Saturday, September 10, 2011

Let the Bullshit & the Hoopla Begin
Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to Be Present a 9/11 Celebration
First of all, I'm asking, why is Bill Clinton at this thing? He had nothing to do with 9/11. Oh, but then I forget, he kind'a invented Osama bin Ladin and al-Queda, didn't he? Remember when he fired missiles into Afghanistan in order to blow away Osama's famous al-Queda training camp--remember those photos of dialysis-machine-laden bin Ladin firing his assault weapon and riding about on his horse? (I think instead of hitting Osama's training camp Big Dog's missile hit a school or something like that). That series of films shown over and over--never any updated photos of this "terrorist" of a man who now we'll never know whether he was real or not since Obama and the CIA and the Navy Seals blew his supposedly body to bits and then dumped it in the ocean off Pakistan. How weird was that? And remember, Obama rehired Leon Panetta, Clinton's CIA head, to head his CIA.

And how dare George W. Bush show up at this trumped-up event. This little AWOL coward who we now understand from recent exposed documents was shuffled off to Omaha, Nebraska, from his important reading of My Pet Goat to the elementary school kids in his brother's state of Florida, and also why Unka Dick Cheney was shuffled off immediately to his private bunker in that CIA-infested Virginia mountain installation. Omaha, Nebraska, in case you didn't know, is home to the Air Force's Strategic Air Command, the love child of old General Curtis "Bomb 'Em Back to the Stone Age" LeMay. Omaha, Nebraska, is also the home of our second wealthiest single US human being, Warren Buffett.

Now you are asking, why wasn't G.W. Bush (our two-stolen-term faux-president), who was surrounded by Secret Service agents and FBI agents and we assume CIA agents while he was staying at a resort in the Florida Keys (did you know Allan Dulles, the first head of our CIA, was a Wall Street banker and Nazi sympathizer?), immediately hustled off to safety by these presidential protective agents and instead was allowed to go on reading My Pet Goat to those little Florida kids before finally being hustled off not back to a base near the District of Corruption, but instead sent immediately, accompanied by fighter jets, to Omaha, Nebraska?

Webster Tarpley (yes, he is the Webster Tarpley who was once in cahoots with Lyndon LaRouche, though he broke with him in 1990s), believes this was done for a reason. He believes 9/11 is simply the set up for a military-Wall Street coup to take over the government and that G.W. Bush and Unka Dick (he had just had his 5th (?) heart attack) weren't in control of it at all and neither were the Neo-Cons--they were just as surprised by the attack as most Americans were. OK, another conspiracy theory, but, dammit, there are Wall Street conspiracies going on every day of our lives--corporations constantly spy on each other and put undercover infiltraters into competing companies--especially the big global corporations, which include the Military Industrial Complex, the gunrunners, the bombmakers, the nuclear-weapons designers--those who get rich off of wars and rumors of wars. Those corporations, like the oil companies, who make fortunes off wars. Or the big pharmaceuticals who make fortunes off wars--think of the supplies of medicines and antiseptics and immunization serums and bandages and plastic casts and X-ray machines the armed forces of the world have to buy in large supplies during wars.

Just like we'll never know who really assassinated John F. Kennedy, we'll never know what really happened on 9/11. (Ironically, another CIA intervention that led to death and destruction happened on September 11...this one in 1973, when the CIA and Chilean armed units ran a coup against the newly democratically elected President of Chile, Salvadore Allende.)

I lived in Dallas during the Kennedy assasination and I remember the many many contradictions that floated all over Dallas and the surrounding area about who was behind this assassination attempt. Most of these contradictions--like the shots fired from the grassy knoll--were totally ignored during the Warren Commission's investigation of this killing of another US President, this time determined by ex-Pennsylvania D.A. Arlen Spector to be a single shooter affair. We've had several of our presidents assassinated or attempted to be assassinated: Andy Jackson survived an assassination attempt; Lincoln was assassinated; Garfield was assassinated; McKinley was assassinated; someone attempted to assassinate Teddy Roosevelt; FDR when he was speaking in Miami; we all remember when an assassination attempt was made on Reagan; and we should also remember that one of Manson's Angels tried to shoot Gerald Ford. Assassination plots were uncovered against most of our modern presidents, like Harry Truman, even G.W.H. Bush; and Big Dog Clinton (was his assassin the guy who flew the plane into the White House?); and even little Georgie Porgie Bush, so it has been said. Remember, too, we are the gun-totingest and assassination-attempt country in the world; plus, we manufacture more pistols, and rifles, and rocket launchers, and bombs, etc., etc., than way any other country in the world--and most of the weapons used in the many wars we are currently involved in by both sides of these conflicts are weapons made in the USA. The Taliban in Afghanistan have access to US weapons--remember, recent released documents show that the US gives the Taliban billions of dollars a year in order for the contractor convoys to get through their checkpoints to our troops with supplies and our military convoys to get through their territory to the battlefields. How do you think these rag-tag military outfits continue to obtain weapons and keep on bombing and shooting missiles at and blowing up our CIA operatives and bringing down helicopters in which 30 US troops and CIA agents, most from the same Navy Seals unit that killed Osama, are killed, and that killed Karsai's brother, and are car bombing Kabul. And in Iraq, there are daily car bombs and suicide bombers killing several dozen, in some cases up to 6o people, a day with weapons made in the USA.

Currently here in New York City we are under a siege. My city is tonight and Sunday full of NYPD cops and National Guardsmen carrying assault rifles and machine guns in our subway stations, in our train stations, at our airports, and on our streets, where they have been all day yesterday and today stopping traffic and searching automobiles. The NYPD under the auspices of Little Man Shanty Irish Ray Kelly is warning us of an imminent al-Queda attack focusing on disrupting the phony 9/11 10th Anniversary celebration at Ground Zero--an admiration society event where politicians will yodel out the same old platitudes about the poor slobs who were killed on 9/11, a death-toll figure that started out at an estimated 25,000 killed that morning, to then begin to slide down, until it was hard to confirm the fact that 3,000 people died in the tragedy--and now they are saying, "almost 3,000" died in this strange affair. In terms of a military act, I call the attack on the World Trade Center, if we are to believe the official story, one of the greatest military attacks in military history.

al-Queda has to be one of the greatest military outfits in history anyway. I mean, we've now eliminated Osama bin Ladin, the originator of this armed force; we say we've killed his right hand man (I think we've killed this dude several times over); we've recently killed the Number 2 man in al-Queda--just last week or so; and we have the mastermind of 9/11 in Guantanamo; yet, al-Queda is still together enough with weapons and operatives enough that Shanty Irish Ray Kelly, our NYPD commissioner, is saying he's pretty sure al-Queda is planning something big for us here in New York City during this sham of a celebration.

All going on around this world's most costly office building; yes, the building NY Governor George Pataki (Grandpa Al Lewis called him Governor Potato Head) dubbed the Freedom Tower, but that now the builders of this White Elephant (our Power Elite-managed Port Authority) is calling One World Trade Center since this unneeded office tower is anything but representing freedom. This most-expensive-ever office building--currently costing 10 billion with estimates that it will go upwards of 20 billion before it's finished--so far has only two tenants: Conde Nast (the man managing the renting out of office space in this behemoth cost-overrun white elephant formerly worked for Conde Nast) and...GUESS WHO the only other tenant is? Why it's the Commie Chinese foreign-development agency--a Commie Chinese state-run-and-financed real estate and product-promotion company that is over here to buy up American land and buildings and forming Chinese companies in America used to promote Chinese projects and landgrabbing ventures and outlet merchandise, like Walmart of China, for their products. The rest of this giant waste of space has not been rented. New York City is currently glutted with hi-rise office buildings sitting empty.

Here's another irony about this stupid tower. The steel for it is coming from Germany. We have steel mills in this country sitting idle, but, no, we need that German steel, imported over here at an enormous cost. The glass, a special impenetrable glass, is coming from Communist China! A glass that has never been made before and which so far has cracked easily under a blow from a sledge hammer every time they've tested it. The Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company of Pittsburgh, PA (my father used to work for them), turned in a lower bid than the Commie Chinese for this specialized glass, but since the Commie Chinese were the biggest renters going into the building, they got the glass business. Remember, we recently learned that the Martin Luther King memorial statue was the work of a Chinese artist, the statue itself being foundried in Commie China. Are we under the bootheel of the Communist Chinese? It looks that way, doesn't it.

So tomorrow (now TODAY) here in New York City, the big 9/11 sobbing and tear-jerking ceremony will take place. Big Dog Bill Clinton will be there. G.W. Bush, that little pecker, will be there, we hope along with Pickles. Rudi "Mussolini" Giuliani will surely be there wearing his patriotic flag lapel pin and spouting out praise for himself and his heroics during this amazing military attack--We New Yorkers know the truth of Giuliani's cowardly heroics at that time (unhappily, Bernie Keric's serving a little jail time so he won't be by Rudi's side)--just like we saw all the big fat NYPD cops running like scared rabbits from the tumbling buildings while NYFD firefighters were running to get into the buildings--as a result, hundreds more firemen died in this mess than cops.

I was at work, at my desk, when my office partner, L Hat himself (see, who every morning went on the New York Times Website (it was free in those days) to check the latest news, said, "An airplane just hit one of the World Trade Center buildings...." He had barely finished researching that plane crash when he said, "My wife just called and said another airliner has hit the other Trade Center building...." And then we heard screams all over the office. One woman near us was screaming and hollering that her fiance worked in WTC Building 1 and she had been trying to cell phone him and was getting no answer. Then the big shots announced that we were all dismissed and I went out into the streets and already fire engines were racing down Lexington toward the billowing up of dark smoke that was very visible where the twin towers once loomed, a dark cloud of billowing smoke streaming into the otherwise clearest of blue skies; and it was a beautiful day in this fair city. I walked home; actually, I walked passed my apartment and went to my fav Irish pub and joined the rumor-ridden people jammed into it, one a Toronto newspaperman who said he had been down to Ground Zero taking photos and trying to get permission to go through the outer perimeters of cops but he was refused admittance. I remember him saying, "I saw no evidence of any planes on the no jet engines or metal was as if everything had been consumed by that enormous fire ball...." And if you look at any of the hundreds of photos taken that day of the planes hitting those buildings, you see a huge fireball explosion happening UNDER where those planes hit--that fire that evidently turned all of that steel and concrete and glass and human bodies into powder (dust).

Since 9/11, New York City has become a police state. The NYPD has placed around Manhattan and the five boroughs over 2,000 cameras and sound dish receivers (to pick up conversations). And there are camouflage fatigue-wearing National Guardsmen with assault rifles prowling through our train stations, like Grand Central Station. And big bellied NYPD male cops and tough-looking women cops in the subways. Yet, with all this SECURITY, it hasn't stopped Ray Kelly from constantly either spoiling terrorist events or warning us of another eminent terrorist attack. But it was not the NYPD but a private citizen who cued the cops in on the famous Times Square bomber whose bomb fizzled out and went POP like a big firecracker--plus, we never get any follow ups as to what happens to these so-called terrorists--or the dudes from the Bronx who were going to bomb synagogues--I have no idea what happened to those phonies (it was later proven they were coerced into such action by an undercover NYPD unit).

It's been ten years now since this attack occurred. G.W. Bush's War on Terror (John Brennan was its leading proponent and guess who is still with us working as President Obama's terrorist expert? If you said John Brennan, then you are correct sir or madame), with Bush's Bad Boys still in charge of this War on Terror--Bush's General Petraus (the inventor of the famous Surge) is now head of the CIA. I mean, come on, does this all seem curiously suspicious to you like it does to me? I don't cater to any of the these conspiracy theories, but, dammit, you can't ignore them. Like Webster Tarpley's saying that Wall Street and the Military Industrial Complex are behind all of this. One reason why President Obama's hands are tied since everyone in his administration has a suspicious role in this War on Terrorism, a war that has killed way more people than were supposedly killed in the WTC attack--like in Afghanistan and in Iraq and in Pakistan and in Somalia and in Yemen and now in Libya. The reason for us attacking the innocent people of Afghanistan was because they were harboring bin Ladin and his superior military force we call al-Queda, so why then now that bin Ladin is dead are we still holding Afghanistan responsible for 9/11?--bin Ladin was safe harbored in his end time by the first Islamic country to have a nuclear weapon--AHA!, could that be why we are in Pakistan now killing men, women, children with our drone flights?...but then that's a conspiracy theory and as we all know, there's no such thing as conspiracies.

And how sickening was it to see Big Dog Bill Clinton and G.W. and Pickles Bush over in Pennsylvania celebrating with political glee--Pickles had a big teeth-baring smile across her face as she waved to the teary-eyed yokels wringing their hands and a waving their bloody shirts over the loss of American lives--but remember, some foreigners were on those planes, too--and also remember, some of those who died in the World Trade Center were not Americans--in fact, some of them were from Arab countries. This Clinton-Bush farce happening over in Pennsylvania where supposedly that airliner that was headed for the White House went down due to the passengers taking control and forcing the rag-tag drunk-the-night-before boxcutter-wielding Saudi-Arabians to crash the plane into that farmer's field, a plane by the way whose wreckage was never found, though rumors said that wreckage was taken and dumped in a nearby lake.

No, we'll never know the truth of all of this. If Webster Tarpley is right, this Wall Street-Military Industrial Complex coup was successful. This War on Terrorism has wrecked our economy, ruined the buying power of the dollar, put trillions of our tax monies into the corporate coffers of our financial industry--WHY, this sounds exactly like what C. Wright Mills said in 1956 was the goal of our Power Elite or like what Leon Trotsky defined as Fascism.

C. Wright Mills wrote in 1956:
In the twentieth century, among the industrialized nations of the world, the great, brief, precarious fact of civilian dominance began to falter and now - after the long peace from the Napoleonic era to World War I - the old march of world history once more asserts itself. All over the world, the warlord is returning. All over the world, reality is defined in his terms. And in America, too, into the political vacuum the warlords have marched. Alongside the corporate executives and the politicians, the generals and admirals-those uneasy cousins within the American elite- have gained and have been given increased power to make and to influence decisions of the gravest consequence.

And, from Leon Trotsky:

After fascism is victorious, finance capital directly and immediately gathers into its hands, as in a vise of steel, all the organs and institutions of sovereignty, the executive administrative, and educational powers of the state: the entire state apparatus together with the army, the municipalities, the universities, the schools, the press, the trade unions, and the co-operatives. When a state turns fascist, it does not mean only that the forms and methods of government are changed in accordance the patterns set by Mussolini -- the changes in this sphere ultimately play a minor role -- but it means first of all for the most part that the workers' organizations are annihilated; that the proletariat is reduced to an amorphous state; and that a system of administration is created which penetrates deeply into the masses and which serves to frustrate the independent crystallization of the proletariat. Therein precisely is the gist of fascism....

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A Little Taste of American Art:

Snow in New York, 1902, Robert Henri (1865-1929). The father of the Ashcan School of American Art.


Marybeth said...

Interesting rant. Yes, the government is using 9/11 the way it always has, to whoop up patriotism and support for its ill-guided missions. I lost people I knew, too many, and their names should be etched on their gravesite. I have no problem with that. But the US government helped to precipitate those attacks with its irresponsible foreign policy. And then it used those attacks as an excuse to further its already terrible behavior in the world. The Tuesday September 11th 1973 atrocity committed by the US against the people of Chile that resulted in at least 30,000 murders is never discussed. Thank you for mentioning it. That is an ironic coincidence that no one (except you) ever alludes to.

p.s. I love you new little "American Art" section. "Snow in New York" is delicious.

The Daily Growler said...

Thanks, WTP, for your appreciation...we could have mentioned that during the week of Sept. 11th, 1971, from the 9th to that fatal day of the 13th, was when the NY State Police mowed down 39 prisoners in cold blood (they were said to have cut the throats of some guards, which proved to be a lie) at Attica Prison--prisoners rioting over the fact they only got one roll of toilet paper a month and were only allowed one shower a week.

AH for the Growlerites