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thegrowlingwolf Again With This Obsolescence--Take 3

Foto by tgw, New York City, August 2010
[A The Daily Growler Warning: President Obama, after two taxing "Missions Accomplished" in less than 48 hours is a physical wreck--definitely deserving of some MORE R&R. His first "Mission Accomplished" happened on his quickie visit to Panama City, Florida, where he declared with a deceiving smile on his handsome mug that the Saint BP miracle of the disappearing oil in the Evil BP Gulf Coast oil spill disaster to be, yes, true, yes, an actual miracle. The Gulf Coast beaches in Florida at least are lushly bright seagreen blue--why, he said, why wouldn't any American want to come to Florida now?--take advantage of the low hotel rates--they're desperate for business. (Out of curiosity: if 1/5th of the American Idiot Class believes that President Obama is a Muslim (also he's not an American)--therefore, as a Muslim, is he able to declare Christian miracles?--BP certainly being a Christian (Anglican) Saint, even though ironically they got their free pass into the oil business by stealing Muslim oil--which triggers this thought: has anyone suggested that maybe this oil spill was Allah's revenge?). President Obama vouched for this miracle while he and Michelle were taking big-toe dips in the Good Gulf Oil Coast waters at Panama City. One might ask, why did he choose to go to Florida for his testing of the waters? Why not Mississippi? The President's 2nd Mission Accomplished party was his, while he was on a quick stop back in Washington, District of Corruption, declaring an end to the Iraq War.... Whoaaaaa...let me backtrack...he said the end of "combat" in "Combat" another word for War? Anyway, hey, Yahooooo, 50,000 dumbass now matured-in-killing combat forces are exiting Iraq via Kuwait and heading back over here--oops, up goes the jobless market--unless Obama immediately ships these poor stupid American "heroes" on another long-term tour-of-duty in President Obama's sacred G.W. Bush Memorial War in Afghanistan. By the way, do We the People of the USA own Kuwait? I know G.W.H. "Pappy" Bush when he was Commander in Chief bravely led our forces against that evil Saddam Hussein when he was throwing Kuwaiti babies out of their incubators--remember that reason for going to WAR given us by Pappy Bush and his crusading New World Order visionaries--a looking back (which Obama won't do) shows the direction these Republican FOOLS want us going--and that's into a deep dive across the board--DRIVING US DOWN--achieving their original goal of CHEAP LABOR. Capitalism can't keep rewarding the Power Elite with profits if they have to pay their workers more than barely-livable wages--with hopes of one day slavery returning to this country--and in some cases, like picking tomatoes in Florida, it already has. Remember, the original NEO-CON Spoiled Brats saying we needed another Pearl Harbor to tear us loose from the Socialist high-tax policies of that evil Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Jewsevelt as they knew him then) those Socialist/Humanitarian policies (strikes of Communism to these American Neanderthals--OK in China but not the rest of the Global economy): like insuring our bank accounts against bank collapses due to banks using their customers's monies for their own private investment speculations; like giving us a Social Security for when we are old and worn out and can't work anymore (the majority of our senior class--and it is a class)--when most old folks are burnt out--and maybe busted; or like bringing electricity to Rural America, where today the remaining oddballs and idiots under the power of their up-to-date lighting will vote for a Repugnican whose policies would take away all public utilities and put them in the hands of God knows what Power Elitist private investment firms--or take their Social Security money (it's our money) and put it all lock, stock, and barrel into the hands of the Wall Street pirates who are stealing our wealth to the tune right now of 1.9 trillion dollars. While on the subject of our new Saint, British Petroleum, ask yourself how this foreign oil company got so many unregulated drilling privileges on We the People-owned lands and offshore waters? Like BP drill, drill, drilling away up in our unique Alaskan Wilderness area? Who parcelled out all of these rich natural resources to a British corporation? Or how did this foreign oil company (from the only country that has declared war on us twice) get so many well permits in our Gulf of Mexico offshore fields? So President Obama--let's see he vacationed in Maine just a month or so ago--right? Then poor vexed and haggard Michelle and the girls got a little deserved relaxation on a trip to Spain--God bless them. Then the exciting little whirlwind visit to the Good Gulf (Oil) Coast--whewww, even I'm exhausted going over this itinerary. Then back to the District of Political Sludge and declaring "Combat" ended in Iraq...whewwwww. So why not a little vacation on Martha's Vineyard? A little golf maybe with the new BP CEO, the American dude? Sounds like a deserved series of vacations to me. Besides, it is summer and the two-faced Congress is off counting up the money left in its political campaign coffers back home--some of these fairly rich dumbclucks facing challenges from some Ayn Rand-freak women ex-executives--some facing challenges from the Rand Paul and Ron Paul-type Libertarian goofballs--old Harry Reid having to back peddle on his old phony-Liberal one-wheeler into a more aligned agreement with the teabagger babe giving his casino-supported ass a run for the billions of Federal and Mafia dollars that are poured into Nevada every year since We the People of the USA own most of Nevada--and the Mafia owns the rest. Las Vegas by the way has the highest unemployment in the US right now; it has the highest number of foreclosed-on homes of a major US city--including DETROIT! Our US superstructure is falling into shambles--could this be the beginning of the ruins that will be left behind of our civilized time of being in the catbird seat? "It's over, Johnny!" may be the clarion call these two-faced politicians, including our President, are trying to warn us about--a downhill situation they no longer have any control over--we are now a Corporate State--Nazi Germany was a Corporate State, in case you're interested.]

And now back to our story....

But I Like My Toshiba 4.0
What are timepieces but collections of pieces of time organized into a chronological reading. "The time is exactly...." Whoaaaa. That's the beginning of a misstatement. It's time to eliminate the misstatement from the observational reasoning. Obsolescence is where those pieces of time no longer add up contemporarily. I am facing four timepieces. All four show four different "exact" times. Then I look up on the toolbar of my Mac and the time there is different from the other four times. All in all, going from one timepiece to the other either keeps your life time steady or pushes you further ahead into yet unexplored life time, or drags you so far behind your obsoletely too late in your catching up.

How does one measure the NOW? Obsolescence is merely a process in the NOW. It is happening at the particular time in the NOW that is the time of obsolescence--like when you have a great idea and then it disappears from your thoughts the very next second--you met an idea in time but obsolescence crashed into it at a crossroads in your life time...God-damn life is confusing. Good thing, right? If you are told, "You are going to die in 6 months," what does that mean to you? In the NOW it means nothing. In the long-run it poses mental and physical problems. Can the NOW be held in a continual present? A time that is always the same time? Would a perpetual NOW be the key to eternal life? Immortality?

The mind is controllable like time is controllable and time is controllable by the mind that invented it. When I look at these five timepieces whose faces are facing me, I see on what a delicate and mostly incorrect time line we walk. Yes, the old teevee show was right, "You must Beat the Clock to win the prize." If the clock beats you? You're dead. Do you get it?

thedailygrowlerhousepianist has immersed his intellectual self into a thorough study of Plato. It has turned him contentious with regards to my SET ways of logically thinking. When I say I'm an Atheist but not in the sense of the way the word is constructed--like "I'm an A without the theist," he then begins to Socratically attack me by referring me to Plato's The One, the source, the this, the that. I rebel. But my rebellion draws more criticism from this new Plato amongst us--"Your arguments are lousily foundated, Wolfie," he jabs at me. I throw Freud and sublimation at him and he counters by asking me what the hell I mean by sublimation; he knows nothing about it. As a result, I've started seriously reading The Republic for a second time--the first time was in college--a time way in the past that was not a pastime but a time of release for me, a release from the binding hands of that era's clock, especially the big clock on the administration building's tower. All my learning timed. Like Pavlov's dogs, I was conditioned to respond to the loud bonging chimes of that tower clock whose face was as gruesome as the faces of most of my professors. All my time then was divided into multitask-type categories. I'm reading The Republic then at the same time I am reading Jacques Maritain, the Catholic existentialist. And I am reading paragraphs of both over and over and interlacing them, arguing with Socrates on justice using Catholic-existentialist reasoning--justice is in the eye of the beholder--justice doesn't exist--show me where justice exists? Where's justice in childhood? Where's justice in religion? Then I began to realize, and time it was I did, that I was wasting time causing duels within my head with two different concepts of time and life. Wasting my time, not their time. I was getting points from reading several different disciplines at the same time, but they in time became sketchy in my timed mind--like confusing my Max Weber with something I knew damn well was Georg Simmel's idea--or from questioning the reason for squared cities--why not round cities? when I knew I had learned that from reading about Burgess's Concentric Circle theory of urban planning at some time in the time I sat aside to my Urban Sociology reading and study requirements, and from Burgess I found time to read Frank Lloyd Wright's book on his Utopian city he called Broadacre City--I'll take time out here to tell you that over time, I've found Frank Lloyd Wright one of the most fascinating thinkers of his time and even into my time and your time today--and, yes, I know, he was an egomaniacal asshole, but, hey, you've got to be such an asshole when you make your fortune off the Power Elite--the only way really any serious artist can really get ahead--with a whole bunch of patrons, don't you see.

And here I's cynical time in my constant growling imaging that's going on in my head all of the time--and that would pose a good question for Socrates to question--"Tell me, Socrates, what is 'all of the time'?" "Hand me that cup of hemlock,
Thrasymachus, these fools are driving me nuts."

TIME OUT: I've found a truly interesting site--I think Columbia U architectural students came up with this--on Frank Lloyd (his real middle name was Lincoln) Wright's Broadacre City. What a visionary. He was thinking in a time that will never be--what kind of time is that? And Frank Lloyd Wright did design timepieces--more for the design than the time they told. I wear my gold 1953 Hamilton wristwatch for show and not for the time it tells. I seldom look at it though I do like flashing it on people. I have the time of my life sometimes showing off that wristwatch. "Hey, Socrates, why's it called a watch?"
It's time I shook the timeless cobwebs out of my head and wrote something that easily made sense. In time all sense becomes nonsense, doesn't it? Like in the past people used to believe as sensible the nonsense of a Jewish guy who was miraculously born of a virgin (yeah, sure) 2000 years ago and who billions now see sense in this 2000-year-old illegitimate Jewish reformer actually being the only son of what they referred to as "the living God." Yahweh--the living Jewish God? Jehovah--the living Christian God? Allah--the living Muslim God? Mazda--the living Zoroastrian God? The Sun--the ONLY LIVING GOD there is--but don't worship the sun, my children, or you'll go blind--Jesus, what a time I have staying on my subjects--but that's exactly what I was meaning earlier in describing my time in college and the time I had for learning and the time I had for becoming socially acceptable and the time I had for studying and the time I had to quickly learn self-control--times times times divided into one time that cannot be. And in time, too, nonsense can become sense. All things are related, aren't they?

Flip a coin. And in an Experimental Psychology class during my time in college we once tested our moment-to-moment existing using the flipping of a coin to decide what we did. Do I study or go get drunk? You assign heads or tails--"Heads, I study; Tails, I go get drunk," flip the coin, and then determine your next move on the results. "Yahoo, let's go get drunk, boys." "But my coin says I gotta study, man, bummers." Can you imagine spending your time flipping coins all the time?

Have a good time. Time has it things will certainly run out of time at sometime or another. What is another time? Hand old Socrates another cup of hemlock.

And by now all I've written is obsolete. Ah shit! That's the god-damn cross-eyed bear I bear as a writer, writing on time, timely writing, on my writing time--whoops, TIME! Put down your pencils and turn in your tests. "Ah, come on, I need more time, teach."

Time waits for no man. It should be the opposite: man waits for no time. Time spelled backwards is emit and that's what time does, it emits death. E.E. Cummings wrote that "Time is an eater of all things lovely." [Editor, please don't fact check that quote--E.E. Cummings doesn't give a shit if I get it a little the way it wasn't in Puella Mea. [Mr. Ed: To be editorially correct, that quote should be stated: "Eater of all things lovely--Time."] Is it time for big fat crazy Kate Smith to belt out "God Bless Our Editors"?]
An ancient timepiece.

And I spent all that valuable life time trying to write a puzzling post about time, the phony time, the real time, the poco tiempo, the tempus fugit, or "Till the End of Time" "As Time Goes By."

"Play it again, Sam."

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Who are you? I like your stuff.

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Like the Lone Ranger wore a mask to hide his identity, thegrowlingwolf likes wearing a mask of anonymity...he is an ex-poet, an ex-musician, an ex-editorial director, an ex-juvenile court social worker, an ex-husband...let's just call him Mr. X.

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