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Living Open-Eyed in Chaos in New York City

A Wet Blanket Over the World
It is as though a wool blanket was thrown over New York City yesterday, it was suffocatingly hot, August 21, 2009. Wow! Zowwie! Yikes! Eight years after Little Boy Bush started his faux presidency's gift to us, TWO economy-draining, morale-draining, polarizing, dark-side-of-the-coin WARS. WARS he combined into ONE big WORLD WAR, after Unka Dick Cheney put his manipulating hand up G.W.'s ass making the decision for him, which he declared a WAR ON TERROR! Wow! Zowwie! Yikes! [I steal "Yikes" from the late great Bugs Bunny--and I say "late great" because I think Bugs died when Mel Blank, Bugs's voice, died. Mel's son tried to keep the Blankness in the voices but he failed miserably--his voice just didn't hit these characters square on the head like his father's had. Bugs just wasn't Bugs anymore. Porky wasn't Porky. Daffy Duck wasn't Daffy. Yosemite Sam wasn't Yosemite Sam.]

So here we go again, WOW! ZOWWIE! YIKES! According to President Obama in his Afghan WAR speech, and his ex-Bush Baby military staff (Gates, McCrystal, et al.) agree with him, the WAR on TERROR hasn't been very successful at all. Obama plays the WAR on TERROR down, though I'm sure his advisory staff, both civilian and military, still believe that the world is full of terrorists chomping at the bit for a chance at blowing away another New York City skyscraper or to attack our sacred Pentagon, with the White (Man's) House always in their sights, too. Are you scared shitless yet?

Right after 9/11 here in New York City you should have seen the politicians and the cops all wearing their American flag lapel pins (did you notice how quickly the Communist Chinese mass produced those American flag pins and had them on the market so immediately?) I mean it seems to me like by the very next day Mayor Guiliani and his gang of thugs had their American flag pins on. Even Bernie Keric had one on. (I've often wondered if old Bernie had his on when he gave celebrity publisher Judith Regan the "greatest fuck" she'd ever had in her life! Remember, Judy spread 'em for Bernie while laying up on a dusty window sill in a Battery Park City high-floor apartment (paid for by We the Citizens of New York City) overlooking Ground Zero, which was still smoldering. How's that for high livin' at the public's expense! Think of that--and I'm not being vulgar, I'm being real-- Judith Regan had her celebrity vagina being ground into that Ground Zero contaminated dust, full of Saturn knows what, including the dust of obliterated human beings, by old lusty lunging and raunchy panting Bernie Keric--his faithful little wife at his home in Jersey watching as the construction workers were finishing adding on to Bernie's house there courtesy of We the Citizens of New York City!)

So President Obama (along with his White mother-figure (yep, Freud; I apologize) replacement, Hilary Clinton) agrees that they should put a hush on the WAR on TERROR...let's see, also, they have to take our attention away from the mess we've created in Iraq, where we are now suffering big time again in terms of lives lost and Iraqis blown to bits all over the streets and the marketplaces. Everywhere overthere except in the billion-dollar largest embassy in the world, the US Embassy in the highly protected Green Zone (walled off from the fenced off hostile neighborhoods of Baghdad)--though we are still sending out patrols over there and we're still sending our troops out to ride shotgun on the contractor convoys--and there are still 100,000 contractors in Iraq and we are still employing Blackwater (they've changed their names so many times over the past month it's hard to really peck them out any more but it can be done and has been done) militia men and snipers to ride along with and protect the many diplomatically enabled visitors that are pouring into Baghdad daily (like Joe Biden might decide to drop in unexpectedly on Air Force Two or whichever one of We the People's airplanes he decides to fuel up and fly over to Baghdad--a trip that probably costs We the People at least a million--no problem for Joe Biden from Du Pont-owned Delaware--where money grows on the Agent-Orange-burning trees of Vietnam--but the Du Pont Family are considered very patriotic (even though one of the patriarch's of the family was a Nazi sympathizer) and enviable human beings--actually, their privilege has lifted them slightly above the human-being designation--"You Go, Joe!").

God-damn, I'm out of breath ranting--growling mad at the stupidity of my brethren and sistren (is that a word?) Amuricans. Like those who don't see now that President Obama is forced to have us focus on the WAR in Afghanistan, a WAR already, as set up by G.W. Bush, our only ever faux president, felt nationally to be a "sort of" righteous WAR--and it is Obama's righteous WAR--why G.W. "Not Guilty" Bush passed it on to President Obama--but rather than flinging off that WAR as disgusting and saying he was ending even that WAR immediately (like he said he was going to do in Iraq (has he done that yet?)), President Obama has accepted that WAR as a righteous WAR, as if accepting it as a serious WAR in the first place, a WAR against the Afghanistan people who've not done one god-damn terrorist thing to We the People of the US. The 9/11 "terrorist" attack (some still say it was an inside job) didn't originate and come from Afghanistan! Nor did the Taliban have anything to do with it. Afghanistan's sin? Under the Taliban government, they gave safety and protection to Osama bin Laden! [The alternative to "Osama" on my ABC spellcheck was "Obama."] Osama the dissident Saudi-Arabian (where have I heard Saudi-Arabians in relationship to 9/11 before...hmmmm?) who before 9/11 was an employee of the CIA working with the Mujaheddin in trying to help the Taliban kick the Ruskies out of the place. Afghanistan, a land once so great and powerful in ancient times--home of the Hephthalites (the White Huns), the nomadic Yu-Chei, the Mongols led by Genghis Khan; Timurid; the Kushan; the Bukharans, the Chaghatayids, the Chach!

Obama's WAR in Afghanistan is also now a "search and destroy"-Vietnam War-type of WAR. Blackwater militia it is now revealed are running our drone plane air force not out of a base in Nevada, nope, but out of a base in Afghanistan--drone planes carrying missiles that are computer-targeted by Blackwater goons--then flown toward their designated targets--one yesterday hitting a Pakistan village and of course missing the Taliban and Al-Queda terrorists and killing 15 mostly women and children. Hey, but our president shoots back, "Though we've killed probably way over 500 innocent women and children with this drone program, we did last week, I believe it was, kill the keiko-muckity-muck head of the Taliban. So to me, and I do offer my sympathies to those 'accidentally' in the line of fire who perhaps did lose their lives, though my generals tell me you can't believe Taliban claims any more than you could believe General Colon's Pal's casualty numbers during our Vietnamese Victory, I believe that one Taliban leader killed is worth the accidental loss of whatever other people were accidentally killed in these successful, I feel, and General Stanley McCrystal agrees with me, attacks on the, that's weird, Richard Gibbs, I didn't mention Al-Queda...I said 'there are still FORCES here'...that's good, 'forces here who want to attack America and kill Americans'...Richard, that is good, man."

The total of US troops killed in these two sorry worthless WARS is currently, the records aren't clear, over 5,000 (and this figure does not include contractor deaths; nor Blackwater deaths--or are Blackwater troops invincible?). The number of US troops being killed in Afghanistan now daily is on the rise. Plus our worn-out troops are still being blasted along with those poor fucking Iraqi people everyday now in Iraq.

Oh and look at the glorious democracy we've created in Afghanistan. I notice both candidates in the big bad Afghanistan Democratic Election are claiming victory. So why not let 'em both be President of that country? What would that matter? Why do We the People of the US need a President? Why is it societies love to be ruled by ONE person? Look at the power the US president has. G.W. Bush, for instance, literally sent our troops into lose/lose WAR situations, lying like a cowardly dog about the reason we were sending our troops into lose/lose WAR situations. Look at all the freedoms this asshole (and Bill Clinton, too, the originator of the Patriot Act) took away from us and gave himself and the presidency! Look at how as Commander in Chief of the armed forces (instead of overseeing them and having them do their real job, defend our borders) our President can actually stage WARS behind our backs and then suddenly spring them on us and justify them with lies based on the advice of old worn-out military potentates and Neo-Con WARMONGERERS.

Another question that bothers me is why did G.W. Bush hang Saddam Hussein by the neck so fast? Hussein knew how to control his people. Look at the mess we've created in Iraq at the moment. Look at it. One hundred and 20 people killed and another streetload of them injured or maimed yesterday (Thursday) in a car bombing. What kind of Democracy is that? As an Afghanistan friend of mine says (he sells me my coffee every morning--Thursday he was wearing a cool teeshirt that read, "I Am American-Afghanistan!" scrolled over crossed Afghan and US flags), "We had no car bombings in Afghanistan until the US forces came. We want peace, not bombs and death."

Couldn't we have learned something from Saddam? Well, of course, we could have except what we could have learned from him was dangerous to G.W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Old Pappy Bush himself, Unka Dick Cheney--by damn, it makes sense to me now, that bastard had to be killed and thereby SHUT UP! There ya go. Just like he executed Black men when he was Governor of Texas ("The Death Row State"), he executed poor old sad-eyed Saddam who his search-and-destroy special forces had found living in a hole in his homeland's earth, wearing a tattered teeshirt, unshaven...but, hey, I'm getting nostalgic here--I think most Americans would have throttled old Saddam to death themselves if given the opportunity he was portrayed as being so EVIL.

Believe it or not, our Supreme Court of Court Jesters recently stopped the lynching of an "innocent" Black man down in Savannah, Gawjah (the Jungle). A Black man accused of shooting a precious White cop [did anyone ever think of the mentality you have to have to become a cop?], a Black man who was convicted on the testimony of another Black man who most folks in the Black community down there say did the shooting and immediately thought to blame it on this Black dude. They arrested him, put him on trial and convicted him of killing the precious White off-duty cop working as a security guard at a fast-food joint though they had no gun and no physical evidence this man had done the deed. Later 9 witnesses who had originally testified for the state against the dude recanted their original testimony by saying that testimony was controlled by police questioning and pressure to answer the way they wanted to hear the answers and now these folks were saying they never saw this guy do anything much less shoot the cop.

So the Supreme Court of Court Jesters in a 7 to 2 decision granted the dude a new trial that must allow this new evidence to be introduced. The 2 descending opinions on saving this Black man's life were by those two clowns of supreme justice, Sweet Tony Scalia and Clarence "Long Dong" Thomas (both Pappy Bush appointees). These two clowns argued that the Constitution doesn't guarantee an innocent man who has been convicted by his peers in a court of law and sentenced to death in a proper criminal trial a new trial based on the fact the man now is claiming he's innocent. Even if he is innocent, Scalia said, that's still not the Constitution's problem. Look at the power these presidentially appointed goons have over We the People. Therefore, there's another huge power granted one man--the appointment of Supreme Court justices! The appointment of Federal Court judges!

The Prez
It's the one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Prez, Lester Young, on August 27th. Prez was a Virgo, and so am I.
Celebrate the Prez....


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