Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Existing in New York City: The Brainless Rule

Foto by tgw, New York City, October 2012
How Stupid Are We Americans?
Romney beating President Obama in the debate?  Both men proved to be first-class lying bastards; Romney proudly lying like the Mormon dog he is, while Obama seemed to be ashamed of his lies.  Does that make sense?  I mean both men’s male solutions for our problems are backwards thinking; in other words truths based on lies.  Obamacare is a lie, for instance; so is its companion Romneycare.  Both candidates have their noses in the ass cracks of the richest assholes in the world and the CEOs of the world’s richest and most ruthless corporations.  Mitt “the Mormon” Romney is filthy rich to start off with; I mean what does a dude worth 200 million dollars know about going to his mailbox and getting a notice from the bank telling him they are foreclosing on his home?  Here’s a dude who simply because he’s rich has mansions spread across the USA plus God knows how many summer residences in God knows where.  He’s got so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it—so much money he gives millions a year to the Mormon Church.   Obama on the other hand is the worst kind of rich man, a nouveau riche rich man—climbing to the glory of wealth by getting elected to the presidency in 2008, winning on the hopes of poor Americans, those stupidos of us who were swayed by Obama’s calling out  “Yes, we can,” while people all over the world even in the anti-American Muslim countries pinned their hopes on this man.  Obama fooled our asses good, though we should have known.  I wrote on this blog at the time that I didn’t trust this guy.  In his book he had admitted that Ronald Reagan was one of his favorite presidents—especially in terms of his ECONOMIC policies and his FREE TRADE policies, policies that put us in the first of the encroaching economic crises, that left us with the biggest deficits since the middle of World War II.  Nowhere in that book did Obama mention Franklin Delano Roosevelt and New Deal policies.  And further in that book, Obama declared that his heroes were WALL STREET FINANCIERS!  Warning, I shouted in vain.  Then at his inauguration the truth came out---I first noticed it by the announcer of the inauguration broadcast on television saying that one of the first things President Obama did was special order three special-built Cadillac SUVs, one of which he paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue in coming to the special grandstand built for him from which he gave his inauguration speech.  Obama as far as I was concerned had revealed his poker hand to us—by God, I thought, this half-White-half-Black man has trick bagged we stupidly hopeful Americans into voting for him.  Further evidence of his backward-thinking (truths based on lies) came when exiting from the White Man's House with G.W. Bush, the worst president in US history, the idiot poor little rich boy, this guy who’d gone AWOL during his involvement in learning to fly with the Texas National Guard, and declaring, he found old G.W. a good ole boy, easy to get along with.

And then given prominent and honorable display on his inauguration platform, having those two arm-in-arm lying bastards G.W.H. “Pappy” Bush and Good Ole Arkansas boy-made-good, Slick Willie Clinton, Pappy being Willie’s new best friend,…and then having that nutjob California fundamentalist preacher give the inaugural prayer!  And to whose God was that prayer directed? And by then I’m hollering, “WE’VE BEEN HOODWINKED!”

And once again, President Obama was given such a great opportunity to trash Mitt “the Mormon” Romney at this staged debate, to accuse this lying bastard of lying his ass off, which he was pompously doing, and instead what does he do, why he puts on a dumber-than-dumb show.  Observers sat in awe as Obama let Mitt “the Mormon” Romney get away with lie after lie, flip-flop after flip-flop, to the point that now after this debate has been thrown in the waste can, polls are showing Romney now leading Obama.  Can you believe this?  How genuinely fucking stupid are Americans; especially White Americans?  That debate gave the majority of racist Whites their big chance to get this N-worder out of the White Man’s House.  Yahoos were shouted across the racist White USA.  Rather an idiot lying rich boy Mormon be president than old Uncle Barack (with his head Tomishly bowed during that rigged debate---and these corporate-sponsored debates are rigged, and now I’m wondering if Obama was paid by corporations to dumb down like he did—call me a conspiracy nutjob---nope, folks, I’m just a natural-born cynic).

The solutions to all our problems are so simple.  Just a few: do away with Homeland Security, the FBI, the CIA, drones, a constantly out-of-hand Defense Department budget, sending monies to foreign countries, the war on drugs, developing new weapons on a constant basis, continuing to spend billions on a space program, and ditching Obamacare and creating a single-payer healthcare system.  Are how about taxing religious organizations? 

I say I’m giving up on politics, it’s so beneath me both intellectually and culturally; yet, I see the idiots We the Dumbass People of the USA keep supporting; the openly racist White nutjobs We the Dumbass White People of the USA keep giving power to---like that dumbass hillbilly hick Akin in Missouri who is now back on top the polls against Ms. McCaskill.  We are idiots all.  Idiots.  Truly stupid people.

Mark Ames, to me a brilliant writer and thinker, has explained it all in an old article he wrote in 2004 and then upgraded in 2011 in response to Thomas Frank's book What's the Matter With Kansas?  It's truth I hadn't really consciously thought of.  About spite voters.  Americans are vicious.  Vicious to the point they vote out of spite...well, read Mark's article and this will become so clear to you (in spite of how you feel about Mark Ames, I might add):

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