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thegrowlingwolf Advises Obama: Be Like Lyndon Johnson

Foto by tgw, New York City, January 2011
Hey, YO, P Diddy and Russell Simmons, You Corporate-type Dudes, Where You All At?--Hangin' With Your White Backers? And, By the Way, Fuck Free Healthcare.

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Son of a bitch how I'd love to be in Cairo this week. Come on, folks, it's a real people's revolution in our time--a revolution that's gonna shake up the Islamic political world (and has already changed the government in Tunisia and Jordan)--like in Iran where the people aren't anything like their politicians and representatives and religious nutjob leaders--wackos wanting to remain in Medieval times, in the days of the Golden Horde and the Caliph movements, except NOW (hey, Obama there is no past, no future, only NOW), the young people of this Islam world are getting the true message of the TRUE New World Order via Facebook in this case it seems--a New World Order of our Youth arising--and it is the youth arising who always take to the streets (meanly) when they finally can't take any more from their out-of-date elders who are still trying to impose their morals and principles on their children--a parental problem--and isn't that the trouble with all of us? Sorry, I'm a Freudian and I love slipping into some Freudian psychobabble--but, hey, in this instance, and in all instances, this is children revolting against old folks. Come on, there has always been a rebellious nature to youth when it came to getting along with their parents, no matter the power of the more powerful (and no matter whether a happy home or not)--look, for instance, at those Kennedy kids having to ruin their lives by following the dictates of their asshole reprobate dictator father and the wimpy responses to their father by their mother, Mama Rose, so Catholic she endured earthly hell in order to one day get fucked by her heavenly husband Jesus Christ (I kid you not)--just think, if JFK hadn't'a follow the dictates of his father, he might still be alive today--outliving Uncle Teddy probably, who his father condemned as a wimp in favor of his more best and brightest sons--starting with Joe, Jr., his openly favorite son, whose death in WWII old Papa Joe the Boston Bootlegger held over Johnny and Bobby--fuck Teddy and the imbecile daughter who old Bootlegger Joe had lobotomized--he showed her ass--I mean, come on, it's because of our parents. Please forgive me for jesting during such a serious comment.

I've always admired the Egyptians. All Western thought comes through Egypt, Egypt being a sieve for the original civilizing knowledge that came out of the Saharan cultures, Niger, Timbuktu--why, the first library and university was in Timbuktu--some of the original manuscripts from that first library are still extant there--and all that knowledge came up the Nile from the great Black African civilizations--Nubians, Tauregs, those whose caravans crossed the Sahara to bring their goods and culture to Northern Africa. And I know just the Egyptian woman I'd want to look up and hook up with if I were in Cairo now, though she once told me if she ever confronted me in combat she'd cut my throat--and her father was a great Egyptian writer--and there have been some great books written by Egyptians and great books written about Egypt (Larry Durrel's Alexandria Quartet for one). And this Facebook revolution started with the Tunisian revolution--again the young people of Tunisia massing in the streets to prove We the People of our countries do STILL HAVE THE POWER in our hands--though the dumbest of us have no way of understanding this kind of revolutionary thought. Our dumb need MASTERS; they need MONARCHS--like Jesus Christ to Christians is their Master; he's their KING! But I wail through my Wolfian bullhorn: Fuck dictators. Fuck corporatists. Fuck the Power Elite. Back in 2003, 2 million New Yorkers filled the streets in protest against Bush Baby getting us involved in the Bush Family private war with Saddam "He Tried to Murder My Pappy" Hussein in Iraq--what a wonderful time and sight and experience it was--I marched in it, I know--have film of my marching in it--but it did no good. Why? Because that day we were peaceful. We obeyed. We shouted and roared but the media ignored us and we didn't storm those teevee stations and demand they cover us. The police were everywhere--why, they even had plainclothes dudes with cameras marching along with us--and we didn't mock them or defy them. We didn't revolt--we didn't march on Wall Street and set it on fire--we didn't take over our Federal property and camp out in it until we got our voices heard and if they came after us with the tanks and the AKs and teargas launchers we would simply burn the mothers down--like they are doing in Cairo--WOW, the Egyptians taking over, defying that USA-backed Mubarak--with his nose up both Saudi-Arabia's and Israel's asses--and with the USA-big-fat hand up his ass working his mouth and brain--And you know the real reason for both revolts in Tunisia and Egypt? The fucking IMF, a US institution, mandatorily manned by an American--which imposed its draconian will on Egypt back when Mubarak took over from murdered Sadat. [By the way, Egypt is famous for its torture--our CIA, that blessed patriotic organization, sends Islamic terrorists and enemy combatants there to be tortured.] Same thing in Tunisia, too; the IMF imposing their cruel will on Tunisia after bailing them out of a money crisis. All because, too, of Wikileaks leaking those memos from the US State Department (how haggard is Hillbilly Hillary looking these days?) to our Embassy in Tunis that threw the Tunisians to the jackals. AH, what a glorious time to be in Cairo--and this revolution could sweep on across Northern Africa, across the Middle-East--how about a revolution in Saudi-Arabia! Wow. Jordan! Yes. Yemen! Yes. Hot damn. I love revolution.
Calling 'Em All Pig Fuckers
I was just on a right wing blog whose reason for being it announced proudly in its banner head was to keep on "Kneecapping" President Obama (the White righties never refer to Obama as President). As to why the right-wing nutjob dumbass flat-worlders hate Obama is never precisely said. This particular right wing moronic blog [ ]
when confronted with Obama continuing the Neo-Con palaver and executive ordering of the G.W. "Worst Never-Honestly-Elected Faux-President Ever" Bush declare openly and proudly that G.W. Bush was a liberal Republican! Hoooooooo-BOY! Are these crankjobs lunatics or not? They are openly and defiantly calling Obama and all Dumbocrats pig fuckers and the Dumb-ass-crats are responding namby-pambily, weak kneed, as though their kneecaps have already been blown Mafia-style, which is what "kneecapping" refers to, should you not remember your Mafia revenge tactics (key words).

Here's an excerpt from the host of this right-wing blog, a Kevin Mark Smith, a backwards-state (Kansas) lawyer (former DA?) in which he reasons out why he hates Obama (calls him "Comrade," a term I still suppose stands for "Commie" to a left-out-on-the-plains-to-dry-a-stick-in-the-mud lawyer from Kansas. This is the same kind of fool who will shop at Walmart, where almost 100% of their stock comes from COMMUNIST he probably drives a Japanese car [recent statistics reveal General Motors makes more cars in China than it does in the USA]--and, yes, I'm calling this guy a pig fucker (he calls left-leaning Liberals (whoever they are) "loons")--well, here's his reasoning on why he hates Obama:

When Bush 41 increased taxes it had the predictable outcome. The economy slowed and killed his chances for reelection. Obama did go against his class warfare mantra. However, the net effect of his giving in will be to kick start the economy. We are no longer unsure what the next two years will bring. We know that our tax rates will be stable and are free to speculate, invest, and pursue our business ventures without worrying about how much more a percentage of our income will have to be set aside for taxes. We will see a 2% drop in unemployment by the end of 2011, and Americans will soon forget (as they did with Clinton) what Obama tried to do to America. Put another way, who gives a flip about the whiney libs who hate Obama for letting all of us (even the rich) keep more of our money? Productive, successful Americans will show up in droves and vote the economy. If it improves by 2012, guaranteed to happen now that the tax issue is resolved, most greedy, selfish Americans will forget social policies and Obama's efforts to gut the Constitution and vote with their pocket books.

Tell me I am wrong. I don't think I am. If I am correct in this admittedly elementary analysis of Comrade Barack's rehabilitation, the long term damage will be catastrophic. We will likely see two Supreme Court Justices retire and Obama will replace them with more judicial positivists. The gains the current conservative court has made in the past decade or so will be swept away. State's rights will be rolled back. Individual rights will be gutted. And the next Democrat President will be given even more tools than Obama had to kill the American Dream.

I defy anybody with a 5th-grade education to tell me just what this Kansas goose is honking about. "...most greedy, selfish Americans will forget social policies and Obama's efforts to gut the Constitution and vote with their pocket books" What the hell does that mean? Or what about this goofy statement: "If I am correct in this admittedly elementary analysis [like we said, fifth-grade education] of Comrade Barack's rehabilitation, the long term damage will be catastrophic. ...The gains the current conservative court has made [!!!] in the past decade or so will be swept away. State's rights will be rolled back [here's the racist angle in the disguise of "State's Rights"]. Individual rights will be gutted [that is what individual rights we have left after Clinton and G.W. Bush and their wacky Patriot Act]. And the next Democrat President will be given even more tools than Obama had to kill the American Dream."

President Obama gutting the Constitution? White folks are weird. They don't like the fact that a Black man trick-bagged their asses, too, just like he trick-bagged his own Black constituency plus a whole host of "progressive" (more educated?) Whites, especially young progressive Whites. Obama as a Corporatist is "moving on up" in terms of his own bank account, stock portfolios, two daughters's future. As a Progressive he's Tom-ing--and doing it with his hat in his hands, too--but then, we here at the The Daily Growler have been "whining" about how President Obama is not a Socialist--how can a Corporate Lawyer with a degree from Harvard Law be anywhere even near to being a Socialist? Gutting the Constitution! I don't recall President Obama being a rabid anti-NRA opponent--in other words, he's not done much of anything in terms of gun-control legislation--and this with several wild US-rightwinger shooting sprees that have left scores of US citizens no matter their leanings dead. These right-side-of-the-aisle gunmen go right into Christian churches and shoot their victims (remember the Abortion doctor killed while attending his heathen Christian church in Kansas?). President Obama in his State of the (Dis)union address didn't even comment on the incident that had just happened in Arizona except to praise the "heroes" of the moment. In terms of this Supreme(ly dumb) (Rightie-stacked) Court making corporations US citizens --something they already did back at the end of the 19th Century, the Century these rightwinger revengers want to take us backwards to, President Obama didn't mention it. If Comrade Obama is stacking this Court with Progressive Dumbocrat goons (so far two New York City women who are anything but lefties--and in some cases I don't think they're even liberal) how come the Court is still just as wide-angle wacky as the policies it finds strictly Constitutional--"the right to bear arms" its mainstay and also, and more and more Teabaggers (that's what I call these White men with drooping testicles (like the testicles of the elderly Koch Brothers)) and their gun-moll babes (Sarah and Michelle), are now referring us to the STRICT Constitutional statement that Black people aren't FULL citizens.

It's the White man's revenge, that's what all this Teabagger shit is--and that's what all this political chaos is: SHIT. Obama spreads the bullshit out the "left" corner of his mouth while the Teabaggers, like Kevin Mark Smith, who is still sleeping away, snoring loudly, as he continues to defend what he calls "the American Dream" are calling him a pig fucker. Like I said in my just-past post on "histories" (yours, mine, theirs), to whom does that "American" in the American Dream refer to, a Bolivian? A Mexican? A Canadian? An Eskimo? A Native American Indian? Seems to me, if you follow Kevin Mark's directions, the American Dream is coming true in Communist China right now. I remember the time when these same right-wing nutjobs were hollering "America Love It or Leave It." It seems that wave-the-bloody-shirt refrain was meant for Commie Lovers and Nigger Lovers. Now why aren't we so-called "Liberals" (I say there is no true Liberal in the USA anywhere) hollering this into the faces of these Teabagger-Boneheads who are now determined to make us pay for sins none of us have committed yet--like turning this country over to the Islamic militants who are already set up in this country, real Islamic-al-Queda-backing Imans who are out to destroy this country--which is, believe it or not, the holiest agenda for our new Teabagger head of Homeland Security, the truly magnificently dumbass (Droopy) Peter "I Wanna Monarch" King of Long Island, New York, home of the Brook Haven nuclear lab that has leaked nuclear contaminated waters into the Long Island water supply for years--with the blessings of jerks like Peter King.

I am crying to President Obama, "Hey, dude, please drop the respect you have for Ronald Reagan and instead study the politics of the greatest Dumbocrat president we've had this Century, Lyndon "Big Balls" Johnson. If it hadn't been for the Vietnam War, which Johnson allowed himself to be blackmailed into by the Department of Defense and its phony Gulf of Tonkin incident, Johnson today would be thought of as a progressive genius. Johnson was a Texas Democrat who came on the scene during WWII. Together he and Mr. Sam, Sam Rayburn, also from Texas, ruled over the House and Senate. Both were progressive Democrats, though, yes, typical White Texas racists--though Johnson grew up in a Mexican-American-high-populated area. He taught Mexicans as a school teacher; plus he used them to work his ranch near Johnson City, Texas. Lyndon said, "Call him a pig fucker." "But, Mr. President, he's not a pig fucker." "Let him prove it...." And with this attitude, Johnson was able to get some of the finest domestic policies into law, including the Civil Rights Act, an Act, I guarantee you, these Neo-Con, Teabagger, flatearthers are going to try to destroy; Medicare--and YAHOO, you know they're trying to destroy Medicare; the Job Corps; the War on Poverty, etc.

In Chaos we gloat.
According to a blogging consultant who showed up at the The Daily Growler new office complex in Dick Cheney's old Virginia bunker (the one, like the coward he is, Unka Dickless Dick fled to the minute he was told by the New World Order than the staged 9/11 attack was succeeding) the other day looking for a consulting job: our posts are too long. He says most people tooling around the Internet are looking for blogs that quickie-read blogs, with just a few sentences--and if the post extends into longer bounds, then put a "continue reading" link in there and that's that. His guaranteed offer was his plan to show us how to make the Growler more popular--how to get more HITS. And HITS have always been the key to success in the American Dream state. You need a HIT of some kind to keep on keeping on in this country. A HIT of horse. A HIT of Jack Daniels. A Top Ten Hit of any kind. A HIT movie. Baseball players need HITS. Broadway show producers need HITS. Rock stars have to have HITS. If you can't HIT you can't play in today's Global Market Big Leagues.

The financial pirates who cleaned out our coffers are splitting up the booty already with great gobs of stolen taxpayer cash being poured into the offshore bank accounts of our Great American Pirates: Goldman-Sachs (whose CEO is now worth billions), J.P.Morgan-Chase (Sam Chase was a true American nutjob), Bank of America (their new hi-rise luxury office building is almost ready for occupancy), AIG Insurance (this gang of thieves also has a new hi-rise luxury office building bearing their name), Bank of America (and, yes, they, too, have a new hi-rise luxury office building), etc., etc. President Obama's new Chief of Staff, sick old reprobate Richard "Dead People Vote" Daley's lamebrain son, leaves Goldman-Sachs worth over 300-million dollars to take a civil service job advising Obama on economic recovery (he's just another Larry Summers, I'm sorry to say, folks). Surely a crook that successful (he woke up inheriting his American Dream from his old reprobate and crooked daddy) can recover the economy he helped wreck! Obama still thinking Wall Street's way and not OUR (We the People of the USA) WAY is the BEST and BRIGHTEST way. Has anyone ever figured out what would have happened if instead of bailing out his Wall Street heroes (he says they are his heroes in his book) he had bailed out We the People?--I mean 1 trillion dollars would have helped immensely out-of-work, no medical insurance, living in their cars, living in tents Americans...AH TO HELL WITH "IFs"! I can't imagine being worth 300 million dollars, can you? I remember in 1970 when my own flesh-and-blood brother won a 4.5 million dollar lawsuit against the largest media transaction in US history up till then and became overnight a MILLIONAIRE. And he became, in Dallas, Texas, a MILLIONAIRE among MILLIONAIRES--and all of my brother's friends had millions more than he did, one of whom (H. Ross Perot--remember him?) was said to be and probably was worth a billion by then. Becoming a MILLIONAIRE was considered the luckiest thing to ever happen to my brother--now in retrospect, I see it was the worst thing that ever happened to him. Once you are a millionaire, you begin to suffer what all rich people suffer, the stress of trying to hold onto your millions.

To me, Obama is a Dumbocrat Corporatist as President and a G.W. Bush-executive-order dictator when it comes to his role so far as Commander in Chief. Unfortunately he believes the trickle-down theory works. And he also believes war is good for the economy, which has been a USA position since the ex-Brit White Plantation masters decided the Holy White Jewish God YHWH had given them the biblical rights to invade and massacre an aboriginal people (and White people are the best when it comes to genocide) and occupy their lush land in the name of kings and weird White Jewish gods). President Obama is now barking up the competition tree in order to revitalize his limp-dick performance as a man of change as well as a man of peace.

THIS IS A WHITE COUNTRY, dammit, and I'm White, so why not take advantage of my White privilege and thereby network myself up to an immense fortune where I then become a member of the Power Elite and get to do as I damn well please, my status putting me above all laws, no matter their source? This is the White mentality We the People all have to get used to unless our youth get wise, stand up on their hind legs, and revolt against us regressive elders. We are currently in the brink of another Civil War in this country. The South (in terms of traditional White values) is rising again, folks...that's all this bullshit going on in Congress is all about--it boils down to White racism, from which has come White Power.

As long as We Whites consider ourselves invincible in terms of fact and fiction--mostly fiction--this country will stay Chaotic and divided. Yes, the economy has recovered in Obama's corporatist world, and yes he can prove it with the STOCK MARKET--that Wall Streeter's gambling hall (the bourse)--rising miraculously to back up near 12,000--with billions of shares a day trading. Oh, why not put a stock transfer tax on every stock transaction?--there was a City of New York stock transfer tax at one time but then Good Ole ass-kissing and who-knows-who-sucking turncoat progressive Dumbocrat Ed Koch did away with it when Wall Street threatened to move to Jersey City back during the Krotch Man's original term. I shouted to high heaven then, let the bastards move to Jersey City--yeah sure! I can see all those Wall Street crooks enjoying their power breakfasts at a Jersey City diner. But good ole Ed Crotch, he kowtowed to these assholes and did away with that tax--a 1-cent-per-share-traded tax, by the way. New York City has a progressive population; yet the city electorate keeps insisting on electing dumbass White rich mayors (in recent years Republicans) who do all they can to keep progress at bay during their terms. Like our current Billionaire Mayor is wrecking the New York City public school system, once the best in the world. He's wrecking it by privatizing it. The best educations in this privatized system (by invitation only) go to the rich kids--those who can afford to transfer to the better charter schools--those able to afford tutors for their dumbest little bastards so they can get in Exeter or one of those other White rich-boy prep schools. Sorry, I must apologize for some of my vulgar-growling outbursts, but, hey, these people are messing with my happy times, my end times, the times I'm supposed to be playing golf down in Florida with Arnie and the Bear and not sitting around worrying about whose gonna be knocking at my door--and whoever it is, what the hell they knocking on my door for?--or snooping in my email--or taking my iPhone and downloading my files from it--I mean, I've been living in New York City, which is a rich-boys playground protected by New York City's finest and their cash of weapons and surveillance gear, where now almost every day We the Citizens of New York City are being accused of something wrong--something as simple as whether I want to put a cupful of fucking salt on my trans-fat-fried Freedom fries or not--my billionaire mayor now on his own teevee channel broadcasting everyday his instructions on how he expects HIS city's citizens to behave. Anybody looks suspicious...nail 'em, throw 'em in the clink. If we put enough of 'em in the clink, then our new governor Andrew "Mario's Worthless Son" Cuomo will build in the tradition of his father more Upstate prisons--I mean, the Upstate New York economy is based on however many state prisons it has.

Privilege, folks. And that's something the privileged individual Whites (and the White electorate in this country is composed of Teabagger-leaning rightwingers) and the White Power Elite will never give up. Check up on what happened when We the People of New York City elected a Black mayor, David Dinkins. Oh boy, soon after he was elected the privileged Whites started tearing into Sweatin' Dave who seemed to love playing tennis more than he did being mayor. First the Hassidic Jewish community, true nutjobs all of 'em, went after him, calling him a Black racist after a Black kid stabbed a Hassidic youth after a car driven by a Hassidic man jumped the curb...also, the Asian community tore into Dinkins, calling him a Black racist, because of Harlem business owners who said these Asians (mostly Koreans) were coming into their community and driving Black cafes and delis and grocery stores out of business by buying up stores and shops and such. Blah, blah, blah. That's when Rudi "Mussolini" Guiliani came on the scene with his White clarion call to fight back against these Black bastards who think just because they've got a Black mayor they are going to become the privileged race in New York City. And White New Yorkers came out and did it again--they put another right-wing nutjob in as our mayor.

Humans never learn. They are born naturally dumb. All of us. All the people of the world. Oh God, am I sick of politics; yet, these bastards are fucking up my dreamworld--so you can't turn your back on politics--you can't. These bastards will skin us alive and sell our hides on the Global Hide Market--and we'll all end up like the Uighurs, unwanted citizens of the Great People's Republic of China.

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