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thegrowlingwolf Laughing His Crying Ass Off

Foto by tgw, "The Moon Is Full," New York City, 2010
[SAD NOTE: the Obama Administration has just awarded Eric Prince's Private Army, Blackwater, a $200,000,000 contract to guard 2 sites in Afghanistan--guarding normally done by our "hired-gun" army. That's pretty sad, folks. But it's a part of our Power Elite privatizing every aspect of our lives. It's a Capitalist tool. Think about this: a PRIVATE in any man's Army is the lowest rank there is. Just like a PRIVATE citizen is about the lowest form of citizenship in a Capitalist society (which ours is) because it means "You're on your own, Buddy," which is the main meaning of the Neo-Con New World Order principle of self-betterment through "Pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps"--like Eric Prince did--oh, I forgot, Eric's father was a big rightwinger nutjob rich asshole--so, yes, Eric pulled himself up by his own bootstraps--and very nice handmade leather boots they were, too! OH YE HYPOCRITES!]

Why Am I Laughing My Crying Ass Off?
Because my fellow citizens, those around me, and those all around me, are lost. Their heads are distracted by their own and those imposed upon them by their superiors depressions and fears. In other words, they've got their heads up their asses. They are lost because they are left to spin in the middle of a road supposedly going to a paradise, spinning like an empty beer can thrown from a car going 100 mph onto an asphalt highway--spinning and ting-tang-pinging in its spinning, singing as it spins out of control, to tumble, to bound, and to eventually end up as trash in a ditch. A road that's going from being a 6-lane paved superhighway to being a trickle of a dirt path leading back into the Hell of the jungle (Nature).

That's why I'm laughing my crying ass off. Being a human-wolf hybrid I see my fellow citizens from two angles.

My human angle, my civilized angle, sees them as so utterly hung up in their own fears and hopes they find their ideals in the irrational. They are hung up on that face they see in the mirror every morning before they start their every-day routines. They analyze that face. Even if it's horribly deformed and therefore ugly they give it "handsomeness" via rationalizations--"I have nice eyes...and I like they way this new thickener works on my hair's as nice as my eyes...." Never confronting ugliness or the dark side of beauty and glamor and glitter and show biz (Gore Vidal says politics is show biz).

My wolf angle sees them as helplessly trapped in trying to occupy a wilderness (a jungle) the have a mortal fear of. My wolf angle sees them as easily preyed upon in this cowardly condition. As easily tricked. As easily encircled. As easily destroyed (as in guerrilla warfare--the kind of warfare We White Americans used to gain OUR independence from OUR Mother England and her royal highasses. How ironic that Mother England is now busy destroying our whole Gulf Coastal waters and shorelines and offshore island sanctuaries and what's left of a coral reef--and as The Daily Growler reported when this explosion happened so long ago now, there is a worst-case scenario of this manmade disaster in that this explosion maybe had caused pressure on the many methane gas pockets in that area of our Gulf Coast. Cracked 'em open maybe; caused them to start seeping deep down in those Gulf of Mexico waters--a mile or two down there--methane that if loosed in massive doses could not only wipe out the animal life (both water and land animals) but also the human life in the area. Why? Because methane gas, like natural gas, has no odor--it's a silent killer of a most massive destructive kind. Consider turistas to Florida say diving into what the Governor of Florida is currently rush-advertising here in the NYC market as still safe, clean waters, uncontaminated yet--and, hell, even if some of them are, Florida has plenty of beaches, so la-te-dah--and say after they've dived in, and minutes pass and they don't come out, you can bet they'll float in with the tide dead as a door knob later--oh, no, you mean there was methane gas in that uncontaminated water!). [Word Up: Just last night television showed pools of oil drifting up onto the beaches in Pensacola, Florida, on Florida's West Coast.

[Mr. Ed.: We must here note that in criticizing BP's ad showing a Black dude in very casual dress who said he was going to be in charge of doling out the bucks from the BP-promised (not forced on them really) 20-billion buck victim account. The Wolf Man said the dude didn't give his name. A reader has informed us that there is a new BP ad where this dude does give his name. Curiously in this ad the dude says, "That's why I volunteered for this job, because I'm from the area...." We are still skeptical of this ad--very well done in terms of video production--though what the hell does the dude mean "he volunteered" for the job? This ad, too, like all BP's sudden rush of defending-themselves ads, is running twenty-four/seven on New York City teevee. Why dat? you may ask. We answer, maybe because our high-class restaurants here in NYC, especially our many sushi bars, depend on the Gulf Coast for all of its shrimp, most of its oysters, all of its crawfish, most of its red snapper, most of its turtle meat.]

I'm laughing my crying ass off at the truly embarrassing way our Power Elite are acting in public, right before our eyes, these crucial days when they are all really starting once again to en masse run for the presidency--building up their or their choices's campaign coffers.

Our BETTERS are acting pompous and asshole--as witnessed early this week by the down-his-nose actions of the bitter old pompous ass Repugnican asshole Alan Simpson, ex-Senator from (where else) Wyoming (Dick Cheney's faux home address--and where he has a lot of natural gas investments--and I'm sure Simpson is well connected to the natural gas and coal industry in Wyoming). Simpson's old-fart ass (example of the Icelandic insult Prumphaensn (fartchicken) [from Uglier Than a Monkey's Armpit, Penquin, 2010]) has been chosen by our President to be a member of our President's choice-prime-corporate-oriented committee that's gonna give him solutions as to how to reduce our irreducible deficit (stop the wars, dumbasses). Simpson revealed his disgust with anybody who isn't as nutty as he is when he was caught on video telling a guy representing people on Social Security testifying before this corporate-corrupt worthless committee that he considered people who needed Social Security to survive as lesser people (less than human beings is really exactly what he means). His statement caused a big bruhaha in the dumbcluck media. Turns out, this old doddering fool, he's 79, kicking 80 in the ass, is a big mover and shaker in the Neo-Con (Reaganomics)-New World Order effort to totally wreck Social Security, under the LIE that our Social Security system is running out of money any minute now. A lie started by our Corporate Power Elite. They want to get their grubby little pudgy hands on that huge pool of money they have no total control over yet.

Alan K. Simpson (it's an old "younger" photo of Happy-Happy Alan)

These are the fool wrongway thinkers who are sailing our ship of state PURPOSELY onto the rocks. This old fool from Wyoming, the state with the smallest population in the Union, is following in his old pappy's wrongway footsteps--Alan's daddy was a Senator from Wyoming and a former Governor of Wyoming. Alan's had a very easy life of Wyoming privilege--he admits he was "wild" boy when he was young and free and going to college and driving his convertibles...what a man! Asshole!

Most of Wyoming, by the bye, is owned or controlled through leases by We the People of the USA. That's you and me; we who pay into Social Security all our lives; we who pay the salaries of these parasitical politicians like Simpson and his old Pappy; like Pappy and Sonny Boy Bush...but then my outrage over these fools leads me back to the fools who rule us--and especially those two Bush fools who are the original culprits in our nation's current nosedive crashing headfirst into our own shit. It's not crashing for these fools, of course. They're sitting high up in the catbird seat of privilege--they manufacture from up there all this bullshit through which we're paddling madly upriver to survive.

Why does our President keep calling on the very fools who caused this nation to start sliding down the slippery slope to Poverty Hell to reverse the ruinous downhill motion that's their responsibility?

I suppose Old Alan has stolen enough fortune from We the People he doesn't need Social Security. BASTARDS! ASSHOLES! Self-centered. Mirror-satisfied, meaning when Alan Simpson looks in the mirror he sees magnificence; he sees power; he sees macho; he sees more bucks coming into his retirement coffers. These small-state political birds (Wyoming, Utah, the Dakotas, Alaska) live well, too, folks. The good life. Old Alan coming back to his old asshole buddies in D.C. (District of Corruption) to sit on this committee that leans in favor of the Corporations and not We the People, which means the ways this committee will come up with to reduce the deficit they caused will be to push We the People further down into debt and eventual economic slavery! We'll be forced by these Plantation-thinking elitists to work ourselves til death do us part on a minimum wage these fuckers want to cut back to cents an hour rather than dollars an hour. Hopefully, when we die as economic slaves to the Global Corporate Rulers, we'll be too poor to be buried. How about turning our poor (the lesser people) into Solvent Green?

The Lessers versus The Superiors--the Haves versus the Have Nots.

Another instance of rightwing insanity: a Reagan-appointed Federal judge in Louisiana (appointed in 1983, after Reagan was the permanent Alzheimer's poster boy) has decided it's time to throw another rightwing monkey wrench in President Obama's right decision to put a moratorium on proposed deep-water drilling sites until the cause of the failure of this one is figured out--besides, offshore deep-water drill sites currently in operation weren't affected by the moratorium--one of the most dangerous BP rigs, the Atlantis rig, set to blow sky high any day now, is still in operation). Here's a paragraph from a Reuters report (a British news agency that now has a hi-rise luxury office tower in the middle of our Times Square here in NYC):

Federal Judge Martin Feldman, appointed by former President Ronald Reagan in 1983, granted the drillers' request for a preliminary injunction that prevents the ban from taking effect, saying that they would likely succeed in showing that the suspension was "arbitrary and capricious".

"The court is unable to divine or fathom a relationship between the findings and the immense scope of the moratorium," the judge wrote a day after hearing arguments in the case.

One big problem President Obama is having (and trust me, I don't feel sorry for Obama; I called him a trick bagger before he was even elected--another The Daily Growler prediction that came true) is that we tend to forget he spent more money on getting himself elected than any other presidential or any other candidate EVER (even more than our billionaire NYC mayor, Mall-Mad-Poor-People-Hatin' Mike Bloomberg who spent $100 million bucks to elect himself mayor for an illegal third term)! Obama even outspent what G.W. Bush had to spend in order to STEAL two elections over Al "The Bore" Gore (they've uncovered a little side-sex on old cattin'-around Al with a masseuse out in Portland) and John "Is That Ketchup on My Shirt Collar?" Kerry--and what an asshole John Kerry is these days--a wimp--teaming up now with Joe LIEberman in dreaming up monkey-wrench-in-the-works scheme bills and trying to pass them through this gold-bricking Congress--OH WHAT A LIFE THESE PUBLIC SERVANTS ARE LIVING. While we struggle, they play--and, yes, all of this is a big badly written Shakespearean play).

And where did Obama get most of his campaign finances?--NO, not like he and his Clintonista staff tried to tell us, from his grassroots backers--NO, most of his money came from--oh no!: the financial companies he and his predescessor bailed out to the tune of 3 trillion of We the People's taxes on our earnings (I'm amazed how that doesn't cause a revolution in this country--except we're a country of lost wimps, as I started off saying in this post). Obama got millions in campaign contributions from like his favorite Wall Street firm, Goldman-Sachs (such innocent good ole boys), or from the big pharmaceuticals (Pharma, the drug company lobbyist group is headed by an ex-Clinton lackey). Plus, you bet he got millions from the Military Industrial Complex, and, of course, our big old loveable OIL companies (including BP, I'm sure). So I don't pity Obama. He knows who's buttering his toast. He and MIchelle are now certified millionaires, so, hey, guess what, our first Black (he's half-White I keep hollering--doesn't his mother count for anything in his life?) president has now made it into, through the backdoor, of course, our Power Elite. That in itself was quite a feat. Plus, now the Obamas are set for life even if the Teabaggers (Neo-Con paper tigers really--if ignored they disappear--like Falwell's Silent Majority) bludgeon their ways back into Congressional control--and maybe put Sarah Palin into the White Man's House--set for life in that he now has a $400,000-a-year salary guaranteed for the rest of his born days; the best in healthcare coverage for the rest of his family's life; plus free office space and staffs and security staff and security systems in their houses and, think of this, probably a new mansion maybe here in New York State where the Obamas could move and like where perhaps Mr. Obama or Mrs. Obama might one day run for the Senate or for Governor or something--hey, that's what the Clintons did--why not the Obamas? Or remember, both Barrack and Michelle are corporate lawyers by desire, so hell, they can get high seats in the Wall Street world of litigational corruption should they come out of the community organizer closet and decide to go that way. Certainly they both have major publishing contracts in their futures--and surely some hack in Hollywood has already written the filmscript for "The Barack Obama Story," starring Will Smith maybe, with his wife, Jada, playing Michelle while standing on a soap box.

It's all so corrupt.

[As an aside: Check out the British invading our pharmaceutical markets through Glaxo-Wellcome's merging with the US firm Smith-Kline to become GSK!:

Glaxo Wellcome-SmithKline Beecham merger creates world's largest drug company

By Robert Stevens
22 January 2000

On January 18, UK pharmaceutical companies Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline Beecham announced that they would be merging their operations. Glaxo SmithKline will be the largest drug company in the world as well as the largest company outright in the UK. The merger deal is to be completed in the summer of this year and no opposition is anticipated from the monopolies and mergers commission, the government or other regulatory obstacles.

Jean-Pierre Garnier, the company's new chief executive designate, said, "The new company is global, proud of its roots in the UK and of its corporate domicile in the UK. But a world class competitor cannot operate all of its functions from a market that represents only 6 percent of its existence." He said that the new company would be taking decisions of strategy away from its current UK base.


Smith-Kline, by the way, is an American company started back in the mid-19th Century by a Philadelphia chemist, John Smith (druggist) (all pharmaceutical companies starting as drugstores--or The Chemists, as they were then called--Pfizer, for instance, was originally Charles Pfizer & Sons, druggists, of Brooklyn, NY).]
BP Botches Another Sure-Fire Way of Stopping That Little Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak Their Cost-Cutting CFO and His Bonus-Greedy Big Shot Executive Buddies Caused
BP is blaming this FAILURE to stop their so-called "leak" on an underwater robot device that supposedly accidentally crashed into BP's latest sham capping of the out-of-control (wildcat) well. And guess what? This latest OOPS! by BP has reopened the well to full gush--back to 200 million (check that out, folks) barrels of OIL A DAY! Oil that is now washing up in floating together pools onto those beautiful white-sand beaches, the San Carlos beaches outside Pensacola, Florida, which means these floating oil pools will soon be coming ashore on further south down that beautiful West Coast of Florida, it's Gulf Coast--down through Tarpon Springs, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota, down through Fort Meyers, the Sannibel Islands, down to Marco Island--OIL pools that will soon be creeping on around the tip of Florida, flushing into Key West, then getting caught maybe in the Gulf Stream and boogie-ing on over to Ireland and maybe rushing into the filthy-already Thames in Merry Old England--OIL for the WORLD brought to you by British Petroleum (and the British government did buy 51% interest in this company when it found oil in Iran way back in World War I and the British going about raping the wealths out of its desert occupations in all those countries--read T.E. Lawrence (Shaw)'s, Seven Pillars of Wisdom; it explains in an interesting read all the skulduggeries that went into the British Upper Crust diplomatic corps and British Military high-flyers campaign to free the Arab tribal chiefs from the Turkish Ottomen Empire rule and thereby gain contol of ALL THAT OIL!). Sobeit.

And to think, some of our fearless leaders (our BETTERS) are defending British Petroleum and blaming BP's being unable to control this spill they caused on the Obama administration! What a bunch of lopsided backward-thinking self-centered FOOLS; yet they've got the power. THEY'VE GOT OUR MONEY, OUR NATURAL RESOURCES (from which our government makes huge hunks of money--and the state governments make huge hunks of money--in terms of BP paying us for those leases and the rent on those platforms sitting in our waters on our seafloor--unaccounted for monies, too), OUR JOBS--they now own most of our foreclosed on properties and homes and businesses; they've taken our once-great industrial complex and shipped it off to China and South Korea and Taiwan and Indonesia and Mexico.

And what about Haiti? It's disappeared from all news, including the BBC's World News that airs nightly on our Public B(British)roadcasting System.

ALSO: What was Slick Willie Jeff Clinton doing with a class seat at the World Cup match between the US and Algeria? There he was. Sitting there with some fat-jowled little pompous ass who looked maybe like an Algerian. And huzzahs to the US team--they're doing, as always, much better than the world soccer smartasses say they'll do. Hey, they beat England, but a fucking Islamic terrorist who, as he admitted, hates Americans, took the winning goal away from them. Just as the US government is corrupt as hell, so's FIFA, and these world cup matches where the teams with the most millionaire players are always the favorites. This year that team is Argentina because they're fielding a whole team of millionaires--not from playing in Argentina, but from playing for the biggest European professional football organizations, like one of the Argentinians plays for Manchester United. So Argentina is supposed to go all the way--probably facing Brasil in the Copa Mundial; that is, if things go the way the wiseass soccer experts predict.
The General McCrysthal (We Call Him General CrystalMeth) Incedent
Obama is dumbass when it comes to this bunch of military nutjobs he's supposed to be commanding. To begin with, any low-life jerk who's been in the military knows generals or admirals aren't loyal to the USA--to the US government--NO--they are loyal to their military service--the military service in which they have gained top-dog status. That's why there can be military coups and military takeovers of governments--armed forces nuts are loyal to the military FIRST--and this includes the Pentagon and that Bush-appointee Robert Gates--an ex-General. "KILL or BE KILLED" is all these OLD career generals know. They see the enemy in anyone who's not wearing an American official military uniform--an overburdened uniform by the way--with backpacks and heavy weapons and side pieces and this and that while their counterparts are wearing native clothing--you catch my drift?

We've elected several generals as president. Check out their records. Don't be surprised if you find failure in every one of their administrations. And don't throw Ike Eisenhower at me and tell me he was a great president--he was a fool--he was more interesting in his own contentment than he was that of We the People. It was Eisenhower's Cabinet members who gave us the Cold War, the CIA and its shenanigans, and who started sending "advisers" over to South Vietnam after Uncle Ho and the Vietnamese People's Army had kicked the pompous French asses at Dien Bin Phu.

So Obama fired McCrystal-Meth's old soldier ass and promoted another fool to the top spot--General Petraus (who we call General Betrayus), the "Surge" genius who won us the War in Iraq, though we still have the world's largest embassy there--and, oh yes, tens of thousands of US troops still there, too. By the way, innocent people in Iraq are still being killed daily due to our presence there. And, didn't Bush declare the Afghanistan Disaster a NATO war now near the end of his last stolen term in his stolen office? And while we're on that subject, I still can't believe that little jerk Bush is still roaming the world free as a bird--look at all the ruination that little evil prick bastard and his old Pappy's greedy world-domination philosophies have caused us--and still he's free as a bird. [George Herbert W. "Pappy" Bush, by the way, is a big backer of Reverend Sun Yung Moon--whose Moonie family got God-awful rich--Sun Yung rich enough to declare himself Jesus Christ--off their mountain ginseng root business--especially by trumpeting that Korean mountain ginseng root was a miraculous source of healing powers and male-erectile-dysfunction repair in this country starting in the early 70s. [On my first visit to a Korean restaurant in NYC, back in the free-time (briefly) '70s (the free-love was the charm of those years), I had a ginseng root-vodka martini--I ended up on the floor of my girlfriend-at-the-time's apartment. Naked under her bed. I woke up and, yes, she was under the bed with me--naked, too. I supposed in our rush to find out whether ginseng root had magical sexual powers we'd mistook the floor under the bed for the top of the bed--is that possible? One thing's for sure, the vodka made us drunk; what the ginseng root did, I'll never know--because I can't remember. She didn't look all that satisfied that morning over burnt toast and bad coffee.]

What amazed me about this McCrysthal farce was what the hell was that military dick doing traveling around France in limos with his fucking staff in tow? I mean he was there to give his wife a surprise wedding anniversary party in Paris and while he was there he was dining like a duke with French officials. He told all this to the Rolling Stone reporter while they boogied about Europe on a bus while getting drunk and bullshitty on Bud Light Lime beer. As one pundit said, how does one get stinking, sloppy, blabbermouth drunk on that beer? There's more water in a Bud Light Lime than there is beer. Guess who has to foot the bill for McCrysthal's Paris Follies?

Solution: Pull our forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan immediately! Like we did in Vietnam, just fly our forces out of there en masse. Guess what? I'll bet terrorist threats would stop if we'd pull out of these invasions and occupational attempts. I MEAN, both of these stupid costly war games were based on LIES! That Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, which they didn't; that Afghanistan had been responsible for 9/11, which they weren't. But President Obama like G.W. Bush has his most power in the executive order business and being Commander in Chief--ooooooh, big, big Power being commander in chief.

General Petraus will continue to lead us into DOOM in that unwinable nonsense War in Afghanistan, now the longest-ever and most-righteous war in our long military history--though look at the unrighteous bastards who are so high-classly fiddling away in Paris while Afghanistan goes to disastrous hell in a US-funded handbasket. "Oh, what fools we mortals be." Whoever said that was a shrewd man.

Yes, folks, you asked for it: God has blessed America! He's given us so many Devils to contend with. But, worry not, folks, the White Christian White God (whatever they call HIM these days) has his wings spread over this Christian-based Nation (White Nation) because next to Israel, this is HIS favorite country--why, hell, some Americans think Jesus passed through the US on his way to Japan to meet his Japanese brother. Or, hell, some Americans believe Sun Yung Moon is Jesus Christ returned in a cheap Korean suit.

Is religion the opiate of the people?

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Marybeth said...

Religion is the opiate of the stupid and desperate. This long growl had me howling. Yeah the McChrystal-Meth incident. Gad-zooks! The FSU spent 10 years and 100,000 troops in Afghanistan and still didn't win. Win what? Heroine still kills 30,000 Russians a year so the poppy business couldn't have been hurt too bad. Why else were they in there? Was there another reason?

I understand that McC was in Paris for his 40th wedding anniversary or so and that he took his wife out for a beer with the boys (his 25 favorites) for her present. What a gallant guy, what a marriage. They got stuck in Paris because of that little volcano in Iceland so McC ended up palling around with the Rolling Stone reporter and getting drunk and letting it all hang out, instead of making love to his wife. Fucking fool. (Or non-fucking fool.)

And the US should get its ass out of Afghanistan. They a trying a military solution on an ideological problem so they are doomed.

My favorite part of this post was the incident under the bed after the ginseng. That wiped me out. I also liked JC returned in a cheap Korean suit. The stupid shit people believe. (dogs are smarter-- better looking too.)