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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due, a The Daily Growler Concession, of Sorts

Foto by tgw, New York City, 2006.
Word From the Front

It's New York City. Of course it's the front. The beginning of another New Frontier. This frontier fronting the width and breadth of that new dragon the Global Marketplace.

He who consumes the most is blessed. He who cannot consume is doomed. Life has become a pay or die situation. Those who can pay live forever.

Progress is noisy. Because of that, thegrowlingwolf reports to us that "the infernal hammering hath rendered me baloney for brains. All I can think of and dream of and spout about is hammering. It's like being rapped at all day by a god-damn pestering raven with Edgar Allen Poe's face. It's either the loony bin for my nervewrecked ass or the cold glistening beckoning snows of the Great Lakes shores--like if you're looking for me, don't!" With that, he's disappeared from our radar.

Did We or Did We Not?
There's a battle going on here in The Growler offices as to whether or not The Growler got scooped yesterday by the Existentialist Cowboy. This is referring to our adding yesterday morning a quick diatribe from Walter Crackpipe on one of The Growler's favorite people, T. Boone Pickens, the West Texas oil-and-gas-and-poker-playing tycoon, making a speech day before yesterday saying he was of the opinion that the USA had the rights to all of Iraq's oil, basing that right on the fact that so many Americans had died in Iraq bringing them freedom and democracy the Iraqi people had to sacrifice their oil to pay us back for getting us into this War on Iraq mess.

The staff tells me that this Walter Crackpipe piece was put into the post (blog) around noon but that due to the laziness on top of the poor editing skills of our copyeditor the piece was pulled and drafted several times all day long and finally published "fully edited" in the afternoon, after another staff member had noticed in our blog links sidebar the Existentialist Cowboy had changed his post description to one that stated he was commenting on T. Boone Pickens and that speech!

Crackpipe's article was a lambasting of T. Boone Pickens and the OIL domination society he represents. His article started off picking on Pickens's stupid speech before a bunch of his Oil Power Elite buddies. But then that picking on Pickens turns to a battering ram against OIL and how all our troubles, woes, and wars these days and in the many days past are due to our competitive urges to control the world's oil due to our addiction to oil.

I haven't read the Cowboy's piece yet so I can't comment on whether he and Crackpipe are on parallel lines or not.

I'll add here that coincidentally, Crackpipe, thegrowlingwolf, the Existentialist Cowboy (Len Hart) are Texans. The Wolf Man and the Cowboy are further coincidentally from West Texas. Those of you who were fans of the late J. Orlin Grabbe might find it interesting to note he, too, was from West Texas, from just a little northwest of the Wolf Man's hometown and just east of where the Cowboy's from.

I myself, though not a native Texan, moved to Texas to attend the University of Texas in Austin, a university tied deeply, as Crackpipe said yesterday, to OIL and the OIL barons who have ruled Texas since oil was discovered there a decade prior to World War I. An OIL baron Power Elite up through which the Mexican oil lease buying and CEO of the Zapata Offshore Drilling Co. (a failed company), George H. W. "Pappy" Bush ascended to his political throne, bringing along with him his worthless sons and his only daughter, a pack of weasels if ever there was one. Living in Austin, Texas, for about a day suddenly makes you aware of the power of OIL in the politics and everyday lives of Texans. The University campus when I was there had an oil derrick as a monument in back of the towered library, a really magnificent building, built by OIL contributions, probably, since like Crackpipe said the University of Texas was once the second largest endowed university next to Harvard. I've read recently where Harvard's suffering a little money trouble--seems like enrollment is way down.

Here's some excerpts from the Existentialist Cowboy's article:

Texas oil man T. Boone Pickets typifies what is dead wrong about America and what passes for 'foreign policy'. Pickens claims the US is 'entitled' to Iraqi oil. How convenient for the oil barons who conspired with Dick Cheney to carve up the oil fields of Iraq before 911 would give Bush the pretext he would need to attack and invade Iraq, a nation that had nothing whatsoever to do with 911.

Here, the Cowboy gets controversial--good for him:

Nevertheless, it would be claimed that Iraq was --somehow --a part of the 'war on terror'. Is there no end to the lies? Might I remind that on 911, it was a gang of Israelis, perhaps criminals from Mossad, who were seen dancing and celebrating! It was NOT Iraqis who celebrated the deaths of innocent Americans! Clearly --Bush waged war on everyone but the 'real terrorists'.

Mossad is just as crooked as is the CIA about which I have written, possibly, thousands of pages [See: Why the CIA is the world's number one terrorist organization] Secondly, the US is perpetually auctioned off to the highest bidders on K-Street! And the the most powerful lobby on K-street is most certainly the Jewish Lobby. Meanwhile, Israel is breaking every international law with respect to Palestine as we write and post.

Has the Cowboy been reading The Daily Growler? Check this out:

I say revolution now! I say bring down this elite! I say arrest the war criminal who continue to rape the sovereign nation of Iraq! I say file capital charges against George W. Bush, his guilty staff and the Pentagon brass who knowingly and willing planned the entire heist on behalf of big oil!

We applaud and cheer the Cowboy. Read the whole article here:

Here's an excerpt from a thegrowlingwolf article posted on The Daily Growler, December 7, 2006. My God, the Wolf Man is mentioning our deserving Iraq's OIL--

So Jimmy Boy Baker comes out of his meeting and this brilliant gang of illicit businessmen spank Georgie Porgie on his cute little ass by saying, "Yep, G.P., old buddy-buddy, the god-damn atheists, anarchists, commies, hippies, cowards, socialists, Castro-lovers, traitors, bleeding-heart liberals, and bloggers were right all along, we’re losing in Iraq; in fact, little buddy, we’ve lost in Iraq and it’s time to get the F out of there and leave it to the towel heads to work out their own shit—EXCEPT, little oil baby…" and here comes the whole crux of my growling: the red light went off on the word EXCEPT—and they continued, "before we get out of Eye-rack, the cowards left alive over there must concede their oilfields to privatization and first grabs to those oilfields will go to U.S. corporations, first dibs on it, dammit, OR we will withhold aid and reconstruction promises and shit like that from them, plus we’ll keep military bases there, by God, or F 'em."

Methinks, some blogger pundits have been reading the Growler since we started Growling in April of 2006. L Hat sent us a Joe Bageant blog post that the Wolf Man said was a well-written piece with a lot of moxie that read like Joe's been reading The Daily Growler.

We here at the Growler believe in pushing things in faces! Especially faces full of anger, threat, meanness, pomposity... Like we'd like nothing better than to shove a shit pie in T. Boone Picken's face! And by the bye, Soupy Sales, speaking of pies in the face, is dead and gone!
Soupy near the end--he had a bad heart. This photo from a Rick Saphire release saying the National Enquirer was full of shit when it reported that Soupy was half dead already. Rick went on to say Soupy was doing just fine and was back on the circuit wowing 'em dead with his wacky humor. I never thought Soupy was funny--but then I'm not old enough to remember him as a kiddie show host.

The following is from a Rick Saphire press release issued in October 2008, ironically almost exactly one year before old Soup left the mortal coil.

Soupy's heart problem was diagnosed years ago, and is under control. He is mostly confined to a wheelchair due to a Parkinson's type condition that he has had for a very long time. But none of these health issues have taken away Soupy's smile and his ability to meet and greet his fans"

Rick Saphire has known Soupy Sales for 43 years, and has represented the star for personal appearances for a decade. Saphire reports that Soupy Sales has a full schedule of appearances booked well into 2009, and he expects to make it to each and every one.

It's too bad we all have to go some time.

austinhighchew (managing editor)
for The Daily Growler

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