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All Along the New York City Watch Tower (Which Is Actually in Brooklyn)

foto by tgw, 2006

Doin' Some Trackin' in the Jungle
thegrowlingwolf has taken off to points unknown--probably to celebrate his and the Prez's birthday--out to Kansas City?...except it's hot in Kansas City right now...up to Harlem? it's Charles Parker Jr's time of year, too; August 29th, 1920--the Charles (they call him Charlie) Parker Jazz Festival is coming up the weekend of August 29th here in New York City up at Mount Morris Park in Harlem. It started down in Tompkins Square Park on the Lower East Side back in the who knows because Parker once lived on Tompkins Square Park (he lived there with Chan and her kids), so they had the first of many Charles Parker Jazz Festivals down there. Now they're up in Mount Morris Park. Yes, Parker did live in Harlem. He lived in the same building with Lester Young one time and used to hang out in Lester's room jivin' and playin' and listening to records--Lester talks about knowing Charles in one of his interviews. thegrowlingwolf has been studying Lester Young's life for the past 2 years with the intentions of writing a screenplay on Lester's life and death and destruction but those intentions were throttled by time, money, and inability to hire help so the screenplay never panned out. Now we've heard rumors that he's working on a new thing about Prez--a staged presentation. That's what we've heard through our Gladys Knight and the Pips Grapevine--yes, we have a Marvin Gaye Grapevine, too, but it's for spiritual rumors while Gladys's is for current, up-to-date rumors.

So with the Wolf Man gone, we here at the The Daily Growler's ostentatious, outrageously designed ultra-floor offices, with hallucinating views of industrial-smoked Jersey off in the distance of our sunset-staring eyes, and nothing to do and not wanting to do anything, we decided to do some cruisin' through our fav sites at the right of our blog...links...the links, and writing a blog is like playing golf.

And Speaking of Playing Golf
President Obama is back from vacationing at the Grand Canyon...so now he's vacationing on Martha's Vineyard, Oak Bluffs settled originally by Black Freemen back in those good ol' Colonial days, so Martha's Vineyard is a cool place for a Black family to visit and mingle--except now Martha's Vineyard is swamped with the upward and ever drifting up even higher and owned mostly now by celebrity billionaires like Diana "Married a Rich Scandinavian" Ross; Dan "Phony Blues Imitating White Brother" Ackroyd and his ilk; of course Uncle Teddy Kennedy and his old District of Corruption swingin' party crowd used to boogie-down over on Chappaquidick...and we're sure the President and the Mrs. will go over on one of the Kennedy jets--don't let a Kennedy fly the damn thing--to visit Uncle Teddy and the Kennedy clan--is Uncle Teddy dying at Hyannis? Wouldn't it be cool if they took Uncle Teddy over to Chappaquidick and dumped him off the edge of that famous bridge. Maybe that would release the poor old Mary Jo Kopeckne's revengeful spirit that must haunt the place. We're sorry, but we just can't get respect up for old Uncle Teddy--sorry. Not if you pull up the wool our legends pull over our eyes and look at that old sorry specimen with a principled eye; he doesn't measure up to us as being much of anything more than a Kennedy. He wasn't very affective as a senator, was he? Most of his life he was drunk--he and his wife, Joan, were stone alcoholics--sloppy drunk in bars all over everywhere. Remember Teddy and his Chivas Regal at the Palm Beach bars? Down around the time when one of his nephews went out one night with Uncle Teddy and ended up being charged with rape after he picked up one of the Palm Beach striver drinker/dancer/hustler girls at one of Uncle Teddy's fav bars. Oh yeah, what a life Uncle Teddy got to live--on We the People's gracious giving of 30% of our earnings--what we work our asses off for--to these crooked deceiving asshole bastards! We the People have supported the Kennedy clan and the Bush clan since way back when the first one of them got a high-paying government contract or got a high-paying, high-ranking, powerful government job--and the privilege of running their children for public office in order to put them on the dole.

So President Obama is on Martha's Vineyard today (Tues. the 25th of August). And guess what he's doing, speaking of playing golf. Yes, he's playing golf. And guess with whom...no, not Tiger Woods; no, not his wife and kids--not with Good Ole Asskissing Joe Biden--no, our President is playing golf today with the CEO of USB, Richard Davis, USB meaning US Bancorp! Poor old Middle-Class Dick Davis only made 5 billion dollars with his little chartered in Delaware (Hey, Joe Biden, there ya go! Why are so many of our corporations and credit card companies chartered or located in Delaware? Why is that, Joe? Explain that to us) banking company. This on the same day President Obama says he's keeping Georgie Porgie Bush's goon as head of the Federal Reserve--this little Bernecke asshole--and President Obama is buttering up this banking-industry crook as being the man who has steered our economy away from a Great Depression and back on track toward recovery. Based on what, you ask? Not on the rising employment rate. The employment rate is dropping daily. Jobs are being wiped out daily. So based on what this recovery? Dropping foreclosures? But foreclosures are up 37% since the banks and financial bums ripped us off with the help of old wizened Allan Greenspan, this Ivy Leaguer crook Bernecke, the solid crook Hank Paulson, the evil sidewinder Robert Rubin, and the other Goldman-Sachs good ole boys who are swarming around President Obama--hey, the Chicago Southside Community Organizer is now working his organizing magic on Martha's Vineyard with Bancorp Pirate Dickie Boy Davis. What a disappointment this Obama character has become. Don't bank on his ass. If you do, you're doomed. George Bush and the Bush Family Empire and the New World Order lives on--"Yes We Can" no longer has any meaning. Now Obama's loyal are shouting "We Still Can, So Why Can't You?" Obama ignores them; he's playing golf with a banker and Wall Street gambler, his kind of White man. By the way, President Obama also announced we will continue to kidnap innocent people who look too much Muslim for our taste off the streets of anywhere in the world, including the USA, and ship them off to foreign countries to be interrogated. Except now President Obama says these solid democratic countries, like Syria and Egypt, where we send these poor devils to be incarcerated and tortured are now swearing on the Christian Bible that they will no longer torture these prisoners but instead will make their stay in their countries like being at the Martha's Vineyard Country Club where our President is playing golf today with the CEO of US Bancorp. How brazen is that?

Which brings us to a very interesting typically stupid, Yahoo lawsuit they say's developing in here in "make your fame" New York City. The New York Daily (Kitty Litter Box Liner Paper) News--oh no, someone has already thrown our copy away--either that or we have no "bathroom" tissue in the art nouveau office crapper and The Daily News is being frightfully utilized in a substitute roll back there. Anyway, according to the NY Daily News, a Fashion Institute student named Amy Pork, if we recall her name correctly (or incorrectly, we don't care), called an upward striving young potential NYC potential almost-model (not yet a supermodel--a striving model means she's not really a model yet--but she's out in the social elite circles playing a model (with a lot of humping in her hips)--hanging at "in" joints like Cipriani's down on 42nd Street in the once cathedral-like Bowery Savings Bank that is now a chic-chic phony ooooh-so-private club--you know the kind, where the big shaved-head black guy wearing a Guinea teeshirt showing off awesome pythons blocks you at the door; or it's a little rat-fink punk kid from Canarsie Queens, you know the kind, with the motor-oil greasy hair and the "The Spilled Guts of a Cat" [a punk rock band we invented just then] teeshirt with the pack of cigs roll-pocketed in one sleeve blocking your way at the door. Nobody here at the Growler in their "right" or "left" mind would ever want to go in that rip-off joint. It's owned and operated (he's just opened another one in Lower Manhattan) by the young fool son of the original Cipriani family that Hemingway made famous in several of his books--especially Across the River and Through the Trees, Cipriani's in Venice being one of his favorite watering holes. Later, the Ciprianis ran Harry's Bar in Harry and Leona Helmsley's Helmsley Hotel--the famous Cipriani in Venice was named Harry as well as old Harry Helmsley--the Helmsley Hotel the one on Madison Avenue that is built over the old mansion that used to house Random House Publishers when Bennett Cerf was the publisher--the Modern Library was created in that old mansion--and also housed the Catholic Diocese at one time, we think--now it's an overpriced crummy hotel (full of bedbugs probably)--we haven't treaded that way in years--not since some of us worked on Madison Avenue, right across the street from it in one case.

So, back to our story: this Fashion Institute student wrote on her blogger.com blog that this striving model was a "skank" and a "ho." Those two words really pissed the striving model off. Then Amy Pork added with sweet vixeny venom that the striving model had been posing very "explicitly sexual" for sexy-photo-alert photographers that hang around the party bars, especially an "on all fours with her sweet rump high in the air for easy entrance" shot that was taken of the striving model while she was out partying hearty at Cipriani's (obviously these broads have money--we here at the Growler assume they get money by doin' a little ho'n on the side; what say? Otherwise, how the hell can they afford to hang at a dump like Cipriani's?). Anyway, the striving model got so double pissed at Amy Pork, she forced Google to reveal to her who the hell Amy Pork was--never give your right name on a blog, we add as advice--just like Fats Waller said--"Oh no, don't ever give your right name! Oh no!" Google, however, kowtowed to the striving model's insistent bitching and revealed to her Amy Pork's real name--and the striving model released Amy Pork's name to the press--can you believe this bullshit? This bullshit is going on while you perhaps are wondering how you're going to survive until your next paycheck. Or maybe while your knocking back a handful of Oxycontin because the doctor just told you you have operable cancer but since you don't have the right healthcare, you're not going to be able to afford to live. While this is happening to you, a New York City striving model is out partying hearty at Cipriani's with the fabby party crowd--not a worry in the world with these folks--or maybe she was ho'n with a politician--oh boy, what fun goes on here in New York City while thousands are dying, thousands are homeless, thousands just today lost their jobs, thousands are without enough money to eat, thousands are on the verge of suicide, but then, too, thousands are making another million bucks today, thousands are making tens of millions of bucks a day, and the inheritance youth are out in droves blowing daddy and mommy's Baby Boomer inherited and "worked for" money--oh, we're sorry--most people are rich because they're honest, we forgot.

So, listen to this now, Amy Pork now turns her venom because she is so pissed off away from the striving model and onto those rich bastards at Google. She's pissed because Google released her name to the striving model after they swore in their blog privacy policy that they didn't do such stuff, though of course they obviously do do such stuff because they damn sure gave up Amy's real name about as fast as they turned over those names to the Commie Chinese when the People's Republic threatened to throttle Google out of the huge China marketplace--Google and Yahoo caved.

Darlin' Amy Pork has now threatened Google with a 12.1 million buck lawsuit! Hot damn. And this article ends by saying the Fashion Institute student and slanderous blogger has hired one of the nation's leading attorneys to handle her case. Again, we ask, how does a nobody like Amy Pork afford "one of the nation's leading attorneys"?--it must be pro bono we suppose, signifying that Amy must have a pretty good case. Amy Pork, in case you're male and interested in such stuff, is a fierce-faced Asian-American young woman, pretty, thought hot we're sure by male students--except some might argue that male students at the Fashion Institute aren't interested in anything about women except their clothes. Good luck, Amy Pork, on getting your 12.1 million--well, let's see, it won't be that much after the nation's leading attorney takes his cut--or after the state, city, and Feds take their cuts--poor Amy, she'll have...oh, hell, she'll still be able to start her own fashion industry with what's left--so soon, folks, look for the Amy Pork label in your clothes. Also, the striving model will certainly get an offer to jump in bed with old Heff out at the Playboy Mansion--or maybe she'll prefer to go the Larry Flynt Hustler route!

Also in the New York Daily (Birdcage Liner) News is a photo of our New York State governor--yep, good ole David Patterson--out in the Hamptons--"Partying in the Hamptons" the caption under the photo says--with his arm around--and he's smiling at the camera like a Cheshire Cat--guess who? If you said Paris Hilton's MOTHER, you are correct. Partying in the Hamptons with Paris Hilton's mother. Holy SHIT, as the Wolf Man would growl, what a worthless bunch of shitheads we elect to lead us. How dare these politicians be living it up out in the Hamptons at the same time claiming New York State is broke, is raising taxes, is closing down human services, is adding tolls to bridges that are supposed to be free. Plus, these sorry Dumbocrat bastards in Albany (New York's Capital City) have BRIBED this outright criminal Pedro Espada character, truth out saying David Patterson and the bigwig Dumbos paid that little asshole creep & criminal from Dah Bronx by giving him 500,000 bucks and giving his worthless son a state gig paying $150,000-a-year in order to get this Latino weasel to come back over to the Dumbocrat side so the Dumbos now have a tie vote against the Repugnicans. We were happy to read, by the way, that old fucking fool Joe Bruno, former State bigwig Repugnican, has been held over for trial in State court--it has to do with Joe Bruno misusing the millions of play money these assholes receive from corporations, the Mafia, the construction industry, the real estate developers (one of whom is the ex-Senator from Long Island, a real crooked little weasel, Al Dimato, who now deals in building unwanted malls around New York State--you know, where the state condemns a neighborhood as a blemish on the countryside and gives it away to Al and his gang to develop as a mall.) FOOLS. And how big a'fools are We the People of the USA? We keep electing these sidewinders, the tricksters, these clowns with the constant put-down smirks on their faces, always talking down like a stern parent to We the stupid people--God, it's enough to turn you revolutionary.

Please Google, don't reveal all our names to the world because we're slandering so many great patriotic Americans and by openly backing revolution! Here, one of us will confess to you: "My name is ARNOLD SWARZENEGGER. I am Guv-ee-knor uff Callie-forn-ee-yah, und I am married to auf Kennedy. Ja vol. And, yes, I work for The Daily Growler." There. Now everybody knows.

Or...what if Amy Pork sues The Daily Growler! We bailin', folks. See y'all in Guantanamo.

for The Daily Growler
from the Existentialist Cowboy

It was not sufficient that GOP policies had enriched only the very, very rich. As a result,Link just one percent of the nation now owns more than some 95 percent of the rest of us combined! But the greedy bastards wanted to own all of it! They wanted your retirement! They wanted the monies you paid into Social Security over the course of your lifetime! Joe the Plumber recently called Social Security a joke --not because he understands why it is coveted by the GOP. He is merely the recipient of the 'memo'. Stealing your Social Security is still very high on the GOPs list of great things it wants to fuck up permanently! We should take Joe and Palin seriously. The world is endangered by its idiots.

From theexistentialistcowboy over on the right side of this blog--we can't make the link here; we're too dumb.
The Prez--born 100 years ago, August 27, 1909; died 50 years ago in March of 1959.
Charles Parker, Jr. born August 29, 1920; died March 12, 1955.
Both were born in August and both died in March.
Charlie Parker Jazz Festival 2009

The Charlie Parker Jazz Festival annually assembles some of the finest musicians in the world who reflect Parker’s musical individuality and genius, to promote appreciation for this highly influential and world-renowned artist. The two days of FREE concerts take place in neighborhoods where Charlie Parker lived and worked, in Harlem’s Marcus Garvey Park and the Lower East Side's Tompkins Square Park.

On both days, the music starts at 3:00 PM.

Marcus Garvey Park
Saturday, August 29
Frank Wess Quintet
Gary Bartz
Jose James
Aaron Parks

Tompkins Square Park
Sunday, August 30
Cedar Walton Quartet
Papo Vazquez & Pirates Troubadors
Pyeng Threadgill Dred Scott Trio

Gary Bartz has been around since kingdom come; so have Frank Wess ("Big Shiny Stockings") and Cedar Walton...BUT, who the hell are Jose James, Aaron Parks, Papo Vazquez & Pirates Troubadors (is that the right spelling, Papo?), Pyeng Threadgill (Henry's daughter?), and Dred Scott?

How lame is the current jazz scene in NYC that that's the best bunch of bands they can pull together for a Charlie Parker Jazz Festival? Frank Wess can't cut the Bird...neither can Gary Bartz--Cedar Walton's a Hank Jones-type pianist--can he cut a Parker tune like say Bud or say Dodo Marmarosa could? Of all that bunch, we'd listen to Wess and Cedar Walton--the others, who cares?

for The Daily Growler

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