Saturday, February 14, 2009

All Along the Watchtower on Valentine's Day

The Photographer on the Roof
thegrowlingwolf has quit writing. He says he's tired of words and trying to string them together in a unique way. His stories he says are too abstractly woven of lies and truths to be of importance to anyone but the irreverent and holy-reverent at the same time--parallel lines, he says, are driving him lobo-mad, they keep blocking completions within his own creative process. He's given up struggling to unite them, like a kid tries so hard to tie his or her shoelaces perfectly--it's not just a tiring effort but it's like having to play an hour of improvised music without any breaks, including bathroom breaks. And he reiterates he's tired of words and blank spaces. He's retreated to roofs. He's sleeping on roofs with his Toshiba camera. "That camera's out-of-date now, Wolfie." "So am I." Aha! He feels out of date. It's a problem with older musicians and writers...though, and we had to stop and think about it, a photographer can keep on taking photographic images until he or she is no more. Just think, bury a camera in his grave and watch him turn back to whatever! We're sure it's been done.

So thegrowlingwolf refuses to write anymore. "It's over, Johnny." Ah, our hero struck by boredom. Tedium vitae as Oscar Wilde called it. Writer's bloc? We don't think so; we can't imagine The Wolf Man not writing. However, for the time being, we'll just show you what he's sending back from whatever roof he's on. He's got a laptop up with him. Here's the latest batch, enjoy: (Click on photos for larger more revealing images)

Looking toward 5th Avenue at 6:30 AM

Top of a corporate temple on Madison Square Park
Temples & Tanks: The Con-Ed Building the Temple
Facade on 31st

Eye of the Sun, 7 AM, Looking East From Somewhere
Progress Blocking a Western View of Manhattan

Blind Photography
A Portrait of Mary (of Donegal)


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Marybeth said...

Nice Valentine's photos of my home city, Mr. Roofhopper. Today is my mother's birthday. First one she's not here for. I didn't get to buy her a birthday card with Valentine hearts all over it this year. Feels blank and sad. Mary of Donegal looks like some of my relatives. Some of my ancestors were from Donegal. We're black haired, fair skinned, Northern Irish, with some southern Italian thrown in for fun.