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Foto by tgw, "My Pet Crow," New York City, 2010

The Cawing Begins
Fuck politics. Fuck Michelle Bachmann...and a lot of her appeal is in her "fuckability" in the eyes of males so involved in all this bullshit they get determined to VOTE...and vote for whom? Rick Perry? Though I'm sure some males see Righteous Rick fuckable. [I'm sad to say Rick Perry has ties to my hometown--he went to college there and even lived there for awhile, I think. I'll level with you, Texas males have a great appeal to women voters. I think it has to do with the tons of bullshit that have been legendized about Texas males--you know, the Big Tex thing, cowboy hunks, their loose living, hard drinking, big-time womanizing, poker playing, gun-toting, with 100-dollar-bills growing on trees in the backyards of their mansions--you catch my drift.] Idiots all, I call these idiots who are horse-racing their ways to powerful glory, they hope.

And then L Hat ( sent me this YouTube thing of George Carlin doing his thing on why he doesn't vote. God-damn, Carlin. That was one damn wide-awake man. I mean how fucking logical can you get?--and then he made logic fun by bouncing it off the dumbass goofs who can't figure it out as logic but are stunned by its sense of making serious sense even to the senseless. And it hit me. Carlin's right. Don't vote. Why waste your valuable time?

And now I can admit (confess) that I, like Carlin, do not vote. I quit voting back so long ago...the last time I voted I voted for my father for Governor of Texas...Jesus, that was when I was eighteen! My first time to ever vote. last time to ever vote. I remember the political bumper stickers that read "Don't Blame Me, I Voted for __________!" My bumper sticker read, "No Way You Can Blame Me; I Didn't Vote!"

However, I can imagine voting in this coming election, you know, like Russian-roulette voting for Michelle Bachmann...or voting for Rick Perry...that's it...I'll vote for Rick Perry in 2012. And those of you who have heard Rick Perry giving you his philosophy of life and explaining his great "successes" then you easily understand why I call Rick an idiot, a backward thinker, a ruse, a man of bad fiction. Rudi "Mussolini" Giuliani, however, contradicts me by saying he likes (lisping as he says it) Rick Perry 'cause he's created jobs down thar in Texas...why Rudi blurted out, Californ-eye-yea is losin' jobs to Texas. Whaaaaa! What jobs? The illegal immigrant jobs? The shit-can cleaning jobs? That's a legend, too, that the Texas economy is always cooking on all four burners. Truth up from an immigrant from Texas: I'd rather be a bum on the streets of New York City than have to go back to Texas to get a job.

I mean, how can anyone with a lick of common sense vote for any of these hayseed pretenders? Michelle Bachmann has a law degree, but from where? From Oral Roberts University Law School, now moved from Tulsa to Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting's Thoroughbred Race Horse farm in Virginia where it's now his law school. I mean, can you imagine what kind of a law degree this Iowa corn-fed pig of a woman got from Oral Roberts University?--a low-brow college now reigned over by Oral's dumber son, Richard, and his fat cow wife, Lindsay, who by the bye I believe has a Christian law degree, too.

Hey, folks, I know these people; I grew up with these Christian idiots--my hometown, I bring it up again, was a hotbed of these characters--some of my own best friends in high school went on to places like Bob Jones University and became evangelical preachers. One of these was one of my best friends in high school (we double-dated in high school--I once switched dates with him--that story later (TBA)), a great actor, by the way, and he went to Bob Jones--he got a scholarship to Yale and turned it down for Bob Jones--and coming out of BJU going on to becoming a Jesus-Is-Lord jake-leg Holy Rolling preacher. The last time I saw him was when I was in L.A. years ago (working for Viacom at MGM in Culver City as a synopsis writer) and out of the sky blue yonder--I was drinking a Little Burgie and channel surfing the teevee--there he was on L.A. teevee preaching the WORD in his holier-than-thou best preacher voice--and also hustling at the end of his show his Christian blue grass albums--Praise Ye de Lawd!]

Hey, they're all Bozos on those political buses that are now starting to cruise around as the Beezer-Honking clowns are winding up and ready to pitch us a hell of a wild and crazy game of pure showmanship and tongue-tricky phrases as they run for the presidency of these United Snakes of America. The idiotic reasoning will soon be blared at us from all over our common ordinary commercial media. How 'bout political ads sponsored by the corporations paying for these clowns's campaigns?

Back to Carlin. Why show you're stupidity by voting for people who are out to ruin this country? Why vote for these people who've already turned our Bill of Rights into paper to wipe their asses on? Why vote for people who are saying they WILL NOT tax the wealthiest among us no matter if taxing these Voracocrats (as Inspector Lohmann calls them) just 10% more would maybe save this country from diving down into the hell of a second Great Depression? Why vote for a man who said openly in Iowa that corporations are people and we might as well get used to it? Why vote for a man who is a professed Mormon? Why vote for a woman with a law degree from Oral Roberts University (a 13th grade school) who says the laws of her God take precedent over the laws of this land--why God's laws even take precedent over our (White Man's) Constitution? Or why vote for a man who promised us change and told us he had a "yes, we can" attitude and who told us he was ending these devastatingly stupid and ruinous wars?--Iraq now in turmoil--30 or 40 people a day being blown to bits all over Iraq--and the ruinous war in Afghanistan (it was supposed to end when we caught Bin Laden) where just this week the opposition forces in Afghanistan (I love the way our politicians and pundits call them "insurgents") have scored big kills lately in territory our vaunted military assholes over there assured us were thoroughly under our control--they were tamed--but NO they weren't, and 20 of our crack troops--that same staged heroics troop that assassinated Osama bin Laden and dumped his blown-to-bits body in the sea lost several of its finest. Our overequipped military. Our stupid military. Our stupid-dick politicians who keep us in these ruthless and winless and debacle wars--why would you vote for so vulgar a cast? Senior citizens, you gonna vote for a politician that wants to do away with Social Security and Medicare and put your old feebling asses out on FEMA-provided ice floes up in that oil-clogged Arctic Circle maybe? Pay or Die. Starve or get a job. I laughed my ass off at a Chrysler commercial that's running these days--it shows a slick long gas-guzzling Chrysler cruisin' the tough streets of L.A. and a Black dude, a gang banger, talking about how we're in L.A.--oh so fucking acting tough--and the deep solid secure male voice comes in over this Black dude and says, "Success doesn't come to those who wait; it comes to those who WORK!" This from Chrysler, a company that We the People of the USA just lost 2 billion dollars in bailing them out and then after our government declared they'd squared themselves with We the People (they supposedly paid back their bail-out money--all but 2 billion dollars, of course) then further announcing that Canada and Fiat had also been involved in this Chrysler bail out we lost 2 billion dollars on and that now Chrysler was owned lock, stock, and barrel by Fiat, the Italian car company that makes some of the shittiest cars in the world--a Fiat? Anybody ever owned a Fiat? I know someone who owned one. They got creamed head-on one night and that Fiat looked like a beer can that had been flattened by a steam roller after that wreck--and the person? Well, she was scraped out of that car as the human jelly she'd turned to.

Like Mr. Tur-tell, I'm tucking back into my carapace and fine-tuning my mind. I'm reading Balzac and listening to Stravinsky...and then I found this book Stravinsky wrote, his Autobiography...and between Balzac and Stravinsky, the ideas I'm getting and digesting are enormously fulfilling in a gourmet sense--I mean I just read Stravinsky talking about how when you go to a concert you shouldn't close your eyes and imagine what you're hearing; you should open your eyes and focus them on the movements made by the executants, like watching the percussionists and how they use their mallets and sticks or watching the trombonists...their actions and how they are coordinated to the music's order, the music's time.... And then a few pages later he starts writing about how fingers are so important to music.

Voting for politicians? That's voting left to fools. Stravinsky? He gets my vote.

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A Little Taste of American Art
Thomas Hart Benton (1889-1975), The Yankee Driver, 1923, oil on canvas, 26 x 23 ¾ in.

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Stravinsk gets my vote too and so does your handsome crow. I love your crow with his yellow schnoz. Quite unusual.