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thegrowlingwolf On Becoming a Capitalist Pig

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BULLETIN: Check Out the Warning From Our New Masters: This from the corporate-ass-kissing NY Times:

Though Beijing has few options other than to continue to buy United States Treasury bonds, Chinese officials are clearly concerned that China’s substantial holdings of American debt, worth at least $1.1 trillion, are being devalued.

“The U.S. government has to come to terms with the painful fact that the good old days when it could just borrow its way out of messes of its own making are finally gone,” read the commentary, which was published in Chinese newspapers.

Beijing, which did not release any other official statement on the downgrade, called on Washington to make substantial cuts to its “gigantic military expenditure” and its “bloated social welfare” programs.

The commentary serves as a sharp illustration of how America’s standing in the world is sliding and that China now views itself as ascendant.

D0esn't this piss anybody off!
A Brilliant Analysis From

"There is a transnational ruling class, a "Superclass", that agrees on establishing a world government. The middle class is targeted for elimination, because most of the world has no middle class, and to fully integrate and internationalize a middle class, would require industrialization and development in Africa, and certain places in Asia and Latin America. The goal of the Superclass is not to lose their wealth and power to a transnational middle class, but rather to extinguish the notion of a middle class, and transnationalize a lower, uneducated, labor oriented class, through which they will secure ultimate wealth and power.

The global economic crisis serves these ends, as whatever remaining wealth the middle class holds is in the process of being eliminated, and as the crisis progresses, the middle classes of the world will suffer, while a great percentage of lower classes of the world, poverty-stricken even prior to the crisis, will suffer the greatest, most probably leading to a massive reduction in population levels, particularly in the "underdeveloped" or "Third World" states."

Andrew Gavin Marshall, 'The Global Economic Crisis: The Great Depression of the XXI Century'

On Becoming a Capitalist Pig
If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I learned that from the Chinese Communists. Join 'em and beat 'em. Buy low, sell high. Produce as cheap as possible; sell as high as possible. Avoid hiring workers. Avoid paying salaries. Live off profits. Exist on floes of cash. Live off the books. Speculate. Speculate. Speculate. Take risks. Gamble. All superrich love to dabble in gambling--look at Monte Carlo and the Ranier Family who live off the losses of their filthy rich clientele. Divinely inspired royals who run the games. Divinely inspired royals have always run the games. And every thing Capitalist is a game. Capitalism is a footrace up Mount Olympus. Never do you want to know the truth while you're in the race. So what there's a Wizard of Oz at the top of Mount Olympus? It is fiction and fictional characters that sell products. The Capitalist is the giant; the workingman is the Munchkin.

The problem: By joining 'em, how do I avoid becoming eventually labeled a, I mean, a National Socialist? A Lyndon LaLoche Libertarian? A George Lincoln Rockwell American? A George Wallace Independent? A Jesse Helms-type Repubocrat?

As a Sociologist, I was trained to be totally impartial in my investigating. And also avoiding "other minds." Though Max Weber argued that it didn't matter if the Sociologist imposed his own diagnostics on the study at hand. Like I'm a terrible Sociologist at the Durkheimian approach of pure-science Sociology. I can't look at like say a religious community without my own "feelings" about religions influencing--perhaps just exactly which area of a religious community I'm studying--my conclusions (I learned to factor in biases).

When I was studying the "science" of Sociology, Economics was a part of the Sociology Department. My Master's was in "Sociological and Economic Theory." However, it was during my sophomore year that the Economics Department left the Sociology Department (the Social Sciences) and moved over into the School of Business. The deal had been starting back in the days of Hume and Ricardo when Economists started studying economies without regard to the society in which they operated; while Sociologists studied societies ignoring the economies that operated in them. Yes, the Sociologist studied the effects of unemployment on a society, but didn't relate it to Capitalism in particular. Here's a brief paragraph from Richard Sweberg's finely thought-out on-line book concerning the Sociologist and Capitalism:

While the superiority of capitalism as an economic system and growth machine has fascinated economists for centuries, this has not been the case with sociologists. For sociologists capitalism has mainly been of interest for its social effects – how it has led to class struggle, anomie, inequality and social problems in general. Capitalism as an economic system in its own right has been of much less interest. Some of this reaction has probably to do with the unfortunate division of labor that developed between economists and sociologists in the 19 th century: economists studied the economy, and the sociologists society minus the economy. In this respect, as in so many others, sociology has essentially been a “left-over science” (Wirth 1948).

The above excerpt is from:

I am trying to change from human-wolf-hybrid to a just plain ole Capitalist Pig. Yes, I've been a collector of collectibles for 20 years, but collectors are usually hobbyists who suddenly up and realize, hey, the whole idea of building up a collection of anything is to increase what's its worth and eventually dispose of it and garner a huge profit. Aha, that's Capitalism.

Start Learning German and How to Goose Step
How about We the People of the USA are now under the bootheel of Standard & Poor's rating service (as crooked as the day is long) who just dropped We the People's credit rating to AA+ thereby theoretically taking control of our government, Wall Street pirates taking over our lives through these bogus credit ratings services, this Standard & Poor's bunch of wealthy Nazis now holding our President's weak nuts in their solid grip while this weak-kneed kowtowing half-White man starts hollering, "Yassuh, Massa, Yassuh, Massa" as, with hat in hand, he puts on his butler uniform and begins robotically obeying the White Men's hands up his fully bent-over and upturned ass.

From Wikipedia:
Standard & Poor's (S&P) is a United States-based financial services company. It is a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds. It is well known for the stock market indices, the US-based S&P 500, the Australian S&P/ASX 200, the Canadian S&P/TSX, the Italian S&P/MIB and India's S&P CNX Nifty. It is one of the Big Three (credit rating agencies) (Standard & Poor's, Moody's Investor Service and Fitch Ratings.

Deven Sharma...Is This Man Now Our President?

From Wikipedia: Sharma worked with manufacturing companies, Dresser Industries [My comment: Guess whose family had interest in and who worked for Dresser Industries (they are in the oil business) before he became a politician?: why Pappy Bush himself. He worked for Dresser in Ohio, California, and in Odessa, Texas--these people are all related] and Anderson Strathclyde. After that he joined Booz Allen Hamilton where he worked for 14 years and led its strategy, operations performance, sales and marketing, and global expansion engagements for service-, marketing- and information-intensive companies. He left the company as a partner and joined McGraw-Hill in 2002. He served as Executive Vice President of Global Strategy of McGraw-Hill Companies Inc., from January 15, 2002 to October 2006 and as Executive Vice President of Investment Services and Global Sales of Standard & Poor's, from November 1, 2006. He was named president of Standard & Poor's in August 2007.

Sharma serves on the boards of CRISIL, The US-China Business Council[2] and Asia Society Business Council. He served as a Director of Inc. from May 12, 2005 to March 16, 2007. He has authored three publications: The Truth About Customer Solutions, Customer Solutions-Pilots to Profits, and Connecting the Demand Chain.

Connecting the Demand Chain
Old Deven, hey, just because he was born in India doesn't mean he's not a loyal American! While he was a partner at the infamous Booz, Allen, Hamilton firm of money-wielding lobbyists, political influencers, political-careermakers, and out-and-out devious back-room dealers inside the Beltway old Brother Deven wrote what his bio calls "a publication" entitled, Connecting the Demand Chain. "Supply Chain" and "Demand Chain" are parts of what's called "the value chain approach" that comes out of Business Economics, from the mind of Michael Porter, a, what else?, Business Economist at the, where else?, Harvard School of Business. Here's the Wikipedia entry for the concept:

Analysing the firm's activities as a linked chain is a tried and tested way of revealing value creation opportunities. The business economist Michael Porter of Harvard Business School pioneered this value chain approach: "the value chain disaggregates the firm into its strategically relevant activities in order to understand the costs and existing potential sources of differentiation" [1]. It is the micro mechanism at the level of the firm that equalizes supply and demand at the macro market level. [My comment: Such gobbledygook!!]

Early applications in distribution, manufacturing and purchasing collectively gave rise to a subject known as the supply chain [2]. Old supply chains have been transformed into faster, cheaper and more reliable modern supply chains as a result of investment in information technology, cost-analysis and process-analysis.

Marketing, sales and service are the other half of the value-chain, which collectively drive and sustain demand, and are known as the Demand Chain. Progress in transforming the demand side of business is behind the supply side, but there is growing interest today in transforming demand chains.

The Way Standard & Poor's Put Why They Were Forced to Lower We the People's Credit Rating
I love the way Deven Sharma and his Standard & Poor's goons said they were forced to lower the US Government's credit rating down to AA+ status because of how the Congress debt-ceiling bullshit didn't go far enough in bringing down the deficit. Deven and the S&P goons are demanding Congress ruin what's left of our Middle Class and workingclass, do totally away with Unions, privatize our Social Security System (this would suddenly give Wall Street control of the Social Security System's 1 trillion-dollar surplus, which they would then pump into the stock market and thereby cause a gloriously profitable stock market bull session) and wreck Medicare and turn its control over to the wicked and Dr. Mengele-like cruel For-Profit Healthcare (Insurance) Industry, etc., and etc.

Can you believe this bullshit? Fuck Standard & Poor's and its Booze Allen Hamilton-trained-and-propagandized India-born demand-chain connecter! Come on people, pull your money out of their banks--form your own banks; pull your money out of the crooked Stock Market and invest in yourself and your neighbors; pull all our state pension fund monies out of the Stock Market; dismantle the Federal Reserve; vote for Mickey Mouse for President in 2012--Fuck Obama, let him go back to Chicago and ass-kiss Mayor Rahm Emanuel as he goes back to his famous community organizing. Fuck the Clintons. And definitely we've got to FUCK this corporate conspiracy--yes, folks, in the corporate world there are constant conspiracies being hatched in terms of how do you keep PROFITS pouring in? ONE WAY to keep profits rolling in: drive the dollar down; wreck the economy; give the government a bad credit rating; drive our standard of living down to a Third World nation status; and what do you accomplish with this? Why you create cheap labor! CHEAP LABOR is the only way under a Capitalist system profits can keep on keepin' on goin' up--and the perfect CHEAP labor is SLAVE LABOR!--and of course one tool in these pigs's hands is interest-rate increases (and home mortgage rates will be going up--look out for another round of foreclosures). The banks can now raise interest rates to sky-high levels in terms of We the People now borrowing money in order to pay off the interest on loans we owe China, Japan, Germany, Brasil, India...who knows? Maybe Deven Sharma knows what's going on...but he ain't talking, he's acting.

[NOTE: Thomas Hartmann's spin on this--and he's a highly beloved darling pundit among the Liberal/Progressive news-blog followers--is that S&P's report on why they were lowering We the People's Credit Rating--lower than that of the UK (whose economy isn't that stable), France, and, of course, Germany--was because they were sending a message to the Republicans and Tea Partyites by telling them S&P didn't think they were serious about lowering the debt--the good part being their report recommended deeper cuts in the defense budget (yeah, good luck on that happening). Along this line, notice also that the Commie Chinese chimed in on that one, too, in their above (at the top of this post) "warning" to We the People, who they now own big time that We should cut our military spending--and adding in a whisper, that, guess what, China will take like Nevada and Alaska and maybe the deeds to most of We the People's government office buildings and post offices and such off our hands and cancel part of our debt to them--ain't they sweet Communists?). (Is anybody curious about how Communist China got involved in buying our debt!) So Hartmann says S&P is doing a good thing. But, Bro. Hartmann, read on to that place where S&P and Communist China are both recommending entitlement cuts (meaning Medicare and Social Security)--as the Chinese put it in their warning (top of the post): Beijing, which did not release any other official statement on the downgrade, called on Washington to make substantial cuts to its “gigantic military expenditure” and its “bloated social welfare” programs. Gee, Hartmann, can a lonely blogwriter like this Man-Wolf-Hybrid Novel Character called thegrowlingwolf know more about what's going on than you, a journalist? Of course, I concede to his Power and of course he's right--Standard & Poor's is slapping the knuckles of the Tea Baggers (Partyers) and the Racist Repugnicans like a pissed-off nun cracking a hardwood ruler across the knuckles of Little Ralphie the screwup in Catholic school.]

Need a Job? Join the US Armed Forces
You take your chances of getting maimed for life or killed, but what the hell, it's a job. And soon, the Pentagon will lower the standards for enlisting in the Armed Forces in their need of more cannon fodder to where one of these 80-year-old women who will wake up one morning and find her Social Security check has been cut back to where she can't even afford cat food on it can shuffle on her walker or ride her scooter down to the Army recruiting office and get a job just like that. Hey, so the benefits ain't so great; it's an income; and Army chow ain't so bad, that is, unless KRB buys up a bunch of spoiled Cargill ground turkey and serves it to the troops as a cost-effective measure.

WE should be madder than hell...and we shouldn't be willing to take this shit any more. But We the People of America are spoiled brats who were never taught responsibilities, who were never taught sharing, who were never taught any kind of humanitarian principles, who protect their pets with more love than they do their children, their spoiled-brat dumbass children.

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