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Living on an al-Queda Bull's Eye Lost in Illusions

Foto by tgw, "Photographic Illusion: Lobster on the Wall," New York City, 2011
Dick Stump Is No More
I had started writing a detective story what seems like a dream or two ago. Two friends, one a newspaper reporter, the other a ne'er-do-well, are drinking beer and BS-ing when the ne'er-do-well asks the reporter how his novel's coming along. The reporter says not so well and the ne'er-do-well says something like "Why you wastin' your time on a great American novel that more than likely won't sell even if it gets, dude, why don't you write a romance novel...or better yet, why not write a detective novel?" And that character's revelation of himself to me got me to thinking why not a novel within a novel? The writing of Dick Stump's detective novel and another novel on top of that about Dick Stump's Detective Agency, "It's Hard to Stump Dick Stump," blah, blah, blah, that to which always leads me into the temptation of starting another writing project. As I recently put it to a friend, "I'm great at conceiving but truly unreliable at delivering."

What happened was, I was working in Open Text on one of my laptops and somehow the highlight got hung up and I highlighted all but two pages of this Dick Stump, Private Dick--and no it wasn't meant to be facetious but real in an antihero sense. Angry I promptly tried to exit the file only to get the prompt "Save or Cast Asunder." In frustration over why I couldn't dehighlight--the tool froze I suppose--I hit the "Cast Asunder" button and sure 'nuff, all that had been highlighted in the novel was deleted. "Crap!" I cried as I threw up my arms in defeat.

I raise high the roof beam of my losing an attempt at a dual-purpose detective novel in order to avoid having to humble myself before the throne of the mighty. This an allusion to my own beliefs in what I believe to be my natural ability to render truth from fiction--or one could say I use fiction to boil out the fat of truths.

I'll be honest. To me this whole Bin Laden uncovering and the ensuing assassination was as trumped up as the Jessica Dawn Lynch rescue by the rough-and-ready U.S. Marines back in the early bullshit stages of the lied-our-way-into invasion and occupation of Iraq--remember that farcical use of this innocent dumbass young girl for propaganda purposes?

From Wikipedia:
Jessica Dawn Lynch (born April 26, 1983) is a former Private First Class (PFC) in the United States Army Quartermaster Corps. Lynch served in Iraq during the 2003 invasion by U.S. and allied forces. On March 23, 2003 she was injured and captured by Iraqi forces but was recovered on April 1 by U.S. Special Operations Forces, with the incident subsequently receiving considerable news coverage. Lynch's was the first successful rescue of an American POW since World War II and the first ever of a woman.[1]

Initial media reports on Lynch's recovery in Iraq were incorrect. Lynch, along with major media outlets, fault the U.S. government for creating the story as part of the Pentagon's propaganda effort.[2][3][4][5] Jim Wilkinson is credited for fabricating the government narrative.[6]

On April 24, 2007 she testified in front of Congress that she had never fired her weapon; her M16 rifle jammed, as did all weapons systems assigned to her unit, and she had been knocked unconscious when her vehicle crashed.

That's what this bin Laden assassination reminded me of. And certainly it is now being used as propaganda. To get us ready for another invasion and occupation...maybe of Yemen? And I just heard that Obama also tried to assassinate the Iman who is an American citizen, a New Mexican, al-Awlaki, this time using one of his famous drones to do the dirty work. Well, the drone missed al-Awlaki but Obama proudly boasted his drone had killed a couple of al-Queda children perhaps. I just read a blogger who calls al-Awiaki a traitor who deserves to be assassinated. In fact, this blogger believes Obama is finally showing some "balls." So there ya go, folks. The Nobel Peace Prize winner is now the world's greatest assassin.

[I was reading Robert Parry today and he's claiming Bush protected bin Laden from getting caught in return for bin Laden sending in his video threats at times Bush needed them to scare the American people into reelecting him--Parry claiming John Kerry was on the verge of whipping G.W.'s worthless ass until bin Laden came through in October before the election with a big fat warning of how his al-Queda were building up massive intentions of once again invading the USA and killing hosts of Americans--thus Osama helped Bush get reelected (along with enough stolen votes to seep him over the top) in 2004--Osama helped him by putting Bush down and leaving the impression he was backing Kerry for president. Parry's main point in his article is that the Bush and bin Laden families were very close in several ways including both personal and business relationships. He says Obama recognized this and when he became president he told his CIA and military stooges that he wanted them to find and capture or kill bin Laden--that that was his first priority on becoming president. HOW 'BOUT THAT SPIN? This is puting Obama in a spotlight full of glory and praise and full of political all-starring on the grounds by killing bin Laden, Obama has gotten rid of the Devil and is now our Lord and Savior; therefore, a political ploy of Hall of Fame proportions. Read the article at:]

Plus, I'd seen the Navy Seals in action before. In Somalia under the reign of another "Peace through War" president, Slick Willie "Big Dog" Clinton (a man who knows the truth about bin Laden but ain't talkin') during that Blackhawk Down fuck up...who fucked it up? The Navy Seals, that's who. When you digest who the Navy Seals are you'll see these are poor dumb young men--the dumbest being those who follow orders the best--these are gung-ho Navy dudes who are the instigating end of the U.S. Navy, the intelligence end--well, just ask yourself, what the hell are Navy Seals?--human/seal hybrids like I'm a human/wolf hybrid as a writer?

From Wikipedia:

The United States Navy SEa, Air and Land (SEAL) Teams, commonly known as Navy SEALs, are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) as well as the maritime component of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).[3]

The unit's acronym ("SEAL") is derived from their capacity to operate at sea, in the air, and on land – but it is their ability to work underwater that separates SEALs from most other military units in the world. Navy SEALs are trained and have been deployed in a wide variety of missions, including direct action and special reconnaissance operations, unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and other missions. Without exception, all SEALs are male members of either the United States Navy or the United States Coast Guard.
From AntiFascist Calling:
In order to do their best to "keep us safe," Team Obama is busily building upon the criminal legacy bequeathed to the administration by the Bush regime and even asserts the right to assassinate American citizens "without a whiff of due process," as Salon's Glenn Greenwald points out. [Read the rest of this well-written article (linked in our blog list in the right margin) about the billions of dollars We the People are wasting on our incompetent and outdated spying agencies.]
Being Commander in Chief of this huge complex military regime that We the People have let spread like an amoebic force into the very bloodstream of both our fiscal and physical existence is more powerful and glamorous than actually being president. Military geeks can be ordered around by this president. You see the power in President Obama's face as he speaks about how HE ordered the "capture" of Osama bin Laden (once beloved by our CIA). You see the most frustration in his face when he's trying to be the great compromising president and running up against the forces of internal evil (who are to me traitors), forces of White Citizens banking up like the driven snow to block his every compromising move. [Question: has Obama vetoed anything yet?]

But as Commander in Chief, Obama can secretly call his military pig-fat cats into secret meetings where he is solely the boss and is respected by his generals and sidebar lackeys or these obedient goons know he'll retire their asses like he did General McChrystal(meth), the Bud Light-swigging Afghan commander who made light of his Commander in Chief and that was it for him. Yet, McChrystal(meth) is being given credit as being the conceiver of this assassination of Bin Laden way back before the Bud Light binging on the French bus or was it a German bus on his way to a wedding anniversary party in Paris paid for by We the People (AIN'T WE A GENEROUS BUNCH!...and we are...we are suckers, that's what we are).

G.W. Bush was the (faux) president who figured this executive order and commander-in-chief shit out to a tee. As Commander in Chief he had a power over all of Congress--a power that Congress had no way or will to stop. With his executive order privileges added to his role as Commander in Chief, it was fucking easy for Baby Dumbass Bush to start two unnecessary wars and sink our economy into what looks like irrecoverable doldrums (the dollar diving deeper into the worthlessness the more trillions of worthless paper Ben Bernanke is printing up and readying to dole out).

Obama, no dummy by any means--I'd say Obama is the greatest politician we've ever created--how about that? By using his Commander-in-Chief power, he has with this capture of whichever bin Laden this is--no body, no positive identification--become the balls behind our aggressive forces, the prime mover of our killing machines and methods and our vast world-wide-reaching killing abilities--oh yes these special forces (like the CIA) are bunglers by nature of their education and training and purpose--but with Obama in control of them; therefore burns his power.

Did anyone wonder about the sudden revelation of the discovery of videos and other bullshit evidence of Osama bin Laden's still being the world's mastermind terrorist, still in the leadership position of the vast and great military power we have dubbed al-Queda--an invincible force that even though rumor has it that only 100 al-Queda are left in Afghanistan, those 100 are weapons of mass destruction to Obama and his assassination troops, representing still justification for staying in Afghanistan and sending drones and CIA assassin squads into Pakistan. These discovered bin Laden videos show what a pompous and evil bastard he was and also they claim they found in his laptop elaborate plans to blow up the New York City subway system--and here in NYC, our mayor and his shanty Irish police commissioner once again are warning we New Yorkers that we are now subject to another al-Queda attack even though their primary object in their original miraculous attack was the World Trade Center and the wrecking of our economy, an objective that looks like they carried out with perfection. Proof of this is that big hole down at Ground Zero (even though several other buildings fell that day and there is no accountability as to why those "other" buildings fell) and our sinking economy and dropping-toward-the-bottom worthless dollar.

Obama last night on CBS's 60 Minutes was meanly vicious as he talked about how this whole assassination plot had been carried out. His big point was that We the People of the USA never forget. But, Brother Obama, we do forget--remember you taught us to not be interested in what's past and to only conscentrate on the nonexistent future, which no one can predict.

Obama's solution to terror is terror. He tried in his suave way to convince the American people that there is still an enormous al-Queda force out in the world and he's saying these remaining al-Queda are the meanest and most unruly bastards of this mighty military force that dresses in rags and seems to be encamped in desert-flat areas like Afghanistan and Yemen, which now, according to Obama, is the home of the next bin Laden, the American Muslim al-Awlaki.

This huge world al-Queda military force was still being commanded by this Pakistani bin Laden, this Evil Devil who all Americans are now agreeing joyously and pompously proud that yes this bastard was an equal to Hitler and Stalin and deserved to be assassinated--his head blown to smithereens--his body shot to pieces--a body now whose only evidence of it being a body is in a photograph that our Commander and Chief says is too graphic to release, though his new sidekick assassination expert, Leon Panetta (a Clintonista), wanted the photograph shown. [What a smart move by our Commander in Chief putting one of his gung-ho lackeys, General David Betrayus, as head of the CIA--and now, in effect, President Obama as Commander in Chief is head of the CIA.]

So, yes, now we're all in American unified agreement that this Devil bin Laden was still masterminding his vast and mighty al-Queda forces on their next possible terrorist mission against We the People of the USA and New York City from this seedy mansion hideout right in the backyard of Pakistan's West Point. You see, it was Osama bin Laden who commanded the mighty shoe bomber to fuck up his blowing up of an American airliner, or the mighty printer bomb, or the master terrorist mind who commanded the African dude, the son of a rich banker, to board an airliner to the US without a passport--let's see you or I do that--the underwear bomber: "Fuck passport; you don't need a passport to get on American airline--we, al-Queda control American airlines. So get on American plane without passport and before you do, in airport restroom, put firecracker bomb in underwear and blow up American airliner going to Detroit, that unholy American city I want wiped off the map."

I'm sorry. I've lived too long. I've lived in several aftermaths of fake captures and phony incidents. Like suddenly I think, why didn't we use the Navy Seals to assassinate Fidel Castro instead of the bumbling CIA assassins who brilliantly tried to kill him by sending him exploding cigars?--the same bunch that made fools of themselves and this nation in the Bay of Pigs incident whose attempt almost got us involved in a nuclear war.

I had been thinking that the Navy Seals were a bunch of supertrained killer men (there are no women in the Navy Seals (you see, you don't send a woman in to do a man's job)) who, and I thought I remembered this correctly, fucked up big time in Somalia with the Blackhawk Down incident--a downed helicopter--why, isn't that interesting? The 60 (you read it right: sixty) Navy Seals who assassinated this Pakistani bin Laden got into the area off two crashed helicopters--evidently that's the way the Navy Seals operate.

What happens to these thousands of trained mean and vicious killers when these wars are finally over and these birds are released into "civilized" society again (though isn't war and its evolution in terms of progress a part of the civilization process?)? These Navy Seals are dumb-ass kids with maybe high-school educations. These men are chosen from among the most gung-ho members of the Navy and Coast Guard, those men who are taught to sneak kill with their special service weapons, like the knife OJ Simpson used to slit the throats of his White wife and her poor dumbass White boy lover or like the AK-47s those 60 superpatriotic SEALs carried with them as they blew into this Pakistan Osama's private residence and blasted away with their AK-47s, making up stories as they went about their killing business--killing first and asking questions later.

All over the Internet the Navy Seals can now do nothing wrong. There is brag about what a deadly force they are and how even the gyrenes (Marines) won't even mess with a Navy Seal they are such ferociously dedicated killers--the Marines once a part of the U.S. Navy hate all other branches of the armed forces because they are trumped up and hyped up to believe they are invincible in terms of killing teams and wiping out 50 or 60 towel-headed Muslim creeps (re: savages) with automatic weapons in fell-swoop sweeps that take out men, women, children, as long as they have towels on their heads and the women are wearing burkhas and hopefully they are begging for their lives in a language the Navy Seals never heard of before, praying to that antiGod-God Allah for salvation. "There," the young dumb gung-ho Navy Seal says as he blunders his way shooting wildly into the bin Laden hideout (in plain view), "you slimy devil bastards, take this from Jesus Christ to you Muslim heathen, you uncivilized sand N-worders!" [I wonder, did the Navy Seals cut off some fingers as trophies?]

So I must humbly concede that Obama has pulled off a momentary political coup...and I emphasize that "for the moment." With all the fol-de-rol around all of this, Obama's ratings have only gone up about 11% and I've read some teabaggers-goofs who are saying the credit for this capture really goes to G.W. Bush and Unka Dickless Cheney (still alive; that bum ticker of his so full of vile and evil (out of which you can make "vile") it refuses to die and go and take the deserving Unka Dick straight down to the holiest of the lowest depth of Hell) for their renditioning towelhead-looking al-Queda helpers and sending them to ruthless countries like Syria, Egypt, Morocco--why those are all Muslim countries aren't they?--to be tortured--the man the government originally said was the mastermind behind 9/11, Kahlid Sheik Mohammed, was waterboarded 183 times--and this man was not Osama bin Laden--and the waterboarding made him spew forth tons of fabrications--in otherwords, he gave the torturers fake information.

So I creep back into a shadowy corner. My knowledge of who the hell Bin Laden really was and where al-Queda came from seems to be WRONG--and my knowledge of the deceitful tactics that led to this former Commander in Chief G.W. Bush's made-up War on Terror that was totally based on LIES...OR WAS IT? Will Obama now find those Weapons of Mass Destruction G.W. Bush and General Colon's Pal said were in the evil hands of that once White Devil of the Desert who G.W. Bush was more afraid of than he was Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein? The White Devil G.W. Bush gave up hunting down Osama bin Laden to rush to Iraq to get revenge on because as G.W. put it, "he tried to murder my daddy."

LIES lead to illusions. And allusions. And collusions. Once you are trapped in these webs of lies, it's hard to struggle free and find any truth anywhere. One must believe the lies...but, er-ah, that's what I've been saying all along, how the hell do we anymore separate real (reality) truths from these cosmic LIES? Obama's a liar. I know that. G.W. Bush is a bigger liar. Bill "Big Dog" Clinton is a liar. Come on, Clinton knows who bin Laden really is. All the presidents know about him and his relationship to the CIA. Clinton and Pappy Bush and Big Donald Rumsfeld (who's back on the scene again working for of all people, the Blackwater Gang, who now hide behind their new brand: Xe) all of them know whether or not bin Laden died years ago. There are still pundits out there on the Internet range who believe bin Laden died while traipsing about Tora Bora and his adventures in the caves that the US forces bombed to smithereens--yet, dialysis-machine-toting bin Laden managed to escape into Pakistan--first it was said he was living in a "mansion" in Peshawar. Then, remember, there was mention of the Royal Family of Dubai or one of those sheikdoms visiting Osama in his Tiger Hunting Camp in Pakistan. Now you tell me the CIA hasn't known all along what happened to this character? Come on, they probably put a chip in his forehead or something.

I now truly believe we have invasion and occupation intentions in Pakistan. My closest friends call me a wild speculator when it comes to this intrigue. But, I tell them, I was born under the banner "Remember Pearl Harbor." Later, we all found out, a U.S. Army forward observer warned of enemy planes flying in formation toward Honolulu and this warning was held up and not acted upon. Why? Because Franklin Roosevelt wanted us involved in the both the European War and the Pacific War in order to finally quell the Great Depression, which, if fact be known, the New Deal didn't quite put an end to but WWII did.

Later, though Japan was sending signals they were ready to surrender, Truman bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki back to a Stone Age anyway. He killed 300,000 Japanese in order as he said to save the lives of 2 million brave conscripted very young American men.

Later in a secret move, Truman sent the Marines over to invade Greece--because Greece was going Commie and we and Britain wanted them to have a king.

And then Truman again as Commander in Chief got us involved in the Korean Civil War, an unwinable war we now call the Korean War, except since it wasn't declared a war by Congress Truman said it was a "police action." After that stirred up some controversy, he then declared the war under the flag of the UN (like the Bush Baby shuffled his Afghanistan venture off on NATO).

Then came Eisenhower fucking up by sending a spy plane over the Soviet Union, which they shot down and arrested Francis Powers, the pilot, and sentenced him to death. This is before our Military Industrial Complex with the help of the Pentagon came up with drones--high-altitude spy planes had to have human monkey pilots in them in those early days of wonder planes and superman spying.

Again, We had to stop the Commies who to the mind of John Foster Dulles (his brother Allen was the first head of the CIA (formerly the OSS)) were planning to attack South Asian democracies and using communism knock these countries down like one knocks down a line of dominos set on end in a long chain of linear sequence--one knocked over and they all fall. And thus started the Vietnam War--Eisenhower sending in assassination squads first--remember the "Search & Destroy" missions, led by that man who would later become head of the Armed Forces and then G.W. Bush's Sec'y of State, our own Colon's Pal, also the phony casualty counter for General Westmoreland?...oh, but why go over these so many wars that have been instigated by lies--like the Gulf of Tonkin incident--total bullshit, and yet this lie was the basis for us getting shit-deep in that Vietnam folly that we lost; that in which we got our asses put in slings by a bunch of pajama-wearing Vietnamese patriots--wanting their nation united after being under the bootheels of the French Colonials for so many years when it was known as Indo-China.

Before the Vietnam War came the Cuban Missile Crisis. After the CIA goons fucked up the Bay of Pigs invasion (some say this fuck up got President Kennedy assassinated by the CIA and Mafia forces combined), the Soviet Union retaliated by sending Fidel, the White Devil of the Caribbean (like Ho Chi Minh, Fidel tried to work with the US), some ICBM missiles, an incident that almost led to World War III, the nuclear war.

And then we had the Watergate bullshit. How many lies are still told about that scandalous happening within our government? A president OK-ing criminal actions against his political opponents.

Then we had Commander in Chief Jimmy Carter's fuck up in attempting to rescue the Iranian embassy staff hostages and the following intrigues between the Reagan forces and the Iranian ayahtollah (that moment's White Devil).

Later, Commander in Chief Ronald "Raygun" Reagan sent his military goons (the U.S. Marines) onto the small island of Grenada where the Cubans were extending the runways on that small island's airport in order that it could accommodate large jets. Reagan's goons assassinated the young Commie-leaning Prime Minister of Grenada, Maurice Bishop, and the members of his government. Here's a comment about it from a Caribbean commentator:

Reagan’s legacy in the Caribbean proved that the United States violated all the rules in international law in its invasion of Grenada, and of making a mockery of the concept of national sovereignty. It broke the elementary rules of international law regarding the recognition of states; it broke the U.N. charter of the Organization of American States (OAS), of which it is one of the founding members. The Charters of the OAS states explicitly: “The territory of a state is inviolable, it may not be the object, even temporarily of military occupation or other measures of force taken by another state, directly or indirectly, on any grounds whatever.” Some international lawyers argued that even when the U.S unjustly invaded the Dominican Republic in 1965, it at least procured “legal cover.” At that time it claimed that it was called by the military government of the Dominican Republic to “restore order”. A claim, which it rammed through the OAS after the fact. In Grenada, on the other hand, the United States destroyed the legitimate government.

And then we had Pappy bombing the hell out of Panama in order to capture and put in irons his old cocaine-peddling business partner, General Noriega, bombing a Panama City neighborhood that killed hundreds of innocent Panamanians. And soon after that Pappy started the glorious Persian Gulf War, Pappy's big moment, the only war Pappy said we had won since WWII.

Then came Big Dog Clinton and his wars--the botched invasion and attempted occupation of Somalia--and then the US intrusion into the Kosovo-Serbian conflict--the mastermind of a man more evil than Osama bin Laden ever hoped to be, a man named Zbigniew Brezhinsky, a man who calls himself an advisor to 5 Presidents (Jimmy Carter; Pappy Bush; Slick Willie Clinton; G.W. Bush; and now Barack Obama)--he advises them on how to kill enemies.

I'm sorry, folks, but there are so many lies involving our open wars and secret wars and war on drugs and war on terror and war on Mexican crime lords (a mess that has cost the lives of 35,000 innocent Mexicans since it began in 2006--8,000 murdered in one year in Cuidad Juarez!) and war on whistleblowers and war on Mexican immigrants, etc.

Me, I don't believe a word any of them say except when they say they are going to raise their salaries every time Congress meets or takes a vacation or takes a week off. What a bunch of imbeciles. I consider them all on an equal stance with Osama bin Laden as terrorists!

Am I on my way to Guantanamo, that horrible place in Communist Cuba that Obama promised to close during his last bullshit billion-dollar run for the presidency?

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