this great White God-created country to become dominated by another race--check out the Return America people involved in preaching racism in that recent dumbass North Carolina anti-Gay marriage vote--as Black people in North Carolina are asking, what do these racists want to return America to?  I know what they want to return America to; I don't have to ask.

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BossKitty said...

Thank you for your insightful rant. I can identify with your words, and wish I had your guts to tell it like it is. I use the term that America is DEVOLVING. But, I know that the ignorant "Thumper" populace haven't a clue what that means. Don't think home schooling teaches that word, because that would mean they need to know what "EVOLVE" means.
I, too, am in Texas and surrounded by the same culture you rant about.