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Esoteric Agenda: The Power Elite Exposed

The Power Elite Exposed
Damn, I heard a soundtrack from this movie, Esoteric Agenda, this morning on New York City's Pacifica station, WBAI, and immediately I thought, son of a bitch, these guys are evidencing what I've been growling my rude ass off for years now trying to preach the message of how the Power Elite is ruining us--the Power Elite, a clan I first met way back in the 1960s when I and hundreds of thousands of Sociology students in those years--and I assume for many years afterwards--read and heard it lectured on--but it was just a part of the study course and didn't really matter as much to us as how we as Sociologists were going to be able to make a decent living? (Schooling is for training us to become successful Capitalists, by the way, and not rebels.) I learned of the primitive aspects of the Power Elite, their nativity, their advent, through the writings of Thorstein Veblen and especially from his masterpiece, Theory of the Leisure Class, published in the 1890s at a time when the USA's Power Elite were taking over the reigns of power in this country from the Andy Jackson hick forces, the Populists, the Whiskey Rebels, and Minutemen types (of course these are all White males we're talking about--and the true history of the USA is the history of its White men) riding on the back of the Industrial Revolution and the rise of that wonderful gift to us from Beelzebub himself, Capitalism. Thorstein Veblen wrote that the Power Elite has ruled mankind since he organized himself into tribes back in our African ancestral days--when erect apes who uttered coarse yowls and howls and chee-chees and urrrhhh-urrrhhs and ugggah-uggahs and pounded their chests and learned hand signals started walking out of the jungles to discover themselves as being supernatural beings handmade and put on this earth by that huge being that lived in the atmosphere, that huge monster who controlled thunder and lightning and the ocean waves and the smoking mountains and the wild winds--and there, that's when the Power Elite was formed, when Males became aware how much more dominant they are than Females (the image of the caveman clubbing his babes in our original marriage ceremonies) and how Females were submissive beings--having to be submissive in order to attract a strong Male to have sex with and procreate--the original intention of sex! And in those ancient old days, Male babies were preferred while a lot of Female babies were sacrificed to that Big Daddy up in the atmosphere so that he'd stop the scary thunder and lightning and the drenching rains and the raging winds and give them light, more day, they demanded more LIGHT--and LIGHT became salvation! Think of how we crave light--we are scared to death of darkness! And yet, most people are killed or just plain die in broad daylight. (You notice how governments make "Secret" things they want to manipulate your fears with?)

So WBAI played this soundtrack to this movie, Esoteric Agenda, and I heard the narrator of this film saying exactly what I've been railing about so many years now--even during the Civil Rights Movement and "Big Balls" Johnson's (a Populist, by the way) Great Society, I was shoutin' out my Power Elite shit--run the rascals out--quite putting your money in banks and don't use those credit cards! Credit card companies sent all college grads in those days free credit cards--I got 8 credit cards the year I graduated college: a Mobil card, a Gulf card, a Phillips 66 card, a Sinclair card (remember Dino the Dinosaur--oil comes from fossils), a Texaco card ("You can trust your car to the man who wears the star"), a Fina card (a Texas oil company--their ads featured the Pink Panther promoting Pink Air) a Diners Club card, and finally the worst, a Master Card. You bet I used 'em all the first day I got them. Hell, I was a stupid 22 year old, what the fuck did I know. Besides, my parents barked poverty around me all their lives, "We can't afford that...We can't afford this...," so hell yeah, when I got those credit cards, I used 'em all. I bought a new set of tires for my Cadillac--by then, like father the son when it came to Cadillacs, I had bought a baby blue Caddy I couldn't afford--a Sedan de Ville--what a beautiful car that was and, of course, I started filling that gas guzzler up using my oil company cards and with the Diners Club card I took my babes out to the finest Dallas restaurants and with the Master Card I bought clothes from the finest Dallas men's shops. Did you notice how a lot of the first credit cards were issued by oil companies! Soon my credit card debts were above my head; they were insurmountable. I was $600 behind on my Caddy payments; my first Master Card bill was for $123, for which I only had to pay $40 on but I couldn't even come up with that; my first Diner's Club bill was $300--this all in a matter of a few months. I began to get my cards recalled--I remember the first letter I got telling me to cut my card in half with scissors and mail it back to them by a certain date or I would be subject to prosecution--which was, as I figured out in the 1970s, bullshit! The way I dodged the scumbag collectors in those days was I moved around a lot and left no forwarding addresses. Then I had to join the army and I was immune to them as long as I was in the armed forces, as they were called in those days. Then I got married and moved to Mexico City. Then I moved back to the US to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and there I began a peaceful cash-only life with my young wife, living off the inheritance I'd gotten when my parents were pulverized one July 4th on a Texas highway by an 18-wheeler asphalt hauler going 88 miles per hour. It was in Santa Fe hanging with all these old American artists and musicians and Native Americans that I caught on to this Power Elite business for real--rereading for the first time since college Veblin's Theory of the Leisure Class--and from then on, I started prattling my Power Elite rule us and there's nothing we can do about it--unless we rebel! Unless we revolt! Unless we bring down the government if it starts oppressing us--we have the right under our Bill of Rights to rebel, to throw the rascals out on their ears--to quit paying taxes!--to quit buying insurance policies--to demand one man/one vote--fuck the aristocratic Electoral College (that's a branch of the Power Elite)...surely you get my point. A recent commenter calls me "confused." But, trust me, my friend, I'm not confused at all. That's my problem, everything's so fucking clear to me now--wisdom makes sense--I read books all my life--and that's what has saved me so far. Let me cut the crap and get right to this link--below is the link to YouTube where you can watch Esoteric Agenda--what I've seen of it, I love--it's the truth--especially the Pagan angle and the connection between religion and the Power Elite--the priests in the Ziggaruts were the Power Elite--and for a cool ziggarut site, check this out:

And here is Esoteric Agenda: NOTE: there are 14 parts to this movie--this is Part 12:

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