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Living in New York City: NO BONUSES EVER for We the People

Foto by tgw, New York City, January 2011
Great! Let's Do Away With Labor Unions! Let's Do Away With Government by We the People of the USA! Let's Do Away With Justice! Let's Do Away With the USA
Yes, the goofball Repugnicans are correct: Obama is a Socialist. Yes, he has Marxist leanings. Yes, and, of course, due to his given name, we know he's a Muslim extremist. I mean, come on, folks, isn't this all clear to you? John Bonehead says the American people have spoken. OK, I give up. According to these goons I'm not an American. According to goons like John Bonehead and the other new House of Reprehensible Monkey-Men, this country is headed down the tubes though not because of George H.W. Bush and his worthless spoiled brat son and their easily manipulated views of the world--a world of ruling Plutocrats--a world reverting back to the Dark Ages and all that Medieval crap. Oh no. Not because of those dunderheads, but rather because of the leftwing Liberal Socialist Pro-Militant Islam Pro-Palestinian Democrats like Barack Obama, who some Teabaggers call the antiChrist.

But, dammit, I know these fools from the time I was born on down to today. So my attitude is becoming, hey, this is a White majority nation and as such it's a GUILTY-conscience nation--and I know what these fools are saying--they are White people who see the future of the USA may be under the rule of darker skins. My dumb-proud White brothers and sisters truly believe because they are White they are pure. Because they are White they are blessed of THEIR Great White/Jewish Father God. So if you have their kind of Dark-Ages beliefs, then hell yes, it's time to rattle the timbers of the sacred palace--and if need be, destroy this country or go down trying. This is all a dark White soul mystery. These White fools are definitely wanting to tear this country down--and not rebuild it back like it was and in the direction it was going full-speed ahead toward Communism, Homosexuality, Islamic militancy--and there are some of my White people who believe President Obama is a Muslim terrorist agent trying to lead us down that path toward Christian Hell, the bailiwick of the essential evil one, the Devil (Beelzebub; Old Ned; Old Nick; Old Cloven Hoofed One; Lucifer (Light My Fire); Satan)--the Prince of Darkness--the reason in our minds most evil happens at night. What happens during the day is in the light and therefore no matter how crooked and deceitful folks who operate in daylight are, they are forgiven of their sins. Oh how stupid. Oh how hollow and totally fictitious. This is fiction come to life.

One of the first ways, these, my brave White people, are going to revolt is against the US workingclass. The elimination of Labor Unions--an effort these Republican fools have been out to do since WWI and the Wobblies and Eugene Debs and a Labor Movement that dared to go up against John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie and Henry Ford usually to their own woe since State governments always back up our White Feudal Lords by sending in State militias (National Guards) to literally as happened in Ludlow, Colorado, mow down striking workers--shooting them as they ran from their burning tent camps--camps set on fire by the National Guards. Then during the Roosevelt years, the high and mighty Republicans like the Tafts tried to block the Union efforts of John L. Lewis and A. Philip Randolph, et. al., and the Longshoreman's Union with the Taft-Hartley Act (anti-Right-to-Work). These White people hate Unions so bad, their efforts of workingclass punishment will be to like put 80 year olds back to work. Fuck it if they're too sick to work. Remember, the Nazis rather than gas all Jews did pull some out to do the shit work--like mining and munitions manufacturing--I mean, in the Nazi mines, they got 80-year-old Jewish men to kill themselves working rather than baking to death in a Nazi oven. I'm pretty sure my New World Repugnican dudes secretly highly respected the Nazis. I mean, at least the Nazis were PURE WHITE! And, yes, I'm sure these retards believed Hitler's Aryan race claims. White Supremacy! Whites are superior to any "colored" people. We all know that; especially we Whites. We know all Black men, for instance, wish like hell they were White! And Black women--oh surely they'd rather look like Lena Horne and Halle Berry than Esther Rolle or Hattie McDaniel. Light skin's the right skin!

How ridiculous do the above paragraphs sound? Yet, I feel this is all a White revenge. Of course, a lot of Whites have pushed these feelings way back in their subconsciouses through denial, but when the time comes to draw the line in the sand and John Bonehead yells out are you with We the White People of the USA or are you going to stand with the Colored folks--the niggers, the Kikes, the towelheads (sand niggers), the Gooks, the Nips, the Spicks, the Messkins, the Haitians, the Woggies...get out your racist vocabularies and start learning some new juicy racist name calling. Chinks. Queers. Dikes. Homos. Injuns. Redskins.

Congress should soon resemble the Congress right before the Civil War. The Congress of John Calhoun and the States Righters (racists). The Congress of gunfire and clubbings and rude crude shouting matches and cane whippings and wrestling matches. Yep, look for some new respect for the Confederate flag. Look for a Confederate Memorial Day and even a wall in D.C. to the Confederate dead. Look for Ronald Reagan and G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush coins, worthless dollar bills, and stamps. Look for an Ayn Rand coin or stamp, too.

You can't be overfacetious about such facetious people. Instead of calling these people pig fuckers, Obama is still dabbling with his false-expectational compromise tactics. He's firing failed Clintonistas but instead of bringing in a more revolutionary group of Democratic idea people he's still sticking with Clintonistas. Why, hell, he's getting rid of Larry Summers, but, hell, he's replacing this asshole with another Clinton asshole [remember I don't see Bill Clinton as the great president so many progressive so-called Liberals (like Bartcop (who calls the Slick One "The Big Dog" (and Oklahoma hicks (Okies) love big bad dogs) and The Daily Howler) think him and defend him as], another piece of Goldman-Sachs crap--and then insult upon insult, hiring a Daley as his Chief of Staff, a Daley who's as corrupt as his father and brother, a whole family who should be doing jail time and yet they are still influential in We the People's lives and in Barack Obama's Chicago-based political life, enough he'd put this worthless Daley, a fucking JP Morgan-Chase-associated clown (making 5 million a year--STOP and think about that as a salary!), in as his Chief of Staff! Well, of course, Daley worked for Bill Clinton...aren't you sick and tired of the Clintons yet?

I know, I'm writing wildly. Off the cuff. Spontaneous combustions of words whittled into arrows and shot at the asses of these truly backwards-thinking and backwards-leading clowns posing as know-it-all philosophers. And then out of nowhere, I came across this Max Keiser dude and his "Rigged Market Capitalism." And Max, old pal, I love ya, dude. Somebody telling it like it is and has been for a long time. And to hell with these Baby Boomers just now waking up to smelling the foul coffee these reborn Birchers and Randites and LaRoche Libertarians, these Free-Market Pirates, Strict Constitutionalists are brewing up for us. Check old Max and his views out here: Even though he's a Huffington Post blogger (I can't stand Adriana Huffington), he's fascinating and basically right on when it comes to Economics and the workings of our all-time, always crooked financial industry (remember, Goldman-Sachs was founded in 1869). And Max is a metalist...he's for banking your wealth in gold and silver--silver right now he says is the best investment. Back in the 1990s I was dabbling in buying and selling United States collectible coins. Gold back then was at around $80 an ounce, which at the time I thought was ridiculous. Silver at the same time was around $5.00 a troy ounce. One gold advocate in the numismatic field back then was heavily trumpeting gold as the best investment. Back then he was predicting gold would go to $200 an ounce...AND IT DID! Then, in the early 2000s, this same guy was predicting gold would break $800. I'm still ridiculing the guy. I've got some gold and I can't seem to get any kind of mark up on it at all--yet this guy insists. And then when gold hit $800 an ounce and this guy started touting gold at over $1000 an ounce, I really rebelled against him and began selling off my gold, making good money, but gold is at $1300 an ounce. Silver is at $28.00 a troy ounce. I totally missed the boat on this one--and I had first-hand knowledge that I couldn't believe, the skeptic that I naturally am. Here's the precious metals market currently:

New York Spot Price


(Will open in 45 hrs. 42 mins.)









Gold Charts










Silver Charts










Platinum Charts










Palladium Charts










And now, what's my numismatic gold friend predicting: in 2011, Gold could go over $4,000 an ounce. Whoooooaaaaa! So far this dude has been on the money. Max Keiser's right, too, in saying that silver looks like the best bet investment for a poor man. Pure silver now. Not coins. Silver bars. And Max warns you not to store your silver in the US but in foreign vaults. Max says that by switching your assets from paper to precious metals (silver especially), it will put a bank like J.P. Morgan finally out of business for good.

Living here in New York City is so deceiving. Unemployment here jives with the national average; yet, on the other hand, we have some of the newest richest little assholes in the world blooming into idiots every day in this rich-man's playground. Our streets are packed with big Lexuses and Mercedes sedans and BMW SUVs and Rovers. In every block a new bar-restaurant is opening. In the chi-chi chic parts of town nouveau chic boutiques and wine bars and wine and cheese bars and coffee bars and beer bars and fancy drink bars are opening up by the dozens. And all of these joints are being opened and run by our nouveau riche twentyish-early-thirtyish crowd--like all those Goldman-Sachs number cruncher junior jerk offs who got half-a-million in bonuses last year--on top of their lavish salaries and commissions they made off their criminal derivatives dealings--I mean, it's the same as making a 20-year-old goofball baseball playing kid a multimillionaire all of a sudden. What does he do with all that fucking money? Why, shit yeah, he buys his mother a new house; he buys a brace of expensive cars; he buys several apartments; he buys houses; and he might open a restaurant or invest in a development project. Like Jay Z investing his excess profits in wrecking downtown Brooklyn rather than say gentrifying his old neighborhood. This is the most irresponsible generation yet. This generation's full of Baby B's little precious ones living off daddy and mommy's money until they get on with that New York City law firm or get an internship at Goldman-Sachs. This is the bunch of outsider idiots who, along with Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg, are Europeanizing New York City. Wine and chocolate bars that advertise themselves as "Very French and sexy." Or perhaps a bar where the co-owners (Jason and Jennifer--ex-brokers at Goldman-Sachs--not married, but with illegitimate child on the way) brag about how their beers come from Europe and their nouveau-cuisine overpriced fare is precious, in small portions, judged more on how it is presented than how it tastes. I mean, come on, when British chefs are now New York City's hottest chefs, something's wrong. Why are things European still considered by my White brothers and sisters as culturally above anything originally American. We shout USA, USA, USA, at Olympic sporting events; yet we welcome with open arms less worthy Euro-trash and world-performance-type artists into this country--while we allow an Aussie asshole and a bunch of second-rate celebrity judges, originated by a Brit asshole Deejay turned entertainment promoter, through Murdoch's "American Idol" (American Idiots, I read it) teevee rigged show to pick our current pack of amateur singing stars. [Plus, I note, the horribly untalented Paula Abdul, the chick who seduced and fucked one of the contestants when she was a jitterbug judge on "American Idol" (this young boy said Paula was a hell of a fuck, too--he especially liked her breasts), has been given comeback chance as star talent on a new CBS ripoff "Dancing With the Stars" amateur dance show. Why, I wonder? Is she still a good fuck?] But I don't want to be Europeanized. But, then, do I want to be Americanized instead?

Come on, folks, how 'bout a little trip down to Hell with me? I think I can book Virgil's boat...I think it's time to revisit the underworld.

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