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Existing in New York City: Growling My Brains Out So Damn Futilely

Foto by tgw, New York City, March 2012
Say Goodbye to: Dave Philley
, a native of Paris (actually Garrett's Bluff), Texas, and a journeyman ballplayer, starting with the Chicago White Sox and with several other teams, especially the Philadelphia Athletics, the Baltimore Orioles, and I remember him playing with the Detroit Tigers. I've still got a Dave Philley 1950 Bowman's baseball card where he's in a White Sox uniform. Dave was a good hitter, lifetime .270, known in his later years as a pinch hitter--still holds the record of 9 pinch-hit doubles in a row. Dave also successfully managed the Durham Bulls. Dave Philley, 91, American baseball player (Baltimore Orioles, Chicago White Sox, Philadelphia Athletics).
President Obama's Administration Is Allowing Wolf Killings to Go On In Spite of Wolves Being an Endangered Species
Thanks to our friend, the womantrumpetplayer, and her comment below, we have been brought to our feet in protest against man the vicious killer; this weak-minded scaredy-cat who is being allowed to hunt at will and kill at will the wolves of North America--gassing pups in dens, outright slaughter of wolves from helicopters, and free-for-all hunting of wolves from the Rocky Mountains all the way up into Canada and Alaska (where they are allowing hunters with big-game rifles to blow wolves away so that the caribou population can grow so that these wild-killer-instinctually-backwards-human-being hunters can then slaughter the caribou for sport). Shame on our government for allowing this. The mighty wolf that was near extinction a few decades back having made a miraculous comeback is once again the victim of the brutality of the human being, the most deadly and vicious animal ever to evolve out of the jungle--thought to be clever because it has invented rifles so powerful and accurate and traps and poisons--its intention to kill anything it considers wild and a threat to its own security--especially the clever and amazing wolves, so much more important to the world than human beings. We humans are killers. Why we even kill each other--look at the killing sprees our military is going on all over the world. Look at this Sgt. Bales character who killed 16 Afghanistan women and children, blew them away, and then set them on fire to add a little flavor to his brutal killing spree. Our military breeds killers with their kill-or-be-killed attitudes; our culture breeds killers with its macho hunter attitudes. And don't worry, this military animal, Bales, will be given the Medal of Honor by President Obama, a killer himself who kills his own citizens. In Canada, wolves are being slaughtered in the tar sands area where we are fixing to have that worthless piece of shit pipeline shooting down through our heartland whether we want it or not.
Hey, Check Out This Great White Hunter With His Proud Trophy--what will he do with his kill, dress it out and eat it? make a wolf-skin jacket for his proud obedient stupid wife? Of course, without that high-powered rifle complete with that laser-beam scope on it, this fool wouldn't have had a chance against that wolf.
Trying to Lose Myself in Music
Sitting here with a backache. God-dammit, I hate backaches. I never had them ever before I started using this Toshiba laptop to write these posts. I'm listening to the wonderful Nat "King" Cole Trio from the 1940s--Oscar Moore, guitar; Johnny Miller, bass. Nat was such an exquisite pianist, though most people if they remember him at all remember him as a pop singer. The story goes the trio was playing in a club and the club owner came to Nat and said he wanted some singing with the group--instrumental stuff just wasn't making it--so Nat started singing. But I remember Nat as a piano player. I heard the trio during its heyday when I was a kid--like "Straighten Up and Fly Right" or "Route 66," but what woke me up to Nat as an accomplished piano player was during his stay in the Jazz at the Philharmonic piano chair. One of the greatest moments is from Jazz at the Philharmonic Volume 1 on a tune simply called "Blues." It's a jam featuring J. J. Johnson, Illinois Jacquet, Jack "McVouty" McVeigh, Johnny Miller, Lester's brother Lee Young on drums, and Les Paul on guitar--and it's the interplay between Nat and Les Paul that is the most exciting feature of this ten-and-a-half-minute jam. The genius of these two cats--with Les laying down a riff and Nat repeating it in his way only for Les to lay another more complicated riff down and Nat simply sliding into the same riff--this riffin' goes on for several minutes to the great delight of the wild audience. And those JATP audiences used to be wild, shouting at the musicians to "Go, Man, Go" and yelling and screaming, especially when Illinois went into one of his wild chile high screeching jive solos--and with that audience whipped up already, here come Les and Nat to do this interplaying--one of the solidest sending musical occurrences I've ever heard. Actually Nat starts the riffing off by interjecting shave-and-a-haircut hits on the high notes, which Les then picks up to swing into with Nat, then it gets serious when Les gets into his solo--and releases into this interplay--I mean it's one of the great moments in jazz music. ...and damn, wouldn't you know, somebody has put it up on YouTube: here ya go--enjoy one of the great moments in jazz--purely spontaneous, I might add, too:
Still Concerned
I'm still concerned over the fact that there's no challenge--debatewise--to President Obama, a man, I swear, who has simply put on G.W. Bush's shoes and continued to walk in his path of disaster. When Obama talks about recovery, no one challenges him on it. Today, the government babblers are claiming Osama bin Ladin was out to kill Obama. Come on, doesn't that sound like Bush cry-babying about how Saddam Hussein tried to murder his old worthless Pappy! Why would bin Ladin want to kill Obama? I mean this dude was running for his life most of the time after Little Georgie Porgie Bush let him escape into Pakistan where he was hiding out all those years. Is Obama now wanting to be a martyr?

Here's a guy who now has taken over executive power privileges old G.W. never thought of using. Here's a president who has assassinated three US citizens, one a teenager, in Yemen for what? He says they were al-Queda big shots; yet he gives no proof of their having any thing to do with al-Queda, this amazing army of wild Islamics that no matter how many of them we kill still seem to grow larger and larger and stay in existence, able to get evidently weapons and monies at will. And certainly in President Obama's mind they are still a huge threat against our "national security." The dictator of Yemen recently was going to release the Yemen journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye, but Obama personally called our Yemen lackey and ordered him to not release the guy. Why? Because Obama says he's a threat to our national security because he is able to get inside the al-Quedan network and interview them, not necessarily favorably, but by journalistic association that makes him a terrorist.

You can't challenge President Obama on any of his "secret" ploys. He simply throws your questions back in your face. Like the obvious intentions of Obama and Israel to invade and try and occupy Iran. Why? Because they have Weapons of Mass Destruction. But, most experts say they are a long way from developing what nuclear materials they have into anything close to a nuclear weapon. Why are the two most loaded-with-nuclear-weapons in the world afraid of Iran? Pakistan has Weapons of Mass Destruction. They were hiding and giving comfort to Osama bin Ladin, too. So why aren't we threatening to nuke Pakistan? I've always said our government's intentions were all along to go in an secure Pakistan's nuclear arsenal. Go in through India from the Indian Ocean. Of course, if I spout such wild forecasts out there, no one agrees with me. "Farfetched," they holler back in my face.

Obama goes on being cheered by the very people he screwed in terms of single-payer healthcare; refusing to even discuss this form of health insurance and instead letting the pay-or-die insurance giants, the pharmaceutical giants, and the pay-or-die hospitals-for-profit corporations write Obamacare. And now with these Republican idiots still trying to ruin our Medicare system that works in spite of the many doctors ripping it off and ruin our Social Security system in spite of it being soluble for many years to come, does Obama slam 'em down for it? No. Instead he agrees both systems have to be cut. He's still compromising with these anti-American rightwing nutjobs. And when a citizen does stand up to him and tries to argue with him, he simply blows them off with one of his charming retorts. And now unions are kissing Obama's ass. And what has Obama done for unions? Well, in order to bail General Motors out of bankruptcy--another company too big to fail--he forced the unions to take cuts in their pensions and allowed GM to hire new workers at $15-an-hour rather than the union gained $24-an-hour. Obama also gave our Chrysler Motors away to Fiat of Italy--and now watch teevee and see how many Fiat ads come into your face 24/7--and trust me, folks, Fiats are some of the worst cars ever made.

I'm sorry. My friends tell me, "Who'd you rather have as president, Rick Santorum?" And I say, "No, I don't want Rick Santorum to be the president, nor do I want Mitt "the Mormon" Romney or Newtie "Fat Fart" Gingrich--but neither do I want four more years of a George W. Bush clone either. At least why isn't someone challenging Obama to debates?--some progressive Democrat like Russ Feingold--yet, Russ Feingold is working in Obama's campaign now. And Dennis Kocinich got his ass clobbered by another so-called progressive due to a Republican redistricting scheme. And Bernie Sanders has no clout. And just yesterday, Obama announced through Nancy Pelosi (what the hell's she doing in Egypt?) that we are MAKING AN ARMS DEAL WITH THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY! What happened to the Arab Spring? What happened to the NEW democratic regime in Egypt? And why are we making an arms deal with these military goons?

"Yes, we can." Yes, we can what? Keep spying on Americans? Keep taking away We the People's rights? Now sending drones over our own country? Keeping on building that overcostly fence along our border with Mexico? That fence that I was reading was costing us something like hundreds of millions of dollars a mile in some areas. A stupid fence that Mexicans wanting to get into this country simply tunnel under. And if these people are so desperate to get into this country, why the hell can't we negotiate a work agreement with them or their government?--why can't we register these people at border stations and give them seasonal work permits? And if they want to become American citizens, why not give them a chance at it.

And now President Obama has brought his infatuation with unmanned drones to US soil. And, too, for the first time in history, we have a unit of the US Army's combat forces working within our borders; not to protect us from an invasion--oh no--but to spy on us, to seek terrorists from among us, to be able to now pick up ordinary Americans up off the street and declare them enemy combatants and send them off to SYRIA to be tortured--or Morocco--or EGYPT--to be tortured and placed in dungeons--or to be sent off to Guantanamo--a place of evil Obama promised he would close down but which is still running full force.

Yet, Obama is still the darling of the Democrats. He's a shoo in for their candidate with no challenges. There is no debate within his ranks--his corporate goons that he's surrounded himself with are loading him down with millions upon millions of campaign bucks--and he has the nerve to pick the crooked CEO of GE, Jeff Immelt, a CEO who has been a king of outsourcing American jobs to countries like India and China and Indonesia--hundreds of thousands of jobs--recently GE transferring its medical imaging division to Communist China--and Obama picks this fool as his jobs-creation adviser.

And starting yesterday, our free trade agreement with South Korea went into effect--costing us 150,000 jobs. You bet, Obama and Jeff Immelt are creating jobs--in foreign countries.

And, in spite of the disaster of Fukushima in Japan, a disaster we still don't know the full truth about, President Obama is approving new nuclear plants all over the country, recently two in Georgia, already a nuclear-contaminated state, nuclear plants that We the People of the USA pay most of the costs to build these dangerous monsters because no Wall Street firm will invest in them they are so expensive to build. What's up with Obama and his declaring nuclear energy clean energy?

And don't worry, that Keystone pipeline will be built. Check out the current Exxon-Mobil ads on teevee declaring the oil from the sands of Canada our salvation from depending on foreign oil--declaring it good clean oil and the pipeline a good thing--and, listen to this bullshit, "creating hundreds of thousands of jobs." What jobs? Where are these jobs? How will this pipeline bring jobs to the states it will be running through and perhaps corrupting their water supplies? Like if you live in Keokuk, Iowa, how will this pipeline bring jobs to your town?

Whoooooo, such diatribe has left my head spinning.... I'm going looney (George Clooney) with growling--growling at a distant moon--a moon that shines phony light on poor ole doomed human dumbass beings. And We the People of the US are the dumbest, stupidest, most-lemming-like creatures in the world. We are still "A Nation of Sheep."

And, hey, let's stay in Afghanistan another 10 years!

Orwell, I'm going back and listening to the tons of music I have at my disposal. Not today's pop crap. God how it sucks. And I watched Kid Rock last night on P(Public) B (British) S(System) and every son sounded the same, like "Rolling on the River"--every song; and what happened to Kid Rock's Em'nem impersonations? I'm listening to the wonderful old original musics from the USA's unique cultural past when we were uniting, when we were "reasoning together," when we had a true oppositional movement in this country. Like Sly and the Family Stone. Like the Ike and Tina Turner Review. Like Aretha riding down the Detroit freeways in her pink Cadillac. Like Charles Mingus's revolutionary music. Like Charles Ives's very uniquely original transcendental music. Like Lionel Hampton, Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Buddy Rich, and Buddy De Franco playing together.

But, don't worry, folks. I give up. Obama should easily have another four years to act worst than G.W. Bush.

In futile humbleness,

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Marybeth said...

The human race is an evolutionary dead end. Too bad we're ruining it for the wolves and the polar bears the snow leopards and all the other good animals-- and plants!-- out there.

The Daily Growler said...


Thanks for the wake up call about the wolf killings...

The Daily Growler

Marybeth said...

Yeah, have you seen the latest crap from Canada on the tar sands nightmare?

Here's some info:

The Canadian government is calling for strychnine poisoning and aerial shooting of thousand of wolves in the areas of the tar sands mining debacle. I've written to the Canadian officials about this. I am always defending wolves.

Marybeth said...

Thank you for plugging wolves. They need all the help they can get. And who better to give a shout in their direction than a Growling Wolf?