Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rupert Murdoch Is an Australian Racist Asshole

A The Daily Growler Bulletin: The family of The Daily Growler Hall of Famer and Departmental Hero, Chief Geronimo of the Apache Nation, are petitioning (suing) the Federal government and Yale University for the return of Geronimo's bones--with compensation, of course. According to Geronimo's heirs the bones are illegally owned by Yale University. They contend that the way Yale got Geronimo's bones was due to, listen to this, G.W.'s grandfather and old Pappy Bush's father, Prescott Bush (he was also Hitler's banker), on a challenge from the infamous Skull & Bones Society--made up of little spoiled brat rich kids who get special privileges at Yale because their families are keiko-muckity-mucks and contribute tons of money to the Yale Alumni Association and those fabulous Yale endowment funds--so the S&B challenge old Grandpappy Bush to steal Geronimo's bones. So Prescott Bush went to Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and dug up Geronimo's bones--stole them off government property where they were interred after Geronimo had died in the Fort Sill Stockade [Read Geronimo's Life Story Written by Himself--it's in the "Gs" in the List of Links on the far right of this post] So the Geronimos are suing the Feds for not protecting this great man's remains--imprisoning even his bones and not allowing him a sacred burial--and Yale University for possessing the bones illegally. Prescott Bush and those fine, upstanding, little prick Skull & Bones brats brought his bones back to Yale where they remain today. Geronimo Lives!
Geronimo at his chiefly best.
Surprise! "Here's Johnnnnnny..."
That asinine but criminal cartoon that ran yesterday in my hometown's most bullshit newspaper, "The New York Post" (I won't dignify it with italics) riled me up so I no longer could abstain from writing, from using words--yes, though I'm sick and tired of words, this cartoon bullshit knocked my socks off and brought forth from me a whirlwind of words. It pisses me off especially because I remember when the Post was this city's most liberal newspaper--with columnists like Murray Kempton, James Wexler, Robert Reno, and Jimmy Breslin. Then in swept this city's worst nightmare, Rupert "the Asshole Aussie" Murdoch. This sorry turncoat once-Aussie liberal newspaper publisher--Prince Rupert inherited his Aussie newspaper empire from his old Daddy, a rather left-wing, labor-respecter newspaper publisher. But like I've always said, never trust a son taking over his father's business! First Rupert left Australia to get some revenge on the British Empire that sent its criminals to what the Brits thought of as a worthless piece of crap land, the "island" continent of Australia, after almost successfully anilhilating Australia's original people, a black people, a unique people--otherwise how the hell did they get from Africa to such an outcast place like Australia? Australia is actually a leftover land from very ancient times, which the White Man hasn't yet conquered, i.e., the recent wildfires that wiped out tons of white homes and killed 200--were they mostly white people? I assume they were. Every white person I've ever met from Australia was a racist, and without mentioning names, that includes a very big female Aussie star from that era where Aussie babes were coming to this country by the droves to try and pitch a wedge into a market that predominantly black women singers that were dominating. The Aussie girls came in to replace the worn-out white American babes who were imitating black women singers very badly and white phonily, so the record industry brought these Aussies girls in to be #1 white chick singers--and more than one of them made it: Helen Reddy, Lana Cantrell, and Olivia Newton John (I know Helen and Lana came over here and made it before the Australian men came over here in droves, like the awful, vulgar, copycat BeeGees--ripping off the black falsetto singers--same as the Righteous "White" Brothers ripped off the black soul singers of their earlier age--and that includes the vulgar Tom Jones, too [Mr. Ed: We agree with the commenter--"Lay off old Tom Jones!"--keep throwing your soiled panties at him--remember, though, I'm a horse so panties mean nothing to me in terms of erectile excitement--though I admit to taking Extend--yes, I submitted to those ads all night long on the lonesome end of television]--British foppy cats who really believed they understood Native American music and its evolution better than "white" Americans--yet none of them ever paid any god-damn dues like American musicians white or black but especially black had to pay--those MF-ers were brought over here by the American recording companies, they could make more bucks off the Brit boys and girls because of the tax situation in England at that time, to interrupt the awesome success of black singers and musicians over whatever the American white bands and stars threw at them. That's why Jimi Hendrix had to go to England to be respected--and yet those bastards were hitching themselves like parasites to the brilliant Jimi--so much more brilliant than any of those floppy-shoe-and-red-bulbed-nosed Brit fops that dragged the beat down in the Experience, which didn't bother Jimi at all, just gave him longer to play--his music based on the natural blues--where you can hold a measure out as long as you want to--especially if your rhythm section is dragging your ass down! I saw the The Daily Growler Staff tribute to Buddy Miles. Check out the albums with Buddy in the Experience! Damn right Buddy let Jimi come home. And Jimi came home to fall in love with his true love, his Electric Lady--his magnificent-obsessional love--the true Jimi Hendrix experience being that of infinite playing and recording--living within an electronic assimilation of his soul--his recording studio--at that time the finest ever put together by recording engineers that flocked around the millionaire Jimi to sell him drugs and the most advanced in recording equipment and equalizers and Dolby stretchers--I mean to record at the Electric Lady was instant "Good" in terms of how the Electric Lady could make punkers sound good--like could make Blondie sound conservatory trained. I drift...

But this sorry asshole Rupert Murdoch, I believe, has published a death threat against Obama by publishing so disgusting a cartoon! All over the networks this morning in NYC there is coverage of this chimp incident--all brought on by the insane coverage of this poor ass imprisoned chimp up in Stamford, Connecticut, a city of leisure-class hotrods, a poor fucking chimp who got tired of fucking and jiving around with his babyless white woman owner, a woman with a desire for a child so bad she made poor old Travis (the monk's name) act as if that child, never allowing old Travis to grow up. And then this crazed woman made old Travis became an incestuous pawn in her own human-monkey-pleasure-seeking dreams--I mean this grown human monkey woman forced old Travis to wear a fucking diaper as if a child--this poor old ancestor of mine. He tried to rip the white woman's friend's face off, the bitch! Who knows how those two human geeks were teasing the poor old diaper-wearing Travis! Cheeta never ripped no woman's face off--and he's still alive living a damn comfortable rather monkey Power Elite life out in Hollywood. Show our ancestors respect and they'll easily adjust into our society--but treating them like they are human children--or mother-son lovers!--I mean, don't you think chimps understand human actions? He was pissed. He died for his desire to be free of this teasing human monkey's silly incestuous control. And how he died--how cowardly are Stamford police? "Hey, I had to shoot his ass. He was trying to open my cop car door and come after my face. I did just what I'd do if he'd a been a human being trying to open the door to my cop car and do away with my I shot the monkey's ass." Human monkey reasoning. Afraid of the Jungle. Afraid of the Savage. Afraid of our ancestors! Afraid of anything we can't tame--and look at how humans work so hard to tame wild animals--that's because most of us don't see ourselves as animals--oh, no, remember, most human monkeys believe they were "Intelligently designed"--and we know God ain't no monkey--though all gods have made monkeys out of all of us. Hell, I'm not ashamed to admit I felt a kinship with that police-killed chimp. This is the same reason the Stamford, Connecticut, cops are afraid of black men. This is the reason a limp-dick Australian criminal like Rupert Murdoch is afraid of blacks both back in his former home country Australia and then in his new adopted home England, until he got control of all the slanderous yellow-journalism rags in England, until he then came to his latest adopted country, the USA. Corporate racists, all white dudes, I am more than certain, despise Barack Obama with a passion that borders on "the wicked"--and I'll guarantee you, a consortium of these world Power Elite players wouldn't mind seeing Obama dead. You get what I mean? The cops in the cartoon have shot the black-colored chimp wearing the white diaper. The cop who has shot this chimp has left him lying flat on his back in the street in a pool of blood. The cop is saying, "They'll have to find someone else to submit the next stimulus bill." A parody? "It is a parody of what's going on in Washington," the revengeful white Post editor said in defense of the cartoon. And I say, yes it is a parody of what's going on in Washington, District of Corruption, alright--it was meant as a threat to the President of the United States--'cause Obama is the one who's submitting the stimulus packages--and it's Obama the Washington, District of Corruption, cops have shot in the cartoon--and Obama's the chimp. That's the message, folks. I'm sure Rupert "World Criminal" Murdoch has had politicians killed before. Don't you think? Come on, this son of a bitch got a monopoly deal with Communist China! Don't you think the Commies eliminated certain people who didn't approve of this asshole's coming to their country and controlling their information systems! Hell yeah. Look how many British publishers have been in trouble and some even found dead at sea over the past 20 years! Look how phenomenal the rise of this little pissant rich-daddy's little spoiled-brat son from barbaric white Australia has been in the world of information and controlling "truths"--using his Information Empire to control all his self-important moves as he tries to become the richest and most powerful man in the world's Power Elite.

I thank this guy for this piece of shiftless-skunk shit. I also think this cartoon threatens the life of our president and Murdoch and the whole "New York Post" editorial staff should be arrested and face a Grand Jury investigation while imprisoned on 1-trillion-dollars bail. Why not take old Rupert's old gnarly ass on a CIA extraordinary rendition flight to say Morocco for some serious torture--torture forbidden under American justice but approved by Islamic justice--don't you see why so many CIA extraordinary rendition (kidnapping) flights go to Morocco, Syria, Egypt, Afghanistan? Obama has approved continued use of these flights (that's amazingly stupid on his part)--any kind of torture goes under Islamic law. Things are so simple when we understand how really stupid and inane these privileged rich assholes who are competing with each other to rule us, to enslave us, really. And now look, another schemin' scammin' asshole has surface, this time in dear old flim-flam Texas, Robert Allen Stanford, a cheap-trick prick who hustled his way to his billionaire status with his offshore Bank of Antigua. Oh yes. And listen to this, now these sorry ass Dumbocrats--especially a bunch of Florida politicians--are coming forth and admitting they received hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions from this self-declared financial whiz--re: Wizard--and this asshole was praised and asskissed (I mean politicians opened up old Robert Allen's ass cheeks and planted their tongue kisses deep in his darkest most smelly asshole) by the likes of Nancy "Rich Bitch" Pelosi and President Slick Willie Clinton (an easily trickbagged hillbilly)--The Slick One even deemed old Rat's Ass Allen a true American patriot and privileged-rich gentleman! Even New York State's own Senator Chuck "Clueless" Schumer took a bribe from this Texas swindler (some of the greatest flim-flammers (which is what these assholes are really) ever came from Texas--like the brilliant Billy Sol Estes or the late absolutely great Kenny Boy Lay (who was actually an Economics major from Missouri); the Bush Family Empire, too, are great Flim-Flammers.
Billie Sol Estes: one of the great flim-flammers of all time; and from my hometown to boot!

I'm back...but maybe not for long. I still am tired of words.

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Anonymous said...

OK - I'm on your wavelength pretty much, but leave Ol' Tom Jones out of it. He came up as hardscrabble as any white person, was rejected for his overenthusiastic rendition of black music and pablumed down to be Not Unusual. He's just a working lad from Wales really.

Anonymous said...

Your comment about the NY Post when Dolly Schiff owned it was right. I recall my parents reading it daily (and, practically religiously) and quoting from all those columnnists, plus Eleanor Roosevelt, who also wrote for it. Anonymous #1 above was correct about Tom Jones. Check out if you want to learn something about this remarkable man. And, please note, the BeeGees were all born on the Isle of Man which, last time I checked, was not in Australia or anywhere near it. The Brothers Gibb and Tom Jones don't belong in any writing excoriating Murdoch.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I agree with the "Growler", Tom Jones must be included in the category of White singers who made it by using, even copying the soul music style of Black singers. I hate to include Tom in this group because he was more a student then a copy-cat artist and soon evolved his own unique individual soul within himself and style that continued to grow and expand over these forty years, but he would not have been given such a huge expanse of field for galloping toward success and riches if America's doors had not been so closed to financially recognizing nor respecting the Black singers who American popular music evolved from and depended upon. Tom Jones in an article spoke of when he and other Black entertainers toured with the Dick Clark show, the Black entertainers were forcibly disallowed to enter the same restaurants he was allowed to eat in and were threatened by police violence. I do credit Tom Jones as the only White entertainer who while he himself was still trying to make it during his early years, he put his career at risk rather than disrespect the famous Black performers that he performed with and those who he invited to perform on his TV show. Black performers endured endless, humiliations and degradations as well as unequal pay to White performers.
What America wanted was the wonder and beauty of Black soul music but with a White face. During the minstrel music era singers like the famous Al Jolson, imitated Black soul singing, like an identical twin brother, and was allowed to do so by wearing "black face" make-up.

I am a Black woman and a fan of Tom Jones. I think he is a great singer with magnificently brilliant voice and style. He has his own individual style of soul-singing that is equal to even the great Black singers of the past and of course exceeds many of those of the present and I can say this of no other White singer.

Anonymous said...

Wow all I want to say is how much I agree with the heading to this thread: