Wednesday, February 25, 2009

You Can't Reconstruct the Old and Not Expect the Same Old Thing

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The Problem With President Obama's Thinking

First of all, the speech turned out to be a boring disappointment. But then I'm always disappointed and wrong in my expectations no matter what I do in life. You know, you get all hepped up hot on something and your expectations of its probabilities grows and grows and grows and then you act on it...and suddenly you are seriously disappointed. Maybe I could relate it to Economics's "Law of Diminishing Return"--a law that applies to war, too; the longer the war, the less interest in it from both soldiers and civilians--DEATH so contaminates the soils of these countries that sort of endure continuous war they get tired of the stench--they, too, want fresh air--places like Afghanistan; like Iraq; like Palestine and Israel (the US gives Israel 30 billion bucks a year); like Pakistan and India; etc. Death becomes an everyday part of life--running from Death, or sleeping in fear that DEATH could kick in your door at any moment and machinegun every man, woman, child, baby, dog, cat in the house. That's a "here today, gone tomorrow" type probability; a hell of a way to live life. Look how supermannish we act until we're attacked in the heart of New York City and supposedly an on-target hit on the very headquarters of the bunch that is supposed to be guarding our perimeters with flights in the air at all times and a world's champion, supposedly, radar system--and look how scared we Americans became at that time--how ready we were to persecute Muslims, all of them, even our own black Muslims--and profiling though illegal became OK to do and illegally listening to all our phone conversations or scanning all our e-mails and blogs and Websites and Face Book and text messaging--and our communications corporations obeying without worry our nutjob poor little spoiled brat rich boy toy soldier criminal president--this loser criminal AWOL hero faux president placing himself above all laws even world laws, such a weasel and coward when it came time to defend us from whoever it was who attack us--to reprimand our military leaders for letting this chaotic attack prove to be one of the greatest military attacks in the world's military strategy annals--so successful--LOOK, it did what it said it was going to do, bring down the World Trade Center, the center of all the ungodly financial deals and the center for CIA's largest electronic spying system and also for the storing of US gold supplies--ah, how quickly we forget--and that was the whole object of the old blind shiek's effort to bring it down using a rented van and a fertilizer bomb to shake the WTC, to make it tremble, and yes to kill several innocent people--but, no, it didn't bring down the building--not only did this final attack bring down one WTC building but at least 5 other buildings--wrecking also beyond repair the Deutsche Bank's building--and that attack had, or at least this is how our media presented it to us, us shaking in our overpriced shoes or boots. Like I say in response to a brilliant military attack pulled off by 21 Saudi-Arabians--I mean, they came right through our lousy defense system--and how dare them to interrupt our phony president reading My Pet Goat to a bunch of grade school kids--then the coward ran like hell to the protection of his US Air Force. I must remind myself here that one of the 9/11 Saudi attackers was a Jordanian. Note: we are soon going to be giving Jordan billions of dollars since the Jordan royal jerk says Jordan's economy is sinking into the Jordan River--and you know why? Hey, the Royal Hoodoomaster of Jordan ain't no fool--probably Harvard educated--his mother was an American chick--daughter of the head of one of our airlines that later went belly up--Pan Am, I think. So this Jordanian royal potentate says Jordan's economy is sinking into the Jordan River--and the reason it is is because the US is pulling out of Iraq and also Kuwait and China's economy has returned back to China and has left Jordan with a bunch of unfinished hi-rise hotels--Jordan's main economy during the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq--using enslaved Vietnamese, Nepalese, etc., workers to run these hotels (clean the shitcans and bow and scrape to the warmongerers and illegal arms dealers that would be staying in these hotels (built with Commie Chinese money) or Jordan also developed a slave industry when it (on orders from China and the US some say) then subcontracted these poor ass Asian dudes out to private contractors, those servicing US forces in Iraq--and these poor desperate Asians were answering ads in their local newspapers put in them by the Jordanian government, ads offering these desperately poor bastards hotel jobs with high salaries and amenities--like whores, big bucks, you know the lure--and then when these fools got to Jordan they had their passports collected, then they were blindfolded and shipped off to Iraq where they ended up enslaved--6 Nepalese "hotel workers" later found dead and some of the others going nuts their situation so desperate--and most of these poor bastards were never to be seen or heard of again. Besides, the West Bank in Israel used to belong to the Jordanians--half of Jerusalem was Jordanian--but Israel isn't afraid of the wimpy Jordanians, who kiss Israel's ass because most of Jordan's aid comes from the USA and not their Moslim neighbors--so you see the kiss-ass connection?

This fires me up and sets me to remembering: the old ways, the ways of war, the ways of letting 1% of the world's white men control almost 100% of the world's wealth, meaning its natural resources, like its lands--even its wildernesses and the capital gains made off those lands or through controlling things like fishing rights, mineral rights, even air rights (there are developers here in New York City who make their wealth off buying air rights over NYC buildings). The old ways continue the ability of that 1% of the owners of the world's wealth to rob us of everything we possess, especially our dignity, especially our faith, especially our human rights. With their impunity they enforce their agendas on us through their ability to control us through their loyal police forces and armies and world leaders who are crooked as snakes at night around the world--puppet enforcement armies who will enforce more and more more-stringent rules and laws against the people of the commonwealths of the world--therefore meaning all the wealth that 1% controls is stolen wealth. Our Wall Street criminals and banker criminals made all their billions off stolen wealth--like bank depositors's checking and savings accounts--the banks's source of capital. This is a wealth that is now so corrupted its certainly chaotic and maybe irreparable. It's really phony wealth; it's wealth that has been sold (remember the land a house sits on is the source of any wealth that house (a capital improvement) has), resold, traded, resold, given out as bonuses--its a perfect chaotic world economy now! Remember, this stolen wealth is not MONEY; this wealth is NOT CASH! When you base your wealth on speculations, gambling, risky ventures, one big loss brings the whole casino down. Everyone knows the chance theory of "going for it"--of risking all your worth to go for the big bucks, that gold sitting in that pot that sits at the end of that big neon rainbow luring all high rollers into the casino so the casino can fleece you of your WORTH, not your money--they've already go more money than you do--they can print their own money--casino chips--going electronic now, by the way. You see, those who own the wealth aren't going to give up that wealth--besides, they still get to go bankrupt and get government bailouts--they are actually banks, you see--they can loan money--and the money they are loaning out--same with banks--is your money anyway--you give more of your earnings to the casinos than you save for yourself).

We are dreamers and our expectations are always goals that are impossibly high. That's the way we've fought all our illegal and losing wars since WWII, we've gone all out for the glory in spite of the odds of gaining glory being next to no odds at all.

Then you slam on your mental brakes and think about how deceiving all of this Capitalism is. Karl Marx wrote of what was going to happen to us in Das Kapital--about how the workers of the world were being exploited by the royally-divine economic systems of the world, systems set up and controlled by men who think they are DIVINE because they are princes or dukes or potentates or robber barons--because they are rich therefore they are divine and because they are divine they are above reproach--above the laws they themselves lobby to have their royal governments impose on the workingclass--impoverishment of the populace their true goals...and that's what this is--everybody who is workingclass hates being workingclass! Yet, we have to have a workingclass, a comfortable workingclass, a workingclass covered with benefits, and long vacations, and clean and safe workplaces in order for our economy to actually work and actually grow and be based on actual wealth (land with factories and craftspeople and apprenticeships), sea (a clean ocean means clean drinking water, a clean source of food--you know how kelp grows wild in a clean ocean--and kelp is one of the most healthy foods for human monkeys to eat), air (look at the new windmill industry that is coming back to America from Scandinavia--windmill knowledge they learned from We the People's scientists--coming back to our wind states (like Iowa, Minnesota, and North Dakota (maybe our New Frontiers)))--and just look at how human monkeys are destroying their own natural wealth! How stupid are human monkeys?--chimps wearing diapers and ripping human monkey women's faces off seem much smarter and more logical economically than human monkeys.

President Obama last night (Tues. night) in his whatever it was called speech seemed well aware that his ratings go up every time he gives a big speech--besides look at the teevee time he gets--every network carrying his speeches--he's already given more big-time speeches to big-time crowds than any president ever. Kennedy gave the same kind of speeches before big crowds--but remember, ironically, Obama went to Berlin and drew a bigger crowd of Berliners than Kennedy did on his photo-op trip to Germany--of course, Obama had the advantage of having former East Germans counted in his crowd numbers whereas Kennedy only had West Germans at his big Berlin speech. In fact, President Obama's delivery is very Kennedian! And We the People are expecting so much from this guy--we thirst for his speeches--we thirst for him to bring this change he promised by hollering "Yes we can" at us, a speech Will I Am put to music and song it got our hopes (Admiral Stockdale, remember, said there is no such thing as HOPE--only FAITH in YOUR SELF) and expectations up so. And now this man is president. And everybody smiles when he comes around. And he smiles all the time; and he kids all the time; and he blows kisses at his spotlighted wife all the time. Sorry, but I'm beginning now to get cynical when I see the same act unfolding once again before my expecting eyes and the same disappointments after the show has packed up and gone back into the reality of things evolving in secret out of District of Corruption backrooms and the smoke-filled dens of the largest gathering of criminal politicians, criminal lobbyists, criminal Treasury controllers, criminal secret police and investigative units (CIA, Homeland Security, FBI, FEMA, the Border Security forces, the NSA, the new US Army combat division assigned for the first time (illegally of course) to US soil, the DEA) and the trillion-dollar-loaded Pentagon money launderers, the CIA doing drug dealings still--all of Congress full of warmongers, We the People now seen as world terrorists, as two-faced, selfished, and intolerant--we are intruders in the dust--plus We the People are now seen as economic phonies (the banks blaming We the People as causing this crisis when we fell for and took the financial crooks's sucker mortgages and remortgages and sub-prime loans)--and soon other countries will realize they are more powerful than We the People of the US. Look at the European Union. It's now really the dominant economic power in the world--what started as the Benelux back after WWII is now the most growing economy in the world, especially now since Communist China's growth has come to a screeching halt.

Also, look at how President Obama is reneging on all his peace commitments by continuing on with G.W. Bush's criminal invasion and occupation of Afghanistan--by sending his Sec'y of State to Asia as her first assignment--and in Asia she starts ragging on the North Koreans who suddenly have become a terrorist threat again now that they are announcing they are fixing to launch a satellite. Wasn't Iran also recently threatening to launch a satellite? Isn't that ironic? My question has always been, since we are constantly told the North Korean economy is in shambles--we are told--by Diane Sawyer for one--remember her trip to North Korea?--that North Koreans are starving to death from lack of food and freezing to death for lack of clothing--then how in the hell is this broke and starving nation--and they haven't seen their fearless leader in several months now--rumors are flying around that he's got a terminal illness and won't be with us much longer--so how is this nation able to afford a nuclear program that is now enabling them to launch a satellite into orbit--like where did this failed commie nation get the money and technology to build a rocket capable of putting a satellite into orbit? Who gave them their suddenly fast-paced nuclear knowledge to build and operate reactors? Where do they get the rocket fuels necessary to propel a rocket into deep space? Check out how some of our own most patriotic ex-leaders built the original nuclear plant in North Korea. And there's Hillary in Asia throwing the old American tough-guy bullshit around in Japan and then going to China and putting her nose deep into those Commie Chinese buttcracks, her tongue bull's eying that Commie Chinese brown eye--trumpeting, "Oh, please, oh gracious Commie/Capitalist bros and sisses--and yes, you are abusing human rights by the barrelsful, but hey, we can overlook that, please, because we need your cheap products and we need your Central Bank money to keep our own asses from having to sink or swim"--which is what we are having to do if you carefully listened to Obama's disappointing speech last night. For instance, the Commie Chinese are using child labor to make lead-laced soft-plastic toys that have been banned by the European Union so China has been dumping these toxic toys on the US market--but there's Hillary saying, hey, that's OK, there's nothing wrong with Commie Chinese being good Capitalists. And now, too, the whole of President Obama's advisors and military criminals are provoking Pakistan with unannounced drone flights invading their sovereign territory that are targeting innocent civilians and declaring them enemy combatants and therefore subject to extraordinary rendition flights--why, that's right, too, President Obama has approved 200 million dollars to enlarge the ruthless and torturous Bagram Prison in Afghanistan.

So, yes, last night's speech was disappointing. Disappointing in that it really didn't say a god-damn thing. It was all fluff, the same fluff a cheerleader acts out at football games (or at baseball games in Japan)--as if cheerleading has anything at all to do with whether a team is going to win or not. The game has to do with how your team is performing on the playing field--how its offense and defense balance out the team and turn it into a "possible" winner. The sports playing field is a controlled arena (nothing really chaotic at a ballgame--unless a human monkey goes berserk in the controlled audience) with set boundaries, with equal-opportunity sides of its equally distanced marked-off confinements of "play"--with several overseers, referees, of the game there to impose unbreakable rules and imposing penalties against corruption and in favor of the fairness of the game! Obama's being a great cheerleader EXCEPT, fuck the cheerleaders, we need a winning coach and a winning-minded coaching staff to pull us up from our now underdog position in the world standings back into viable winners again, no matter how incorrect our national legends are.

One way to end this dilemma is to just end both illegal wars the vote-stealing corrupt Bush presidency started in order to impose the New World (Neo-Con) Order on the oilfield nations of the Middle East--including Afghanistan whose land is needed for the oil pipeline that will bring the oil down from our Central Asian allies--and there aren't that many left--into Europe. Hell, its president is an oil-baron speculator whose brother is the leading dope dealer in Afghanistan. Dope and oil. Just think if we'd legalize dope and illegalize oil!

You know what, I'll bet if President Obama would have given every man, woman, child, and dog in the USA a million bucks out of that trillion dollar bailout package, not only would Obama have saved the economy but he would right now be maybe thought of as a permanent president--like Roosevelt demanded and got during his effort to rebuild a US economy after the Repugnican numbskull poor little rich kids (like the Taft Family of Ohio) had driven asunder under rich boy Herbert Hoover--who believed that the rich man's humanitarian love for mankind would be enough to save the world through his great charitable trickle-down giveaways from his vast vaults of stolen money. If Obama gave every man, woman, child, and dog a million bucks, he'd still have billions left to bail out his new rich and Power Elite friends in Washington, District of Corruption, the masters of this ruinous direction our conservative and racist whites have taken us.

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