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Existing in the Police State of New York City: Surrounded by Idiots

Foto by tgw, New York City, Jan. 2012
Say Goodbye to Jeff "Hell Razah" Fraza,
a very unlucky dude:
Monsanto Buying Blackwater (or Academi or Xe, whatever the Hell they're calling their blaggarded selves lately)--this article says they didn't buy Blackwater; however:

"What the articles does say, however, is that Monsanto and Blackwater are indeed working together to target anti-Monsanto activists and organizations. Known as far back as 2010, it was known that Blackwater’s client list included Monsanto, Chevron, Walt Disney and many more. According to documents obtained by Scahill, it was also revealed that Monsanto was willing to pay upwards of $500,000 in order for Blackwater to join anti-Monsanto activist groups and infiltrate the ranks. Furthermore, a number of internet-based tactics could be utilized as incognito PR for Monsanto, who undoubtedly knew opposition would mount against their GMO crops as more individuals became aware of the dangers." (from Natural News)
"I'm surrounded by idiots."
That statement has stayed in my mind's data storage since I was a kid and started going about imitating who I'd heard say it. I'm sure it comes off a teevee show. And I'm pretty sure it comes from a Three Stooges episode. I used to love watching the Stooges when I was a kid. I watched them on KFJZ-TV's (Fort Worth, Texas) Slam Bang Theater with a character named Icky Twerp as the show's host.

[Thank the Great Lordy Lord for giving us this damn Internet. I searched simply Slam Bang Theater and was rewarded with a whole Google page of links--amazing, amazing, amazing (who didn't love Casey Stengel?)--oh, Google, if you weren't so greedy and avaricious now that you're bigger than all the gods and now that your top dogs are professional CEO types who've only got bottom lines and forever ascending glory on their minds...only if you concentrated on making the Internet a Free State...a true Republic...but, you're now addicted to growth and the vision and the dreams of through a too-big-to-fail Google structure, Google can RULE THE WORLD. Finding the Slam Bang Theater Websites brought it all back, Icky Twerp who was also Gorgon on the horror movie Saturday nights on KFJZ-TV--and yes the Stooges were the feature on the Slam Bang Theater. Icky Twerp was Bill Carnfield, who was it turns out quite an interesting character in the role of his real self--he started as a COPYEDITOR and COPYWRITER for a department store--the SAME AS I--and again Debbie Harry's Parallel-Line Philosophy and now mine, too, comes into play--here's Bill Carnfield's Wikipedia page:]

"I'm Surrounded By Idiots"
Of course, it may not be from a Stooges may be from a Firesign Theater LP. Wherever it's from I find it the appropriate thing to shout theses days for as far as I can tell, I truly am surrounded by idiots. In fact, it is quite obvious to me I am even ruled by idiots. I'm governed over and policed over by idiots. I apologize to true idiots for using their physical characterization to ID these Yahoos, which is of course a much better term for these people, though not as disrupting as calling them idiots is.

For instance, I was hearing one morning on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now a clip of President Obama replying to a question thrown at him that asked did it bother him that since he took office so many civilians are being killed by his drone attacks in Pakistan [I think I just heard a drone fly over my building--yes, folks, the New York City Police Department has drones]. His reply was the reply of how I define an idiot. He started off by saying the truth is, his drones have killed very FEW civilians...he was becoming hesitant, as if figuring out his reply in his mind before he said what he was going to say--and then he said the reason he knew not many civilians had been killed in his drone attacks (and they are his responsibility--he orders them done--like he ordered the drone attack that killed the AMERICAN Muslim cleric in Yemen--yep, folks, blew him away with no proof he was planning al-Queda attacks on the Good Ole USA) was because these drone attacks are very precise in hitting their targets, which he went on to hesitatingly explain were honed in on al-Queda terrorists or their aids and that that preciseness proved to him very few civilians (and I'm thinking he's probably thinking "if any") have been killed in these internationally illegal attacks. His answer: Amazing, amazing, amazing. Yet an idiotic reply when all anybody has to do is go on the Internet and search "Deaths of Civilians in Pakistan from US Drone Attacks" to find the truth. One site says the number is at least 800, 400 children; another site says the figure is more like 1000 Pakistan civilians have died in these drone attacks. One drone attack just recently, the military idiots over there had to apologize for it--remember the Pakistan army closed our supply lines over the incident--a mistaken preciseness that wiped out 45 Pakistan civilians, men, women, children, fetuses, grannies, grandpas, idiots, it doesn't matter to President Obama and our military.

These pompous American overpraised fools, these idiots, are so caught up (trapped) in their own glory, the immense power We the People Who Are Idiots give these monkeys.

I mean, come on, who the hell wastes their time voting on idiots like Mitt Romney and Newtie Gingrich? Who? Who believes anything those two playboy idiots say? I can't listen to them. Two or three words out of their babbling mouths are enough to make me flip over and watch a Paris Hilton sex video--at least Paris ain't no idiot when it comes to giving a man several happy endings--I respect Paris as an honest woman. She mocks the law because she honestly knows her too-rich-to-fail parents and her inheritance will bail her out behind the scenes--come on, you think the Los Angeles Police Department doesn't take bribes from this Yahoo Hollywood crowd? I mean I've confessed to a lot of my friends, if I'm reincarnated (one never knows, do one?), I want to come back as a movie star. What a fucking life! (and I ain't joking, Scott Fitzgerald). I mean, shit, you get busted driving drunk in your brand new BMW sports car and you ignore the ticket and don't show up to court and nothing happens to are forgiven, and you continue driving drunk in your BMW and all your pals and friends and enemies and agents and bookers and entertainment lawyers and bookkeepers are driving around L.A. in their supercars with their superwives, smoking the best pot, or snorting the purest coke as they drive, going to another party up in the Hills...or actresses heading to Malibu to go topless on the beach and then complain about the paparazzi, a bunch of idiot photographers who are smart enough to know when actresses are losing the front page to younger chicks they get out on that Malibu beach and take their tops off.... You catch my drift, don't you? Plus, look at Robert Downey, Jr. Look at how many times he's defied the laws--doing dope, carrying guns, etc.--and, yet, it never affected his getting a job. Think if a poor slob working in a common low-paying job, say a greeter at Walmart (of China), came to work high or carrying a gun--again, you catch my drift? Check out the lives of Grade B actors like Bob Wagner. What a life this pretty boy has had--like how about having swinging parties on his yacht one time when his trophy Hollywood wife got smashed and ended up in the drink drunk and eventually dead. Or Paul Newman, to me not that good an actor--he went to Kent State (a lot a actors go there)--and I have heard Paul say some intelligent things about acting, but his own acting--I don't know--but, wow, what a fucking good life that guy had--and he lived into his eighties. What a life! And these Kardashian sisters. Every comic jokes about them; yet, look at the publicity and fame these breast-implanted idiot sisters get--for what? Their acting ability? Get out of here. They can't act for shit. Like Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton--why are they considered actresses? Though, like I said, Paris does a good job of reality acting in her sex video--Paris sucks her partner's dick with a jaunty capricious look on her face as the cameraman zooms in on her truly giving this lucky buck a several squirt happy ending. That sex video didn't hurt Paris's Hollywood reputation one damn bit. So, yeah, God of Reincarnation, please don't let me come back as a caterpillar but as a Hollywood actor--or actress, I don't give a damn what gender I am.

A List of America's Top Idiots
1. President Obama--oh yes. During his State of the Union double-speak romp, listening to him defending our insane fract-drilling for natural gas, babbling out that it will create 600,000 jobs and will give us natural gas energy for 100 years! Only an idiot could defend fract-drilling for natural gas. Check out the city of Pavilion, Wyoming, a big fract-drilling area. All that fract-drilling has so contaminated their water supply, they now have to truck in water to drink. An idiot's way of thinking is that there is a perpetual clean water supply.

2. Hillbilly Hillary RodHAM Clinton--or has she dropped the Rodham part of her name now?--inserting her maiden name in her name came about after the humiliations she had to endure throughout Slick Willie's impeachment hearings ("I did not have sex with that woman!"--and even Chelsea agreed that giving a man a blowjob wasn't having sex with him--I mean, Chelsea knows you can't get pregnant swallowing cum) for his Oval Office sexual di-does--not dildos, though the Slick One did use a big-fat illegal Cuban cigar as a dildo on sweet little Monica Lewinsky. (Whatever happened to her?)

[From Monica's Wikipedia entry:
"By 2005 Lewinsky found that she could not escape the spotlight in the U.S., which made both her professional and personal life difficult.[20] She stopped selling her handbag line[26] and moved to London.[20] In December 2006 Lewinsky graduated with a master's degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics[38] where she had been studying since September 2005.[39] Her thesis was titled 'In Search of the Impartial Juror: An Exploration of the Third-person effect and Pre-Trial Publicity.' Since then she has tried to avoid publicity."

Monica came from rich parents--her father an oncologist and her mother the writer Marcia Lewis. Through her parents's finagling abilities, she went to Washington, District of Corruption, and was an unpaid intern first for Leon Panetta (that political parasite) before moving on up with a paid position in the White House. Monica herself did quite well coming out of this natural scandal (all men are susceptible to young female stuff and their letting them know they are available for a little office hanky-panky [like, I myself have had office sex; what male hasn't?], so I don't fault Slick Willie for taking advantage of this sweet little minky babe--she was sort of attractive in a zaftig way. Her royalties from her Barbara Walters (another idiot) interview and a book about her netted her well over a million bucks. Even her handbag line--The Real Monica line--made her bucks enough she moved to London, where I assume she still lives. Pretty nice return for sucking a US president's dick--a speckled dick, too, according to Paula Jones who saw it up close and personal. [By the way, Hillary had to endure Slick Willie paying Paula a $75,000 settlement to shut her up, though he again maintained his innocence in this case though the evidence was obviously against him.]

Why is Hillary an idiot? Listen to her defending US actions all over the world--especially her defending the rebellion in Syria against Assad--a rebel movement I've read [see Webster Tarpley's site in our sidebar on the right] that was instigated and aided by our own CIA. We need the overthrow of Assad so we can go in and occupy Syria--all a part of a big State Department in cahoots with President Obama plan to CONTROL ALL MIDDLE-EAST OIL and the access to it and also to provide a perimeter of defense for our precious Christian-God-Blessed Israel! (again, Scott Fitzgerald, I ain't jokin'). Now here's the hypocrisy in Hillbilly's responding to the Syria situation--she says We the People of the USA, who she is supposed to DIPLOMATICALLY represent, will not tolerate Assad killing his own people, who, Hillbilly, are in rebellion against him. She's an idiot because my question is, suppose the American people suddenly revolted against President Obama? What would his response be? Would he simply say, "Yes, you people are right, so I'm stepping down immediately," or would he order his military to shoot any rebels say who stormed the White Man's House? You know what he would do. Yes, he would shoot to kill anybody revolting in a true revolutionary sense, same as Assad is doing; same as the Bahrainian dictator will shoot to kill his own people; same as Qaddafi in Libya tried to defend his power by shooting to kill those revolting against him (another revolutionary action instigated by our own CIA--wanna bet?); same as Mubarak in Egypt was willing to kill his own people in order to hold his powerful position--and even now, even after the revolution was successful in Egypt, the military who took over by deceit by the way will continue killing Egyptians in order to keep hold of power and the billions of dollars and US military aid that goes with that position of power. Remember, both idiots, Joe "DuPont's Ass Kisser" Biden and Hillbilly Hillary defended Mubarak when that revolution began.

3) All Republicans in Congress
4) All Republican Candidates for the Presidency
  • Mitt Romney, a Mormon idiot. He says he doesn't give one iota about our poor people--they have a safety net. That's pure-dee bullshit in my book. What does a goofy idiot like filthy-rich-and-always-has-been Mitt Romney know about poor people? The only poor people he's in contact with are the servants (slaves) who clean the many shit cans in his many mansions about the USA, from Vegas to New Hampshire. His father, George, was born on one of those Mormon polygamy colonies that moved to Mexico after polygamy was outlawed in this country right before the turn of the last century.
[From George Romney's Wikipedia entry:
"Romney's grandparents were polygamous Mormons who fled the United States with their children due to the federal government's opposition to polygamy.[1] His maternal grandfather was Helaman Pratt (1846–1909), who presided over the Mormon mission in Mexico City before moving to the Mexican state of Chihuahua and who was the son of original Mormon apostle Parley P. Pratt (1807–1857).[2][3] In the 1920s, Romney's uncle Rey L. Pratt (1878–1931) played a major role in the preservation and expansion of the Mormon presence in Mexico and in its introduction to South America."]

Like I've written many times, I actually tried to read the Book of Mormon one time (in Pendleton, Oregon, a Mormon hotbed) and found it so silly and idiotic I couldn't read but about 2 pages of it. It was like me trying to read a Stephen King novel--he's such a bad writer and bad writers give me the willies.

  • Newtie "Pig Man" Gingrich--Sandra Day O'Connor got it right when she recently commented on the irony of the Mormon (polygamy is blessed in this religion--women to Mormons are breeders--to breed more Mormon missionaries and elders--Mormon leaders kill each other for power) Mitt Romney being in this case the "good family man" while Newtie Pie Gingrich is the polygamist. That's the way we USA men get to have as many wives as we want--we just divorce one when she wears out sexually and marry a younger woman--and Newtie is proof of this way of the USA male.

5) President Obama gets two top idiot billings, this one for his just recently appointing to the Food & Drug Administration a man from Monsanto, Mike Taylor. You figure that one out.

6) President Obama gets three top idiot billings, this one is for his bringing in the absolutely crooked Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric (they survive on government-backed contracts in nuclear power and military hardware) to head his jobs creation committee. Check this out:

"Under Immelt, GE has shipped tens of thousands of good jobs out of the United States. Perhaps GE should change its slogan to "Imagination At Work (In China)". If the very people that have been entrusted with solving the unemployment crisis are shipping jobs out of the country, what hope is there that things are going to turn around any time soon?

Earlier this month, Immelt made the following statement to a jobs summit at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce [Ed: another pool of idiots]....

'There's no excuse today for lack of leadership. The truth is we all need to be part of the solution.'

Apparently Immelt's idea of being part of the solution is to ship as many jobs overseas as he possibly can." From:

Of course, this is Obama doing his "those who cause the problems must solve the problems" philosophy.

7) President Obama gets four top idiot billings, this one for saying he's appointing Larry Summers to head the World Bank.

[For instance, the current problem we're having with Somalian pirates along their African coastline? Obama recently sending his Navy Seals on a suicidal-like mission into a Somalian pirate camp to rescue the two White people being held captive (for ransom). Do we know why these former Somalian fishermen turned to piracy?--and piracy has Capitalistically paid off for them to the tune of so far maybe a billion bucks. Well, it's because it was Larry Summers who came up with the "Hey, let's dump all our nuclear waste into Third World Africa," and so that's what we did, we dumped tons of nuclear waste into the waters off Somalia thus ruining the fishing in the area and driving these Somalian fishermen into piracy. I suppose Larry could defend his idiotic idea by saying it improved the economy of Somalia, piracy bringing in more revenue than honest fishing did. Our banks and financial institutions are pirates; yet, we continue to praise them as job creators (bullshit--they fire more people than they hire--what do you think mergers are for?) and Obama continues to support them with free loans from our non-governmental private-firm Federal Reserve once headed by one of the biggest idiots to ever grace our history, Allen "Nutjob" Greenspan.]

There has been a lot of discussion in the media about how to address piracy off the coast of Somalia. Much less attention has been given to the complex sources of political turmoil, poverty and pollution that have led many Somalis into piracy. In order to prevent more violent hijackings, Washington needs to understand the root causes of piracy.

What follows is a collection of recent reports and writing by investigative journalists and experts on the topic of piracy in Somalia. These reports focus on the fact that foreign shipping companies have been dumping nuclear waste off the coast of Somalia and looting the country's fishing industry. Many of Somalia's "pirates" initially organized to defend their coast against this pollution and robbery.

This is from
Or read this:

8) The Heritage Foundation--a huge pool of working-against-We-the-People-of-the-USA idiots--the power behind the Susan B. Comen Foundation denying aid to Planned Parenthood, that horrible anti-Christian-God tool of the Christian Devil (Satan) that murders American citizens who are developing fetuses--yes, the Heritage Foundation idiots want to make fetuses American citizens. The "right to life." So we birth these fetuses and they get to be 18 years old and we use them as cannon fodder--oh, dying in a bunch of trumped-up wars is honorable--how ironic is that?

9) New York City Police Commissioner Shanty Irish Ray Kelly--Currently Ray's in a bit of trouble over his son the rapist--"He's a good boy. This bitch is out to benefit her own whore self--same as that African bitch tried to pin a rape charge on that great Frenchman, Dominique Strauss-Kahn. My son is an American hero, dammit. So he's a sexual magnet like his old man, he can't help that." Commission Ray is currently on a rampage against Iranians in New York City, especially Shia Iranians, because since he's in cahoots with the Israeli militant police, he's profiling our local citizen Iranians looking for enemy combatants who are out to kill New York City White people (Christians; Irish Catholics; God-fearing New York Citians). [Of course Little Ray probably knows about Israel's plans to attack Iran in the spring.] The latest lie coming out of the back-room shenanigans at the White Man's House is that Iran will soon have a missile carrying a nuclear head that can reach the USA, mainly New York City. According to Commish Ray, these Islamic terrorists bastards are out to destroy New York City. Idiotic thinking; which means as a citizen of New York City I'm a suspect 24/7 for some crime. Ray Kelly, accused of wrong doings when he was head of the US Customs under Georgie Porgie Bush (all of which have been swept under the District of Corruption carpet), is now in command of the NYPD military forces--big fat overweight idiot cops--men and women--carrying assault weapons--the cream of that crop of cop idiots the ones Mayor Bloomingidiotberg ordered Kelly to send against those sorry Occupy Wall Street enemy combatants. How dare these little low-life bastards attack our sacred Wall Street patriotic heroes--those who keep America the greatest and richest country in the world. WE ARE THE POLICEMEN OF THE WORLD--and have been since the days of John Foster Dullard (Dulles) the Secretary of State for Ike "I'm Out on the Links" Eisenhower--this Ivy Leaguer fop the man who came up with the Domino Theory that led us into the devastating Vietnam War--a war, which, ironically, we really didn't lose because we still control the Vietnamese economy. President Obama, by the bye, is focusing his military-intervention designs on Asia now--we are going to have a military base in Australia now. HOT DAMN. Don't you just love war? Ain't it grand? Our billionaires are getting richer and richer from war! They love war! We need more young kids to grow up to become cannon fodder for our economically-beneficial-to-billionaires wars.

10) And to end this Top Ten list of Idiots, I add We the People of the USA who keep on keepin' these idiots in power.

thegrowlingwolf (who some think is an idiot, too)
for The Daily Growler

A Little Taste of the Art of Maurice de Vlaminck:

artwork: Maurice de Vlaminck - Tugboat on the Seine - Chatou, 1906

I've loved this guy's work since I first saw a print of one of his works in my father's framing establishment, later getting deeply into his work through the writings of Elie Faure.

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