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Being Sick and Tired of Warren Buffett

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2003
Are You Sick of Warren Buffett Like I Am?

Warren Buffet is back once again doing his rich-boy martyr confessing and saying the government shouldn't "coddle" his kind. I was amazed when this poor little spoiled-brat rich boy actually admitted he only paid 17% taxes on his wealth and his income while people who work for him are paying 36%. That's sort of like mockery, isn't it? And Warren and his ilk say there's nothing they can do about this--the government forces this on them! Boo-hoo-hoo. Hey, Warren, did you ever think of just going ahead and paying 36% yourself? Or, how 'bout you and Billy Boy Gates and Melinda Gates bailing out your country like your country bails you boys out every time you get in trouble or your companies get in trouble or you manage to sell off your enormous shares of stock--in your own companies and that you have in other companies--like Buffett is heavily invested in the pay-or-die healthcare industry (insurance in general)--advising like he did several years ago for us low-life scumbags to invest in the medical supply industry. Buffett is one of those trickle-down dumbasses who believe everything Allan Greenspan says or who truly believe that if we tax our wealthiest pirates or our wealthiest pirate corporations, they'll move their asses to another country and leave We the People of the USA without jobs, without our homes and land, without any monies left in our 401Ks when we retire, without the safety net of Social Security and Medicare on people who've worked their asses off for 65 years and who now these rich-boy ass tonguers are wanting to raise the retirement age to 67 years! Did you know corporate CEOs are forced to retire when they're 60? Did you know Warren Buffett can buy 5 yachts if he wants and can deduct everyone of those yachts full-price off his taxes--big-time depreciation allowances on yachts! Retired CEOs and their wives all own more than one home--they have their winter mansion, say up in Westchester County (where Bill and Hillary bought a mansion as soon as the Slick One was out of office and Hillary became a carpetbagger senator in New York State), where, by the way, the people pay the highest property taxes in the world, thus giving Westchester County one of the finest school systems in the USA. Property taxes are supposed to finance public education! The very rich, of course, have their year-round Manhattan apartments and, of course, they all have their Hamptons mansions and a couple of Florida summer mansions. Why not tax these wasteful bastards's properties and holdings? I know, I know, they'll leave the USA and live in Dubai or Zug, Switzerland, where, by the way, 35,000 (yes, that's right 35,000!) corporations have moved their corporate headquarters over the past 5 years. Why 35,000 corporate headquarters there (and thousands more coming there day-in and day-out)? Zug has the lowest taxes in Switzerland, thereby the lowest taxes in the world. Corporate taxes in Zug are 17%, while they are 35% here in the USA--this is why We the People's superCongress committee of jokester representatives and senators is going to try and slash corporate taxes down to 23%--of the 35,000 corporations now headquartering in Zug, several thousand of them are US corporations, one being Transocean Drilling whose headquarters used to be in Houston, Texas--remember who Transocean is? Think Deepwater Horizon. Does that name ring a bell? Some of these corporate headquarters in Zug, by the way, are simply these empty mailboxes with the company names on them--no offices, no workers there, no CEOs there, just mailboxes--easily opened by the way, no locks on them, and when you open them, they are empty.

So, hey, Warren Buffett, shut the fuck up. If you're so patriotic, build free hospitals around this country--at least Andrew Carnegie (another rich bastard who gave away his wealth) built libraries all across the US, one of which gave my grandmother employment and fame at my hometown's Carnegie Library. Give back to We the People some of that loot that has made you the third wealthiest human monkey on the planet--and you're only paying 17% in U.S. taxes, while your workers are paying 36%. What a piece of crap Warren Buffett is. If I were president, I'd arrest his ass; to be as wealthy as he and Billy Boy and Melinda Gates, you gotta have a couple of aces hidden up your sleeve--you've had to play the game under the tables and not out on top in the open.

Just tax these assholes 36% same as you tax every man, woman, and child. If they choose to leave the country, then sobeit. Let 'em move to Dubai, whose economy is broke, by the way or let 'em move to Zug. And when they move, confiscate all their US holdings and ID them as enemy combatants. Wouldn't you love to see Warren and Little Billy and Melinda and Mike Bloomberg and Oprah Winfrey serving a little time in Guantanamo? Or take them on a extreme rendition trip to Syria to be placed in underground dungeons and brought out and waterboarded once a day until they confess their sins. [By the way, did you know our CIA is behind the opposition forces that are getting butchered in Syria as I type this?]

By the way, how did Warren Buffett get so rich? Via Berkshire Hathaway. Now check out how Berkshire Hathaway made him a billionaire! Check out his involvement with GEICO, with AIG, and during the fraudulent mortgage scheme days (crooked derivatives schemes) with Goldman Sachs--oh yes, Darling Warren Edward Buffett made millions off these "insurance" companies and these pirate Wall Street firms. He had to get out of his AIG commitment when Elliott Spitzer as Attorney General of NY State uncovered AIG's crooked dealings--later, of course, after he was governor, the Wall Street gang, of which Warren Buffett is one, got Elliott's dumb ass and put it in a sling via hooking him up with a hot little minky amateur whore from New Jersey. The best way to bring a good man down is to dangle a little minky amateur whore in front of his sex-drooling eyes.

Warren brags how he's pledged to give 99% of his fortune away. Yeah, sure. He gives it away to things like the Billy and Melinda Gates Foundation. These foundation schemes are simply ways to hide your fortune in a non-profit envelope--there's POWER in "giving" away their fortunes--not only are they able to warehouse billions of dollars in a tax-free foundation, I guarantee you through creative accounting they are able to increase their wealth that way, too! [Remember the triple-book accounting scheme pulled off by Price Waterhouse in the BCCI bank scandal of so long ago back now that it's been totally forgotten?--Price Waterhouse was exonerated when they claimed their set of books were the honest set of books, yeah sure.] Otherwise, if Berkshire Hathaway is currently losing billions a year, how is Warren able to still be the third wealthiest man in the world? I have said old Warren had access through his Congressman daddy (Howard Buffett, Omaha, Nebraska, Congressman) to District of Corruption ways and means--but according to his bio, Warren did it all on his own (all rich guys claim they did it all on their own)--by the time he was in college he supposedly had accumulated a worth of $90,000. Dig deeper into his history and you'll find the Wharton School and the Columbia U. School of Business and a man named Ben Graham. As one blogger wrote, "Hey, Warren, why don't you shut the fuck up and just write a big check and make it out to We the People." Give your fortune back to the people whose hard work you rode to wealth on the backs of.
Arthur Magazine Shuts Down
I'd never heard of Arthur until I started checking out (his wife sells featherless tribal headdresses)--see also "My Blog List" on the right side sidebar--do they still call them sidebars? I extracted a poem from Arthur's poetry archives:


by Misti Rainwater-Lites

Sticky with summer mosquito swarm and candy apple sweat I stood on the corner in a town you can’t pronounce selling my wares. One dry frigid cunt for rent. Ten toes to suck. Two abnormally enormous nipples to chew. My mouth sucks like a greedy maw but that like most things is a big fat lie. The only thing I am greedy for is McDonald’s money. I like the coffee and hot apple pie. I don’t think about the hands, the hands that have touched my pie and put it in a bag. I also have plastic petunias for sale for people who are too afraid of Jesus to dilly dally in my murky waters.

Now I don't that a poem? Yes, I like her "whore" imagery, but is it a poem or a piece of "street corner" prose? I see the three-named women poets are still gadflying about the ethereal poetry world. Misti Rainwater-Lites. Don't you just love that name? I once wrote poetry under the name Elizabeth Raintree Mitchell. Or as a male poet I was Tongue Bull, Jr. What kind of poetry did Tongue Bull, Jr., write? Here ya go, fresh off Tongue's very active poetic tongue:

Who needs them?
My fingers wrap with glee
around the titillating breast-like rounds of a snow's balls
Fingers breaking like icicles hit with a baseball bat
as I play with myself
and my ice-hard playthings.

I have always sort of liked making fun of poets and also at the same time Shakespearean actors--not actresses, however. While mocking King Lear, I became rather fond of his daughters. I grew up with a real poet grandmother and a wannabe poet brother whose last publication was a book of poems, all of which mimicked our grandmother's poems. His book of poems came out before he died and he was supposed to send me a copy but he died before he did. Later his daughter gave me her copy. She said she hadn't even cracked it open for a look see. She grew up and became mature rebelling madly and ferociously against her father. He failed at novel writing. When this daughter was a book editor at a large NYC publishing house, she tried to get one of his novels published by this house. She said she was embarrassed to show it to her boss it was so damn badly written. In spite of his being unable to write a publishable novel, this publishing company did eventually publish one of his nonfiction books. I did read his book of poetry. I found it, because he was my brother and I was very familiar with my grandmother's poetry, familial, and recognizable, and not as bad as I was expecting after his daughter had nailed him as a poet to a Montfalcon cross (I had Francois Villon in mind when I gave that cross a place of poetic existence).

So goodbye to Arthur magazine...Arthur, we hardly knew ye.

We Get Letters...the Latest:

Subject: Don't buy Koch Brothers paper products. Georgia Pacific Products support these conservative bankrollers.

Brothers Charles and David Koch, with a combined worth
around $35 billion dollars, are waging a war against President Obama.
The Koch brothers are the majority owners in Koch Industries, America 's
second-largest private company with revenues of $100 billion in 2009, and 80,000
employees in 60 countries.

Koch Industries’ main source of revenue is from the manufacturing, refining,
and distribution of petroleum. They are major financiers of the Tea Party.
They also are providing money to run anti-Democratic ads.

Do not allow your money to be used to sponsor the Tea Party!

PLEASE! Don't buy these products!

Products by Koch:

1. Industry/Georgia-Pacific Products:
2. Angel Soft toilet paper
3. Brawny paper towels
4. Dixie plates, bowls, napkins and cups
5. Mardi Gras napkins and towels
6. Quilted Northern toilet paper
7. Soft 'n Gentle toilet paper
8. Sparkle napkins
9. Vanity fair napkins
10. Zee napkins

Wipe your ass with the Koch Brothers--who are also from Warren Buffett country.

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artwork: Laura Ball - "Pandemonium ", 2011 - Watercolor on paper - 81.3 x 132.1 cm. Courtesy of the Morgan Lehman Gallery, New York City  - © the artist.


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