Monday, May 02, 2011

"Because Escape--is done--"

Foto by tgw, New York City 2011
The Foggy Bottom
The Bottoms. Down in the flats. By the river. Where in the mornings and late at night the fog rolls in and settles like a shroud over that bottom floor of a landscape.

Hanging in the Bottoms is where you meet the wisest people on earth. Though they have no voice except in their poetry, their music, their folk tales, like if you put a piece of twine in a fruitjar full of river water and sit in the full moon's light over night and that twine will turn serpentine and you'll have a snake in a fruitjar the next morning.

"Wouldn't that there snake drown himself?" the Bottoms child asks.

"Sho 'nuff, keed," the Bottoms elder replies.

The Mystic rules in the Bottoms. The Mystic is never satisfied with safe answers to puzzling questions. Like, "Why is my side hurting?" The Mystic ponders the question. First, how many quick answers are there to the question? Next, after categorizing the responses, just as in math you must check your summations, the Mystic deduces from a final summation just what is the best answer to the question, "Why is my side hurting?" The Mystic answers the question, "Damn, 'cause, Cholly, you drink that damn whiskey like it's branch water. It's prob'ly your liver giving you a warnin' sign."
Doom is the House without the Door --
'Tis entered from the Sun --
And then the Ladder's thrown away,
Because Escape -- is done --
Emily says Doom is "the House without the Door"--"'Tis entered from the Sun--" and that amuses me. "And then the Ladder's thrown away," intrigues me. "Because Escape -- is done --" clarifies everything. Because life comes from the sun--birth, from the safety of the dark blue watery womb into the burning ferocity of our life-giving sun's light--it's at that moment that we enter the House of Doom, which is life. The ladder's thrown away so you can't get back into the womb. The womb must be the Garden of Eden. Something we miss from our deepest past. Something of great pleasure we once possessed and we lost due to something happening in our evolution.

Sorry, Emily, for attacking your poem like a Mystic. Digging into the ground from which you sprang to write it. The rest of it:
'Tis varied by the Dream
Of what they do outside --
Where Squirrels play -- and Berries die --
And Hemlocks -- bow -- to God --
And now I'm looking at Emily with a Platonic glow--"'Tis varied by the Dream"--am I to conclude that once in the House of Doom and once the ladder has been swept away DEATH is inevitable? While dreams float into outerspace where Squirrels play assured of enough nuts to get them through the coming winter..."and berries die --" there goes hope. But I've always said there is no such thing as Hope...only Faith...and Faith can be powerful. Not Faith in God, though that is a faith. Not Faith in Man. That's as futile a faith as putting your faith in a God. So where is Faith located? Death leads to God..."And--hemlocks--bow--to God--" If you believe the crap of theology, then there is only hope in death--though even then there are no guarantees.

The above poem is Emily Dickenson's odd little "Death is the House without the Door," which I found on an interesting-looking site:

And speaking of death, last night I did not listen to President Obama so seriously announce that Osama bin Laden was dead. The Evil Yemenite-Saudi had gone to find his God. The poison from somebody's hemlock-laced bullets had sent this at one-time World's #1 Devil off to maffick about with his 10,000 virgins.

Remember my theory of backwards thinking. Using such logic, one must take President Obama's statements, the terms in which he put this death, with a huge grain of salt. He said, and I'm quoting as many of the articles I read on the matter this morning over coffee, that this capture proved how strong WE were as a nation and he thanked the persistent nature of We the American People for our perseverence in this matter. This was followed by a big splashing congratulations to President Obama from ex-President (a faux president never really elected by the majority of We the People--appointed to his first term by the Supreme Court--making him the most unique president ever) G.W. "Smirking" Bush, who, looped up on Jack Daniels and a snort or two of God's own cocaine, congratulated President Obama on this great moment. This from the man who fucked up the original hunt for Osama--the fool who later spouted out he no longer was interested in Osama--DO WE REMEMBER THE REASON WE INVADED WITH THE INTENTIONS OF OCCUPYING AFGHANISTAN? Now that this Evil Bastard is dead, will we withdraw from Afghanistan and let them have a little peace? The answer to that question is obvious. I say I threw a huge grain of salt on all of this revelatory self-pride because of my suspicious nature. First of all, I've since Day 1 said in my best empirical deducing that Osama and his mighty al-Queda were creations of our own EVIL CIA, a much more deadly terrorist group than anything al-Queda could ever come up with. This isn't saying Osama wasn't a real person.

God-dammit, fuck all this 'round-the-barn jive, this all started due to that worthless piece of crap George Herbert W. Bush, the pampered pet son of a crooked-as-a-snake-at-night on-the-take politician, Prescott Bush. When? When Pappy Bush forced Saudi-Arabia to accept our forces on Muslim soil in order that Pappy could begin his invasion of Iraq in order to punish one of his Middle-East stooges, Saddam Hussein (Pappy called him "Saa-Damn" Hussein), after he'd shot some SCUD missiles into Israel...oh precious Zion! and rumor had it Saa-Damn was attempting to build the world's largest-ever cannon! It was due to this violation of Islamic law that Osama bin Laden turned on his own people--appealing to Saudi-Arabia not to allow such a blasphemy as he did. Saudi-Arabia, which has for a long time been under the spell of the Bush Family Voodoo, the Bush Family in cahoots with the Saudi Royal Family and a whole bunch of Saudi fat-cat sheiks--including the bin Laden family--WHY DON'T WE RECALL THAT PAPPY BUSH WAS INVOLVED WITH THE bin LADEN FAMILY? Remember Prince Bandar Bush? Remember when Pappy was involved with the Saudi-founded Carlyle Group? Remember G.W. Bush's Saudi oil partner who was later killed by a shotgun blast? Remember how Bush had the bin Laden family flown out of the US on US airplanes back to Saudi-Arabia in the immediate aftermath of 9/11? Remember how the day after 9/11 happened, the CIA suddenly was circulating photos of all the Saudi boxcutter-wielding military geniuses who using U.S. flagged airliners pulled off one of the greatest military attacks in military history. Think about it!

Entered from the Sun.

One could cynically deduce that this was a President Obama imitation of Ronald Reagan making a deal with Iran over the Embassy hostages they held. Reagan said hold them until he won the election when he would then "negotiate" with them for the hostages's release. Reagan is one of Obama's heroes. Plus, always keep in mind, President Obama after meeting with G.W. Bush as Bush was leaving the White Man's House said he had found G.W. a rather likable fellow.

I'm so confused. Ten years to catch a dude on a dialysis machine? And now he was finally found and assassinated by NAVY SEALS? (Remember, the Juice learned to slice throats open with his special-services knife while making a movie about Navy Seals.) Did Obama mention the two helicopters that crashed during this assassination plot? And now they are saying Osama bin Laden was shot in the head--right between the eyes--and after they took DNA samples, THEY BURIED HIM AT SEA!

My jaw is dropped open.

Now the question wracking my confused mind--trying to become rational on me--is why didn't they capture bin Laden alive? I asked that about Saddam Hussein, too. Why the rush to maliciously hang that poor dumb bastard? At least Hitler wrote a book explaining his madness. But why wouldn't you want to capture bin Laden alive and put him on trail?...but, there I go thinking correctly again. Thinking deductively while involved with a bunch of figures that just won't add up--thinking in order to untangle lies--LIES all coiled together in cohabitation like sexually writhing snakes. A nest of vipers.

"Because Escape--is done--"

People were marching around the mulberry bush down at Ground Zero here in NYC last night. People involved in losing members during 9/11 along with rescue workers (those still alive) and a gaggle of patriotic New Yorkers gathering and waving flags and cheering and shouting Glory Hallelujah..."Our truth is marching on." The truth in these people's minds was that the Devil himself is finally DEAD...and that this gives a warning to those who now still intend on "hurting" us or terrorizing us that no matter how long it takes, the American people will eventually search them out and destroy them.

Then I understand President Obama made a kind of "Hitler" statement by saying the same thing, that this assassination proved that we as a nation and a people are invincible against EVIL.

So "Ding dong the Witch is Dead!" But I'm not all that thrilled about it--and it is a very suspicious happening, like all the intrigue we've had to survive through the past decade now.

The wars are not over...oh no...because the object of both invasions and occupations G.W. Bush lied us into was not to kill the two Devils we had wolf tickets out on--Hussein and bin Laden--but rather for the conquest of OIL! It's all about energy. And engery comes from the Sun. But you really do enter the House of Doom through the Sun.

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Marybeth said...

I just wrote you a long comment that this damn blogger site refused to accept. Conspiracy!

Marybeth said...

What I said, basically was:

Hallelujah, there are other sane people on the planet. This whole Osama thing stinks of a rat to me. Buried at sea, in a manner consistent with Islamic law? That's a laugh, as if murdering someone, in the first place, is consistent with Islamic law. Why not give his body to his family? Wouldn't that be more consistent with Islamic law? with any law of decency? And confirmed be dna analysis? What, these Navy Seals are running around with Osama's dna on hand? They have a dna lab in their pockets?

Then the whole great joy thing. It's obscene. I have no ability to take delight in the premeditated murder of anyone. The roots of terrorism lie in perceived injustice. Perceived because it probably is there. The way to rid the world of terrorism is by creating a just society, not by meeting murder with murder, wrong with wrong.

It is at times like this that I have little to no hope for humanity. Most people are so stupid and base, ruled by childish emotions. Their vision is narrow and uninformed. This is not the road to peace.

I, a seventh generation NYCer, who lost people in the September 11th attacks, am not feeling celebratory over the murder of Osama Bin Laden.

and p.s. thank you for your post and for the Emily Dickenson poem.