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"It worked in Iraq but will it work in Afghanistan?"
That was the first teevee news promo we saw as we reluctantly turned on the early Sunday morning commercial teevee pundit shows. That promo head was advertising (which is really all teevee is anyway, one long, long, boring advertisement) a coming look by some sagging-faced millionaire teevee talking heads and their equally sagging-faced Conservative representative guests at "The Surge," Commander-in-Chief G.W. "Toy Soldier" Bush's 2nd "Mission Accomplished" victory in Iraq; what the little traitorous jerk said was his proudest moment as faux president of the United Snakes of American (certainly he wasn't We the People's president--Al Gore, though a shrinking Dumbocrat coward at the time, was really We the People's president of the United States of America). So commercial teevee, stupid purveyors of backward thinking like they are, was saying, "Yes, 'the surge' worked in Iraq [a suicide bomber killed 46 yesterday in Baghdad],"but will it work in Afghanistan?" The answer to both issues is really NO--"the surge" didn't work in Iraq and it damn sure won't work in Afghanistan.

We just checked out an argument going on on question up for debate was, "What was the most criminal act of George W. Bush's presidency?" First Answer: "The Illegal War in Iraq." Rebuttal: "The War in Iraq was not an illegal war. How was it illegal, explain it to me?"

And the back-and-forth arguments went on down the page--stupid arguments--God-damn the American people who respond to these Internet sites's questions. Their comments are the comments of dolts and dunderheads. A lot of them seem to be like right-wing agitators who love picking on Liberals, calling them "Socialists" now rather than "Commies," which is what they really mean by Socialists--Conservatives have no idea what a Socialist is much less even what a Liberal should be. Of course, the lunkheads have no idea that Israel is a Socialist country. Britain has been off and on a Socialist country. Communism is a form of Socialism, just like Nazism was too. Funny how the Communist Chinese own us lock, stock, and bonds and that doesn't bother these Repugnican knuckleheads one bit--though also these Yahoos don't consider that aspect of China anymore--they don't even know probably that China is still Commie. "Yeah, well, they may symbolically be Communists but in my opinion they're god-damn Capitalists...and that's thanks to the good ole USA, brother." None of these Yahoos ID'd the little weasel Bush's worst crime: his stealing the 2000 election! That was his biggest crime. Al Gore beat Baby Bush's little privileged ass hands down (not that Al Gore isn't a privileged ass himself; he is--his family is one of the wealthiest in "Deep South" Tennessee and they've been in politics since the days of Old Hickory--Cousin Gore Vidal calls Cousin Al one of the most boring men he's ever known. Why didn't Obama make Al his environmental secretary?). And Junior Bush was too damn stupid to steal the election by himself. Damn right that stupid bastard was under orders from his old Pappy, G.H.W.; the Saudi Royal Family; Unka Dick "Shotgun" Cheney (who our own thegrowlingwolf says had his hand up Baby Bush's ass and from that vantage point manipulated this woodenhead's actions during his whole disastrous two terms in office); Karl "Goebbels" Rove; and G.W.'s little crooked brother named after the Confederate General Jeb Stuart ("How many coons did you shoot las' night, Gen'l Jeb?" "Not eenuff, son, not eenuff."), a Texan who somehow managed to finagle his way into the governorship of Florida (has anyone ever explained that one to us?). So, yes, in our opinion, stealing the 2000 election was his biggest crime. Plus the Supreme Court stepping in and stopping the vote recount in Florida and declaring G.W. the winner was also highly criminal--something The Supremelyignorant Court did not have the power to do--that should have been thrown into a special session of Congress to be decided--but, hey, that's that.

The invasion and attempted occupation of Iraq was illegal in that it violated the sovereignty of the legal government in Iraq--whether we thought Saddam a "Devil" or not--"He tried to kill my daddy," G.W. crowed as he tried to prove he was no Wimp like We the People had declared his old lip-readin' Pappy, that old chislin' lyin' asshole--who's now having to shuffle around like a jake-leg alcoholic--Pappy probably has the gout real bad from that rich full life he's been living since he was a baby; what a life thanks to We the People of the USA. Old Pappy the Wimp thanks to We the Struggling Broke and Unhealthy People of the USA getting to live deep into his ancient years--at the same time old Mammy Bab's ruthless heart blew out some gaskets and had to be repaired just the other day--though we are glad to say We the People of the USA provided Mammy with the best possible heart care available--"Spare no expense," the doctor, a personal family friend, was told, "the dumbass taxpayers are paying for it"--oh, you betcha We the People paid a pretty penny to keep old Mammy alive a few years longer. Remember how gallant and heartwarming Mammy was down in Houston after Katrina: "Why, look, son, these New Orleans wooly-boogers who came here to the Astrodome are so much better off than they were in New Orleans. I mean, son, shouldn't New Orleans be a White city now that God's wrath has cleansed it...." We're sorry, we don't know if Mammy Babs believes in a God--I know she believes in her own self as god and her husband as a god and her worthless sons and that one daughter we seldom hear about little dukes, earls, and that one princess--all of Mammy's kids, by the way, have been involved in highly suspicious ventures in their highly crooked privileged careers.

We ask, "Shouldn't old G.W. be hanging from a sour apple tree somewhere in the Washington, District of Corruption?"--so far the only punishment he's suffered is a dude throwing his shoes at the dunce when the Commander and Dunce was saying farewell to his (un)successful troops in Iraq.

We noted, too, by the way, Congress this past week refused to give D.C. folks their right to have proper representation in Congress. OK, they gave D.C. one representative, but in order for Congress to agree in unity on that, some Repug nutjobs tacked on that if they gave D.C. a representative, they had to give Utah an extra representative--so Utah now has 3 seats in Congress--that's the final deal these sorry bastard Congresspeople made--Utah got an extra seat in order for D.C. to get one seat. Isn't D.C. more populus than the State of Utah? Utah's an ultra nutjob state that follows the teachings of the really insane Book of the Mormon--and these fools get to add another yet another Repug nutjob rightwinger seat in Congress--another Mormon nutjob to go along with the truly insane Oren Hatch, a proud son of old Frig 'Em Young's Moronic State. How insulting is that to the citizens of D.C., mostly Blacks, of course, so it's a bit racist, too. As Oren Hatch will remind you, "There ain't many Niggrows in Utah--and certainly not in the Mormon Church, by God."
The Mormon-Yahoo Senator From the Great Polygamist State of Utah
Don't you bet old Oren gets a little jittery when he's around those 12-year-old pure White Mormon daughters?--"Hey, Oren, you're a Mormon; Frig 'Em Young said it's OK to bop 12 year old girls, even your own daughters, as long as you marry them." Sounds logical to us.

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