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Existing in New York City: Chaos Ain't a'Comin'...It's HERE

Foto by tgw,  New York City, October 2012
Say Goodbye to: Hans Werner Henze, the prolific German composer who was also a devout Marxist who left Germany in 1953 because of politics and his homosexuality moving to Italy where he lived most of the rest of his life. Hans Werner Henze, 86, German composer (Symphony No. 9, Elegy for Young Lovers, The Raft of the Medusa)

I Don't Mean to Alarm You, Folks, But Are You Prepared for Chaos?
Let's look at the Big Picture: Solar flare storms are predicted to hit from now until 2013; the dollar is dropping in value on a daily basis; our involvement in WAR is wreaking havoc with our economy; climate change is coming more rapidly than predicted; drought and heatwaves have devastated middle America--wheat and corn production are at all-time lows; most cities in the US are bankrupt or on the verge of bankruptcy; the Federal Reserve is still bailing out our still-failing banks to the tune of trillions of dollars; we are determined to kiss Israel's ass with our President saying an attack on Israel is an attack on the USA; we are losing the war in Afghanistan big time; Iraq is more unstable now than it was under Hussein; we are definitely in a second Great Depression; we are totally dependent on electricity--what if the grid blows up?; we continue to go fracking mad a process whose ability to wreak havoc on our earth, our water, our future is unknown, unregulated, and benefiting only a handful of oligarchs with Pennsylvania, where fracking is going wild, now allowing Chesapeake (whose CEO is an out-and-out crook) to frack drill 1 mile from a nuclear power plant in Shippingsport; President Obama has opened up more of our public lands to drillers and miners than any other president before him; etc., etc., etc.

The next several months are going to be crucial moments as this country slips further and further into Chaos.  We the People of the USA have allowed our homes, our lands, our public schools, our public utilities, our public airwaves, our public commons, our public social services, our public works to be stolen right out from under us by a handful of oligarchs.  Both President Obama and the Mormon fool running against him are surely aware of this taking place.  Neither of these men, though not necessarily idiotically stupid, don't know one damn thing about the pseudo-science of Economics.  Both of these men are under the influence of the economics of Milton Friedman, who was under the influence of the Austrian School of Economics, especially the teachings of Frederick von Hayak and Ludwig von Mises.  These men's economic philosophies are the foundation on which the U.S. Libertarian school of Economics was built.  They promote rugged individualism to the extreme.  Ludwig von Mises came to the US from Austria in the late 1930s to escape Nazism.  Once here, he became an avid anti-Communist, to the point, he joined the John Birch Society.  The John Birch Society was headquartered in Orange County, California, a Conservative/Rightwing hotbed whose capital is the city of Anaheim, mostly made up of Dust Bowl refugees, Arkansas hillbillies, Texans, Kansas backwards thinkers, Okies, all ruined by predator banks yet unable to grasp such a necessity to deep think, except for Woody Guthrie perhaps, and the Texan John Henry Faulk.  The Birchers had a big influence of Ronnie "Raygun" Reagan, that actor/sap who under the influence of the Conservatives and the NeoCon Austrian Economics followers out of the University of Chicago (i.e., Paul Wolfowitz) took this country down the wrong road of free trade and rising debt as he systematically tried to eliminate all social services and regulations in what really were anti-Roosevelt maneuvers that had been the objective of the Republican Party since Roosevelt clocked their rich-boy asses in 1932 by demolishing old poor little rich boy Herbert Hoover whose backwards thinking rich boy economics caused the Crash of 1929 and left Roosevelt in charge during the worst depression in this White-dominated nation's history.  Same as G.W. "Georgie Porgie" Bush left Barack Obama with, except Barack Obama evidently not understanding history trumpeted his admiration for Ronnie "Flying to Tokyo in Three Hours" Reagan, an admiration he admitted had to do with Reaganomics, the economics old G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush had with sudden wisdom deemed "Voodoo Economics."

And that's a little quick rundown, folks, of how we got ourselves in the serious mess we're in at this moment, a serious mess that neither backwards-thinking Mitt "the Mormon" Romney or President Barack "Nobel Peace Prize Winner" Obama act like they even know exists.  Not once in any of their silly debates did they realistically handle this economic crisis we're in; not once did they mention the rampant poverty in this country; not once did they mention the bankrupting of our cities, like Detroit, where Obama tooted about saving the automobile industry--a saving he did by first nationalizing the industry (a good thing) but then forcing auto workers to accept cuts in salaries and entry-level wages reduced to barely subsistence levels, a bail out he didn't mention was also based on help from Canada and then selling Chrysler to the Italian company Fiat Motors, who, by the way, make one of the worst cars in automobile history.  Have you maybe noticed how many Fiat commercials you are suddenly seeing all over our commercial pap media?

Chaos thrives on confusion and most of We the People of the USA are confused as hell.  More confused than us are Mitt "the Mormon" Romney who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground and Barack "Executive Order Murderer" Obama who can't decide whether he's truly Black or if maybe he's not more White...Obama's trying to redeem himself by joking about the election, cracking jokes while Mitt "the Mormon" Romney, believe it or not, is now running neck and neck with him.  Don't forget, at least 50% of We American Fools voted G.W. "Georgie Porgie" Bush into two terms--I mean, yeah, he stole both elections, but he didn't need to steal that many votes...what, less than 50,000 in his brother's backward state of Florida in the first election--the one that the Supreme(ly dumb) Court appointed him as President---and about the same amount of votes in the backward state of Ohio in his 2004 win.  Also, don't forget, the White backlash put the Republicans back into power in 2012.  Fools, folks, go where Angels fear to tread.  And remember, too, folks, Sigmund Freud warned us about our personal and societal death wishes.

And to Further Add to Some Potential Chaos
A hurricane called Sandy (it's a male Sandy) is on a beam to hit New Jersey, New York City, and New England square on with at least gale-force winds, high waves, and heavy rains at the same time from out of the west is coming a fierce winter storm that may bring snow as far east as New York City.  The NYPD is suspecting this is an al-Queda plot and has nothing to do with climate change.  Idiots! And we are all idiots...except maybe I'm not.

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