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Living in New York City: Surrounded By Idiots!

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2008
I Apologize to Real Certified Idiots
If you are a real certified idiot, then I respect you as at least being true to your cognitive limitations. "Those who are backing back into the jungle because they are unable to succeed in civilization," as R.D. Laing might put it (he didn't; I did). Backing back into a more understandable and therefore more comfortable less frightening space.

But what if you are an uncertified idiot?--what if you are "acting like an idiot"? is perhaps more explicitly what I mean.

My greatest source of examples of this form of idiocy is without a doubt the three branches of We the People's government. All three branches of our government are lush with continuously blossoming gardens of both common and hybrid species of these idiots.

There were numerous examples of this form of idiocy being exhibited in the confirmation hearing concerning President Obama's nomination of Elena Kagan, his Solicitor General, to the Rightwing Supreme Court (lopsided in other words). Elena, by the bye, is a Clintonista. Yep, she came into political power when Slick Willie Jeff Clinton brought her aboard his Ship of State, that ship that while Good Ole Bill was at the wheel was purposely aimed toward the rockiest of unregulated economic shorelines, the rocks into which the ship's next captain ("I don't know nothing 'bout drivin' a boat") allowed it to crash.

"Come on, President Obama, if the American people had of wanted Bill Clinton president again, wouldn't they have voted his wife president instead of you? Come on, man, you ain't stupid, god-dammit. Besides, your law degrees are a hell of a lot more impressive than both Hillary and Bill's law degrees combined--you were editor of the Harvard Law Review, man--same as Elena Kagan, by the bye--and you're connected to Harvard corporate law"...JESUS, I'm growling again...the fur's up on the back of my man-wolf-hybrid neck...I'm reverting back to my animal approach to life...coming at life from the basic animal point of view and working my way forward precariously progressively from there.

[Mr. Ed: Note: EX-president Bill Clinton (didn't Congress agree to impeach him for lying to them?) after the easy defeat of the USA soccer team by Ghana in the World Cup left South Africa to turn up this past Tuesday (June 29) in, of all places, Moscow. Not only was the Slick One in Moscow, but he was doing photo-ops with Vlady Putin (still the boss of Russia). What Good Ole Bill was up to in Russia besides just dropping in to say "Hi, you all" to his old pal Czar Vlady Putin (ex-KGB killer) is, we assume, a national-security secret. How do we know, by the way, that Bill Clinton isn't a part of this big Russian spy network our crack FBI forces took nearly 10 years to garner enough illegally procured information to round them all up just when President Obama was meeting in the District of Corruption with the "official" President of Russia, Dmitri Medvedev. The whereabouts of ex-President Clinton's wife in the world is unknown to us here at the Growler. She flies about here and there as she pleases (she's got a personal State Department budget of 50 billion dollars. We are sure, however, she's not in her office in the District of Corruption. It was interesting to note in Michael Hastings's Rolling Stone piece ("The Runaway General") that brought old Stanley McCrysthal-Meth down, Stanley and his lieutenants (his staff--his family) were madly in love with Hillary Clinton. Remember when Hillary laid it on General Betrayus about his tactics in Iraq? It is also interesting to note Hillary's involvement with another general of the army who is now with her State Department as We the People's Ambassador in Afghanistan, Karl Eikenberry--and yes he is an ex-army lieutenant-general. A.H.]
Human monkeys have so complicated life in what they call Civilization that the roots of these complications have become so abstractly grown together our created Civilization is reverting back to Jungle status (a chaotic kingdom), the Jungle from which human monkeys intellectually escaped, though now it is obvious: they were never able to escape it instinctually.

The Jungle drums are calling us expatriate monkey-humans home.
Hollywood's version of Man in Love With Himself

Thank Evolution, I'm half wolf...

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