Sunday, September 25, 2011

Living in the Police State of New York City

The New York Police Department Terrorist Squad
[As a Prelude:
I must apologize to New York City Top Cop, Ray Kelly. I didn't hear him say on 60 Minutes that the NYPD could blow a plane out of the sky! Wow, the NYPD is a military force now! Of course, Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg smoothed it over by saying that Ray was just emphasizing that the Mayor's billionaire friends and real estate developer moguls--those who live in the high floors of Manhattan's taller-and-ever-taller hi-rise luxury condos--like NYC's basketball-team-owner Russian playboy; all those Wall Street bonus babies, and Wall Street pirates, and especially the Power Elites at Goldman-Sachs (a corporation now proclaimed "rulers of the world"), and the many billionaire Chinese land buyers and hi-rise hotel building developers and Chinese and Indonesian child-labor goods moguls, and, of course, those members of the Saudi, Dubai, and Oman royal families who have penthouses in Manhattan that they are perfectly safe from harm's way when it comes to the next time New York City is under attack from (now revealed Saudi-funded) al-Queda (an amazing military organization--still a threat to the USA after nearly all of their top leaders, including their founder and spiritual leader, have been assassinated, murdered by unmanned drones, or rounded up and stashed away in Guantanamo; yet al-Queda is still so powerful and well heeled and well equipped and well organized enough to be such a threat to New York City that our police department is spending billions upon billions of taxpayers's dollars turning this once-great American city of CHANCE into a Corporate-run Police State Plantation. Scary stuff. Ray Kelly is a very scary dude. Billionaire Mayor Mike Bloomberg is scary as hell to as he goes about believing he's divine, a prophet, a protector, a guide, a GOD!]

60 Minutes, the CBS current events show (all television programs are shows, for entertainment purposes (ratings), even supposedly "serious" shows like 60 Minutes), last night (Sunday, September 26, 2011) did a puff piece (my opinion) on the elaborate and money-wasting terrorist unit of the New York Police Department as narrated and promoted by NYC's little-man police commissioner, Ray Kelly. Oh how modestly proud Top Cop Kelly was as he unrolled all of these multi-billion-dollar schemes the NYPD has come up with in order to protect somebody in this city state of approximately 20 million people from a handful of raggedy ass terrorists (as always undefined but always related to the attack on 9/11, an event that had nothing really to do with the New York City Police Department's ability to stop it from happening).

As Little Ray Kelly unspooled his pride and joy SEAT of Power, like the 2,000 cameras (and more to come, Ray proudly boasted) set up all around NYC, most of them in Manhattan--and most of those down around Police Headquarters--this because the cops are more afraid of these terrorists than the average New Yorker who is too busy humping his ass in daily work so he or she or they can pay the exaggerated rents and living expenses it takes to live in what our billionaire Mayor considers an island of safety for the world's wealthiest institutions: the banks, the Wall Street pirates, the financial industry, the real estate industry, and tourism, the backbone of New York City's importance in the world. Again, not protecting the people of New York City but rather protecting NYC's source of the largest tax revenues and pocketed lobbyist and influence monies (our Billionaire mayor, for instance, since he's been Mayor, has increased his own income by billions--a job so valuable to his honor's increased wealth that he spent 100 million dollars of his own money to get himself elected to an illegal third term, to a job that he claims he only takes a buck-a-year in salary for--that to me is suspicious in itself--so the salary We the Citizens of New York City offer our mayor is too pitiful for this billionaire creep to accept so he pushes it back in our faces by demeaning the job to a dollar-a-year salary).

Two-thousand cameras--big boxes up on light poles--in my neighborhood there are hundreds of them going up and down Broadway (a once grand avenue that Mayor Bloomberg has now reduced to a runway of comfort stations for the tired tourists as they go about the city spending their worthless credit-card dollars shopping at the cheap-Chinese-made-goods stores (like the Disney store in Times Square) and trashing our streets with McDonald's and Burger King Styrofoam plastic food containers and drink cups and the tissue papers and napkins and the chicken bones and excess packets of catchup and mustard and staying in the plethora of bed-bug-infested Arab Sheik-owned or Indian-investment-group-owned or Commie-Chinese-built hi-rise luxury hotels--hotels that if only half-full every day make huge profits--and from which NYC collects a 14% hotel room tax). Two thousand cameras and all these tough-mother assault cops wearing tons of armor and carrying military-type weapons (supposedly against the law for city police to carry) and looking mean and tough, prowling through our streets and train stations and airports, on the prowl looking for what? for whom?

Then Top Cop Ray K reveals that as a part of this multibillion-dollar wasting of monies, he has a fleet of million-bucks-a-piece armor-plated vehicles that are roaming the city smelling out terrorists. Why then he further reveals he's got special million-dollar-each boats prowling he waters around NYC sniffing out terrorists coming via water--and then he says, he's even got special submarines under those waters looking, I assume, for al-Queda submarines trying to sneak into town via New York Harbor (out of NYPD's jurisdiction really)!!!

Then Little-man Ray is bragging how he's done all this with Federal bucks--Federal bucks meant to improve our transit system and roadways and bridges and tunnels or to allow funds for affordable housing--billions of dollars for what? The glory of the NYPD? (The 60 Minutes host then tells us all that the NYPD Terrorist Squad is a larger adventure in futility than the whole FBI! That's right, folks, the NYPD Terrorist Unit is bigger than the FBI.)

After showing all these billion-dollar projects, like the central spy room in which sit hundreds of dumbass cops watching hundreds upon hundreds of monitors, each monitor showing a blurry image coming from all those two-thousand cameras spying on New York Citians, with thousands of people from all over the world pouring into town on a daily basis--the right kind of Muslims, the terrorist-list-absent Arab Sheiks and the Saudi-Arabian and Dubai royal families, and our former enemies, the Chinese Commie real estate speculators and investment weasels, and Russian billionaires (one who now owns one of our professional basketball teams) and these turkeys can come in and out of this city at will--all of this bullshit with more and more evidence coming in daily that the whole idea and funding of the 9/11 attacks came directly from Saudi-Arabia and not Afghanistan.

And then this idiot police commissioner of ours after revealing all this billion-plus-dollar terrorist-stopping technical crap (cops carrying little meters that tell them when there are nuclear materials near at hand) makes his grand statement--why, already, all of this waste of money has stopped 13 terrorist attacks on New York City. THIRTEEN? He doesn't specify the individual attacks. One attack the NYPD terrorist squad stopped was a bunch of goofball Bronx kids who were out to bomb a synagogue with phony bombs given to them by FBI agents who lured them into the plot in the first place. He also takes credit for disrupting the Times Square bomber's fizzling out bomb that blew up the back seat of his SUV; HOWEVER, it wasn't the cops who discovered the bomb but a Black man who just happened to be walking by the SUV, saw the smoke, and notified a nearby cop who hadn't noticed it at all. Another citizen told the cop where the guy who owned the SUV got off to.

My question is, how the hell does all of this terrorist squad bullshit prevent another 9/11? Does Ray have special ICBM missiles in place ready to shoot down one of those airliners next time the invincible al-Queda airforce attacks us? (Ray Kelly has hinted at using drones to patrol the skies of our city to replace the terrorist-sniffing-out specially equipped cop helicopters that roar over Manhattan constantly)--like which building are these terrorists going to slam into this time? Like maybe they're waiting for that ex-Freedom Tower, now called 1 World Trade Center, to be finished so they can attack it--the most expensive building ever built at 20 billion estimated final cost--which the good citizens of New Jersey are paying for by paying higher and higher tolls on the bridges and tunnels coming into New York City--how about $15 to come across the George Washington Bridge or to go through the Lincoln Tunnel? $15 a day--$75 a week just to get to work--and of course rapid transit prices have gone up, too. Why? Because this is a project of our Power Elite-managed Port Authority of New York and New Jersey--a building built in defiance of these so-called terrorists. A challenge for them to strike again at a World Trade Center building. The World Trade Center from the very get go the target of the militant Islamics's intention--Osama bin Laden saying that the attack on the World Trade Center towers was in retaliation for Pappy Bush's using an Islamic state to attack another Islamic state in order to force Islam to conform to USA rules of order! Bin Laden saying the World Trade Center towers represented the worst of USA secularization.

Of course, Ray Kelly and his billion-buck-plus terrorist squad can't stop another attack on New York City. But just think of the power he has as boss of it. He's in a SEAT of power! If you've ever read Ortega y Gasset's little book, The Revolt of the Masses, you'll understand about "the SEAT of power." When a nation is divided, there is no unified public opinion--there are conflicting opinions, yes, but these lead to barbaric battles--only when there is a united public opinion can one sit down and rule! We are then controlled by SEATS of Power. Thrones, the Mayor's office, the Oval Office...when these SEATS of Power lose track of public opinion, then they have to stand up--thus we then have a police state or a military presence--you see--controlling changing public opinion.

New York City is now a police state. It's a Fascist state. We are ruled over by a billionaire mayor (originally from Boston, a very small town compared to New York City) who as far as he's concerned is in that SEAT of Power eternally, like God represents the eternal--could Billionaire Mike Bloomberg consider himself a God? Yes, I think he considers himself DIVINE.

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you could always leave,move back to boston?
do you believe the hype about blowing planes out of the sky? and where do they fall? SoHo or Fifth Ave?