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Existing in New York City: Politicians Give Me the Creeps

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2013
Say Goodbye to: Bobby "Blue" Bland, one of the great blues singers of all time (need I say more?). Bobby Bland, 83, American blues and soul singer ("Further Up the Road", "Turn On Your Love Light"), inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (1992.
Creepy Politicians Giving Me the Creeps
I watched well-off Diane Feinstein defending the NSA's spying on all Americans thereby making us all guilty of something...surely we are all guilty of something petty that an Al-Queda mastermind could use as an excuse to attempt another miracle invasion of the Good Ole USA.  I watched Diane, a so-called Liberal from San Francisco, spouting out the bullshit line of how the NSA needs to be secret in order to protect us from all those dirty, filthy, rotten Islamic jihadists (and they all are; even those who live in this country) out there who are bent on killing Americans (and by "Americans" these White fools mean White Protestants, White Catholics, and Jews).  These are the same fools who when we are under attack run off and hide in the basements of their many mansions or at air force bases like that little coward weasel, G.W. Bush, or into their own private bunkers, like that old sorry bastard, Unka Dick(less) Cheney.

Then I accidentally came across a local teevee interview with old decrepit but still standing (though on wobbly legs), tax cheater and off-shore investor, Charlie Rangel saying NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is a traitor and should be arrested and jailed and preconvicted...why, hell, it seems like old Uncle Tom Rangel was almost ready to lynch this sorry bastard...maybe lynch him up in Harlem.

Old reprobate Charlie Rangel was followed by New York City's Long Island jerk Repugnican Peter King spouting his anti-Islamic bullshit and agreeing with old Unca Tom Charley in full Yahoo pomposity by saying that definitely Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange should be hogtied together and gassed (the new form of burning at the stake) and quartered as traitors, as aides to the mighty astronomical military force of al-Queda, who by the way are now our allies in Syria...ain't that ironic?  The Big Prick Peter also believes Glenn Greenwald should be arrested for espionage for reporting on Snowden's whistleblowing findings; in fact, all journalists who report anything against our might spy system is a traitor. 

And I'm trying to decide who is the creepiest of those three creeps?  Diane Feinstein looking like a bulldog bitch is a creepy woman; Charley Rangel is overperfumed (with Brute) and sleazy creepy, and Peter King is just a plain old creepy man.  Yet, the dumbass American people will keep electing these creeps.  Which means, logically, that most Americans are creeps.

The Three Creeps in a Row: Diane the Hypocrite; Uncle Tom Rangel Relaxing at His Tax-Free Caribbean Retreat; and Peter King With a Love of Muslims on His Shanty Irish Mug
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