Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Daily Growler Computer Problems

We have switched to having to use a PC and unfortunately it does not allow us to post photos nor does the tool bar give us any indication of where the hell any of our tools are. Our Mac G4 is no longer usable due to the Firefox version we were using now not browsing or when it does open a site the site is in rough draft form. We have a Mac iBook that has the correct operating system in it but when we plug in the Ethernet cable it says "Ethernet cable is not plugged in." We just clicked on Check Spelling and nothing happened. We are pissed to say the least. These sons of bitches change their operating systems so fastly and furiously now it is hard for the ordinary person to keep up with them. Apple is already up to past Snow Leopard now--and Microsoft is already putting out an new version of Windows. We are stuck with Windows XP, which to us is a wonderful operating system--but progress is progress and progress means change, rapid change, because we now exist in a nanosecond world--The Daily Growler has been passed by...so, until we can afford to buy a new operating system--which means we've got to buy a new Mac with Intel processors, we'll be publishing these Mickey Mouse posts--text only posts--crap, is all we can say.

for The Daily Growler

Stay tuned in though, we will start publishing hopefully tomorrow, with Orphan Annie singing our theme song.

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Marybeth said...

Your words are wonderful. I wouldn't call them Mickey Mouse. Keep writing; your audience loves you.