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Living in New York City Amidst Ironies Galore

foto by tgw, "on a Sunday morning," New York City, 2006.
Another Repugnican Sunday
I very seldom watch teevee on Sunday mornings. Too much bullshit for me. I did leave my teevee on last night after I watched the Yankees and Angels play 13 innings into past the midnight hour, one of the best baseball games ever, great pitching, great strategic mishmash by both managers, and great clutch hitting. The Yankees are an awesome hitting team this year. That is how they had a rather easy season in the American League. So the Yankees pulled it out of the fire in the 13th. The temperature was in the low 40s, not conducive to baseball; then in the 10th inning it started to rain, big baseball-size drops of rain flooding straight down onto the players out of that Bronx sky--drops so big on pop flies or high flies the players had trouble distinguishing the ball from the raindrops. It was 3-3 when the bottom of the 13th inning started. Fuentes, the best closer, even better than Mariano Rivera, in the American League this year, was pitching. Up to bat came Jerry Hairston, Jr.--I had no idea he was still a viable player--and Hairston, Jr., got a base hit.

One thing about this year's Yankees I noticed: there are tons of new names on the team--yes so same-old regulars but new names are everywhere: Mark Texiera, the former Angel, at first base; Nick Swisher in the outfield; Brett Gardner in the outfield; Felix Guzman and Jerry Hairston, Jr. in utility roles; pitchers who even now I can't remember their names, one I remember a wonderkin from the Mexican League that Brian Cashman, one of the worst general managers in baseball, heard of and went down to Monterey and signed and who had a phenomenal year as a middle-inning reliever and closer, amassing a 10-1 record this year--he didn't look so hot last night.

I have kept up with the Yankees rather vaguely this year, truth being I haven't watched any of their games completely. I remain pissed about how they treated Joe Torre, still the best manager in modern baseball--and even now I'm thinking, hell, if you'd a'fixed Joe up with this team you've bought Joe Gerardi, hell, Joe Torre would have won the pennant going away, too; even I if I had been given that managerial job could have taken this year's Yankees to the World Series, they are that awesome a'baseball team.

So in the bottom of the 13th inning, Jerry Hairston, Jr., led off with a single, then going to second on a Brett Gardner sacrifice bunt. Then Ervin Santana walked Cano and Melky Cabrera came up. The Melkman hit a blistering grounder to the Angels's second baseman, Izturis, who in a fit of showboat fever threw the ball to second base instead of getting the easy out at first. As a result, this showboater threw the ball away, past the short stop, dribbling across to third baseman Chone Figgins who immediately started bobbling the ball. Jerry Hairston, Jr., made it to third easy, slowed down, and then as soon as he saw Figgins bobbling the ball trying to pick it up--Jerry went on home and made it by a mile. Game over, Yankees go two up. Now they move to L.A. for 3 games out there. At the same time, the Dodgers and the Phillies will be playing in L.A., too, over at Chavez Ravine (they don't call it that anymore do they?) while the Angels will be out near DisneyLand in Anaheim where they changed their names from the California Angels to the Anaheim Angels, though everybody calls them the L.A. Angels.

It was a great baseball game and nothing makes me more satisfied than a well-played, well-pitched, extra-inning baseball game. I was exhausted after it was over but couldn't sleep--wide awake until BAM, I passed out.

I didn't get to sleep until 4; I passed out with the teevee still on.

I woke up this morn at 10:30 and someone blabbing on the teevee was irritating me in the haze of just waking up. A voice, a male voice, was irking me. I popped fully awake and was staring right into the face of a man I truly despise, George Will. I started to immediately flip the channels to rid myself of his ugly White ass when he stopped me in my tracks. "The Republicans," Will was saying, "are going to be swept back into office in 2010...blah, blah, blah..." and then he casually refers to a poll recently taken [no references as to just which poll it was; such references are never given on heresay teevee (teevee talks shows, even their "serious" newscasts are really just gossip shows))] showed the Republicans now were 50-50 even-steven with the Dumbocrats in terms of popularity with more and more indications [again no indications referenced] that the American people are now favoring Republicans and Republican ideas over those of our first Black president's ideas (as though Obama's ideas aren't those of the Dumbocrat Party but his alone). [I say fuck references, too. Opinions don't have to be referenced.] Then the other Republican assholes on the panel began to pop in their right-wing agreements with Will--I have no idea what program it was--it was for sure on the Mickey Mouse Channel, ABC, a Disney-owned network that must kowtow to the idiotic right-wing comic-strip politics of old "frozen in time" Walt Disney.

First of all, let me say, George Will's opinions on anything are idiocies. For instance, he promotes himself as a baseball expert and has even written a book on baseball--a piece of asswipe compared to a real baseball book like The Boys of Summer by a real baseball fan and excellent writer, Roger Kahn. George Will's knowledge of baseball is baloney! George Will's a bowtie-wearing cretin. A big-time racist who I'm sure is scared to death of Black people. And all of this came forth from the frothing at the mouth of a madman...when the Black idiot on this show abruptly changed the subject and brought up Rush Limpballs name and then qualified that by spotting on Rush Limpballs being rebuffed by pro football brass in his effort to buy a pro football franchise because of remarks he made a few years back about Donovan McNabb and Black players in general. This Black right-winger-dinger guy said, "Hey, man, yeah, Rush Limpballs is a racist, but, hell, he has the right in this country to say what he believes and, hell, if he believes Black football players aren't what they're cracked up to be then he has the right to say that...." The big issue was, does the NFL and AFL have the right to deny someone from buying an NFL or AFL franchise.

As I listened to this, I got to thinking back to another time, the late 1960s. Then as now we were bogged down in a winless war. We were bogged down in a winless war due to lies. White lies. And we all know, at least those of us who are White know it, that White Lies are OK lies. Why everyone of us is guilty of telling "little" White Lies...but, hey, come on, even big White Lies are one of the privileges you get when you're Free, White, and 21. You get to lie about everything you're up to, especially when you get caught red handed--then you become all White and start hollering, "I Deny, Deny, Deny," that being the White Liar's motto.

Now there's nothing that works a White man into a frenzy like Black Truths, which the White Liar would, of course, call Black Lies in his snideness (a la Limpballs). What are Black Truths? One is that this Land of the Free and Home of the Brave is a White Racist nation. Another Black Truth is that most police forces in this country are racists. You catch my drift? [I say, "You catch my drift?" a lot. Did you ever wonder why? Figure it out. Remember, and I say that word a lot, too, I believe we are all trained to be tricky dogs (obedient to our masters's wills). When I was a kid, one X-mas I got a very small package. When I opened it up, I found a white box containing two magnetized plastic Scotch Terrier dogs, one white and one black, each mounted (with glue) to a little magnet. The name of the toy was Tricky Dogs. The game was you made out like you were a magician, you see. Like you took a metal tray and you showed one of the Tricky Dogs on the top of the tray before you. Then with took an abracadabra attitude and you waved your hands over that top dog and then you said, "I will now magically make this Tricky Dog move forward at my command." That was followed by more hand motions when you then commanded, "Tricky Dog, move forward." And under the tray where you had the other Tricky Dog, its magnet stuck to the above dog's magnet, you simply moved that dog forward and the above Tricky Dog moved forward as though by magic.]

We, all of us who call ourselves "Amuricans," get bogged down in White Lies to the point time passes and floods across us so fast, all we catch during a day are the White Lie headlines and soundbites, like: "America is winning the War in Afghanistan"; nurturing headlines, "The New England Journal of Medicine says a cure for cancer is right around the corner"; headlines of hope, "Treasury Sec'y Timothy Geithner says the recession is over; recovery is on the way"; headlines of faith, "Bill Gates and Warren Buffett combine fortunes to save the world and in doing so become gods."

White Lies tell us that PEACE is only possible via WAR. Black Truths tell us WAR is wrong: "Gonna lay down my burdens/Down by the riverside/Down by the riverside/Gonna lay down my burdens/Down by the riverside/Ain't gonna study war no more"; WAR has led to doom not salvation. White Lies tell us that our US Army is the richest (with the most money), the strongest (with weapons costings millions of dollars a piece), and the most righteous Army in the world (our Army has the Christian god on its side--they sing "Onward Christian Soldiers" as they march along--and in the Army, I guarantee you, any religion besides Christianity gets ridiculed or joked about--I remember when I was in the army even our Black captain made fun of the Jewish kids who were always bitching and moaning and studying military law and refusing to do anything on Saturdays. You see, the Christian troops had to face the biggest inspection of all time on Saturday mornings, inspections the Christians had to pass to get weekend liberty. As a result the Jews being strict in not working on the Sabbath never got a pass off base their whole time in basic training. And then when all the Christian boys were off in Saint Louis doing the yass, yass, yass, the Jews would have to do the KP, the guard duty, and stoke the coal furnaces down in the billet basement boiler rooms).

White Lies tell us we have the largest, wealthiest, and most profitable military in the world and as such we are invincible against the evil darknesses of the world. White Lies tell us that anything Black is evil (you notice the "terrorists" all wear black uniforms and black hoods). Black Truths tell us White is evil. White Lies tell us that Blacks are shiftless, smelly, less intelligent than Whites, and cursed to the servant class by the big White God of the all-White Christian-Judaic Pantheon. Black Truths tell a different story. Black Truths even see God as a totally different character than the All-White God, the mighty Yahweh, that White Lies teach us is the true God, our creator, who created us in HIS image, so Blacks can't be considered creations of God--because Ham was once White, you see...oh shit, come on, it's such a bullshit tale--who could possibly believe it, except maybe hundreds of thousands of born-again fundie Christian freaks like those who follow the voodoo racist and race horse breeder Pat Robertson or those hillbillies and hicks who bounded after that old swindler trickster, Oral Roberts (another Robertson), who is still alive around 90 and living like a duke out in sunny California, God still shoveling down all those tax-free greenbacks on his old anal self. However, bad news, I just read t'other day where old Oral had to bankrupt his miracle God-overseered medical center--that fifty-story skyscraper sitting out on the open prairie overwhelming the skyline of downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, due to the damn thing going broke. Old Oral built that hospital with a bunch of millions of tax-free God dollars saying it was gonna be a place where God could show off his healing powers; where cancers and heart problems and liver and kidney diseases and bad backs and flat feet would be healed by the finest Christian doctors who while they operated on the sick and weary will be calling on God to guide their hands--Praise the Lordy Lord and pass me some of that fried chicken and a few of those fat biscuits and some of that white gravy! God let Oral down--maybe because Oral's worthless son's wife was jacking off a dorm-full of young Christian boys early in the mornings there for awhile while her husband was cookin' the books inside the ORU presidential suite--anyway, whatever, God let 'em down and they went broke. Could it be there is no God, you dumb asses!

Oral could have built hundreds of clinics among the poor neighborhoods of Oklahoma and have saved hundreds upon hundreds of lives that way, but oh no, selling God is more profitable--you know in building that hospital, old Oral ripped off several million for God's retirement plan for Oral. Yep, he's living very well thank you out in sunny California.

As to Rush Limpballs owning a football team? Who gives a shit? Most pro-athletic-team owners are White male racists--the gender exception being Cincinnati's late owner, Marge Schott; remember her? So let him join some of his biggest fans and own a pro team. Hell, let him make his team an exclusive White team. Watch how fast old Rush does a flip-flop and starts recruiting Black players after his all-White team makes a complete fool of itself. Remember Donald Trump's leisure class attempt at owning his own pro football league? Also, remember when Rasslin's infamous Vince McMahon, Jr. (he inherited his empire from his old racist, crooked-ass daddy, Vince McMahon, Sr.), tried to own his own football league, too? And old Rush has more money than he needs and he has tons of leisure time and he's just itchin' to do some conspicuous consumption, so why not let him dribble away a few million of his easy-made fortune on his own football team? Let him name them the Conservatives! Or how about he puts that franchise in Pulaski, Tennessee, and calls them the Klansmen! I'm sure there would eventually be some Black kids who would sign with the Klansmen when they realized the all-White concept just doesn't work--you need some Darkies on that team--hey, Rush, you could call your team The Darkie Dunkers! Or how about the Deadskins!

After I left George Will and his racist pals tearing down President Obama's agendas as antiRepublican therefore antiAmerican, I tuned back onto to the Mickey Mouse channel at 12 noon and watched Gil Noble's (a purveyor of Black Truths) Like It Is program (a program of Black Truths) and damned if Gil wasn't appropriately airing a program he did in 1991 that was a compendium of Martin Luther King speeches aimed at uncovering White Lies, some of which he uncovered brilliantly in a speech he gave before the New Politics Convention in Chicago in 1967. In that speech, he particularly spells out several ironies regarding Whites's treatment of Blacks in this White nation. For instance, how the USA had a surplus of food (at the time, yes) and, yet, rather than building food-distribution centers in foreign countries where people were starving to death and we could do some good, we built military bases instead. Also he spoke about how in this country Whites promote Socialism for the rich but Capitalism for the poor. King's speech talked about this as the origin of the White philosophy of "pulling yourself up by your bootstraps," especially blowing off helping hard-up folks and telling them to get the fuck off the hand-out line and go somewhere and help their fucking selves by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps or get the hell out of the country--"Go back where you all came from," Whites shout at Mexicans (here in New York City recently there have been several recent racial attacks on Mexican me, one out in Queens this week who was beaten to death in front of his home by five or six men shouting racial slurs at him), Haitians, Puerto Ricans, Indians, Southeast Asians, Chinese...Afro-Americans--aha, Blacks have finally found a name they seem to find enhancing rather than dejecting. And then look what we do to Native Americans. Most of our education, culture, whatever totally ignores Native Americans--even Black commentators ignore Native American poverty--a poverty that is rampant on the reservations, even those with gambling casinos and tax-free cigarettes and especially those reservations who have no casinos. Imagine, the White Power Elite still forces our indigenous people to live on reservations. When I lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico, I saw first hand how Native Americans living on reservations were treated. One bar I played the piano in had a Native American bartender. This dude had to get permission from his Tribe to go off reservation and work and then he had to be back on the reservation at a certain time or the gates would be locked and he'd have to sleep in his car and then in the morning they'd let him in but fine him for being back to reservation after the gates were closed. All a part of the principles of our White Bureau of Indian Affairs who have always run the reservations like military and missionary camps.

Native American Leonard Peltier still sits rotting in prison over the FBI accusing him of shooting and killing two FBI agents at the Battle of Wounded Knee (remember that?). The FBI agents were surely shooting at Leonard Peltier and the men returning the Feds fire with with intentions of killing them.

Remember, White people gave the Native Americans likker (fire water) and then when they drank it and got drunk, the same as White people, they were tagged alcoholics and crazies--"Why them Redskins jest kain't hold thar likker, can they?" The White man also introduced Native Americans to firearms (rifles) and then when they turned those rifles on the White man, he branded them murdering savages! The White man in his Christ-like benevolence gave the Native Americans wool blankets--that they were laced with yellow fever, diptheria, typhoid, that sort of stuff--oh well, the White Lie said it was an effort to make them resistant to those diseases, that's all. Hey, that's just a little White Lie--and we all tell little White lies with impunity--what the hey!

The hypocrites still rule us. George Will. Rush Limpballs. Bill "Shanty Irish" O'Reilly (an American Irish, the worst kind of Irishman believe it or not--even Irish Irish are ashamed of their American cousins). This new bitch on the block, Michelle Bachmann, a Nazi name, a Nazi thinker. She hates Obama--which to me is a form of Black penis envy (except since he's half-White he may have inherited a White penis). Or this other woman fool, this Ann Coulter. I ignore them; I find them way beneath my dignity and intelligence. Yet the White Lie says they are very intelligent and have to be listened to because they are very popular and commercially successful.

One thing I have against The Daily Howler--he wastes a lot of his cool-breeze intelligence trying to educate us "liberals" as to how these clowns are hoaxing us and making us look like fools. Check out the complete definition of "liberal":

lib·er·al (lbr-l, lbrl)
a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.
c. Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism.
d. Liberal Of, designating, or characteristic of a political party founded on or associated with principles of social and political liberalism, especially in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.
a. Tending to give freely; generous: a liberal benefactor.
b. Generous in amount; ample: a liberal serving of potatoes.
3. Not strict or literal; loose or approximate: a liberal translation.
4. Of, relating to, or based on the traditional arts and sciences of a college or university curriculum: a liberal education.
a. Archaic Permissible or appropriate for a person of free birth; befitting a lady or gentleman.
b. Obsolete Morally unrestrained; licentious.
1. A person with liberal ideas or opinions.
2. Liberal A member of a Liberal political party.

[Middle English, generous, from Old French, from Latin lberlis, from lber, free; see leudh- in Indo-European roots.]

liber·al·ly adv.
liber·al·ness n.
Synonyms: liberal, bounteous, bountiful, freehanded, generous, handsome, munificent, openhanded
These adjectives mean willing or marked by a willingness to give unstintingly: a liberal backer of the arts; a bounteous feast; bountiful compliments; a freehanded host; a generous donation; a handsome offer; a munificent gift; fond and openhanded grandparents. See Also Synonyms at broad-minded.
Antonym: stingy

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.


Look at those definitions. What the hell is so wrong with being a Liberal of any kind? I know what the Howler's saying--Liberals are their own worst enemies. My argument would be most politicians wouldn't dare admit to being Liberals--main reason, because the Republicans managed to drag that word from its true definition to one that made Liberals sissies, "reds," "commies," "Socialists," queer lovers, nigger lovers, weak, eager to seek a relationship of giveaway with our enemies, providers of welfare to Blacks and Latinos and down-and-outers to the point "those people" (a euphemism for poor Blacks, Latinos, and the poor in general) become terribly lazy and who when they get their welfare checks blow them on Mercedes, big-screen teevees, and sitting around smoking dope and getting drunk all day (just like White people). That's why the Republicans so hated the Roosevelt New Deal and Truman's integrating the armed forces.

Martin Luther King, Jr., in his speech before that New Politics Convention in Chicago in 1967, said how ironic it was that Blacks went to WAR equal with Whites, but when they came home from those WARS, they were still lynched, and shot, jailed, beaten, denied employment, denied voting rights, forced to have to live in poverty, unable to drink at the same water fountains as our Lord's precious White people.

I, as a little tyke, went into the Union Bus Terminal in Saint Louis, Missouri, running ahead of my mother and aunt with whom I was traveling from my West Texas hometown to Philadelphia P-A to see my brother who was in the U.S. Navy there. We had a bus change in Saint Louis, so when I got off the bus there, I ran ahead of my mother and aunt and wandered into the building by myself and ending up in the Black waiting room. All train stations back in those recent Jim Crow days had separate waiting rooms for Whites and Blacks--in my hometown station, the "Colored Waiting Room" was one half of the baggage room. I had no fear of Black people as a little White boy. I had ridden all the way from West Texas to Saint Louis on that Continental Trailways bus sitting on the back seat with a whole bunch of large Black women who kept me entertained (Whites expect Blacks to entertain them) and who treated me to treats like pieces of fried chicken and homemade moon pies and then cups of Mission oranges and Barq's root beers (kept cold in Thermos bottles), which they had in these big lunch baskets they carried along with them. So when I got to the Saint Louis Union Bus Terminal, I just naturally followed these Black women into the Black waiting room.

"Colored" was what Whites called Blacks in those days. If they called a colored man a Black man it was like calling him a Shoe Black or a Blackamoor or a Shine. The academically proper word Whites used for Blacks was Negro, from the Latin word niger for black.

My mother soon couldn't find me and she panicked and ran to find a White policeman. In the meantime, I had stepped up on the little kiddie box in front of a water fountain (in those days it was a porcelain bowl over which hung a silver-metal thing that spewed up a stream of water when you turned the metal faucet on the side of the porcelain bowl) and was getting me a cool drink of water when a White policeman came rushing into the room and came over and grabbed me off that box and started lecturing me. The Black people were all laughing and jivin' about "the little White boy drinkin' out'tha Colored water fountain. Po' little thing, don't know no difference to him...." The cop told me, as he dragged me back into the White waiting room and the arms of my worried mother, "White boys don't drink from the Colored fountains, boy. Niggers drink from those, boy. No tellin' what disease you jest got off that Colored fountain."

My mother thought she had lost me in the large, the huge, White waiting room. When the cop told her where I was, she laughed and said, "Oh my goodness," then she turned to me and said, "Were you with those Negro ladies we met on the bus?" and I said yes and then everything was alright as far as my mother was concerned. By the way, I didn't catch any disease.

Typical Repugnicans-Be-Praised Sunday Morning
It was simply just another Republican hoopla Sunday morning on commercial television. The White Lie is that the Disney Channel isn't racist. Haven't you ever noticed that Mickey Mouse is as black as the Ace of Spades?

How stupid all we human beings are. We deserve to be hoodwinked, robbed, chided into going into fields of death for some subjective vision put forth by some old, old White men who are trick-bagging the hell out of us, conserving us, keeping us ready to be enslaved...

Who's gonna pick dat cotton and tote dem bales in the coming Old Plantation future when you either join the military or head for the cottonfields in order to survive.

May I remind those of you who are out of work and the magpies are circling around your soon-to-be-foreclosed-on home, the government has plenty of jobs--like low-paid census takers who people hate and who people sometimes murder they hate them so--like abortion doctors are hated. You need a quick job, you may also could get a low-paying job at your local Post Office--even though did you read the other day where the Post Office is billions in the red. That's what privatization of government services leads to--a BROKE system, which will keep on raising its prices and cutting back on services once guaranteed us under the Constitution. When We the People owned the Post Office their motto said they were sworn to deliver the mail whenever in whatever condition--hell or high water. Of course, those were the days before eMail when writing letters to people or doing business by mail was the highest form of communication.

I'm tired. I'm going up and watch some of these atrociously vulgar and macabre CIS or Criminal Minds shows. I want to see a maddened male serial killer burying young screaming girls in an underground pit out in some woods...what inspiring moments those shows of vile murder give me--why in one of those CIS shows the other night, I saw a gunfight--on the Miami docks--where 4 FBI agents and a couple of Miami cops were killed along with about 8 demonic-looking, half-Muslim-half-Cuban-looking agents of evil who were about to nuke Miami. 14 actors killed in one explosive scene.

Ah. Murder sells big time in the USA. That's why our White forefathers guaranteed us the right to pack as many weapons as we can on our bodies, in our houses, in our offices--hey, it's rugged individualism time in the USA again. It's outlaw time. It's bank robbery time.

thegrowlingwolf(a tamer wolf now)
for The Daily Growler

We don't know if anyone's ever noticed but all New York football teams wear American flags on their helmets. All New York City cops and firemen wear US flags sewn onto their uniforms. All New York City buses and subways carry American flags. And last night at the Yankee game, the Yankees were wearing American flags. You know why?

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