Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Living in New York City Under Terrorist Threats

Foto by tgw, the penn central building, nyc 2009

They're Shootin' Wolves Out in the Rockies--Too Many Wolves Scare the Children

Yep, human beings out in the Rockies, Wyoming, Montana, backward sparsely human populated areas that once were wilderness paradises have given predator human beings, those males who still crave wild red meat, human permission, against the will of the wolves, I'm sure, and I should know due to my close relationship to wolves, to massacre as many as 1,000 gray wolves in an area around Yellowstone Park. "There are just too many wolves in the area," a game-thinning-out expert explained, "that's all there is to it. Besides the American hunter deserves a shot at baggin' one of these savage beasts. There's nothin' more invigoratin', unless it's Viagra, than for a pack of human men, hungry for some wild meat, to traipse comfortably--maybe in helicopters to hunt protected species--hey, guys, wouldn't a helicopter bald eagle hunt be awesome! Hey, it's Unka Dick Cheney, a real god-damn man. Get your special wolf-hunting rifle ready, Unka Dick. One of our redskin dickboys will hoist your old bony ass up on his broad savage shoulders and carry you out to the wolf massacrin' site. Besides the Cattlemen's Association says our patriotic rich-boy cattlemen are losing too many cattle to these savage wolves--you know the cattle they're runnin' on that wilderness range our greatest president ever, Mr. George Washington Bush, said it was OK to do--but, hellfire, still these patriotic ranchers (raising our steaks for us, boyz) are paying the Feds a outrageous penny an acre for it. Anyway, boyz, let's go get us some wolf pelts--one will look nice in front of the fireplace in your hunter's den with all your trophy heads--or, hellfire, think about a mounted gray wolf's head added to your head collection. Hooo-boy how jealous are your hunter-friend neighbors gonna be of you? I might just watch my back if I were you lucky wolf-hunter lottery winners. Good killin', boyz, let's go get some savage wolf ass."

Hey, why not conscript all these wolf hunters and ship them off to Afghanistan. Let 'em hunt al-Queda and Taliban wolves in sheep's clothing--or Pakistan women and children in their regular dress (a clever al-Queda disguise). Blackwater'll hire 'em.

Here in New York City, we have a mayor's race in progress and soon we'll have a governor's race. ALERT: Rudi "Rude Boy" Guiliani is raring his dull-eyed dummy-looking mug up and throwing his used rubbers into the governor's race ring since he considers himself a natural to beat an N-worder candidate, meaning Governor David Patterson, a Black man who President Obama is so ashamed of he's cold-shouldering his brother in favor of Massuh Mario Cuomo, Jr, Andrew Cuomo, who's filled whatever political slot his daddy's political privilege has gotten him and the Dumbocrats think of Daddy Mario as a winner....but you know the story, don't you?

So suddenly, according to our crack(pot) Homeland Security doublespeakers, the God-damn Muslim iman bastards are threatening to kill White New Yorkers again. Yes, our mayor and our fiercely patriotic police commissioner, Homeland Security, and the FBI are standing guard over us (they have to since all the New York State National Guard are over in Iraq or Afghanistan. The mayor's already taken advantage of this latest terrorist threat on NYC and has even changed his campaign ads to include protecting us from terrorists now among the other things he's claiming he's done for New York City, er-ah, I'm sorry, I mean what he's done for New York City's Middle Class. He's even talking in his slick ads now about how he's helping New York City's, and I quote the mayor, "hard-working middle-class students"--I kid you not, that's what his ad says. New York City's hard-working middle-class students. Just who the hell are these people? Would "hardworking middle-class students" include kindergarten students? Hebrew school students? Or does he literally mean middle-class students who are having to work to pay their way through college (I assume). This mayor first of all never defines what he means specifically when he talks about a Middle-Class New Yorker. Nor does he ever refer to how he's actually helping hard-working midde-class students or exactly how many jobs compared to jobs being lost this billionaire mayor has replaced or salvaged. He never goes beyond just stating he's done this or that.

This current terrorist alert--President Obama did away with the color alerts--it turns out is the result of the Feds arresting some terrorist-favoring Pakistani-American in Colorado who they say lied to them about something; therefore he must be plotting to blow up White Americans--and especially blow up people who live in New York City. But this latest al-Queda plot also involves an Islamic iman here in New York City. The FBI aren't saying much. They're tight-lipped and secretive. But our police commissioner, as crooked a little Irish cop prick as there is, is coming out with new scary information every hour or so. He comes out with his serious patriotic face on, with his brow furrowed as first he warned us that al-Queda was planning to blow up a part of the New York City transportation system--now second, today, he's saying people had better be wary of Muslim- or Islamic-looking men lingering around the lobbies or hallways of NYC luxury hotels and our sports complexes. Old patriotic Ray Kelly says he means business here in New York City and he's going to be going about this city upturning stones and looking for those al-Queda cell members who are said to be carrying crudely written-in-crayons plans for making "a bomb"--and believe it or not that's all they'll say, "crude handwritten plans for making a bomb," though that's not the charges brought against these Muslim bastards--nope, they're accused of lying to the FBI, which I didn't know was a crime, though they say it is under the Patriot Act (thank you, Bill Clinton). The enemy they're alerting us to is definitely, they are saying, al-Queda; they mention it by name. I haven't heard it tagged a threat from one of those vague terms like "Islamic militants," or "Taliban agents," or "Muslim extremists," or them saying these al-Queda bomb-plot planners are definitely a branch of the Osama Bin Laden Secret Al-Queda Secret, Hidden, Secluded Center for Al-Quedan Secret Efforts to Secretly Kill Americans located somewhere deep in the impenetrable and jungles of an extremely hidden-away part of Pakistan.

In the meantime, in the big middle of this big al-Queda plan to blow up the New York City subway system, our luxury hotels, and our sports complexes, President Obama dares to come to town to give another speech. This time at the General Assembly of the United Nations. Hell, Israel's kindly old humane leader Benny Net-in-Yahoo's in town, too, along with the not-freely-elected faux president of Palestine who's here, too. And coming in later today is Iran's newly fraudulently elected president,
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Evidently our president isn't worried about al-Queda attacks on our luxury hotels since he's housing himself in the Presidential Suite at the Waldorf, a suite during Bill Clinton's time in office it was later revealed We the People of the USA were paying $25,000-a-night for Bill and his staff of asslicking cronies to shack there.

I'm not at all scared of a terrorist attack myself. I even went out this morning and bought my coffee from my Muslim friend, a young Afghanistan-American who proudly wears his teeshirts declaring him to be a "Proud Afghanistan-American" published under the crossed Afghanistan and USA flags. He had such high hopes in President Obama. Now he's not so hopeful. When I mentioned the newest terrorist threat this morning, he just shook his head and didn't comment.

I'm going to quit bashing President Obama. I'm beginning to give him credit for being an understanding man. But I also see him as a confused man. And anybody would be confused once you got a firsthand look at just how fucked up G.W. Bush left this country.

I watched the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants football game last night from rich-Arkansas-hick and former football player, Jerry Jones's new conspicuously overexpensed "pride and joy" Cowboys Stadium, which he trumpets about how it cost him out of his pocket hundreds of millions of bucks. And there was old nutgrinding Jerry inviting all his close friends and asshole former jock buddies into his luxury box that is at field level in this new monumental stadium. I watched as this Arkie hick sat in his luxury box on a throne-like seat like a Caesar watching his privately owned enslaved gladiators perform for his thrill, pleasure, and profit. Jerry got rich the same way George Herbert W. "Pappy" Bush got "almost rich"--since Pappy was actually a business failure--by taking an Arkansas Jones Family oil and gas leasing business and having phenomenal luck with it, getting filthy rich enough to move over to Dallas and buy the Cowboys from a guy named Bum Bright.

So I was watching this royal opening of Jerry Jone's Old Plantation House-style football stadium and it was a damn good game--tightly played--the Cowboys dominating the Giants but making too many errors in the domination, the score going back and forth, the game going right up until the last 4 seconds, the score 31-30 Dallas, and the Giants sent in their FG kicker and he kicked a field goal and the Gi'nts won the game 33-31. And though I'm not a Giants fan, boy howdy was I glad to see them ruin old Arky Jerry's party.

What the hell pissed you off about Jerry Jones and his new Imperial-looking stadium? you may ask. And I reply, because during this game, though most of the time the fill-in camera boyz were ordered to keep a camera on Jerry Jones sitting like Caesar in his luxury box and be ready at any moment for a direction to shoot old Jerry, especially during one of his hooray moments when the Cowboys were early kicking the Giants's asses. During one shooting of Jerry, the on-Jerry-focused camera slipped down to the right of his holiness and, son of a bitch, there he was, having a ball, looking chipper, looking in fine spirits (Jack Daniel's probably), looking better than I've seen him since he bowed out of office. Yes, it was Georgie Porgie himself, G.W. Bush. And sitting with our ex-faux president was that big blubbery gobby fat man who's surely going to have a massive coronary any day now, John Madden. Both putting on a good ol' boy show for luxury box audience, joshing back and forth, and grinning like Cheshire cats or possums eating their own shit, take your pick. Our ex-faux president, a lying-dog, spoiled-rich-boy criminal, is living the good life. Nothing but the luxury-box best for this worthless-piece-of-shit man whose policies and idiocies put this country in the worst debt ever in the history of the world--he put us into debt to the Chinese Communist, to boot! This man who bold-faced lied us into two unwinable and world-disastrous wars. This man who took away more freedoms from us with his war on terror than Billy Jeff Clinton did with the original Patriot Act. This man who couldn't account for what happened to something like 4 trillion dollars out of the Treasury right after he first was illegally put into office by the Supreme(ly dumb) Court. "Whuuu, it jes' disappeared. What the hell am I 'spose to do about it?" The man who wiped his ass with the citizens of New Orleans who were left in dire and unprotected straits after the worst hurricane in Gulf of Mexico history since the one that hit Galveston, Texas, in 1901, almost totally destroyed this unique American city. This is the man who kept on reading My Pet Goat to a bunch of Florida fifth graders during a photo-op while this country was under a foreign military attacks on the City of New York and Washington, District of Corruption.

And yes it is these Elite Yahoos like Jerry Jones and his worthless pals who own us just like they own those millionaire football players they train and crack-the-whip over and drug up so they'll perform all-out for these spoiled-brat rich pricks like trained circus animals every weekend in these big new mostly We-the-People-paid-for glorious state-of-the-art sports-complex-arenas.

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Explanation From Robert Reich, Former Labor Secretary, on Why the Stock Market Is Heading Toward 10,000 When We're All Heading Toward the Poor House? An Easy Explanation From Reich's Article in the Huffingandpuffing Post (it's not blown a house down yet):

Even more curious, how can the Dow be so far up when every business and Wall Street executive I come across tells me government is crushing the economy with its huge deficits, and its supposed "takeover" of health care, autos, housing, energy, and finance? Their anguished cries of "socialism" are almost drowning out all their cheering over the surging Dow.

The explanation is simple. The great consumer retreat from the market is being offset by government's advance into the market. Consumer debt is way down from its peak in 2006; government debt is way up. Consumer spending is down, government spending is up. Why have new housing starts begun? Because the Fed is buying up Fannie and Freddie's paper, and government-owned Fannie and Freddie are now just about the only mortgage games remaining in play.

Why are health care stocks booming? Because the government is about to expand coverage to tens of millions more Americans, and the White House has assured Big Pharma and health insurers that their profits will soar. Why are auto sales up? Because the cash-for-clunkers program has been subsidizing new car sales. Why is the financial sector surging? Because the Fed is keeping interest rates near zero, and the rest of the government is still guaranteeing any bank too big to fail will be bailed out. Why are federal contractors doing so well? Because the stimulus has kicked in.

In other words, the Dow is up despite the biggest consumer retreat from the market since the Great Depression because of the very thing so many executives are complaining about, which is government's expansion. And regardless of what you call it -- Keynesianism, socialism, or just pragmatism -- it's doing wonders for business, especially big business and Wall Street. Consumer spending is falling back to 60 to 65 percent of the economy, as government spending expands to fill the gap.

From the Huffington Post, Sept. 23rd, 2009

A The Daily Growler Stock Tip: Healthcare Insurance stocks--they're gonna take off, folks. Check out some bank stocks, too; and like Warren Buffett advises, check out medical supply co. stocks. You, too, can make a quick million or two should you risk your life savings, your house, your dog, your car, your future earnings.


Marybeth said...

The bastards de-listed the wolf as an endangered species and I keep writing to Obama and everyone else to please re-list them, but nobody listens to me. I'm am so upset at the slaughter of all those beautiful wolves. It makes me crazy. And the stupid cattle farmers have more to fear from vegetarians than wolves. I haven't eaten meat in over thirty years. Think of all the cattle that they didn't make money on because of me. I'm worse than a pack of wolves. Good thing it's still illegal to hunt vegetarians!

The Daily Growler said...


The rounding up and shooting of vegetarians will be one of the first things on the agenda of the Palen (she herself adores shooting wolves)-De Lay administration.

Humans hate wolves because they are very hard to tame, just like vegetarians.


PS: We heard one of the guys here call you Merry Breath the other day--isn't that delovely?

Marybeth said...

Delovely, indeed. I'll have to add that to the annals of name variants that people have come up with for my moniker.