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PROBABILITIES--A The Daily Growler Semi-Panel Discussion

[We are sad to announce the demise of two of our favorite sites: The Charles Ives Society and J. Orlin Grabbe (he's finally truly bitten the dust).]

We're Free to Be Free, but We Better Have Enough Money to Pay for It

intro by thestaff
We here at the Growler are beginning to find politics, though still dominating in terms of day-to-day living, so farcical (like the old French farce) it would be totally unbelievably funny if it weren't so unfarcical and real world. The Repugnican uprising against President Obama and the buried-to-their-necks-in-the-concrete-of-confusion Dumbocrats is embarrassing, racist, idiotic,, excuse us, how about explaining it this way: it is simply politics as usual.

Change! What we are trying to figure out is what did "Change" mean to President Obama when he miraculously shot to the fore in the 2008 run-for-office that kicked off almost two years before election day 2007 on the motto that CHANGE was needed and CHANGE was possible, "Yes, We Can!"? The folks that voted for President Obama thought he meant a "change of policies" from the disastrous G.W. Bush 8 years of skulduggery, tomfoolery, outright cruel meanness, lying, cheating, stealing...don't you think that's the CHANGE we were thinking Obama meant when he gave those glorious speeches?

Comment From Austin Highchew (our manager editor): I draw attention to myself and comments I made several posts back. I threw onto the table the observation that since those speeches--his speech during the 1999 Dumbcratic Convention on through to his speeches during his 2007 campaign--seemed to be his best weapons for the advancement of his political troops against the nonsensical Repugnican contenders--two rather pathetic challengers, McCain and Palen, really a joke of a contending force rather than a serious one. We see the McCain and Palen ticket as a Bush-mastered ploy. Bush backward thinking was, "Liberals say G.W. Bush was the worst president in the history of the presidency, well, here, we'll throw these two into the ring...." Their ulterior motive could have been to make sure Obama got the victory rather than Hilary Clinton thereby putting the joke team up against the Black Man banking on the South rising again with a best scenario projecting the joke team pulling a upset based on the southern and red states racist votes, the Repugnicans knowing they are a pure-White political party and that more than 80% of White people are racists and the other 20% are nervous around Blacks. Even with the Obama victory, the Repugnicans saw that as a win.

The Repugnicans started their racial attacks right off the bat with the cartoon that Rupert Murdoch ran on his New York Post (a worthless newspaper) editorial page showing two cops shooting a diapered chimp whose name just happened to tacitly be Obama, the cop holding the smoking gun saying who is going to come up with a stimulus bill now. Can you imagine if anyone had of drawn a cartoon of G.W. Bush wearing a monkey suit wearing a diaper and being shot by a cop saying "I wonder who's going to steal the next election now?" I mean, that person would have been picked up in the middle of the night and sent on one of those rendition flights the CIA and Blackwater carry out--that person would have disappeared to be found as a skeleton in some Syria jail 20 years from now. All Rupert Murdoch had to do was apologize for the cartoon--after he first said he saw nothing wrong with it--and all was forgiven--he remained a welcomed visitor to the White House and the backroom Power Elite clubs.
Above is the monkey who made a monkey out of all of us.

On top of the racist angle, the Repugnican think tankers came up with the idea of "Let's blame Obama for the 'alleged' disasters put in orbit by our own G.W. Bush!" That's a brilliant idea. Remember, the Repugnicans took advantage of the Hippies and Yippies driving Lyndon Johnson out of office to propel their candidate, Richard Milhouse Nixon, as a missile to shoot down poor old cornered-like-a-rat Hubert "Pleased as Punch" Humphrey, a liberal who the Repugs accused of being weak on National Defense and kowtowing to Communist ideals rather than our God-approved Capitalist ideals. As a result of having to defend that stupid Vietnam War and defend further violence in that country, though his defense was pathetic and made Hubert look like a total fool, so much so Hubert H. Humphrey was trounced by the deceitful and very crooked Tricky Dick Nixon ("Would you buy a used car from this man?").

Lyndon Johnson, ironically, was a much more progressive president than he's given credit for being. I noticed in the recent divination of Teddy Kennedy that Saint Teddy was given credit for the progressive bills Lyndon Johnson actually FORCED through Congress, like the Civil Rights Bill and Medicare. Johnson also gave us the Job Corps program, a very progressive idea in terms of unemployed youth, misdirected youth, going-the-wrong-way youth.

Once these Repugnican attacks on President Obama got underway and started making inroads against his efforts to change things the rightwing scoundrels turned up the heat and began throwing any charge out there they could make stick (ironically using the Lyndon Johnson device of "call him a pig fucker and let him prove he's not"--like saying Obama was not an American citizen; like saying Obama's healthcare proposal would create a panel of government interferers who would decide whether we died more than whether we live. The Repugs came out full force against the National Healthcare changes Obama tried to put on the table. These assholes Swift Boated these rather unworkable Town Hall meetings Obama and the Dumbocrats actually meant to be a part of their politics of CHANGE by sending in hysterical women carrying signs comparing Obama to Hitler; one guy showing up at one of these meetings carrying an exposed pistol (a legal right in New Hampshire, a very backward state--and it has been for a long time--a state of former Tories).

Wasn't President Obama supposed to be a big Internet, text messaging, Blackberry-toting president? Isn't the Internet the greatest place to get public opinion? Of course, I'm prejudiced, the Internet is the place where I reside in reality, a place where I can be read (read: heard)--so what if only by one oddball in Raven's Neck, Wisconsin, or by members of my family (they have to read the The Daily Growler every morning before they begin their day's activities--it's an order from The Boss)! I mean with Internet on-line cameras now, wouldn't it seem more beneficial if President Obama took a couple of days a week not giving another speech but watching on-line videos of the people speaking their opinions (whether serious or blasphemous) all day?

So now that President Obama's "working together," "no looking back, looking only forward," "Yes, we can," method of CHANGE isn't working, here come the major speeches again. Shields he is using to ward off the many spears being thrown at him by his mean opposition. I mean the guy tried. He compromised with the Clintons and brought back into his administration mostly Clinton cronies. He compromised with the G.W. Bush folks by keeping key Bush criminals in his administration, like Robert Gates, General Petraus, General McCrystal, Ben Bernanke, Ray LaHood (a Newtie Gingrich man), Sheila Bair (called by Forbes as the second most powerful woman in the world), John McHugh, and John Huntsman (former Utah governor, Mormon missionary). [Eric Holder actually was in the Pappy Bush administration [Mr. Ed: I'd better double-check that!].]

As to Clinton exes on his staff, they are too numerous to name, but here's a partial list: Emmanuel Rahm (some say the only word Manny knows is "Fuck"), Larry Summers (as president of Harvard, he was a miserable failure--he's also the man who along with Phil Gramm (the big-time Texas criminal politician--now in the banking business with his wife) went along with doing away with all regulations on any institution that had the ability to steal us blind--and also making it against a Federal law for states to try and regulate corporations), John Podesta, Susan Rice, Ron Klain, Mark Penn, Leon Panetta, and David Axelrod. Yes, he made Hillary his Sec'y of State, but during the Clinton Administration she was simply Bill Clinton's wife--her amazing rise to political heights was done on the back of her cigar-diddling and blow-job-getting husband--the retribution he had to pay his wife or she would have divorced him--and then, oh what a mess for Good Ole Bill, who we assume will be blessed with divinity by the Dumbocrats when he slides off into the infinite one day (he's already had his initial heart attack (We the People paid for his surgery); yet, Bill was seen eating $270 steaks and drinking it up out in Las Vegas at his recent big birthday bash out there--Hillary did not attend--did Monica Lewinsky slip in the back door of the casino maybe?).

I'm also curious as to why President Obama has openly snubbed Jimmy Carter and people from the Carter Administration?

So, here comes another Obama speech, this one on healthcare and why we're going to have to pay more now for the same old healthcare. I recently read that the Repugnicans were already introducing a bill that would do away with Medicare! The Repugnicans represent laissez-faire politics--a politics of big bucks and what big bucks will buy. A politics of cheap labor; actually, a politics of reincorporating the plantation system; actually a politics that will eventually lead to the Power Elite owning all the plantations--the only work available will be on the plantations--the only pay will be: NOTHING!

My predictions for the future include: an announcement one day that Social Security is broke and there will no longer be any Social Security available to filthy-as-lepers old citizens; yet everyone will still have FICA taxes taken out of his or her earnings. We the People of the US in general hate old people; our young people see old people as being hindrances to their own happiness--and on that subject, I read an interesting statement that said the Constitution only guarantees us the right to pursue happiness and not a right to happiness. If happiness is being rich, then, there you go, then the pursuit of money is the pursuit of happiness.

I predict that Obama, unless he implements some CHANGE immediately and like Lyndon Johnson takes the bull by the horns and forces change legislation on the Repugs, wiping out their disastrous notions and ending the insane wars they got us into, in 2010, the Repugs will reconquer Congress and gradually the Bush agenda will show its ugly hydra-head again on the 2012 horizon when who knows, Jeb Bush may suddenly appear as the next Bush Family Wonder Boy to lead us further into ruin and downfall and being awakened for real from that very intoxicating American Dream that was always a dream from the time we as little morons were trained to believe it was possible and therefore one day a reality.

All hope in President Obama will be shattered in coming months--his compromises on these insane wars and his kowtowing to Reagan economics will be his downfall...and there is no Dumbocrat except...why, heck, there's Miss Hilary beaming in the wings. "Now's my chance to show this Black man who's really the Boss in this mess." I wonder just how much the Clintons are contributing to the Repug Swift Boat attacks on Obama? (Remember, Bill Clinton said Pappy Bush was one of his best friends.) Oh, you say, that's blasphemy--after both Bill and Hillary may die Saints! Look, I would not trust my underage daughter in a locked room with Bill...and I would not turn my back on Hillary.

I hate to be a pessimist. In my own life I'm very optimistic, but in my everyday associations, I don't hear a general optimism at all. Chaos breeds pessimism.
Well, there ya go, fans, Austin Highchew stepping in swinging away with his dire predictions. It's hard to get a word in edgewise on Austin's way of thinking.
From thedailygrowlerhousepianist:
Our very own thedailygrowlerhousepianist has sent us the following link to an analysis of the Afghan situation by a woman we previously introduced in a way-back post, Sarah Chayes, a woman who lives in Afghanistan among the people in the South, the Kandahar region, where she works with Afghanistan women in helping them sell beauty products using local herbs and essences to make a living while their husbands are either dead, in prison, or out fighting against outside agitating forces with the Taliban or who knows, maybe even Al Queda (as President Obama recently said, Al Queda is still out there plotting to kill Americans). [We here at the The Daily Growler have often said that Al Queda is a CIA-invented threat. That our own CIA is a greater terrorist threat against us than any Al Queda threat. Has Bin Laden sent another of those grainy indecipherable video tapes during Obama's time in office yet?]
Sarah Chayes and friends

Sarah Chayes on her Web page has the most sensible plan for us leaving Afghanistan alone that we've ever read. A brilliant woman with a brilliant idea. Maybe we do need a woman in charge of us--maybe Hillary would make a better president than both her husband and Obama. She's from Chicago, too. In fact, Obama's whole gang is a Chicago gang, where they still have a man named Daley as their mayor.

Read Sarah's plan for Afghanistan:

We noticed where another Black member of Obama's Administration, Van Jones, has had to step down due to "inflammatory" comments he made about 9/11 being an inside job (he's probably right about that--though like who killed JFK, we'll never know the true truth about it--it's a National Security Secret) and then he said something derogatory about Repugnicans.

Van Jones is well educated--Yale Law School. Van Jones was a middle-of-the-road Dumbocrat in San Francisco when the Rodney King incident happened in Los Angeles (one of the most corrupt police forces in this country--not that all of them aren't corrupt). That's when his Black wrath came to the surface. All Black men, including Obama, have this wrath suppressed inside of them. It's a way they protect themselves from the constant tauntings and threats of White men, their constant assumptions ("Since you're Black, you must be anti-American--er-ah, anti-White") that Blacks all have ulterior motives against the White Man's rule; the constant insinuations that Black men are ruled by their large dicks, are basically lazy, and if they get power, their aim is to wipe out the White race.

After the Rodney King incident, Van Jones decided to let his wrath spew out, saying that this incident had so changed his direction that he was now considering becoming a Communist! Oh NO, Van, the worst threat you could make against your White masters! As a result Van formed a group called STORM--immediately accused by Bay-area Repugs as being a Marxist-Leninist organization intent upon rebelling against the Laws of the White Elite, one of which is, "Thou shalt not admit to being a Communist in this Land of the Free, White, and 21."

Van, after suppressing that wrath, delved into ways of saving energy, of getting off a dependence of this fucking oil (Obama has agreed to a pipeline from Canada to Wisconsin that will carry oil from the Canadian deep-sand oil fields. The method of obtaining this oil, through high-powered water canons that blast away the sand and shale, contaminates water supplies for miles around--it also is offensive to the atmosphere. Plus, it's the lowest grade of oil there is--so when it's burned, it pollutes worse than regular old oil. There are proposals before the New York State legislature to do the same sort of drilling in New York State). We are desperate for oil). A part of Obama's hopeful change came when he added Van Jones to his administration as his green-jobs expert. Then the Repugs found a petition Van Jones had signed back in 2005 which called for an investigation into G.W. Bush's Administration's involvement in 9/11--and that seems to us a natural investigation to propose. There are too many unanswered questions about that miraculous military attack on New York City--a masterful joke of a plan that worked to unexpected perfection! All of these invaders being Saudi Arabian except 2; yet the incident was blamed on Osama Bin Ladin (a Saudi-Arabian), Al-Queda, the Taliban, and the people of Afghanistan! Then Bush ignores Afghanistan and Bin Ladin and says he's going to go get the Butcher of Baghdad. Why? Because Hussein threatened to kill his daddy, old Pappy Bush, once Hussein's friend and buck backer in Hussein's 8-year devastating war with Iran. That sounded fishy so Bush came up with his famous "Weapons of Mass Destruction" lie--then he further announced, he had proof positive (there's no such proof) that Hussein and Obama bin Ladin were asshole buddies and Al-Queda was thick as hops in Iraq. When asked about Bin Ladin after Bush's famous "Mission Accomplished" folly and deceit, Bush Baby said, "Bin Ladin. I have no interest in him anymore." Doesn't that sound fishy as hell to you, too? It certainly did to any number of us living here in New York City where the big attack happened; where 3,000 of us lost a chance to pursue happiness. Whoever instigated 9/11, it worked. The resulting invasions and occupations (now full-fledged wars) have ruined our economy; broken us; forced us to sell all our debt to Communist China (Pappy Bush was once Ambassador to China)--they now control the dollar, did you know that? We are now basically dependent upon a Communist country for our future; yet the Repug jerks have the balls to say Van Jones is a Commie Nigger and should be lynched immediately. And it looks like their threat of a lynching worked. Van resigned yesterday. As usual, Obama didn't defend his brother; like he didn't defend his pastor and brother, Jonathan Wright.

Instead of Ronald Reagan and Abraham Lincoln being Obama's guiding presidential lights, he should look into the policies of the New Deal. The Repugnicans have always hated the New Deal and have tried so hard to do away with all aspects of it left (like Social Security) since Eisenhower got elected and broke up 20 years of Dumbocratic domination of Congress. Obama should especially, too, delve into the political skills of Lyndon Johnson. Johnson faced a Repugnican challenge head on. He pushed legislation, like the Civil Rights Bill, in their racist faces; he got Medicare passed by the same tactful force. What brought Johnson to his knees and his eventual demise? That stupid war in Vietnam. An unwinable war, President Obama, same as your righteous war in Afghanistan.

Come on, Obama, read Sarah Chayes's plan for Afghanistan. In fact, you would improve your standing among the people who voted you into office if you'd make Sarah your top adviser on Afghanistan instead of G.W. Bush's leftover warmongering generals like Stanley McCrystal.
Comment From Walter Crackpipe (the The Daily Growler Old-Codger Journalist--recently losing the Walter Cronkite Super TV Journalism Award to Jenna Bush):

Hey, come on, get serious. Obama's trapped in a situation he was dumb about when he took office. G.W. Bush left this country in its worst mess ever. Now that Obama is an insider he sees just what a devastating mess this Bush creep left him with. A wrecked economy. Obama's recovery package will fail; in fact, it is failing. The jobless rate increased from 9.2 to 9.7. Obama spun that as being a good sign. In the month of August, the US lost 250,000 jobs. Obama spun that as being a good sign. Foreclosures are up, higher than ever, since Obama opened the treasury to the crooked banks and financial institutions who caused this mess with their reckless indulging in gambling with derivatives--a gambling that yes made them all individually (rugged individualism (a White concept)) filthy fucking rich and above the law but it left their industries wrecked and spinning out of control. And Obama spun that as being a good sign--he told some union dudes in Cincinnati that by bailing out our financial institutions he has saved the economy (remember, everything they say is backwards thinking--in the same breath the President said our economy was recovering he added but it's still going to get worse first--what wonderful doublespeak). G.W. Bush's solution to the problem was the solution any little spoiled rich brat who's never had to work a day in his life will come up with, "Let the people who caused the problem fix the problem." Bush chose the Goldman-Sachs thief Hank Paulson to fix the problem Hank and his Goldman-Sachs pirates had caused in the first place. Amazing. Ben Bernanke was also picked by Bush to bail out his and his family's buddies on Wall Street. Remember, the Bush Family fortunes were made in the banking business and on Wall Street--some of their fortunes made off the profits they made handling Hitler's moneys for him during WWII--Prescott Bush was investigated and charged by Congress as a Nazi sympathizer. Certainly G.W. Bush's policies definitely reflect the essentials of Nazi politics. Now the Repugnicans are claiming Obama is a Hitler. Are they projecting? You bet they are. By the 2010 Congressional elections, they'll be portraying Obama as Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussien, Obama bin Laden, Gabriel, and Nat Turner all rolled into one awful human being. Obama had better put his basketball in the hall closet and get his boxing gloves out. We need a fighter as President, not a compromiser. Fuck compromising, let's have some real CHANGE! It's possible. Look how easy it is to CHANGE our buying habits--a new iPod comes out every 6 months (Toffler in the book Future Shock said companies purposely change brands every six months) and we rush to buy them; a new cell phone comes out every 3 months and we just can't live without several of them; we were forced to buy HD teevees this year and we went out and bought new teevees or we bought little boxes owned by the CABLE companies or Verizon, whoever, not even curious as to what happened to analog television (turns out the Government sold our analog channels to corporations and the Home Shopping Network). Digitalization is forced on us with no revolts or anything. We all obey the trends and rush down to buy the latest toy--though that toy may be collecting all kinds of information on us and listening to our conversations or overviewing our text messages while we're babbling away spilling the beans to our husbands, lovers, girlfriends, boy toys, mistresses, pimps, sisters, brothers, nextdoor neighbors. Look at how we keep buying things on credit cards in spite of all the facts coming out on how screwed we are all getting by Delaware and South Dakota-based credit card companies. New couples are convinced easily by the real estate industry that they must buy their first houses now; that renting is old fashioned and futuristically nonprofitable--that now even in New York City, we should buy our apartments--renting is for people who are looking for the cheap way out. In this country at this time there are no cheap ways out. We were amazed at how readily Americans went for that "cash for clunkers" bullshit. First of all, didn't the car dealers raise all the prices on their stock? Think about that. We the People were paying car dealers not cash for clunkers but profits on their overstocked junky gas guzzling SUVs and luxury gas guzzlers they hadn't been able to even giveaway over the past several years. Oh what a generous bunch of suckers we are.

So go on, suckers. Pursue that happiness. And as an added joke, did you know corporations are considered citizens and have first amendment rights--meaning they can take all the money they've stolen from the US workingclass and use it to bribe Congress into turning its wishes into laws--and it's perfectly alright due to their rights to free speech. You see, we all have the right to lobby Congress, but not many of us know this or most of us are too dumb to have reason enough to figure that out. (waltercrackpipe)
We thestaff close with a huzzah to Bill Moyers! Brother Bill closed his Friday night PBS teevee show with an open challenge to President Obama, a call for him to put away his trying to deal with stupid ass Repugnicans and stand up like a man and become a fighter for the changes he promised us in his successful campaign. Check it out; Bill was saying the same thing the The Daily Growler has been growling for almost a year now. It took you long enough, Bill, but we raise a growler of ale to the fact that you had the balls to come on personally to President Obama--and we hope he hears it!

thestaff, etal.
for The Daily Growler

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