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Living in New York City: We're All Bozos on This Bus

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2010
"You Old Anti-Semite Bitch!"

I just watched 89-going-on-90-year-old Helen Thomas get the ax all because of a statement she made on video about Palestine belonging to Palestinians and that Israelis should go back where they came from.... "Where's that?" she was asked. "Poland and Germany and America," she replied. Holy Christ on the Cross--huge buckets of vile shit were poured over poor old Helen's wizened head over that statement. As a result of this "divine" condemnation, she's lost her speaking-engagement agent, she's lost her front row seat at White House press conferences, and her newspaper chain, the sleazebag Hearst folks, have announced her "early" retirement from their paper. Helen's known for asking "tough" questions. That's her traditional roll at press conferences. Like keeping asking over and over, "Why are we really invading and occupying Iraq and Afghanistan?" or "Isn't OIL the single reason we're in both these countries?" G.W. "GeorgiePorgie " Bush, who considered her an old bat, wouldn't recognize her until he had to and then he smirked her questions off with one of his drugstore cowboy dumb acts, "Why, er-ah, Miss Thom-ass, I'm not at liberty to dis-cuss those points, let's, yes, let's go to my old buddy, old hardballthrowin ' Chris Matthews over in the corner there...." "Mr. President, why don't you kick that old bitch out of the room for good with one of your executive orders?"

Sorry, I drifted off course. So that's it for Helen Thomas. Clinton banned Amy Goodman from White House press conferences, now President Billy Jeff Obama has banned Helen from them. If she comes back as an Independent journalist writing for the Nation let's say, yep, Obama will have her thrown out of his press conferences, or if they let her in, she'll be among the 15th row of the SROs, or watching it on a big screen in the Little Johnny area of the Rose Garden. Obama's really dull-ass press secretary condemned what Helen said as being obscene.

What did Helen really say? Her lawyer (you bet she has her own lawyer) said you had to preface her statement (the obscene part where she said the Israelis "should go back where they came from...Poland, Germany, and America") by noting that Israel has driven over 2 million Palestinians off their lands and into refugee camps in neighboring countries, like Lebanon and Syria. These Palestinians are unable to return to their homes and lands and jobs because Israel first of all will deny them reentry and second of all Israel has already destroyed their homes and have taken possession of their lands and are giving these captured lands and homes over to a stream of Jewish immigrants being allowed into Israel by the droves every day. Besides, the Palestinians who are allowed to stay in Palestine, allowed to stay by the Israeli government in cooperation with the U.S. State Department, the U.S. military consultants assigned to the Israeli Army, and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex consultants who use the Israeli Army as a testing ground for their experimental equipment and delivery systems and weapons and missiles and shells and bullets and bombs, are walled in, blockaded, bombed, rocketed, and shot at day-in-day-out--Israel controlling their electricity, their water supply, their sewage, their garbage, their vital-necessity imports (like basic food, medical supplies), and their exports (Palestinian olive oil was once thought of as the best olive oil produced in the world--Israel has also confiscated a lot of those olive orchards and is now producing its own brand of olive oil).

But, of course, the Helen Thomas bullshit was a distraction. While We the People had our attentions focused for us on our government's condemning Helen Thomas for making an obscene remark about the unfair and unjust way Israeli dealt with the Palestinians, Israeli commandos (trained by and armed by We the People of the USA) SWAT-teamed their way aboard an unarmed Turkish vessel that was trying to bring needed medical and food aid to thebootheel -bound Palestinians to the aggressive tune of killing 11 (the count has changed back and forth from 9 to 11) mostly Turkish citizens during this unprovoked attack--ALL OF THIS TAKING PLACE IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS to boot. Israel justified this seemingly overly vicious rather German Storm Trooper way of dealing with these bleeding heart liberals by saying their troops had been attacked by these ill-smelling old Turkish Palestinian (dogs) lovers--one wielding a very dangerous pocket knife and another, the Israeli commandos said, thought to have had a pistol. Those two were gunned down with a blast of rounds from the Israeli commandoAKAs that We the People of the USA supply to them through our Military Industrial Complex gunrunners and arms dealers--all with the approval of our Commander and Chief, our Peace-Prize President, and his old G.W. Bush-tried-and-disproved Pentagon and Military command staffs (the Army of the New World Order, referring you again to PappyGWH Bush's "1000 Points of Light" speech).

What Helen claims she said was that Israelis should go back to where they came from, Poland, Germany, the United States--by which she says she meant in terms of Palestinians not being allowed back into their own country while Jews from Europe, Russia, and the USA are allowed into Israel by the unchallenged droves.

What does all of this bullshit signify to me? That in order to rule over us, our government has to keep us divided! The word "Union" is an anathema to this natural split-in-half rather ILLEGAL nation. That's right. This WHITE nation is phony from the get go. We are living phony lives. White people admit this by calling themselves Irish-Americans or Italian-Americans or Swedish-Americans--that's why Blacks started calling themselves African-Americans. That's why we call Native Americans Native Americans now. White people are divided between the sweet and the bitter--and you can't trust either one of 'em. The sweet--including the syrupy sweet--are like old Billy Jeff Clinton making one of his old buddy-buddy speeches--or like an old southern racist asshole being sincere with you--and the bitter are like Sweet Sarah Paleface from Alaska making a totally bullshit statement simply because she's bitter about the way she was teamed withdumbass John McCain and treated like a ragdoll fool (which she is though she and her many teabagger men admirers think she's a political genius). A White woman fool from Alaska, where the Native Americans outnumber the palefaces...yet the palefaces rule--and Alaska is where there's OIL! Don't forget, Alaska means OIL to the U.S. Government who needs to control Alaska and does so through the White homesteaders who ventured up there after gold, found none, were broke and desperate so they founded Selkirk, Juneau, Anchorage, Fairbanks--White people who eventually discovered OIL in what was once one of the most pristine wonderland wildnowheres on earth--the Arctic Ocean around the North Pole (that is now sitting in a huge lake of melted ice to which Russian cruise boats go there on a regular basis)--the frozen North that ain't frozen anymore. The place where British Petroleum is drill, drill, drilling, baby, and up for more drilling permits--right now on hold by the Obama Administration as it tries desperately to keep defending British Petroleum against what looks like now the total devastation of our Gulf of Mexico coastline.

But, here again, our government will come up with distractions. Like the elections that happened yesterday--oh how the Teabaggers and the Corporate Capitalists danced with glee as Teabagger Repugnicans swept ashore in Nevada--where they will probably kick ole wimpy Harry Reid back to his second-story law practice working to help the Mafia get casino licenses (the Nevada State Industry). Most of Nevada, by the way, is owned by We the People of the USA--OUR vast acres of Nevada landholdings (We the People also own most of the land in Alaska, I forgot to mention) includes Yucca Mountain, one of the most nuclear-contaminated pieces of land in the world--We the People also own the airbase from which the drone flights from Afghanistan into Pakistan originate--yep, We the People pay the salaries of our citizens whose 9-to-5 job is flying drones from a U.S. airbase in Nevada--out around Area 51--at one time the Las Vegas minor league baseball team was called The 51s--I have an old 51s teeshirt--on the back is a huge silkscreened image of a baseball player hitting a baseball in the shape of an alien's head out into the Las Vegas desert--with a banner saying "For an Out of This World Experience--Las Vegas 51s").
Out in California, two superwomen from the Capitalist world, one the former CEO of eBay and the other the former CEO of Hewlitt-Packard will be the Repugnican candidates, the eBay babe to challenge good ole Jerry Brown (yep, the same ole Jerry Brown who once had the hots for Linda Ronstadt until he discovered Buddhism or some such bullshit--Jerry's dad was good ole Pat Brown, a liberalDumbocrat but subject to some backroom shenanigans also). Jerry means well whether his ideas end up well or not. However, the absolutely backward-thinking Blanche Lincoln from the Great State of Hillbilly Arkansas, still White ruled and still the home of the Chinese-American corporationWal-Mart, was able to eek out a win over the so-called liberal Lieutenant Governor of Arkansas.
Have you ever thought of human animals as refiners? We refine the raw. That's what we do. Our missions in life are to refine the raw. We take CRUDE oil and REFINE it over and over until we have what was once called "pure" oil--and there was once a Pure Oil brand. With take raw sugar cane and refine the hell out of it to get our Pure sugars--"Pure Cane Sugar." Down in Mexico the Mexicans take the blue agave plant and take the raw pulque (juice of the plant) and REFINE it down into first mescal and then into PURE tequilas. We take cow shit and refine it into a PURE fertilizer. We take raw plutonium and refine it into so powerful a form of PURE destruction that one 500 lb big boy of it dropped over New York City could wipe out....

Sorry, I live in New York City, so, yes, everything destructive centers around my hometown. And we can't say anything bad about Israel in my hometown either. Our mayor, Billionaire Michael Bloomberg, a Boston-born Jewish fellah, has already shown up in Israel pledging my and my fellow New York Citians support of anything Israel cares to do to its fellow Semitic brothers and sisters in Palestine or its Persian agitators in Iran--even if it means going down in an end-of-the-world scenario clasped in brotherhood with Israel as it decides to end the world as we know it rather than live in it in harmony with its own kind. We the Citizens of New York City--and there are a hell of a lot of people of the Muslim faith here, too, though we assume there are more people of the Jewish faith here--and our Mayor is of the Jewish faith--no, you don't have to be an orthodox or even a practicing Jew to be suicidally loyal to Israel, which, like Helen Thomas said, isn't really the homeland of most Israelis just like the United States is not the homeland to most Americans. And I'm sure a Native American Helen Thomas, if there is one, would be glad if most White people went back to their native homelands and certainly there are Mexican-American Helen Thomases who would be glad if most White people went back to their native homelands, too.

We the People of the USA will stay divided. I see no hope of there ever being a UNION in this country. We are so divided, still along Confederacy and Union lines. We the People of New York City are not unified at all. We are a totally divided city. The Irish still prefer living within their own communities--keeping Irish traditions and culture alive and well; the Latinos are divided according to their homelands--Puerto Ricans still clinging to their old neighborhoods; our new blossoming Mexican population taking over former White and Jewish neighborhoods in Queens. Flushing, Queens is an Indian-American community, though it also is a large Korean neighborhood; and Chinatown in Manhattan, though being encroched upon by the White-invader developers, is still pretty much a Chinese-only community. The Upper East and West sides of Manhattan are still controlled by Donald-Trump-generational Whites--these are the people now paying ultra-high rents and paying ultra-high prices for apartments in pre-WWII buildings that border Central Park until it hits Harlem at 110th Street. And Harlem is still the Black city within the White city, though Mayor Bloomberg is determined to redevelop Harlem into a "middle-class" White neighborhood--developers as I type this are nailing up eviction notices all over Harlem. My Black friend who lives in the heart of Harlem says she now sees more White people on her block than Blacks! An exaggeration, no, I was up there myself t'other day and I saw the same crowd of gay, flary, iPhoned, iPadded, cell-phones implanted in their ears, constantly moving from trend-to-trend twentyish-early-thirtyish White people who are now invading my what-used-to-be-called-Little-Korea neighborhood. Whites now walk around my neighborhood as if all's well with them--their heads high in the air--walking their poodles--small dogs--White women dogs--White males with big huge dogs are usually found in the Village.

My neighborhood is also being subjected to another form of White intrusion into my mixed-blessing hometown: TOURISTS. And these tourists are mostly White. Mostly Euro-Trash whites in my neighborhood--those who come overhere to SHOP! Though, too, there are tons of these White tourists coming up here from the cornfields of Iowa or the backwoods of Maine flocking here to ride a diesel-spewing double-decker (the lower deck is not used) bus up and down Fifth Avenue and then go see a Broadway revival starring some American Idol reject or a downward-headed Hollywood celebrity--paying over $100 a ticket to see a revival of "Guys and Dolls." God. Or to see the 8,000th staging of Disney's "Lion King," a White woman's view of anthropomorphized African animals. Disney's cartoons have always been based on JUNGLE themes, right out of Kipling's Jungle Stories--and Hollywood once loved Kipling's Jungle Stories--Sabu of the Jungle; Sheena of the Jungle; Tarzan of the Jungle. Disney, yes, has always loved animating jungle animals--and at one time, Disney's Jungle movies had big-lipped, darkie-looking, Black Sambos in their Dark Continent jungles--Sambo turning lions and tigers into butter for his pancakes--his Aunt Jemima pancakes. Interesting to note that the only humans in Disney's old Jungle cartoons were the Black Sambos. Was Walt Disney agreeing with our Constitution that Blacks were only 1/5 humans? On the other hand, Mickey Mouse and his permanent girlfriend Minnie are Black--where Michael Jackson got his white glove thing from you think? In other words, how fucking WHITE is DisneyWorld, whether in Anaheim, California (a rightwing political hotbed), Orlando, Florida (another rightwing hotbed), or New York City--where our Times Square-Theater district has been invaded and occupied by Disney and Warner Brothers and Disney's American Broadcasting Company and showbiz people's gaudily designed Tokyo-style restaurants and entertainment venues and sneaker stores and trendy youthy rip-off stores.

We are all Bozos on this, hey, all you Bozos, honk your beezers and flap your shoes!

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