Thursday, May 05, 2011

Osama bin Laden DEAD! Who the hell knows?

Foto by tgw, "Penn Terminal Bldg. in Pre-Dawn Fog," New York City, May 2011

Not much amazes me. I'm too old to be startled into eye-popping amazement by a phenomenal thing, or event, or predicted catastrophe, or some inane warning by a government official. But today I am amazed how everyone (yes, it's subjective) seems to really believe these Navy Seals actually blew an "Osama bin Laden's" head off and dumped his body out of a helicopter into the sea--after the Navy Seals evidently carried along an NCIS team ("in their back pocket," as the womantrumpetplayer said in her comment two posts back) in order to process the DNA sample they took from this "Osama bin Laden" to compare with a sample of the real Osama's sister's (which sister wasn't specified) DNA--PROOF that this head-mangled, torn-apart body was actually the body of long-running, easily hiding, his renal problem actually no problem after all, Evilest Man in the World (according to We the People). Yes, it was this Devil's body the Navy Seals dumped in the ocean (why Navy Seals?--I hear the fired General McCrystalmeth (the Bud Light-swigging bus-ridin' partying Afghan commander who called Obama a house boy) had something to do with the creation of this adventure)--and though our lying-like-dogs government officials and president changed their story of how this happened several times--at least three times, our President is still doubly assuring us that this was the notorious wonder-Devil, blah, blah, blah.

President Obama is so sure of himself in his attempt to convince us he really has assassinated the evilest man on earth he just arrived here in New York City about an hour ago, arriving in his big new Caddie Escalade SUV (remember, he had thee of them built for his inauguration), lumbering into Times Square just up the street from where I sit typing this--and the NYPD are thick as hops all over town but especially up in Times Square where they've actually brought in one big tractor-trailer truck that looks as though it's loaded with hay bales (now how in the holy Hell did the NYPD find a huge tractor-trailer loaded with hay bales so fast?). This president putting himself in jeopardy; putting the citizens of New York City in jeopardy--inviting G.W. Bush to join him, but that little peckerhead refused the invitation--remember, Georgie Porgie and his puppetmasters know in their corrupt minds this little prick lied like the dog he is about all of his backroom-secret hidden agendas that brought all of this about. How G.W. Bush conspired with his old wobbly-legged ancient Pappy and Pappy's Saudi-Halliburton-Houston-based oil buddies, including Unka Dick Cheney, to a mission of hegemony in order to corral Middle-East and Central Asian oil and claim it as OURS through invasion and occupation of oil nations--and if you don't think Afghanistan is for OIL, then think again--Karsai and Condo-Leasing Rice (when they both worked for a big oil company) planned a big oil pipeline to come down from the Central Asian oil fields, through Georgia, and on into Europe that has no OIL but must suck the oil out from the grounds under its old colonies in order to survive! Bush knows he's a natural-born liar, a weasel of an asshole--he's happy as a possum eating his own shit in his foreclosed on mansion (and did you see the so-called "mansion" Osama bin Laden had been hiding in for 5 years! Looked like the slums to me) he got dirt cheap down in Big D (for Dallas), where he's got a large supply of Jack Daniels and a backroom full of cocaine--Pickles has her pot supply--I mean, why would this little jerk want to come to New York City where he's not only liable to be BOOed, but also arrested for War Crimes! So he turned the invitation down. Then Obama invited Rudolph (pronounced A-dolph) "Mussolini" Giuliani to join him--he's gotten no word back from this little pompous-ass jerkoff coward. Poor Obama. He saw this as a moment of glory, but his ratings only went up 11% so far due to this "end-of-evil" revelation.

Plus Obama seems to have planned well ahead of the Navy Seals assassination for this trip today to my hometown. His Caddie went directly to Times Square from whatever secret airport he landed at in Airforce One...along with the cargo plane that carries his SUV and, of course, the plane that carries his staff and certain favorite press people--that's three huge planes burning jet fuel we have to borrow money from the Japanese and Chinese to pay for--to come the short distance from the District of Corruption to the New York City police state. Presidents before Kennedy used to come to NYC on their special trains. Those trains brought them right into downtown Manhattan--to the Waldorf where We the People book the presidential suite--at around $10,000 a day--12 months out of the year. So this ballyhooing, actually the first stop of his campaign trail, bullshit event is soon to begin down at Ground Zero--more ballyhooing and stancing and prancing and there will be Obama. Will he announce the end to the Afghanistan invasion and occupation attempt that is failing so miserably? The answer to that question is a big huge NO.

I have said all along our hidden agenda in all our wars is OIL. Another hidden agenda in Pakistan is the invasion and occupying of Pakistan in order to secure their nuclear arsenal. I mean already the CIA is thick as hops in Pakistan. Already, obviously, the Navy Seals are just offshore awaiting their next adventure in this bullshit arena.

And yet, I have this Black friend and she refuses to give up on Obama, though she doesn't understand this Osama crap any more than anybody does. Plus, her company, a large originally crookedly started in the 1860s American insurance company now owned by a French insurance group, is firing and outplacing again, this right before the fiscal year ends in July.

We tend to forget about fiscal years--how they different from just regular old years. This as it is being announced that our Congress is fixing to cut corporate taxes from 35% down to something like 23%. Of course, big corporations don't pay taxes at that rate due to all the loopholes and hidden deductions and credits and abatements they get. This is why Exxon-Mobil pays no taxes whatsoever no matter the rate they are supposed to pay taxes at. If you or I tried to deduct what these rich-bugger oil cartels get to legally deduct, we'd all be doing time at an IRS prison somewhere. [Did you know the IRS is a Puerto Rican corporation and not a government agency?] [Did you know that Ben Bernanke, that crooked joke of an ex-Wall Street pirate who is still a crook, is fixing to print up a trillion dollars worth of worthless US paper money in order to pay the payment on our trade deficit--money that will go to Japan, Israel, China, India, etc.]

Yet, I'm amazed with all of this because I heard Amy Goodman on her Democracy Now program talking as if yes this really is Osama bin Laden, the world's number-one Devil, and that, yes, Obama is now a hero and he can end the Afghanistan War. Oh, Amy, you poor dupe.

And just this second I hear the sirens of the huge convoy of NYPD cruisers (they have special ones they use to convoy dignitaries around the city) leading our president down to Ground Zero, after he went to the firehouses that lost the most firemen (unless our billionaire mayor has closed them down). Ah the ballyhoo hath begun.

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Marybeth said...

The whole Obama-Osama thing is insane. If, for a minute, we believe that Osama was killed by the Navy Seals, how is this a triumph? To blow an unarmed man's brains out in front of his wife and child, in his own bedroom, which you have stormed illegally, in a foreign country, with no approval or consent from that country's government to enter even the country, no less this man's house, is somehow a victory for freedom, justice, and the American way? It's all disgusting no matter what slant you put on it. Osama Bin Laden was what, piloting one of the planes on September 11, 2001? He was not even the mastermind of the plot. He didn't even approve the plot. Does this lawless taking of Osama mean that someone from a foreign country with a legitimate grievance against George W. Bush can just sweep into Texas in helicopters on a random night, storm the Bush compound and execute him unarmed, in his bedroom, in front of his wife, and that's okay? No laws apply? The whole damned thing is crazy. Isn't it a violation of every concept of law to invade a foreign country for the express purpose of killing one of its residents? No arrest, no charges, no trial, etc. How is it legitimate? How is it a triumph? It's a disgrace.

Then, of course, maybe they didn't kill Osama.

Marybeth said...

Hey, Noam Chomsky agrees with me in part: