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From Blogs Come More Truths About What's Going On Behind Our Backs
Our first extraction (excerpt) comes from our old friend J. Orlin Grabbe's posthumous Website. It is called "Fraudulent Finance for Dummies":

When you start with fraud, everything turns to theft via deception and fradulent conveyance. Some examples:

  1. The stock market - As money created via bankster fraud chases stocks, it drives P/E (Price to Earnings) ratios to unsustainable levels (infinity in the case of tech stocks such as Microsoft for a while). Venture capital is corrupted as people figure out that selling pipe dreams in the stock market (and to established current companies via M&A) is the quickest way to a corner a fortune in fraud money (the tech boom and bust). Company executives get corrupted by figuring that they can make more "money" selling their stocks and stock options by overstating their company earnings - so long as the company can pay its taxes. This creates Enron like unsustainable corporations, and a government corrupted via moral hazard (the higher taxes paid in), not to forget the politicians and judges paid off to make all this legal.
  2. Retirement plans (such as 401K mutual fund based retirement plans) - become a vehicle to channel purchasing power from unsuspecting "workers" into the stock market to sustain the absurd P/E values of unsustainable corporations that employ them. Diversification is of relatively no use as all high performance stocks are all fraudulently sustained.
  3. Real Estate - as fraud tokens chase real estate and "investors" flip property, the savings of the people are stolen via deception and the widows and the orphans are made homeless as fools1 write "money" into existence via fraudulent mortgages that then are fraudulently circulated by the banks2, and even people who "own their homes outright3" are evicted by property tax hikes.
  4. Payment systems: Credit cards became so popular as it allows everyone to commit fraud. Both the buyer and the seller are extended credit during a credit card purchase3. The banks settle up the bundled assets behind to scenes in a so-called settlement process, which is now ripe for failure and has given us the identity-police state.
  5. Producers - now mainly in countries across the pacific from the USA - have sold goods i.e. real wealth - in exchange for fraud tokens.They have no durable store of purchasing power. They have been defrauded, and the Americans who now do not have any manufacturing cannot produce anything to win back those tokens, and these providers of humanity are unwelcome in America to travel there and spend their dollars on falling real estate and to invest in factories - "strong borders" - cry the fools.
  6. Every Central Bank - has created local currency backed by the flood of fraud dollars - in a process called Currency Sterilization. The peoples in those countries have fraud piled upon fraud.
  7. The upcoming "Global Settlement" being awaited by those "in the know", will simply re-monetize the fraud and back it via theft-by-taxation in a world where producers cannot create or obtain finance without a permit, and every leader of the so-called free world is a world class crook.

It looks dim.

Note 1: Literally they have been fooled: made into a fool.

Note 2: The liability of the fool to pay FRN is circulated by the bank (i.e. to the seller of the property and then onward) and further, the "asset" i.e. the mortgage is bundled and sold on to other banks. The "sub-prime" crisis is so named not because of the interest rate, but because of it stinks like rotten meat. There is no honour amongst thieves.

Note 3: There is no private property in America, only title-by-lease from the local town corporation. Stop paying the rent a.k.a property tax, and you are evicted.

Note 4: The banks risked no capital in "lending" to credit card borrowers and to merchants who sold them goods. The entire "industry" runs on fraud. Can you imagine revealing your swiss bank account number to merchants to pay themselves with?! That the whole thing "works" is a testimony to the honesty and integrity of a majority of participants - save the banks who convey the fraud that they are extending real money and the bottom-dweller credit-card infomation thieves that the banks love so they can recover the principal from the merchant, bump up his discount rate and get $50 from the hapless consumer.


The Following Are an Egyptian Fotog's Photos of Mahalla Strike
President Obama is foolishly going to Egypt to address the Islam nations. Check out the current turmoil in Egypt, a very dangerous place; the Egyptian workers are pissed as hell with the dictatorial Mubarik:

The Top 25 Censored Stories of 2008 From

Who Was Ralph Sutton?

Ralph Sutton

Ralph SuttonRalph Earl Sutton was an outstanding pianist in the great tradition of Harlem stride giants James P. Johnson and Fats Waller.

Ralph Sutton was born in Hamburg, Missouri on November 4th, 1922. His career got under way when he joined Jack Teagarden in 1941 while he was still in college. During the '40s he attracted widespread attention, thanks to his participation in a series of radio shows hosted by jazz writer Rudi Blesh, This is Jazz. He had a trio with Albert Nicholas, and beginning in 1948 he worked eight years as intermission pianist at Eddie Condon's club in New York. Later he worked for Bob Scobey and, in 1963, was featured at the first Dick Gibson Jazz Party in Denver. This led to the formation of the World's Greatest Jazz Band in 1968, of which Sutton was a founding member.

Thereafter, Sutton's star rose. He recorded a series of albums and toured the world, solo and in a variety of settings. His musical partners in these ventures included Ruby Braff, Jay McShann, Kenny Davern, and Peanuts Hucko.

On TV, Ralph appeared on the Dick Cavett Show, the Ed Sullivan Show, the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson, the Steve Allen Show, and the Today Show. He appeared at Town Hall and the 92nd Street Y in New York, the Boston Symphony Hall, and the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles. He recorded for Arbors, RCA Victor, Columbia, Verve, Decca, and Commodore, among others. In 1993, Ralph was inducted into the New Jersey Jazz Hall of Fame.

Ralph Sutton died in Evergreen, CO on December 30, 2001, at the age of 79.

Ralph Gleason wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle:

Ralph Earl Sutton is without a doubt the greatest exponent today of the two hands and ten fingers style of jazz piano playing...undoubtedly one of the best pianists in jazz today...he swings...tremendous personal beat and drive...Andre Previn once referred to Sutton as one of the few jazz pianists who had complete mastery of his instrument. Sutton plays with both hands and ten fingers, a full harmonic sense and a delightful wit in his solos. He can swing a band, too.

Afghanistan's Untold History

A Short Story by Jack Spicer (Beware: Jack Was Gay--It Was a Part of His Outside Real).................

Jack Spicer

Pillar of Salt

Friday night is the night that custom reserves to Hollywood
High School on the Boulevard. The usual crowds of course pursue
their usual ways, but interspersed among them are blobs of young
faces, nervously noisy and searching vaguely for a key to this more
adult world. If you were to walk with them, as you did once, you
would remember the not distant days of your adolescence and you
would perhaps laugh or perhaps regret.

Lee asks you in his half-deepened voice if we hadn’t better give
up and go to a show and you insist that we walk down the other side
of the Boulevard and say that there aren’t any decent shows anyway.
You both know that you’re looking for something more than a show,
more even than getting into Bradley’s Bar past that woman who is
posted there specially to keep minors out. You have a better idea
than Lee what that something is, but you couldn’t explain it to him in
words. Anyway, he partly understands.

for the whole story:

What's Fidel Thinking These Days? From
Reflections by Comrade Fidel: Obama And The Blockade
Fidel Castro Ruz

Yesterday I referred to what was funny about the “Declaration of Commitment of Port of Spain”.

Today I could refer to what is tragic about it. I hope our friends do not take any offence in this. There were some differences between the draft that we received, which was going to be submitted by the hosts of the Summit, and the document that was finally published. In all that last-minute haste, there was hardly any time for anything. Some items had been discussed at long meetings held some weeks previous to the Summit. At the very last moment, proposals such as the one submitted by Bolivia, complicated even more the whole picture. The Bolivian proposal was included as a note in the document. It stated that Bolivia considered that the implementation of policies and cooperation schemes aimed at expanding the use of bio-fuels in the western hemisphere could affect and have an impact on the availability of foodstuffs, the increase of food prices, deforestation, the displacement of populations as a result of the land demand, and that consequently this could make the food crisis to be even worse, which will directly affect low income persons and, most of all, the poorest economies among developing countries. The note added that the Bolivian government, while recognizing the need to look for and resort to environmentally friendly alternative sources of energy, such as the geothermal, solar, and eolic sources of energy, and to small and medium size hydro-power generators, it advocates for an alternative approach, based on the possibility of living well and in harmony with nature, in order to develop public policies aimed at the promotion of safe alternative energies that could ensure the preservation of the planet, our ‘mother land’.

When analyzing this note submitted by Bolivia please bear in mind that the United States and Brazil are the two biggest producers of bio-fuels in the world, something that is opposed by an increasing number of persons in the planet, whose resistance has been growing since the dark days of George Bush.

Obama’s advisors published in the Internet their version -in English- of the interview the US president granted to some journalists in Port of Spain. At one point, he asserted that there was something he found interesting –an added that he had known of it in a more abstract way but that he found it interesting in more specific terms- which was listening to these leaders who, when speaking about Cuba, did so referring specifically to the thousands of doctors Cuba is disseminating throughout the region, and finding how much these countries depended on them. He said this reminded them in the US of the fact that if their only interaction with many of these countries was the war on drugs; that if their only interaction was of a military character, then it was possible that they would not be developing connections that, with time, could enhance their influence with a positive effect when they may find it necessary to advance policies of their interest in the region.

To Read the Rest of Fidel's Thinking:

The world is a screwy place, right? It's the Fools versus the Instigators; the Bullshitters versus the Bullshitting Liberals; it's the Ayn Rand Heads versus Reality; NeoCons versus Lenin Commies; with stupid logic pouring forth from the forked-tongued mouths of our fearless leaders--fearless with our lives!

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