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Living in New York City: The New Minstrel Show

Foto by tgw, New York City, January 2011
OK, So We're Living in End Times
Walking around New York City, you'd never know anybody was suffering; anybody was out of work; anybody had lost their homes; anybody was in debt. Most of the automobiles that park in my neighborhood now (Midtown Manhattan) are luxury branded SUVs or new Mercedes sedans, BMWs galore; Rovers. You don't see any old smokers, old rattlers, cars with a lot of damage, or cars older than say 5 years. According to my neighbor whose family owns a restaurant in the East Village, they had a boom year. According to the owner of my fav Irish pub his restaurants have all been full of late, even on Sunday afternoons now. Our billionaire mayor is constantly doing photo-ops (all New York City mayors love publicity) these days whining to us about how lucky we are to have him as our mayor and how through his privatizing business leadership acumen, New York City has survived the recession--in fact, hey, hiz honor's whining thins out into a pippish squeak as he excitedly relays to us that the stock market is booming once again. It's up around 11,500...almost back to where it was just prior to the financial crisis that sunk us--a financial crisis pricked into the bursting stage by our first authenticated idiot president who was never honestly elected lying us into two unwinable and economically devastating wars--this from the only president ever appointed to his first term by the Supreme(ly Dumb) Court--which is unConstitutional really, but who cares about that damn stupid Constitution--and it is from the 18th Century--and it was written by White men who were invaders and occupiers of this land of many aboriginal tribal nations who had much better forms of government than the one these Great White Fathers came up with. Old Ben Franklin tried to sell his White brothers (our forefathers) on the Iroquois Nation's form of government and they considered old rascally profligate Ben eccentric, which meant he was excusably crazy. Like old womanizer Ben wanted to make the turkey our national bird, which the wild turkey (whether in gobble-gobble or whiskey form) definitely is. Not the damned-by-man-to-distinction Bald Eagle. Hell the early White men considered Bald Eagles as menaces and they shot them madly and as a result soon there were no more Bald Eagles in the Colonies--but there were still a plethora of wild turkeys from Maine to California.

Speaking of wild turkeys, those of the human monkey kind, I happened to give a listen to as much of their bullshit as I could take in one sitting...and I'm referring to the MEN who are going to be ruling us via our new House of Representatives that's coming into power this week. Get ready. It's a bevy of ignorant backwards-thinking MEN, total Yahoos in the dearest sense of Swift's original definition of what Yahoos consist of: rubes, yokels, Jukes, whiners, crybabies, spoiled brats, narrow-minded schnooks...IDIOTS! And I'm listening to these clowns and I'm loping around with the hairs on my neck bristled to the warning stage--I'm growling low, deep from my gut as I'm considering going for the throats of these catastrophically regressive boobs. One idiot already standing up in We the People's Congress and declaring that he doesn't believe in the Global Warming alerts or that anything man is doing is destroying the earth. And do you know why? And this backwards-thinking baboonish man had the balls to say this before Congress: the reason he didn't believe that man's way of life was destroying the earth and the earth's atmosphere was because in his Bible he read--and he gave the "scriptures chapter and verse"--one from the Jewish Mythical Prophet Isaiah and one from Matthew the Jewish guy whose job was collecting taxes for the Roman invaders and occupiers of Judea--that his God said in those two verses that he would never again destroy the earth himself nor would he allow man to destroy it, his creation (I assume this Teabagger Republican meant the Jewish God Yahweh--or Jehovah as the old Christians called him; Jehovah Gyro, as the new Christians (the Rock Age Christians) call him). This brainless fool continued on saying that this was the word of who he believed was the true and living God and if his God said the world wasn't going to be destroyed either by him with the Capital H or man (unrepentant man, I assume) and that was why he was going to vote against all the Environmental Protection Agency reduced emission laws and bans on offshore and Alaskan wilderness drilling and fracture-drilling for natural gas pockets (a process that ruins local water supplies)--which means he will also challenge the carbon-emission figures in terms of carbon destruction of our ozone and atmosphere--again, unbelievably because he believes this planet is a carbon-fueled earth. We survive on carbon. Carbon emissions are good things.

Holy Shit! And there are more Yahoo museum pieces coming into power this week--like Hal Rogers--from the hick state of Old Kaintuck. They call Hal the Pork King. Meaning he's the pork barrelingest son of a bitch in Congress. Now Hal Rogers is going to be head of the Appropriations Committee! The Teabagger Constitution is declaring that these idiots are going to cut 100 billion dollars from the US budget this year! The national fiscal year is half over, which means, there is about 300 billion dollars left in this year's budget. If these fools cut 100 billion out of this budget, then the Pork King is gonna have to change his horses in midstream. This budget cutting, by the way, is an impossible Teabagger dream--remember, this bullshit is all based on NOBLE LIES--the same preached by Machiavelli or by Nietzsche or by Leo Strauss or by Paul Wolfowitz or by Milton Friedman.

Another new-House Repugnican reared up on his fictional steed and declared that government shouldn't control the banks but that rather the banks should control the government. Whooo boy, how do you deal with such a cretin-type statement?

From the National Journal, here's a list of the bozos who will be ruling the House of Representatives this week--meet these asinine idiots--check out how many are from low-populated hick states (Alabama, Indiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, John Bircher California, and Texas)--like Lamar Smith of Texas (Karl Rove was his campaign manager) who's already said he will be studying whether or not President Obama has committed any impeachable offenses--"Why, shit fire, Lamar, you know that nigger boy has some skeletons in his Communist-Socialist-Islamic closet." And how about a true blueballs bozo, Peter King of Long Island, to reign over Homeland Security--Peter King is the fatuous piece of crap who said he's going to waste We the People's time and money focusing his intentions on searching and destroying the MILITANT MEMBERS of our own MUSLIM COMMUNITY--he's going after militant Imans, he says, and not the mostly good (though he wishes they were dead, too) Muslims. Oh what a fucking loony bird this idiot is--we've suffered his bullshit here in New York State for several years now--any politician from Long Island, New York, Suffolk and Nassau counties (good old colonial names), is a rightwing fraidy-cat nutjob.


Ranking member: Frank Lucas, Oklahoma

Likely chairman: Frank Lucas, Oklahoma (*)

Anaylsis: Done deal. Lucas owns a farm and cattle ranch in Cheyenne, Okla. He won a special election in May 1994, a victory that foreshadowed the GOP wave that year. He’s played a big role in the last two farms bills. The 2002 bill helped unravel 1990s cuts to farm subsidies. His district is 15th on the list of top subsidy-receiving districts.


Ranking member: Jerry Lewis, California

Likely chairman: Unclear (?)

Anaylsis: Lewis needs a waiver since he’s served as top committee Republican for six years. Harold Rogers of Kentucky [Pork-Barrel Hal Rogers will be the new chairman of this committee] is also vying and has a contingent of supporters who oppose all chairmanship waivers. To some, Lewis is a symbol of D.C. spenders. In 2007, he was fifth in the House in home-district earmarks with $137 million.


Ranking member: Buck McKeon, California

Likely chairman: Buck McKeon, California (*)

Anaylsis: Done deal. A Boehner protégé, McKeon was chairman and ranking Republican on Boehner’s old committee, Education and Labor, before leaving that post in 2009 to become the top Republican on Armed Services. He’s 17th on the list of top 20 Republican donors backing GOP candidates this cycle.

Committee: BUDGET

Ranking member: Paul Ryan, Wisconisin

Likely chairman: Paul Ryan, Wisconisin (*)

Anaylsis: Done deal. Ryan is an idea dynamo and has drawn up the most specific plan to reduce long-term entitlement spending. Look for him to expand the committee’s role in the appropriations process.


Ranking member: John Kline, Minnesota

Likely chairman: John Kline, Minnesota (*)

Anaylsis: Elected in 2002, Kline is another Boehner loyalist and staunch fiscal and social conservative, workmanlike on the committee and a fierce campaigner who won his seat in 2002 on the third try. He’s 16th on the list of top 20 Republican donors financing candidates this cycle.


Ranking member: Joe Barton, Texas

Likely chairman: Unclear (?)

Anaylsis: Barton would need a waiver, having served as the top Republican for six years. He infuriated leadership and rank-and-file members when he called the White House-engineered $20 billion BP fund for oil-spill victims a “shakedown.” Barton is the 12th most generous donor to this year’s GOP candidates. Fred Upton of Michigan [Note: Fred Upton is the new Chairman of this Committee] and John Shimkus of Illinois are the alternatives.


Ranking member: James Sensenbrenner, Wisconsin

Likely chairman: None (x)

Anaylsis: The GOP leadership would kill this committee, created by Speaker Pelosi to highlight global-warming issues. GOP leaders would fold its role into the Science and Technology Committee.


Ranking member: Spencer Bachus, Alabama

Likely chairman: Unclear (?)

Anaylsis: Bachus has a reputation as the man who got rolled by the Democrats in the debate over financial-services regulation; some Republicans think he is therefore ill-suited to wage the fight to rewrite that law. The next most likely chairman would be Ed Royce of California. Others with interest: Jeb Hensarling of Texas and Scott Garrett of New Jersey.


Ranking member: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida

Likely chairman: Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, Florida (*)

Anaylsis: Done deal. Ros-Lehtinen would be the only woman to lead a committee and was the first Cuban-American and first Hispanic woman elected to Congress. Lehtinen refused to sign the 1994 Contract With America and opposed the 1996 welfare-reform law.


Ranking member: Peter King, New York

Likely chairman: Unclear (?)

Anaylsis: King is term-limited and would need a waiver. He has carved out a national profile on homeland-security issues, but waivers will be hard to come by. Candice Miller of Michigan wants the post and is close to leadership.


Ranking member: Dan Lungren, California

Likely chairman: Dan Lungren, California (*)

Anaylsis: If Lungren can hold onto his 3rd District seat (by no means certain), this low-wattage committee is his.


Ranking member: Pete Hoekstra, Michigan

Likely chairman: Unclear (?)

Anaylsis: Hoesktra left the House to run for governor. Mac Thornberry of Texas would skip over Californian Elton Gallegly because he’s developed sharper expertise on intelligence and defense issues. Mike Rogers of Michigan is a former FBI agent and Boehner favorite for having clashed with House Democratic titans John Dingell and the late John Murtha.

Committee: JUDICIARY

Ranking member: Lamar Smith, Texas

Likely chairman: Lamar Smith, Texas (*)

Anaylsis: Done deal. Smith, a former reporter with the Christian Science Monitor, was elected in 1986 and his campaign was run by a then little-known operative named Karl Rove. Smith works well with Democrats and is a recognized party expert on cybersecurity, crime, and immigration policy.


Ranking member: Doc Hastings, Washington

Likely chairman: Doc Hastings, Washington (*)

Anaylsis: Hastings is a friend and ally of Boehner’s. He landed as ranking member last year but has made little mark, in part because of deep divisions on environmental policy between the parties.


Ranking member: Darrell Issa, California

Likely chairman: Darrell Issa, California (*)

Anaylsis: Complete lock for a lawmaker who used to sell car-alarm systems. Issa has already used his minority staff to push for committeewide investigations in to White House interference in party primaries. Issa has already prepared a small binder of investigations and congressional reforms he intends to pursue. He’s 15th on the list of biggest donors to GOP candidates this cycle.

Committee: RULES*

Ranking member: David Dreier, California

Likely chairman: David Dreier, California (*)

Anaylsis: Done deal. Dreier gained this position through leadership appointment and is the only nonelected member of the formal GOP leadership team. His institutional knowledge and procedural ability and precision with its arcane language make him a cinch to regain the chairmanship he held from 1999
to 2006.


Ranking member: Ralph Hall, Texas

Likely chairman: Ralph Hall, Texas (*)

Anaylsis: Hall is next in line and wants the chairmanship, having never run a committee for his adopted Republican Party. Hall, 87, is the oldest member of the House. He was elected as a Democrat in 1980 but switched parties in 2004 when faced with new district lines and numerous potential GOP challengers.


Ranking member: Sam Graves, Missouri

Likely chairman: Sam Graves, Missouri (*)

Anaylsis: Graves is in line and has ruffled no feathers; GOPers, for good reason, don’t see this as a marquee committee and will leave the regular progression of members in place.


Ranking member: Jo Bonner, Alabama

Likely chairman: Jo Bonner, Alabama (*)

Anaylsis: Service on this committee is a chore and nobody wants it. Bonner’s been a team player, serving on the Ethics Committee since 2007. With trials upcoming for Democrats Charles Rangel of New York and Maxine Waters of California, continuity is key.


Ranking member: John Mica, Florida

Likely chairman: John Mica, Florida (*)

Anaylsis: Mica has been a subcommittee chairman or ranking subcommittee member since 2001 and has written laws on airport security and passenger screening. He’s also responsible for the law allowing pilots to carry handguns into the cockpit.


Ranking member: Steve Buyer, Indiana

Likely chairman: Jeff Miller, Florida (**)

Anaylsis: Miller would jump four slots to land the chairmanship (Buyer and Henry Brown of South Carolina retired, and Jerry Moran of Kansas is running for governor). Fellow Floridian Cliff Stearns is the only member with more seniority. Miller’s the favorite because he’s taken veterans and defense issues to heart, and both factor prominently in his district.


Ranking member: Dave Camp, Michigan

Likely chairman: Dave Camp, Michigan (*)

Anaylsis: Camp is sixth on the top-20 list of GOP incumbents contributing to challengers this cycle. This reinforces Camp’s insider credentials. He outraised Wally Herger of California and catapulted over him in 2008 to be the ranking member on Ways and Means. He also played a key role on welfare reform in 1996.


When I was living in New Orleans during the Civil Rights Movement, old Leander Perez, the political and plantation boss of Plaquemine Parish, Louisiana, made a part of his living off selling cigarette lighters and pins and coffee mugs that all showed a Confederate soldier carrying a big Confederate flag, and giving the Rebel Yell, accompanied by in big banner type "The South Shall Rise Again." "By God, Leander, you kin kwit rollin' in yer grave. The South am risin' agin'. Soon thar'll be niggers back in our cottonfields! Yeeeeee Hawwww."

I don't think the next two years in this country are gonna be fun for we clear thinkers. We free thinkers. I don't think it's gonna be fun for Blacks--especially Blacks still living in the Bottoms of this country. Latinos, especially Mexicans (illegal or legal), have some hard times coming. Asians also shouldn't count on these White Republicans paying them any special favors. Asians ain't White in this bunch of pure-White racists's way of judging whether a man's Free, White, and 21 or not. Poor Whites, too, had better get ready to haul shit for the rest of their natural lives. And President Obama will certainly be dodging Republican impeachment efforts. Like I said in the above, Lamar Smith, a former Christian Science Monitor journalist and supposed expert on cybersecurity, is already hinting he thinks maybe Obama is impeachable--and I guarantee you if Obama wins a second term in 2012 and the Repugs keep the House, they will start impeachment proceedings against him. The Noble Lies will fly. The Noble Myths will be raised from the dead. The Bloody Shirts will be waving to beat sixty.

The most fundamental of Christians, the Holy Rollers, the Assembly of Godites, the Four-Square Gospel jokers (followers of Amy Semple McPherson, the California Bible-thumping Holy Roller gone Hollywood on whom the novel and the movie, Elmer Gantry, is based--Elmer originally being conceived in the image of Chicago's infamous old wacko Billy Sunday) truly believe we are in the End Time. These idiots are working themselves into frothful madness by being assured by nutjob multimillionaire (tax-free money) preachers that Jesus is coming back any day now--but especially on December 12, 2012 (a 12/12/12 date which has numerological supernatural powers to these super-superstitious creeps)--the universally agreed upon Doomsday--predicted by the Aztecs, the Mayans, Nostradamus, etc. And according to the The Daily Growler Hall of Famer Dr./Rev. Jack Van Impe, soon Russia and China will unite their armed forces to go against Israel--yep, which means the Battle of Armageddon, now referred to in Holy Roller lingo as World War III, is going to be a reality. Brother Jack also believes President Obama is the antiChrist because of his being chosen by the heathen Power Elite as the leader of the New World Order.

We are entering a great Age of Ignorance. The Age of Reason has no chance against this decadent age, this New Age...this Global Marketplace age....

By the way, Bill and Melinda Gates ain't worried 'bout a god-damn thing today. Let's see, Bill's got some phone calls to make, you know, lining up some lectures maybe--"Hon, do I have enough free miles on my American Airlines card to get to Cleveland by tomorrow afternoon?" "Ah, come on, Billy. I'm not using my jet..use that...besides, don't you own American Airlines, hon?"

Like I said, here in New York City, I see nobody suffering. As far as I can tell, the Repugs are correct--Obama is to blame for...why, one Repug said outloud that Obama is responsible for bailing out the banks, etc. Why that totally ignorant Black man in Florida, Allan West, is that his name, that fool says Obama is a far leftwing, liberal, socialist who is out, I suppose with the help of his militant Iman brothers, to destroy everything of value this country stands for.

I lay back in the comfort of my poverty. I live in the heart of New York City. America's greatest urban achievement. Can it fall? You bet it can. Why, there's a developer who wants to build the world's tallest building right next door to the Empire State Building, a landmark target that looms up over my neighborhood. We love putting up targets now for the future Noble Mythic al-Queda cells--sore-thumb edifices that cry out "Bring 'em on" as challenges to the world's mad-bombing nutjobs--unless Peter King searches 'em out and destroys them first. But don't worry, this incompetent fool will only succeed in taking away more of our rights to privacy and our rights to peace, love, and tie-dye. The Age of Dissent is a thing of our fictional liberal past. Enjoy the ride backwards into time. Back to the last years of the 19th Century when Blacks were still slaves and Mexicans were banditos and Injuns were Redskins and best dead and the White Man industrialists ruled the world--check out the names of those great White Men--why, heck fire, their names are still ruling over us--Chase Bank and CitiBank are Rockefeller creations; J.P. Morgan is still corrupting us; Charles Schwab--his extravagant mansion used to reign over Fifth Avenue in its mansion-glam heyday--is still around. Crazy old Charlie Dow's Dow-Jones averaging is still in place--the Bank of America--originally an Italian-American bank originating in California--said to be owned by the Jesuits, at least that's what I was told, is still around haunting our lives. And Goldman and Sachs? Are they new kids on the block? Oh no, these pirates have been around since the mid-19th Century.

From Wikipedia (Jimmy Wales needs millions of dollars--why, Jimmy?):
Goldman Sachs was founded in 1869 by German immigrant Marcus Goldman.[1][2] In 1882, Goldman's son-in-law Samuel Sachs joined the firm.[3] In 1885, Goldman took his son Henry and his son-in-law Ludwig Dreyfuss into the business and the firm adopted its present name, Goldman Sachs & Co.[4] The company made a name for itself pioneering the use of commercial paper for entrepreneurs and was invited to join the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in 1896.

In the early 20th century, Goldman was a player in establishing the initial public offering (IPO) market. It managed one of the largest IPOs to date, that of Sears, Roebuck and Company in 1906. It also became one of the first companies to heavily recruit those with MBA degrees from leading business schools, a practice that still continues today.[citation needed]

On December 4, 1928, it launched the Goldman Sachs Trading Corp. a closed-end fund with characteristics similar to that of a Ponzi scheme. The fund failed as a result of the Stock Market Crash of 1929, hurting the firm's reputation for several years afterward.[5] Of this case and others like Blue Ridge Corporation[6] and Shenandoah Corporation[7] John Kenneth Galbraith wrote: The Autumn of 1929 was, perhaps, the first occasion when men succeeded on a large scale in swindling themselves.

So, there you go, folks. I dearly hope you are not as clear a thinker and simple solutionist as I am. If you are, you'd better learn to laugh as this ship sinks. The Christians will be on deck singing "Nearer My God to Thee," while A's like me (that's Atheist with the "theist" removed) will be shoved as flotsam down the garbage tubes--sent on my way to the Lake of Fire, which I assume is the Gulf of Mexico, which does seem like a body of water ripe to catching fire and turning into a burning hell.

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