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Existing in New York City: Nothing New in Combing E-mails, Phone Calls, Internet Activity

Foto by tgw, "Looking Down on West 31st and 7th Ave," New York City, 2013
Say Goodbye to: Stan Lopata, catcher for the Philadelphia Phillies, a position he shared for a while with Andy Seminick, eventually beating Andy out of the job.  Stan Lopata was a member of the 1950 Philadelphia Phillies "Whiz Kid" National League Champions that went on to lose 4 straight games to the New York Yankees in the World Series. Stan Lopata, 87, American baseball player (Philadelphia Phillies), complications of a cardiac condition.

Say Goodbye to: Michael Hastings: investigative journalist who agreed with The Daily Growler that the war in Afghanistan was just as unfair and illegal as the war in Iraq...the Taliban were not a threat to the USA. Michael Hastings, 33, American journalist (Rolling Stone, Newsweek, BuzzFeed), traffic collision.
Say Goodbye to: Johnny Smith, one of the great "Cool Jazz" guitarists.  He hit his high in the early 50s when his Quartet featured a young Stan Getz. Johnny Smith, 90, American jazz guitarist and songwriter ("Walk, Don't Run"), natural causes.
Spying on Americans
All this current bullshit about the NSA forcing Verizon, Sprint, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, et al., to let this the biggest of the multitude of government spy agencies and their contracted asshole companies like Booze, Allen, Hamilton secretly record our emails, telephone/cell phone calls, internet activities is really nothing new.  Plus, they are doing this with OUR money!  And trust me it is billions upon billions of dollars.  BUT, the U.S. government's secret spy agencies and their goons have been doing this for decades.  I was writing about our Fascist government back before Chris Hedges quit the NYTimes or Glenn Greenwald figured it all out.  Back before the days of our phony Napoleon: G.W. Bush, Slick Willie Clinton, back during the days of old Pappy Bush (formerly head of the CIA), now an old toddling bastard who's still alive showing you that lying-sorry-worthless politicians can almost live forever on diets of martinis, wine, women, steaks, and bribes.  Of course, they get the best healthcare in the world.

Do I give a damn if the NSA, the FBI, the CIA, the DEA, Homeland Security are chewing over the The Daily Growler's tiptoeing through the phony tulips?  Hell no.  Feast on my ramblings, boys.  Look in the mirror and see who I'm condemning to the "evil and immoral" side of U.S. life.

When I worked hand-in-hand with law enforcement in Dallas and New Orleans, I could almost always tell who was an FBI agent or which one of the cops I dealt with would eventually go to the FBI.  They were usually little guys with big chips on their shoulders.  Sociopaths for sure; but then aren't all politicians, cops, FBI, CIA, Pentagon, et al., sociopaths?

I loved it when our Nobel Peace Prize-winning President stood up and told yet another bald-faced lie when he said his paranoid-schizophrenic spy freaks weren't listening to our phone calls.  Naw, Prez, they ain't listening to them, they're just recording them and running them through one of those "spot the terrorist" software programs.

The head of the NSA, by the bye, General Keith Alexander, is an old Bush administration West Point chump, a child of the crooked Donald Rumsfeld who boosted him from a one-star general up to a three-star general in record time.  Now, due to Obama's worship of the Bush administration's worthless goons, Keith is a 4-star general.  Keith, according to all the pundits I've read lately, is probably the most powerful goon in Washington, District of Corruption.  Keith, being a gung-ho military man is a lying son of a bitch and two-faced to boot.  His intentions are to start more wars.  We, in case you didn't know it, are living in a war economy.  We are still the world's policemen and, folks, that started back with the Eisenhower administration after the racist Southern Dumbocrats turned Republican and floated old Ike into power over the dumb-ass Dumbocrats picking the egghead Adlai Stevenson, the former crooked but slick-talking governor of the Mafia-run State of Illinois.

Have you noticed how gun control is no longer an issue with these sociopathic pricks even though the senseless local terrorists keep blowing away innocent Americans on what seems like an every day basis?  In a war economy, arms makers rule.

I've had personal experience with being spied upon.  Back in the roaring sixties, my wife and I belonged to CORE (the Congress of Racial Equality) and we subscribed to the Louisiana Weekly, Dissent, and Paul Sweezy's openly Marxist Monthly Review.  Old J. Edgar "Crossdressing" Hoover spied on us daily.  Later, my wife and I subscribed to the Peking Review out of Mao's RED China and we had to get permission from the USPS to receive our issues, even to receive calendars and cookbooks from RED China.  Later when under the Freedom of Information Act, we found out the government had dossiers on wife, who had majored in Chinese language and Chinese history in college, had an especially large file.

Spying is a big business.  It's a big business not only in this country but in every country.  Spies are constantly spying on themselves.

I and several of my close friends say let 'em have info on us; pile it up; we don't give a damn.  Of course, the dumbass American people, the dumbest people in the world, lemmings who are letting themselves being led over the bluffs to their eventual demise, keep electing these scary bastards.

As Ralph Nadir told us back decades ago when he ran for president, there is no difference between the idiot Republicans and the idiot Dumbocrats.  They're both equally corrupt.  And this is a truism that one can trace, as I have recently, way back as far as you can go in the history of this White Man's country that was stolen via invasion and massacre from the Native Americans.  We human monkeys are territorial beasts and just like predatory animals, we are constantly due to economic necessity expanding our territories.

Come the next election, the dumbass American people will re-elect most of the clowns ripping us off in Congress, 90% of these fools get re-elected no matter whether we think they are fucking us or not, and trust me, they are all fucking us royally.  So bend over, folks, and prepare to get fucked royally even worse than you got fucked the last time you voted Obama back into office.  He keeps pulling the Bush Empire wool over our eyes and we seem to love it.

Ironically, with all this expansive spying, these goons still couldn't stop the Boston Marathon fools from doing their terrorist deed just as the fool military allowed those Saudia-Arabians carrying nothing but box-cutters as weapons to pull off one of the greatest invasions in military history back on 9/11 when that little coward G.W. Bush started this stupid War on Terror.

Soon these goons will be getting us involved in this Syrian civil war (that was started, I say, by the CIA), which will lead to a major Middle-East war that could eventually pit Russia, Iran, Syria, Iraq against us and our nuclear-war-craving ally, Israel.  This will be the nuclear war our dumbass brutal military goons have been praying to Mars for since Hairy Ass Truman blew away 300,000 Japanese to end World War II, which has really never really ended.

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