Saturday, July 17, 2010

Living in New York City in Amazement

The power elite is composed of men whose positions enable them to transcend the ordinary environments of ordinary men and women; they are in positions to make decisions having major consequences. Whether they do or do not make such decisions is less important than the fact that they do occupy such pivotal positions: their failure to act, their failure to make decisions, is itself an act that is often of greater consequence than the decisions they do make. For they are in command of the major hierarchies and organizations of modern society. They rule the big corporations. They run the machinery of the state and claim its prerogatives. They direct the military establishment. They occupy the strategic command posts of the social structure, in which are now centered the effective means of the power and the wealth and the celebrity which they enjoy.

C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite


AP - A federal official said Sunday that scientists are concerned about a seep and possible methane seen near BP's busted oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.]

Sitting in Amazement on a Hot Saturday Morning in the Big Apple (Now Full of Billionaire Worms)
First of all, I was amazed to see this morning on an early television program on New York State politics that old fool Ed Koch (We've called him Ed Crotch for years) is still sticking his phony liberal nose into New York State political business. The 87-year-0ld loyalty switcher deluxe is promoting something he calls a project to redistrict New York State. Koch, an old queen by desire, is still bitter that he lost his last election for mayor to a Black man, and worst of all for old Ed, a Black man like David "Sweatin' Heavy, Meanin' Well" Dinkins. God, that pissed old Ed "How'm I doin'?" Koch off. Over the years he's tried over and over to get back into NYC politics, even so far as to joining the Guiliani bandwagon when that racist demogogue worthless piece of crap man became "America's Mayor" and then appearing at G.W. Bushy-Wushy's New York City Republican Convention, the one Joe LIEberman gave a speech at--and while we're talking about Joe LIEberman--this little whining weasel of a man is still coddled by Nancy Pelosi and the Power Elite Dumbocrats--and, yes, Pelosi and hubby are multimillionaires--and, yes, Nancy is a Baltimore politician's daughter and attended a Catholic girls school and has a Roman Catholic upbringing and a Baltimore Italian family background--huh? what'd'ya think?--sorry, I don't trust Nancy Pelosi. The fact that Joe LIEberman is still allowed to have power in Congress amazes me.

Ed Koch and Joe LIEberman are in the same league.
The Amazing British Petroleum Company
Are you as amazed as I am how suddenly out of nowhere BP "scientists" have come up with the perfect cap over this little Gulf of Mexico oil leak (leakage) and that by golly the son of a bitch is holding so far--48 hours and no signs of leaks. SUCCESS! BP IS ONCE AGAIN A HERO!!!! How much do you wanna bet that well is about to blow the whole fucking bottom of the Gulf of Mexico to Hell and Back? Capping a well spewing out that heavy a gushing of oil--that long-lasting a full-blast explosion of gushing oil--I mean, that's a hell of a supercap these birds have screwed onto that gaping-mouthed ocean-bottom unrighteous well. Using my logic of backwards thinking, I read this as, "Well, the 'leak' hasn't really been stopped's still leaking...but it's not leakin' but a little bit now--nothin' to worry about." A coverup. A "Hey, look over there at that naked woman!" distraction-type form of propaganda bullshit. Amazing, amazing, amazing!

And then last night I heard BP, now it is shown, had something to do with covering up some Lockerbie Pan-Am flight crash evidence or some such OIL-ELITE power playing with our Libyan pals. What a time for these fucking swindling, lying, dumbass overpaid executive creeps are having! They all have "Stay Out of Jail Cards" and they all have free-ride passes. I was reading where it is quite possible today in the corrupt trading and financial management world to knock down a salary of a billion-a-year. Most of that tax exempt. Amazing, isn't it?
The Amazing Spectacle at Yankee Stadium Last Night
Derrick Jeter laying a wreath on home plate while every eye in the House that George built was bawling as old Sorry George was being asskissingly liberally admired. Jeter with tears in his eyes remembered how old George was so good to him and how proud he was to be a Yankee because of George. Hey, Derek, how 'bout what Joe Torre did for your rookie ass? Fuck George. He didn't know a future all-star shortstop from his overblown ass when you showed up in the farm system. It was Joe Torre who saw the baseball brilliance in you and played you--same as it was Joe who saw the potential in Robinson Cano--in Jose Posada--who didn't want Jason Giambi but got him anyway, forced on Joe by Big George who was wanting home run hitters--I mean this clown moved the Yankees fences in--he bespoiled the sacred Yankee Stadium earth by demolishing the old stadium and building his multibillion-dollar overrun stadium that We the Citizens of New York City ended up paying for more than half of that amount on the area where once there were sandlot baseball fields. Plus the new stadium only holds 45,000--the figure these baseball czars have come up with as a number they surely can fill stadiums with nearly every game or at least it will look that way on teevee (where these teams make big-big low-overhead bucks)--the Yankees proved they could fill the 55,000-seat Yankee Stadium nearly every game while Joe Torre was manager. But, hey, they were blowing their trumpets for old George Steinbrenner as Mr. New York Baseball last night--nothing bad about this worthless piece of crap team owner--no one tributed old George as being kicked out of baseball one year--he couldn't even be seen near Yankee Stadium. Nope, no talk of that. One commentator said, "Yes, old George had his bad baseball moments, but all in all, he brought World Championship baseball back to New York City...and that makes him a true baseball Hall of Famer in my book."

Amazing, amazing, amazing.
Obama Amazes Me By Saying the Economy Has Turned Around and, By God, All Is Well in the USA Once Again
I heard Obama say that in a speech he gave after the bullshit Financial Reform Bill passed. He related his confidence to the passage of this worthless piece of Wall Street reform bullshit--and it is bullshit reform--Goldman-Sachs can still go on commiting fraud and rigging commodities markets and stealing money and land and then smiling like Cheshire cats as they give themselves billion-dollar-a-year salaries and multimillion-dollar bonuses on top of those. What a bunch of ruthless assholes and we worship them rather than imprisoning them. Why was Bernie Madoff made to pay so heavy a price for pulling off the same kind of schemes as Goldman-Sachs and AIG and J.P. Morgan-Chase? At the same time our corporate lawyer president was giving that speech, it was revealed that Goldman-Sachs (truly a bunch of AMAZINGLY crooked-as-snakes-at-night thieves) was fined 750 million bucks for a little fraud they pulled off with this slick-ass motherrobbing motherfucker Loftis (sic) fellow, or whatever his name is....I mean, I've got to stop right here in my tracks and stand AMAZED at how Obama is pampering the likes of Goldman-Sachs, who after they paid the fine that very afternoon made that money back and millions more on stock-trading commissions and swindling deals. Sorry sons of bitches. Who allowed banks to become stock brokers? Why, Slick Willie himself. Mr. Perfect President and his Mrs. Perfect Wife and his now Big Perfect Daughter who is getting to have the Perfect Wedding--a big affair with hillbillies flocking by the thousands to be at Chelsea's wedding. How long before Chelsea heads her own non-profit organization--funded with the same government handouts the Bush Family and the Cheney Family live off of?

And then I was amazed to hear old humble Bill himself on teevee--he was down in Haiti (Bill's done a lot of traveling over the past few weeks--South Africa, Russia, now Haiti)-- among that still-embarrassing ruin and rubble--that with the rotting bodies of the 300,000 dead still smelling up the airs of the mostly tent cities and in-the-rubbled-street dwellers--and what little and swift coverage there is of the Haiti situation these days you can easily see that nothing's been done to help Haiti rebuild yet. And there was Good Ole Boy Bill saying he was pissed off 'cause only a small amount of the billions promised for Haitian relief to his and G.W. Bush's joint-venture relief fund has trickled down to the Haitians. And then he started assailing countries for not coming through with what they promised. Old Bill had the same problem with his tsunami fund he cohosted with at the time his best new friend, old Pappy G.W. Herbert Bush. Just think, these greasy palm bastards got their controlling mitts on billions of dollars in that tsunami fund business they both hustled up together.

And in our game of "Where in the World Is Hillary Clinton?" how amazed was I to read this morning that Hillary had shown up in Afghanistan. Seems she's worried about the back-home bitching about this fucking illegal WAR on this election year, a WAR started by the little jackanape bullshit cokehead drunk Georgie Porgie Bush--a fraudulent two-faux-term president who should be sitting in a basement cell at Guantanamo being waterboarded as a fraud and a traitor right now--or he should be donating his heart to his Unka Dick Cheney--and how amazing was it to read that UNKA DICK may need a heart transplant! Oh donors please don't kill youselves or get involved in traffic accidents or your heart may be used to keep this evil old OIL-soaked criminal alive for a few more dastardly years--and at the expense of We the People; We the People providing this trickbagging, shotgun-shooting-people-in-their-faces, sneering old Devil the best of free health care on earth. Watch how long Unka Dick waits for a heart. Why, hell, maybe some Dumbocrat will take a small plane flight to a campaign dinner and--why, heck fire, there's a fresh heart for Unka Dick right then and there. UNKA DICK, one of the pride and glories of the Bush Family Empire, the eviliest bunch of traitors this country has ever had controlling it. Obama is caught between the Bushes and the Clintons. He's been treated like a house boy but he seems incapable of giving up the glitter, glamor, and speech-making (the Step-and-Fetchit role) for actually moving on up on his own powers and coming up with some ideas that really could change the direction of this country (like firing all the ex-Bushies and Clintonistas and ex-Goldman-Sachs operatives who are advising him in such a wrong direction that I can easily see the Repugnican (White racists) regaining control of Congress in the coming elections. I will, however, be optimistic and say that maybe there are enough progressive white voters and unionists and unified blacks and Latinos and immigrants and feminists and college kids and such to rebuff these Repugnican clowns. I mean all of our problems could easily be solved and those WARS easily ended--but such humanitarian decisions would go against the White Christian principles the White Minority who rule us--the Bushes and Clintons and the Generals and the Billionaires--those principles on which they falsely tell us this country is based on--even if Obama and his wife know full well that's a heap of bullshit (as do the Bushes and Clintons, too, I'm quite sure). So Hillary's in Afghanistan (she's actually beginning what they are calling a "tour of South Asia." We are so dumb.

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