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Existing in the Plutocracy of New York City: Protected From Shia Muslims, Praise God

Foto by tgw, New York City, Feb. 2012
An Insult to We the People of the USA:
I just listened to President Obama boasting about the Justice Department "forcing" the world's most criminal bunch of felons to come up with 26 billion bucks to help the victims of their ruthless pirating practices--PRACTICES THAT RUINED OUR ECONOMY; RUINED OUR LIVES FAR INTO OUR FUTURE--THINK ABOUT THAT--AND THESE SORRY BASTARDS ARE GETTING AWAY WITH A FUCKING SLAP ON THE WRIST!!! And instead of being in the street like the Greeks, we're sitting on our asses waiting for the FUTURE to bring change for the better--BUT check out those Greeks, where some say civilization began; they're not taking this Goldman-Sachs-designed bullshit austerity crap. Instead, they're closing down the country; they're not only closing down Greece but these people are out to close down the European Union. HOORAY for the Greeks. Like Lord Byron, I'm ready to go over there and join the battle. I mean, come on, people, whoever you are who read this diatribe, yes, it's diatribe, it's crude, it's rude, but these characters I'm blaspheming are ruder and cruder and more filthy mean than I could ever be--and they have the power to make their meanness a reality--like the meanness that would make Ron Paul let his mother die rather than to charitably pay her cancer-treatment bills from doctors who won't operate on your dying ass if you ain't got a way to pay them their enormous salaries, salaries now guaranteed to keep them in an upperclass state by We the People of the USA.

How stupid are we? I'm doubly pissed because I don't have many more years to live and god-dammit, I was born in a war and after high school my ass was conscripted into the U.S. Army whether I liked it or not because of that insane Vietnam War. And during my early married life in New Orleans there was chaos all around us over the Civil Rights Act and integration and the marches and the beatings and killings and the pompous old Southern colonels yelling about the Confederacy Rising Again--"The South Will Rise Again," sang out White devils like old Leander Perez in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, when my wife and I worked for CORE in New Orleans and we lived an integrated life, openingly associating with Black coworkers or for me working with Black musicians, but still there was a war going on--a revival of the Civil War, another war which is still being fought today. After college and marrying and avoiding going to 'Nam and after the Civil Rights wars ceased, I got sucked up into the anti-Vietnam War movement and then when I first grew my hair long there was We the People's war against the immoral hippies (the counterculture) and then I watched on television as the Ohio National Guard shot to kill its own citizens that horrible day at Kent State--and god-dammit, I was moved further radical by that insane event pulled off by pretend generals ordering their little White monkeys to lock and load, little pimple-faced White boys so oppressed by these pot-bellied National Guard generals (they may be janitors in real life) they are willing to kill their own kind, kids their age. Then Reagan's skulduggery got us involved in the comically ill-conceived Star Wars waste of money and then this pretend president traded cocaine for arms (yeah, don't forget that--it was revealed in the Iran-Contra hearings), deals that were done out of an airport in Mena, Arkansas, while Slick Willie Clinton was the governor of Arkansas making $30,000-a-year, and we were supplying arms to the Contras in Nicaragua (over the Sandinistas and Daniel Ortega, who ironically later became president of Nicaragua anyway) and then Reagan murdered the legal government of Grenada because they were letting Castro's Cuban engineers build them an airport that could accommodate large jets--and Reagan's war follies were followed by Pappy Bush's New-World-Order presidency, this heartless old worthless piece of inheritance-sustained shit who in order to capture his former pal, General Noriega, before he could spill the beans on his and Pappy's and cocaine dealing out of Panama (don't forget the CIA flew drugs in and out of Nam, Cambodia, and Burma during the Vietnam fiasco), sent his Marines down there and after bombing a civilian neighborhood and killing 400 Panamanians captured his old drug-running pal--I STOP RIGHT HERE AND ASK, WHAT THE HELL DID THOSE 400 MEN, WOMEN, and CHILDREN die for?--lose their chance at living a full life--what for? So Pappy could capture Noriega. Just think, our Commander and Chief through his executive orders can bring about the deaths of millions of innocent human beings. Hitler was ostracized and universally hated for killing 6 million Jews, Gypsies, Gays, handicapped; yet since 2001 We the People's worker army (they are paid wages) have killed several million Iraqis and Afghanistanis and Pakistanis and Yemenites and Sudanese and Somalians--we go about the world killing on whims on suspicions on rumors on lies--WE THINK WE RULE THE EARTH!

Where's the PEACE (that passeth all understanding) I was promised as a kid? Peace on Earth and Good Will Towards Men I was taught every X-mas was the reason for Baby Jesus being born in that manger over there in that "peaceful" Judean city of Bethlehem--Jesus's Pappy and Miraculously impregnated Mammy were in Bethlehem to pay their taxes, by the bye, in case one of these phony Christian jack-offs starts railing against anybody paying taxes--hypocritical jack-offs to boot since all those Christian snake-oil selling fundamentalists collect millions of dollars a year and they don't pay one damn red cent in taxes--you dig it?

So Obama's in full presidential campaign mode now. You notice all the things he's suddenly bringing about--end to the Iraq War (bullshit), trimming the Defense Department's unaudited budget (bullshit), hinting that we'll be pulling out of Afghanistan within a year (also bullshit)--oh, let's see, Leon Panetta, that old hand-puppet stooge, leaked (or babbled) that we were getting out of there by next year--whoops, then an Afghan-based US military big shot said maybe Leon shot his old fart mouth off a little too early--such bullshit, over and over and yet We the People of the USA allow all of this to continue to be dumped on us--

I say let these Tea Party/Republican/Conservative/White bastards succeed from the Union. What states would we lose? South Carolina? Oh, boo-hoo; they're still a Confederate state down there anyway--at least the White folks are still Confederates. Or would we lose Gawjah? Oh my God--Georgia? And I say good riddance since Georgia is where the Atomic Bomb Energy Commission or whatever their name is now just approved the Southern Nuclear death squads the go ahead to build the first nuclear plants to be constructed since the 3 Mile Island explosion and leak. So let Georgia go backwards and nuke itself to death. Or even Minnesota, so what if we lose Minnesota? Seems like there are a hell of a lot of White jerks out there in Minihaha Land, I mean, voting for Rick Santorum to be their president, what kind of nuts are those Minnesotans? But then they put Michelle Bachmann in office, didn't they. And they once elected a phony rassler as their governor. Or South Dakota. Will we really miss South Dakota? or Indiana? or Louisiana? or Mississippi? or Alabama? In all of these states White people are living and ruling on stolen land--WAIT A MINUTE, even I'm living on stolen land--unless we're Native Americans, we all live on stolen land. Wow, that's amazing.

So our brave Justice Department has made a deal with these ultra-modern-day crooks--Wow, this whole thing riles me up--where if these buzzards pay 26 billion dollars--actually they're only going to be out about 8 billion in cash, the rest is paper shit--you see, like readjusting the fraud mortgages offering people struggling to pay these fraudulently sold mortgages lower interest rates--how stupid--and for the cash, these crooked sons of bitches, Bank of America (their stock went up yesterday, in spite of this "punishment"), Wells Fargo (We the People used to rob their stages; now they're robbin' us back), Ally (a conglomerate merging of crooks), J.P. Morgan-Chase (the original Chase was insane; and J.P. Morgan was a little ugly runt of a man who'd gladly sell his own mother into prostitution if he could make a buck profit off the deal), CitiBank...come on, you know who they are--and as for cash, listen to this, these felons are going to give those poor slobs who they wiped out, foreclosed on 'em, took their house, their car, their dogs, their cats, put 'em in the street, they have the nerve to say they're going to give these people $1500 to $2000 bucks a piece. Whooooo Boy! Holy Jesus Fucking Christ...I mean, these sorry bastards who We the People bailed out to the tune of FOURTEEN TRILLION DOLLARS, I say, Trillion, son, not chicken feed, son, but TRILLION...FOURTEEN TRILLION dollars--and they're being brutally punished by having to pay 26 billion...actually only 8 billion in cash.... Do you realize that 8 billion dollars is CHICKEN FEED to Warren Buffett, to Little Billy Gates (and even Old Pappy Senior Gates), Sweet Melinda Gates, Mayor Mikey Bloomberg--and don't get me started on that bastard--he's got a storm on his little-man-female-parts-grabbing hands--he's got the Occupy movement and pissed off citizens furious over his closing of 24, count 'em, 24 New York City schools, including Washington Irving High School, which means he's going to fire a whole host of teachers--this little bastard is moving to privatize the NYC education system--he's invested, as is the Bank of America, in Charter Schools, one of whom in Queens is run by one of Mayor Mikey's old buddies. Blatant and pompous dictatorial and who knows maybe giving himself permanent rule should he declare himself mayor for life--ruling like a Lord of the Manor over 14 million people--one little rich bastard has that much power, folks. Think about this: say you wake up tomorrow and you've won 65 billion dollars--how FREE would you feel? How LIBERATED would you feel? How POWERFUL would you feel? I saw it happen to my own flesh and blood, my brother one day due to stock options and law suits and his winning a big law suit to waking up a multimillionaire.

Again, I surrender...excuse my outbursts. I know where "peace perfect peace" is. And it's coming soon to me, but in the meantime, I'm still asking, where's the peace I was promised as a young American?

Looking Under Obama's Skin
This current presidential election is becoming a White man's moment. The cream of the crop of White men are running raggedly furious against our first Black president, who, by the bye, is half-White, don't forget. I mean why is this aspect of Barack Obama constantly denied? He's Black on the outside, yes; but he could be mostly White on the inside, couldn't he? He could think like a White conservative, which he does. He's been essentially White trained from his life as a juvenile on up to today. His elementary school experiences were steeped in White rudiments; his high school and college experiences were steeped in White logic, principles, work ethics, and philosophy. His graduate work was in White law at the leading White institution in the USA, Harvard. Yes, having a Black wife and two Black daughters makes Obama very Black, but like I say, that's on the outside. Inside, he's more White than Black. He's more related to George H.W. "Pappy" Bush, Little G.W. Bush, and Ronald "Raygun" Reagan than he is to FDR or Lyndon Johnson or A. Phillip Randolph or Thurgood Marshall or Martin Luther King.

Yes, Obama has suffered racial profiling and prejudices; he still does. Like Rupert Murdoch, that asshole, running the cartoon of the cops shooting the wild-eyed jungle-reverting monkey--remember the monkey that ate the face off the White woman?--the monkey looking exactly like Barack Obama. This you can't deny. On the other hand, his mother's influences had to outweigh those of the father he really never really knew.

Do you think Barack Obama feels nervous around Blacks like Cornell West, Amiri Baraka, or John Lewis? I know he does. Who does he feel more comfortable around? Why the CEOs of our largest and most-criminal corporations, like GE's job-cutting CEO, Jeff Immelt.

From The Cornell West Reader: “In a time in which Communist regimes have been rightfully discredited and yet alternatives to neoliberal capitalist societies are unwisely dismissed, I defend the fundamental claim of Marxist theory: there must be countervailing forces that defend people's needs against the brutality of profit driven capitalism.”

I wonder just how much Marxism Obama understands? I wonder can he relate wages to our current economic troubles? Think about it: Why do our US CHARTERED corporations send all our factory-level jobs off to India, Vietnam, Singapore, China? CHEAP LABOR!

As our military's Commander in Chief and all the executive power and executive orders that goes with that designation, Barack Obama says that not many civilians are killed in his ordering of murderous drone strikes in Pakistan (14 civilians killed yesterday), Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, the Sudan because of their "scientific" accuracy--which I interpret as meaning "drone strikes are humanitarian in nature." This is how Obama justifies using them. Remember how we condemned Nazi Germany for using the deadly buzz bombs? At least that buzzing gave you notice they were coming and when that buzzing stopped you got ready to dive undercover quickly because the buzzing stopping meant the bomb was dropping and where it dropped one didn't know until the explosion and you were still alive or you were dead and gone.

I have already declared I'm not voting in this election. The choices are beneath me. So Rick Santorum becomes president? What the hell is he going to do that's any different from what Obama's doing? These creeps are simply extending this New World Order that G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush sprung on us during his administration that took us deeper into debt than even the debt that Ronald "NYC to Tokyo in Three Hours" Reagan put us in. Pappy's "1000 Points of Light" speech told us all about this.

Here's Pappy speaking (the idea came from Pappy's speech writer at the time, Peggy Noonan): "I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good. We will work hand in hand, encouraging, sometimes leading, sometimes being led, rewarding. We will work on this in the White House, in the Cabinet agencies. I will go to the people and the programs that are the brighter points of light, and I will ask every member of my government to become involved. The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in."

The jest of this sounds like Pappy cares for We the People. By a thousand points of light, Pappy is euphemistically referring to people in communities who in spite of their station in life do good; they work with local organizations, etc., in order to bring a moral purpose to Americans, or as Pappy says in the last line of the above excerpt, "The old ideas are new again because they are not old, they are timeless: duty, sacrifice, commitment, and a patriotism that finds its expression in taking part and pitching in." Have you caught Pappy's and my drift yet?

Pappy's worthless son, G.W., a lying bastard who got us entangled in a winless unnecessary war in Iraq turned Pappy's 1000 Points of Light idea into, "Hey, pahd'ner, if'n you wanna be like me, suck-cessful, then, jest like I did and my brothers did and my old Pappy did, you gotta pull yourself up by your bootstraps." Just a reminder, but you must remember that George Porgie said he was going to invade and occupy Iraq (in about 5 days it would all be over and the Iraqis would be showering our conquering heroes with rose petalls, it was first claimed) and going after Sad-DAMN Hussein's ass because he had tried to murder his old Pappy--remember that excuse for that war?--a war that even after Colon's Pal made a mockery of We the People's intelligence in front of the world (I'm sorry, I'm so disrespectful, butt come on, Colon Powell's nothing but a monkey in a monkey suit that gives him military rank--a military Power Elitist who did the accounting of the dead for that son of the Old South, General Westmoreland, in that sorry worthless unnecessary war in Vietnam--2 million Vietnamese died so We the People of the USA could be protected from the very evil, from the Devil himself, Communism that John Foster Dullard (Dulles), Ike "FORE!" Eisenhower gave us this fool as his Sec'y of State, had predicted if we didn't stop it would take over all those Southeast Asian countries like lining dominoes up upright in a soldierly line and then knocking the first one down and they all fall in sequential order--the god-damn Domino Theory--a wild accusation by a bunch of Ivy League idiots--but then Colon's Pal (again, I have to stop and humbly be forgiven for my disrespect) was also involved in lying us into that Vietnam mess by being involved in the trumping up of the Bay of Tonkin aggression, an incident that was totally fictional, but it worked, it got us into that sorry war and killed 2 million "gooks" (that's what we called them--I know, I was in the U.S. Army at the time)("Now, trooper, you got a gook coming at you with one of those Russian AKs, it's either you kill him or he'll kill you." As I've said, the first thing the US Army teaches its new recruits is founded on the military's ability to make a stupid 18-year-old boy or girl put himself or herself in horrible jeopardy--risking his or her life--FOR WHAT? Blood, guts, and glory; yet, our men and women in the service get no glory when they return from our wars--ever notice that? Also, at the same time, that kill or be killed philosophy will turn him or her into a KILLER--it's a kill-or-be-killed situation. So even though Colon Powell so blatantly and embarrassingly lied, playing the role of Uncle Tom to a tee, before the General Assembly of the United Nations, with crude drawings of what Colon Tom said were missile sites with nuclear-headed missiles capable of either zooming all the way here on their own or else coming on one of Sad-DAMN's "drone" airplanes! Remember that charge?--even though these were blatant lies for going to invading and occupying Iraq We the People and our Congress went right along with it, all gung-ho, "YES, go get that dirty filthy Arab bastard--hang his fucking oily ass on one of his own statues! He tried to murder my daddy, dammit. Fuck, bin Laden, I'm not concerned about him any longer." (Remember Little Georgie saying that kind of shit? I've also got to remind you, Georgie Porgie was "elected" to two terms in office no matter what a lyin' skunk of a cruel, evil, criminal jerk off he was.)

I mean it's so hard for me to get to my point when discussing how our government and our corporations and our POWER ELITE delight in wars, wars, and more wars! Wars are profitable. Wars are good Capitalism at work. Look at just in the Armed Forces how many jobs war creates!

How Could He?
That question goes to President Obama: "What in God's holy name made you appoint Mike Taylor to We the People's Food and Drug Administration? What?" Yes, damn, Obama, he put Mike Taylor on our Food and Drug Administration, this little prick who comes to us by way of Monsanto, the company that is trying to monopolize world food production by forcing nations to outlaw heritage seeds (seeds gathered every year off their crops by farmers so they can plant them the next year thereby not having to constantly buy new seeds but actually using the same strain of seeds for centuries. Monsanto's plasticized-Round Up-sedated seeds can only be planted one planting season at a time. To plant your next crops you have to buy new seeds from Monsanto. Plus Monsanto is into the wild-eyed-crazy producing of bio-genetically-designed foods--using pig genes and trout genes and, who knows, maybe horse fetus genes--who the hell knows what genetic confusion these seeds are causing now and in the future, and for what? What do you think, folks? To please their stockholders by showing more and more profits and stock splits and warrants and shit like that. The true 1%--like Warren Buffett and Little Billy Gates--have billions in the stock market--how many bucks have you shoveled into your stock portfolio?

Empirical Dominance in All Fields, Especially Our Farm Fields
We the People of the USA are now living in a militarized society ruled over by a bunch of power-hungry world-power-player strivers--like President Obama truly believes along with that Congressional bunch of idiots that he rules the world; that he controls the action in the world. And now they're talking about militarily getting involved in Syria. And why not? Let's invade every country in the world; let's firmly establish the USA Empire--by controlling all that Middle East oil we will control the world. And Larry Summers, that sleazy jerk, will be head of the World Bank. And with Blackwater's criminal help, Monsanto will finally gain control of the world's food supply. [Note: Monsanto has been given permission from our Food and Drug Administration to start using dioxin (Agent Orange) in their bio-geneticized corn--yes, that's true, dioxin, that deadly substance is now approved to be used in Monsanto's corn.] Monsanto just this week denied it had bought Blackwater but admitted that they were using Blackwater to enforce their Round-up-laced, pig-gened, trout-gened single-season production seeds to be ruled the only seed any farmer in the world will be allowed to use from now on--heritage seeds will be destroyed--fuck food safety--Monsanto's controlling the world's food supply is all that matters. That's Monsanto's corporate vision: to control the world's food supply.

So Monsanto's products kill a billion people? Who the hell cares, just a billion less mouths to feed. Like Ron Paul preaches, and Ron Paul's an idiot, if you can't afford to buy food, you deserve to starve to death. Makes sense to me; how 'bout you?

Maldives Islands

Believe it or not, they just had a military coup in the Maldive Islands. The military there this week put under house arrest the democratically elected president, Mohammed Nasheed, forced him to resign his presidency and turn the job over to his vice-president, Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik. Before Nasheed was elected, the Maldives were ruled by a dictator for many years.

We the People of the USA have already horned in on this incident (in a Muslim country, by the way), Hillbilly Hillary announcing that one of her goons is on his way to the Maldives TO GIVE OUR SUPPORT TO THE NEW PRESIDENT, who Hillbilly Hill said as far as her crack staff could determine, this coup was Maldives Constitutionally approved. What right do we have to impose our noses into every political turmoil in the world?

WHAT? Cutting the World's Largest Embassy's Personnel in Half!
Something's going on in those Washington, District of Corruption backrooms in terms of our military adventures running out of money! Cutting back the World's Largest Embassy, the Green Zone in Iraq, and then deciding not to build that military base in Japan because it would cost too much to move our troops from Okinawa (they hate our military on Okinawa) over to the mainland. If I were a US soldier, I wouldn't want to be stationed in Japan, not after it's air, water, and soil have been contaminated by the fallout from those nuclear explosions and leakings at Fukashima Nuclear Plant--built by General Electric, by the way.

How Ironic Is This?
While Japan becomes contaminated by nuclear fallout, here in the USA, our stupid, ignorant, insane Atomic Energy Commission has approved the building of two new nuclear power plants in this country; the first new plants allowed in many a moon. HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE THESE CLOWNS RULING US--RUINING US IS MORE LIKE IT!!!

I feel like an idiot writing about this crap--wasting my literary being on mocking these pretentious idiots--and that includes Obama, too; come on, this fool could truly have ruled the world; truly have perhaps been the Anti-Christ if only he'd have had some nuts down there rather than puckering up his lips and being ready to kiss the White Man's ass, nose deep into the crack of that big, fat, filthy, shitty asshole that our Global Corporations have turned up toward his face and told him kiss it and lick it or else...and "or else" may mean "you may lose your life," for all we know.

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