Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Gawjah Lynching
Troy Davis: He damn sure looks like a KILLER to me; how 'bout you?
Gawjah on My Mind

Yeehaw! Give out the old rebel yell. They're lynchin' a nigger in Gawjah tonight. Troy Davis. A Black man. A Black man who happened upon a scene where a bunch of bros were beating the shit out of a homeless man and an off-duty White cop came along to help the homeless dude, you know, he probably used some White Gawjah cop choice slang as he dove in to help this guy, and about that time, one of the bros at the scene shot this off-duty White cop and killed him and 9 folks stepped forward and pointed the finger at Troy Davis. "He did it, Mister Suh, Mister Massah, Suh, Troy, he did it." Nine people testified that Troy did it though Troy had no gun on him and there was no forensic evidence tying him to the shooting--the only one who had a gun, the same caliber that killed this off-duty White cop, is the man who turned Davis into the cops as the shooter in the first place, a bro, a fellow Black man turning in his bro to save his ass. As long as the White man gets a guilty Black man to lynch, they could care less if he's innocent or not! Being Black makes him guilty.

I wonder why our first Black president isn't stepping in to investigate this matter? But then our President is a killer himself. We learned yesterday that Obama is allowing the CIA to act now as a military unit by building secret drone-launching airfields around Ethiopia (the Horn of Africa)--the CIA's drone air force--launching these drones into Somalia where we are sure there is a huge al-Queda presence. I mean, don't you think, and it's simple logic, that al-Queda is going to be the world's deadliest terrorist group for many years to come? We've got to KILL them; ASSASSINATE them, whether they are guilty or not. Look what we did to bin Laden! Look what we're doing to the Afghanistan people! Look what we did to the Iraqi people!

We Americans are KILLERS. We love killing things and we love seeing our own kind killed. Last night on commercial teevee's many cop and Navy cop and FBI cop shows at least 20 evil people were blown away by endless-round-shooting automatic pistols, machine guns, two or three were stabbed to death, and 5 at one time were blown to bits by bombs--all the shows using hot babes--and I mean some of these cop babes are out-and-out sexpotty slut-angel women--women who show wonderful cleavage--women who wear tight-tight tops and skin-sticking pants--all carrying automatic pistols--Glocks--and all able to blow away the evil ones with quick-drawing accuracy and in cahoots with their James-Dean-look-alike male never-miss guntoting counterparts killing madly and wildly (in wild gun battles) the evil ones, also all well armed, though none of the evil ones no matter how well armed can't hit the red side of a 20-story barn when they gun battle it out with our teevee hero cops.

The truly worst of these cop shows is this show Criminal Minds, a show that purports to fictionalize the gung-ho actions of an FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit--and last night Criminal Minds was a repeat of a show where this split-personality geek, he had a kind side but his evil side was controlled by his God-revenge-spouting father--the geek's voice changing from wimpy whiny good guy to gruff and evil father all in the course of this guy conversing with himself as he kidnaps young girls--young girls get horribly tortured and eventually killed on this show every episode--young girls that the father side of this paranoid-schizophrenic geek told the good side that these girls were evil and should be killed (paying for their sins--the sin being they are young women). And how did this dude kill these girls? By chaining them up in a pen full of hungry Dobermans who then literally tore these girls bodies to shreds and ending their existence by gobbling them down for a good dog-pack dinner.

This is one of the most popular shows on television.

So Gawjah, one of the most White racist states in the divided Union, is enforcing the eye-for-an-eye Code of King Hammurabi (1700 BC) rather than our Constitutional law that says a person is considered innocent until proven guilty beyond the shadow of any doubt.

The Supreme(ly Dumb) Court gave Troy a reprieve though not to retry his case on the fact that 7 of the 9 original accusers (those who claimed they saw Davis kill the White cop) have retracted their testimonies--they were coerced they say into identifying Davis. No, this Supreme(ly Dumb) Court reprieved Davis on the grounds it was up to him to prove he wasn't guilty--the Gawjah prosecutor saying since this Black man was found guilty by a jury of his peers there was no way he was innocent no matter how many witnesses retracted their testimony or no matter how truly guilty the man who turned Davis into the cops looks.

Lynch him high, boys. Why this will be a lesson to any other Blacks who have a notion they're gonna kill a White cop and get away with it.

Hang him high, Gawjah justice!

And you don't think this country is once again divided along Mason-Dixon line separation? North and South. Confederacy and Union. Yankees and Rebels! It's the White Man's showing Blacks and Latinos and fur-rain-ers who's boss in this country...this is the White Man's country--a White nation under the White Man's law.

It would seem to me that instead of being at the UN trying to block Palestine from becoming a UN member state, President Obama should be going down to Jackson, Gawjuh, intervening on behalf of this poor Black dude who is otherwise definitely going to DIE TONIGHT!

Check this irony out, of the countries who still have the Death Penalty and who execute its citizens under it are the USA, Commie China, Iran, Pakistan, and the Great Democracy of Saudi-Arabia (the country that is actually responsible for 9/11)(a country that beheads its evil ones).

"All of us must die tonight, Hail to Father Christmas...."

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