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Existing in New York City: Is CHAOS Finally Announcing Its Rule?

Foto by tgw, New York City, February 2012
Just in:
It seems the Mitt Man, backed by the Angel Moron-i, has barely won the Repub Michigan (his home state) primary--due to women, the Yahoo media says. It was only a few-point win over Little Ricky Santorum (who the hell votes for this dipstick?).
I heard this one dude talking about paying off the national debt. His point: we'll never be able in a million years to pay down the debt Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, and G.W. Bush drove us into (a debt larger than the total debt (over 200 years) George Washington down to Jimmy Carter ever got us into--and that includes paying for the Revolutionary War, all the 19th Century wars including the Civil War, WWI, WWII, the Korean debacle, the Vietnam debacle, etc., etc). Here's a "truth" about the debt from zfacts.com/p/461.html:

Some Debt Facts:

  • Social Security is $2.6 trillion in the black. In 2010 it ran a $68 billion surplus.
  • Clinton reduced the debt as a percent of GDP.
  • G. W. Bush restarted the deficits with tax cuts for the rich.
  • Red ink hit a peak rate of $1 trillion in 100 days just before Obama.
  • The Obama stimulus was only $0.08 trillion.
  • Only $1.2 trillion is owed to China.
  • $10 trillion is owed to America.
Now you see why these Conservative cheapskate rich-boy assholes want their filthy mitts on Social Security (my personal feeling is G.W. Bush borrowed SS broke and filled it with IOUs). Check out the last two bullets. We owe China (a communist country) $1.2 trillion--but the US Government owes We the People of the USA $10 trillion. As the gentleman who said we'll never in a million years pay down these trillion-dollar debts, neither will the Government ever pay We the People back that $10 trillion it owes us. Do we, any of us, have any idea what 1 trillion dollars amounts to? Also note, too, that this debt doesn't include the 15 trillion in bailout bucks the Wall Street pirates (including that pompous ass fool Warren Buffett) stole right out from under our stupid noses.

I've said over and over that We the People of the USA have to be the stupidest people in the world. We are suckers and as W.C. Fields said, "Never give a sucker an even break." And trust me, in this country a sucker is fleeced before he's educated to these facts.

We are currently, whether the stock market agrees or not, in a recession (I say it's a depression, but then we're arguing Economics 101 semantics and Economics is not a true science; it's an empirical science based on number crunching for its "facts"). This recession was brought on by job losses and wages being driven down to Third World status. Our great corporations turned traitor on us during the 1980s and during the 1990s through a whole series of merging with European corporations to form a new nation now known as the Global Market Place. I was in the financial industry during the 90s and saw this whole thing transpiring. I saw that with these new global corporations, our largest corporations could turn traitor against their US charters and responsibilities, abandon their obligations to maintaining their US factories and their US labor force, totally turn their noses up at US regulatory laws (like this Free Trade bullshit that Slick Willie Clinton (an Arkansas hick) forced on us) and state laws to do as they pleased by shutting down US factories and putting millions out of work, selling our factory machinery to their newly found cheap labor pools in China and India and Singapore and Indonesia (remember when Nike went to Indonesia to make their overpriced sneakers?), countries ruled over by dictators who hate their own people and via hooking up with US global corporations inviting a return to slavery as the cheapest labor there is.

I have also said this many times, the Republicans are White racists, all of them. All rich White people are racists no matter their names or their party affiliations. President Obama is trapped in this. The Repug presidential candidates know this--name me someone Black other than the same ole Uncle Toms (Clarence Uncle Tom-ass; Herman "Yassuh Boss" Cain) who's a high-ranking Republican? Like Jesse Jackson recently said, Obama is in the sights of a Republican racist firing line. They seem to be begging for some nutjob to take a potshot at and hopefully hit President Obama. That's not saying Obama is not an Uncle Tom himself. I mean come on, he needs a billion dollars to run for president and what average American can afford to contribute that much money to his campaign? He's got to kiss some rich White ass in order to gain that money advantage.

I'm not at all happy with Obama's presidency. He's missed so many opportunities to be the greatest president we've ever had. Have you noticed he hasn't spoken much about his grass roots support this year; he hasn't ever mentioned FDR and the New Deal; he never mentions that all of this mess we're in now is the fault of ignorant Republicans like Ronnie Reagan (remember the dollars stretching to the moon?), G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush (Voo-doo economics), or G.W. Bush. He has never said that our involvements in these superstupid wars, all of them unnecessary and foolish and downright illegal, are the biggest reasons for our country's dilemma. He has never said Republicans historically have always been pro-rich and a threat to our poor and downtrodden, those that Statue of Liberty that stands so obvious out in my hometown's harbor is supposed to welcome to our shores, the oppressed in the world seeking liberty, equality, and fraternity (remember it was a gift from France).

Of course, a hell of a lot of White Dumbocrats are racists, too. My ex, a Black woman, truly believed in her heart all White people are racists when you pin them down. If White people aren't racists, then why is the world's largest prison system filled with Blacks and Latinos? The White men who came up with these financial schemes that have left the nation bankrupt go free without even getting their wrists slapped. BP, a White (England) oil company that practically wiped out our beautiful Gulf Coast waters and beaches, got off with barely even getting their wrists slapped.

Ask yourself, how can a numbskull idiot like Rick Santorum be a close call in Republican primaries in Michigan, Minnesota, Colorado? Think about the racial divisions in those three states. Michigan that has allowed its greatest city, Detroit, to become a no-man's land. All the Whites fled the city and left it to poor hopeless Blacks. Or Flint, Michigan. Once a proud city with plenty of factory jobs (Buicks and Chevrolets (now made in Mexico or Canada) were once made there) is now the #1 most dangerous city in the USA. And Minneapolis. Come on. How many Blacks have any influence in Minneapolis? And Colorado. Check back in Colorado's history and you'll see its White history is full of murderous actions against Native Americans and Blacks and Latinos. I can recall when the Democrats held great presidential campaign rallies in Cadillac Square at a time when our unions had gotten us off the 6-day work week; had gotten overworked workers overtime pay (name me a corporation today that pays overtime). I remember a time when benefits were incentives for workers to do better work--benefits like decent health care to keep your workers healthy; benefits like life insurance policies in case something tragic happened to a worker or his family; benefits like holidays; benefits like sick leave.

I have said over and over that the perfect Capitalist labor is slave labor. It breeds slave labor. These big White-run corporations are making record-breaking profits; yet, workers in this country not only are losing their jobs every day (to hell with Obama's adding new jobs--he's lost more jobs than he's created new ones--it's easy to check if you have sense enough to use Google); they are having their salaries cut to the bone; they are having their pensions stolen out from under them; they are losing their homes, their land...Jesus, it's so damn obvious; yet, We the People of the US are so stupid we can't see the truth for the boldface lies. Like Newtie "the Excused Adulterer" Gingrich promising if he's elected he'll bring the price of gasoline down to $2 a gallon. That my friends is a boldface lie. Our president has nothing to do with the prices on the world oil market.

The Global Market Place is a plantation system. Cheap labor has always been the goal of this bunch of fat-cat authoritarians. There is currently a big fight over the minimum wage, which is $7.50 an hour. Think about that. Let's say you work your overworked ass off at Walmart (now a Chinese company though still managed by the racist hayseed Walton family out of the backwoods of Arkansas) for 8 hours a day 6 days a week. At $7.50 an hour, you're making $360 a week. Whoooo! Big bucks right? But, wait, they are taking 60 bucks a week out for taxes, which leaves you with $300. $300 x 4 (weeks) = $1200 a month. 1200 x 12 = $14, 400 a year. WOW! In the meantime check out Walmart's profits. They're soaring. While you're making $14, 400-a-year some worthless Walton hick is offshore banking multimillions--all inherited money. Remember, G.W. Bush, that little worthless criminal prick wanted to do away with the Estate tax and Obama has ass-kissed Repuglicans into exempting these sorry bastards $5 million bucks. This is why you see the worthless Kennedy kids driving around drunk in BMW sports cars.

Who Votes for These Fools?
It makes no sense to me why anybody, even a true believer, would vote for this Republican superpack of Yahoos. Yet, somebody does. I actually heard on corporate teevee a woman seriously being interviewed by a "serious" talking-head pundit who gave "serious" reasons why she was voting for Rick Sanatorium. Then you have to remember, our worst president in our history, G.W. "Baby Boy" Bush got elected--OK, so he stole the election--he only had to have his brother Jeb steal 50,000 votes to win in 2000 (a true grey day in our history)--and then he was re-elected in 2004--again, so he stole the vote he only had to steal a few thousand in Ohio to win. In both elections both Dumbocrat candidates caved in and conceded without a fight [those two big spoiled-brat rich phonies, Al Gore and John "Fake Vietnam War Protester" Kerry].

I think it would be quiet interesting if Rick Santorum became president. Think about it. He's an idiot so he'd probably stumble-bum worst than G.W. "Baby Boy" Bush, our worst-ever president to date. Maybe start World War III. How grand would that be? Plus, he'd try to declare Christianity as our national religion. I'd love the chaos just that alone would create. You think Rick would be bold enough to bring back Black slavery--after all, Blacks are condemned by his God to serve the White man.

The Way to Pay Off the Debt
How 'bout we just print up trillions of new dollars and just pay it off?

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