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Living in New York City: WOW, Ain't Life Grand Again!!

Foto by tgw, New York City 2010
Hallelujah, Thine the Glory!
Hillary Clinton is in Pakistan today giving away more billions of our printed-by-the-bales worthless dollars. Our dollar is worthless but hey the dictatorship in democratic Pakistan will take it--hell, they probably have a couple of billion in counterfeit US dollars to go with Hillary's 30 billion. But that's Hillary's job, to buy love for We the People of the USA. Remember, to Hillary the world is a village. And Hillary's like a White Christian missionary out to buy the love of ruthless dictatorships. To buy the love of a Muslim country that has nuclear weapons! On the other side of the worthless coin, Iran is a Muslim country that doesn't yet have nuclear weapons and yet We the People of the USA are ready to start WWIII to keep them from getting to a nuclear weapon capacity.

When all your policies are built on LIES and secrets and clandestine shenanigans, surely We the People should wake up to the fact we are destined for ruin unless Obama gets a message from some inner-God that suddenly redirects his ego (now that he and Michelle are officially millionaires) to a more envisioned future--an humanitarian future rather than a future of further division and destruction.

The commercial news business is sort of chuckling this morning--they are so thrilled that the Right Wing is "making a comeback," as one dumbass reporter said on this morning's early editon Right Wing newscasts. Plus consumer spending is way down. Why? Why people don't trust Obama's administration. There ya go.

Is this country divided? You bet it is. How is it divided? Why along the same lines that has divided it since the White Man declared himself the originator of this country. This is a White Christian nation that was dedicated by our White forefathers (those old Tory rascals) to the principles of OUR Christian God, that person that We the People's presidents always end their foamy speeches by saying, "And may God Bless America!" And as George Carlin asked, "What the fuck does that mean?" Like if you're at a New York Yankees game and you come to the 7th inning, they don't play "Take Me Out to the Ballgame," they play big fat, insane Kate Smith singing "God Bless America." It's old pure-White-style pop. I mean, they could play Al Jolson singing "Mammy" and it would probably mean the same thing. And all the numbskull dumbass Yankees fans eagerly line up to pay $35 or $40 to sit in the bleachers at the House That George Built (at an overrun cost of billions to We the People of New York City), a democratically designed ballpark where the elites and the Japanese businessmen all sit in $2,000-a-game field-level boxes where they can congregate in splendor and drink champagne and eat filet mignon served to them by actor-waiters and actress-waitresses--so that say 6 Japanese businessmen can drop 13 or 14 thousand bucks during one game. How great is that? Does that sound like the New York Yankees are going broke and trimming salaries and pensions and firing some excess players and executives?

And over at CitiField, too, the Mets are packin' 'em in at somewhat cheaper prices but in the range of $35-to-$40 bucks for a cheap seat--another 45,000-seat ballpark that is named after the great American-patriot institution started by the patriotic and democratic Rockefeller Family (oh what a proud good ole American White parasite family they are), the very generous with YOUR money CitiBank and CitiGroup--why, this bunch of pirates are so necessary in today's NEW WORLD ORDER that our former faux-president and his Goldman-Sachs henchmen bailed them out with We the People's money and kept them from going surely under--"too big to fail"--I suppose CitiGroup used some of that bail-out money to buy the name of the Mets new cost-overrun stadium that We the People of New York City also bore the brunt of the expenses on.

And it is mid-summer here in New York City and though New York City is under constant warnings concerning terrorist attacks, and though the city treasury is about 8 billion bucks in the hole and the Metropolitan Transit Authority is claiming it is broke--cutting transportation services all over this huge metropolitan area that depends on public transportation--and our transportation system is being managed by goony billionaires who find subway and bus riding beneath them--with all of this chaos going on against We the People of New York City, still the tourists are piling into town, paying out big bucks for a common-old-ordinary sheetrock-walled-aluminum-studded room whose mattresses probably have bedbugs and whose carpets are steeped in formaldehyde and earwigs and whose high-priced luxury restaurants probably have mice and rat and cockroach infestations--but tourists are still willing to come here and get gouged and robbed--there's a 14% city hotel tax on all final bills here in the Tourist Capital of the USA. "Where's that damn limo?" the New York City bigshots are shouting as they take their million-dollars-a-month paychecks to the local check-cashing outlet for billionaires--"Oh, my God, I've got a payment due on my yacht today!"

And all the while New York Citians are stuck with this sitiuation that looks rather much like a permanent situation unless Mall-Mad Mike Bloomberg runs out of his billions of dollars or gets impeached. I mean this is a truly humanitarian and patriotic mayor, a billionaire 7 or 8 times over---think of that!--who spent 100 million dollars of his pocket change--think of that!--to buy an illegal third term as mayor. His reasoning: Since he's a successful businessman--though he's the mayor who got us 8 billion bucks in the hole--he's the man we need as mayor in this time of terrorist trials and troubles and the billion-bucks-bilking perpetual construction of the infamous Freedom Tower down at the tourist hotspot they call Ground Zero and the MTA constantly asking for transportation price increases and cutting services and the City Council with its nose up Bloomberg's rotten old ass cutting services all over the city trying to do this mayor's dirty work for him, like rezoning Manhattan communities thus enabling all the mayor's big developer buddies to gobble up all the former rent-controlled apartments they want, all the land and landfill they want, all the riverfront properties they want, all the permissions to build hi-rise luxury condos and hotels in any damn neighborhood they want regardless of how this wildside building wrecks a community, even to the point of changing the make up of public schools--on and on I could go--but still Mall-Mad Mike is changing the face of Manhattan and the whole city. Just last night, the mayor's big Coney Island rehab project (he's sold off Coney to a bigshot developer) allowed Neil Sedaka, that old fart who still is singing his old over-and-over rehashed teenage love songs to an audience of old White rocker farts--that Billy Joel bunch--that Elton John bunch--the people who support the hideous Sting--and as a result there were numerous complaints from the Coney Island community about the noise and disruptions that concert caused. God, I so tire of having to growl again like I've had to do ever since I started this blog. And this blog pisses me off, too.

But oh boy oh boy, the tourist business is booming here in New York City. Hi-rise luxury condos are the thing and the real estate industry is booming, selling Manhattan apartments that once rented for $300-a-month, for 6 and 7 million bucks as condos to Euro Trash and Asians with so much money they don't know what to do with it.

I was just reading about how this year there were more new billionaires in AUSTRALIA than ever in the history of that country, led by one of the richest assholes in the world, a 30-ish man named James Packer who made his billions in communications--television, radio, cell phones, etc. They also announced the first woman billionaire in Australian history. Most of these Australian billionaires by the way made most of their billions by investing in foreign markets, like the US and Russia (yes, Australian billionaires love investing in Russia).

And, ain't it great that a thirty-ish Russian billionaire has bought the New Jersey Nets basketball team! And the destruction of downtown Brooklyn continues with the Atlantic Yard project going ahead full steam in spite of the majority of Brooklynites not wanting it. This boondoggle project for billionaires--like the rapper Jay Z--wiped out block after block of community affordable housing and community-minded local businesses to be replaced by hi-rise luxury executive suite hotels and hi-rise luxury rich-boy condos, one of which, the reconstructed Williamsburg Bank Building, is now owned by Magic Johnson, the basketball billionaire who at one time said he had AIDS, but who has continued on with his same old lifestyle and seems healthy as a god-damn horse as he goes about buying up properties all over the country--Magic is in the mall business, too, or is it multiplex movie houses? Oh, and the mall business is always a winning business since the tax breaks and eminent domain land grabbing done by the mall developers in cahoots with local governments is a win/win business-deal situation--a win for the mall developers but at a big cost and loss to the community. One of the new Australian billionaires, ironically, is a Polish refugee deli owner who turned his deli profits into mall developing throughout Australia--and Forbes magazine was bragging how though this pastrami-on-rye peddler doesn't speak very good English, he's one of Australia's newest and wealthiest billionaires.

And boy howdy, we have won the War in Iraq. Case closed. And the War in Afghanistan? Well, the Surge is working though there's no physical evidence of it working. Hillary is giving billions to Pakistan today in hopes they will help the Good Ole Intruding USA with going after all those filthy dirty remaining Al-Queda and Taliban forces that are still using Pakistan as a training base--and using the Pakistan secret police as a source of income. Hillary gives Pakistan billions of our tax dollars, some of which, ironically, is passed on to the Taliban. Another little irony in all this bullshit, even our government has vouched that there aren't but maybe about approximately 150 active-maybe Al-Queda left in Pakistan and Afghanistan--and the Taliban, well, hell, they're native to that part of the world--the Taliban weren't invaders and occupiers--they were the duly chosen government in Muslim Afghanistan before Neo-Con-Nazi-lover G.W. Bush criminalized the whole country and declared We the People of the USA were going to send in our crack forces over there and bomb the towel-head bastards back to the Stone Age in our "sure 'nuff" goin' to catch that evil Osama Bin Laden, though there's no proof this CIA agent had anything to do with 9/11--it was as big a surprise to him as it was to our goofy faux President and Unka Dick "Scared Shitless" Cheney who ran in the face of danger (doesn't cowardice get you the death penalty in the Military Courts?)...well, you know the story from then on--Afghanistan now being the longest WAR ever--and the most costly WAR ever! Billions of dollars a month, billions upon billions of dollars every year--and billions of dollars going to the crooked Pakistan regime and billions of dollars being handed over to Indian government officials and billions of dollars still being spent monthly in Iraq and billions of dollars going to the crooked government of Georgia and billions of dollars being poured into Israel to jack-up and keep alive the brutal Israeli government and the brutal Israeli Army and leadership and Hillary peddling billions of dollar handouts to Colombia and Honduras--and now she's headed out across South Asia (her latest "tour") shoveling bucks off the cargo bay of her Air Force jet by the billions in every Asian port she docks in.

These wars continue wrecking our economy. Though on the commercial teevees Wall Street in Review program, their woman moderator said our wrecked economy was due to the housing bubble bursting. How 'bout this from an Applied Economics graduate, the fucking housing bubble bursting was caused by the cost of those two illegal WARS! These WARS are backfiring on us.

Did you know over 800,000 people work for our national securities organizations in over 10,000 locations across the USA? The Washington Post is running a series of articles coming up this week (they have it on a special Website if you Google it) called "Top Secret America." What started as 200 private firms involved in this national security-terrorist-scarce bullshit has risen to 2,000. In the Washington, District of Corruption, area alone there are 39 new gigantic office buildings going up--the new headquarters of Booze-Allen PR Firm is one of them. The new headquarters of Northrop-Gruman is another. And while we're on Booze-Allen, check out how many of our Congress people and administration people and ex-military goons work or have worked for Booze-Allen. Or check out how many of our candidates for public office use Booze-Allen as their campaign planners and advisers, like Hillary and Bill, for instance. And another, for instance, how 'bout good ole patriot, Mike McConnell, former head of G. W. Bush's national security--in G.W.'s administration where all this shit began that has now landed in poor old Barack Obama's lap--shit so fucking deep, this corporate lawyer has no idea how to handle it so he's caved in to it--"If you can't beat 'em...." So where'd SuperPatriot McConnell go when he lost his government job? Why he's right this minute making a million-a-year with a beautiful new office overlooking the Potomac and then looking right square dab in the eye of the Capitol Building and the White House at Booze-Allen's new headquarters complex.

This is so corrupt, this national security waste of money--billions upon billions of unfollowable dollars going into these PROFIT-MAKING national security private companies like Booze-Allen, or this company called CACI (also building a new gigantic office building along the same line of buildings as the new Booze-Allen headquarters), or Northrop-Gruman (also building a new gigantic office building in this same row of buildings--why, Northrop-Gruman is moving their whole national headquarters from California to that Potomac shoreline of brand new National Security Private Corporation office towers). What's even more irksome is that most of these 39 new office buildings raring up along the Potomac are new government office buildings--buildings being built by We the People--like the new headquarters of the National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC) that was headed by this ex-Air Force General Nutjob James Clapper (read: Crapper) that unbelievably President Obama has in keeping with his respect for G.W. Bush's national defense policies nominated to head We the People's National Security.... I STOP IN MY TRACKS...WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY WOULDN'T BELIEVE THE TRAITOROUS BULLSHIT BEING PERPETRATED ON US BY THIS BUSH-CLINTON-BILLIONAIRE MARRIAGE THAT IS PURPOSELY ATTEMPTING TO, AND BEING SUCCESSFUL AT IT, TOO, BRING THIS ECONOMY CRASHING DOWN TO A BOTTOM--TURNING WE THE PEOPLE INTO A THIRD WORLD PEOPLE--I MEAN READ THE NEO-CON'S MANIFESTO--READ LEO STRAUSS; READ PAUL WOLFOWITZ; READ MILTON FRIEDMAN--they all philosophize about driving our economy down to as low as it can go--IT'S STILL VOODOO ECONOMICS, WHAT PAPPY BUSH CALLED IT--A SLIP OF THE TONGUE FOR OLD PAPPY THAT HE LATER TURNED INTO A 'READ MY LIPS' KIND OF CONFESSION THAT WHAT HE WAS ACTUALLY SPEAKING WAS SIMPLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT HE MEANT--MEANING, FOR THE TRUTH, READ MY LIPS, YOU DEAF AND DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS--WHICH IS WHAT WE THE PEOPLE ARE EVIDENTLY TO OUR RULING CLASSES.


I have thought recently about seeking asylum on a Native American "Reservation" (Concentration Camp)--you know go there and volunteer my services for a place to shack--to die. I think I'd love to "pass away" on a Native American Reservation. Native Americans to me symbolize the true way to live in this vast country. Open Spaces. No fences. No private property. Respect for the land and its provisions of life. To live in nomadic tribes. The earth as our mother and father. The earth as our provider--of the cleanest and refreshingness of ancient waters--of unpolluted waterways--vast plains and rolling hills and monstrous mountains chocked with foul, chocked with wild animals--chocked with unspoiled forests--waving in millions of acres of native grasses, grasslands chocked with millions of roaming bison and antelope and caribou and elk--chocked with sacred spaces where man could go and worship the land, the earth. When a Navajo looked at the moon in the ancient times, he saw the moon as crying--and thus silver became more precious to a Navajo than gold--silver being the tears of the crying moon. Was the moon crying because it once was a piece of the earth and it was homesick?--moaning being condemned to simply sit in the dank darkness of space waiting for the moon's true god the Sun to illuminate it silvery in the night skies--and oh how significant the Moon was in ancient lore--before we had polluted our skies--when on high cloudless nights that Moon cried its silver tears down all over the earth--enriching the earth--the laughter of gold of course coming from the earth's true savior, the Sun, the only Son of the Galaxy God.... But, heckfire, I've drifted far off course--regressed a bit, though I am serious about considering making for the border soon or finding ourselves under the bootheels of a NEW SS...and SS in any language stands for "Secret Service"--Siegheil! Silent squadrons. Secret Societies. And ironically, Social Security. And that's the Security I'm worried about. But anything "social" in this programmed society is COMMUNIST! SOCIALIST! And you tell me why in the hell on this earth did President Obama put this Wyoming idiot asshole, Alan Simpson--he hates old people though he's an old fart himself--and this J.P. Morgan (they wouldn't be in business today without We the People saving their asses) nutjob named Balls on his special committee to recommend ways of lowering the deficit? Both these clowns, Simpson (Homer Simpson is actually smarter) and Balls hate Social Security--Simpson because he hates old people and Balls because his cronies in the banking and financial world (Wall Street) want their hands on that pool of guaranteed with bonds money. So they've already said they're first gonna recommend cutting Social Security deeply to the bone and at the same time raising the retirement age to 70 (you poor slobs just turning 60 who thought you only had 5 years to go to retire are now facing having to work 10 more fucking years before you can retire! And, remember, too, before you can get on Medicare. Aha! Ten more years of paying high prices for Pay-or-Die health insurance from our too big to fail health insurance industry. When is a company not too big to fail?--when you own it and not some corporate conglomerate. Bill Clinton, by the way, is responsible for recommending increasing the working age to 70--he made it possible for you to work on until 70 on your own cognition, though Congress went against him and kept the legal retirement age at 65--plus, now there will be no unemployment insurance any more--so perhaps insurance conglomerates will offer "job-security insurance" policies--you know, you get a job and take out an insurance policy that will support you in case you get axed or get laid off--insurance that will pay you a minimum wage until you can obtain another job (they'll later charge you for it, of course). Ah, ain't Capitalism GRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT!! I mean, what the hell is Obama's logic behind putting these backwards-thinking clowns in such powerful and decisive positions--which brings me back to that revealing paragraph that C. Wright Mills wrote in 1956:

The power elite is composed of men whose positions enable them to transcend the ordinary environments of ordinary men and women; they are in positions to make decisions having major consequences. Whether they do or do not make such decisions is less important than the fact that they do occupy such pivotal positions: their failure to act, their failure to make decisions, is itself an act that is often of greater consequence than the decisions they do make. For they are in command of the major hierarchies and organizations of modern society. They rule the big corporations. They run the machinery of the state and claim its prerogatives. They direct the military establishment. They occupy the strategic command posts of the social structure, in which are now centered the effective means of the power and the wealth and the celebrity which they enjoy.

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite

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