Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sick World, Sick People. Sic, Sic, Sic.

Sunday Morning Corporate View of the World
Ever-thing's fine and dandy. Yep. Hah-hah-hah. The stock market crashing ain't no problem. Hah-hah-hah. A Chinese Kid-Capitalist (he was probably educated in the US, what do you want to bet?) has bid 2.4 million dollars on a charity auction on eBay--the highest charity auction winning bid ever in the history of charity auctions--for a meeting with Crooked-as-a-Snake-at-Night Warren Bluff-ett, another rich asshole who got rich off his old pappy's influence--check out who Warren's old pappy was. Ain't that grand. Don't you wish you had 2.4 million to blow just to have a chance to stick your nose really deep in old Royal Warren's filthy, unwiped, gritty asshole? The wealthy worship each other. The only thing divine to the wealthy is the crook they see when they look in one of their many mirrors. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the wealthiest son of a bitch of us all?" "Senor Slim!" "Senor Slim! How dare you, that pissant Messkin!" "Sorry, sir, but you asked me!" "Uncle Tom, get your black-servant ass in here and break the holy shit out of this mirror!" "Yassuh, Mister Bluff-ett."

And our little-man billionaire mayor here in New York City has our City Council in his butt pocket, these clowns who are supposed to be the citizens's check on hiz (dis)honor's neighborhood raping money-grubbing tactics butt instead their noses are deep in this mayor's little narrow droopy white dirty butt crack and as a result recently they gave their political backers, the New York City real estate industry, the biggest rent increases ever in subsidized housing rents! And New York City real estate dealers hate subsidized housing. And you know why? Because subsidized housing was a protective device passed by the NY City Council back after WWII when landlords started raising rents to ridiculous heights in order to take advantage of the dumbass returning soldiers who had GI Bill money and FHA money behind them--most of WWII's servicemen were drafted into the army--they had no choice but to kill or be killed or as conscientious objectors be sent out into the battlefields unarmed to gather up body parts and to put brains back into skulls! A CO in WWII was the same as a US citizen proclaiming themselves a Commie Sympathizer during the Cold War. So now, poor people in New York City in the few remaining subsidized buildings are going to have to pay a 4.5% increase on 1-year leases and a 8.5% increase on two-year leases! Unsubsidized apartments? Well those poor souls have no protection whatsoever--only their incomes--the landlords can raise their rents as absurdly high as he (most landlords are men--men have most of the wealth) can claim as the market base--especially if a tenant moves out--then the landlord...oh shit, I'm tired of preaching to all these choirs! Real estate developers and real estate salesmen rule us. It's the old plantation back again--but this time there's white folks down in the slave quarters with the blacks and Latinos--why, shit, there's even some of those whites who thought of themselves as the Conservative Middle-Class in the slave quarters, too--complaining about the accommodations and the fact there are "lesser" (they used to be called "savages") human beings being treated cruelly equally with their hi-rise arses!

Listen to me, a man who has declared himself a writer and no longer has to work--George Bernard Shaw said that, didn't he? My work now is rounding up words that tell my many stories--in fact, on my other computer I found a folder in which I had started my memoirs--I've temporarily called it The Last Roundup.

And what about Zimbabwe! Bush is thinking about invading Zimbabwe now because Amurican and British whiteys have declared Robert Mugabe a terrorist (anybody who attacks white people) because Mugabe has refused to recognize his "opposition" in the election he just yesterday won by a landslide--his "opposition" is a stooge of the British Empire's remains, which is what Zimbabwe is all about--Mugabe has since the beginning been intent on taking his people's land back from the Great (Not So Great Really) British who stole it from them back when the sun never set on that British Empire--back when Zimbabwe was named after that great white humanitarian Cecil Rhodes--yep, where the Rhodes Scholar comes from--and all the Brit fop farmers and ranchers and slaveholders protected by the British Empire stole acres and acres of native African land and turned it into prosperous farms and cattle ranches--and when Rhodesia was given its independence by the good Queen Lizzie, it changed its name to Zimbabwe and it elected Robert Mugabe as its leader overwhelmingly in 1980--Robert Gabriel Mugabe had been leader of the Rhodesian rebels--he was a hero to Zimbabweans the same as Mandela was in South Africa--except Mandela for some reason has turned his back on Mugabe! The first thing Mugabe did when he was in power was start throwing Brits off their land and letting the native Zimbabweans take it back--"If you can kick the Brit shits off the land, the land is yours!" This is the basis for Bush and Gordie Brown despising the actions of this full-blown N-worder of the BLACKEST kind.

Hey, Great Britain, you fucked the world up, now you gotta pay for fucking it up.

And then, marvelousmarvbackbiter, called me day before yesterday from Yankee Stadium--the old one that the City refurbished with millions of taxpayer dollars back when Mike Burke and CBS owned the Yankees in the late sixties and early seventies--George Steinbrenner got the deal of his life when Burke and CBS wrecked the Yankees and made them a second-division team under Major Houk--I mean their stars in those hapless years were Hector Lopez and Roy White!--and Steinbrenner got to buy the team for chicken feed! marvelousmarv said he had box seats at Shea that evening and if I could get my ass out to Queens, I could join him for the night-end of the Yankees-Mets doubleheader. The Mets won the game at Yankee Stadium 15-3. One of the Yankees's minor-league starter pitchers fell flat on his young face! What a sloppy game. I told marvelousmarv, bullshit on baseball this year, so he said, well, in that case he'd call Franny and Zoe our two-headed girl reporter and see if he could get in her...whoaaa, I forgot, marvelousmarv likes to dress up in women's underwear and have a big black man bugger him while he submits to the orders of a Sadist domitrex wearing black leather and carrying a bullwhip! Who knows, maybe Franny and Zoe is into that shit--anyway, I did watch some of the Shea game on teevee. Of all things, Sid Ponson (a traveling hack of a pitcher) shut the Mets stone-cold down--and the Yankees went on to clobber the Mets 9-0.

Then yesterday's game at Shea was a fairly good game--Santana versus Andy Pettite. Pettite gave up a home run to David Wright and that was it for a while until the Yankees went berserk and scored 3 runs off Santana (he looks like a bum)--then the rains came--and there was a two-hour delay. I passed out. The Yankees won it 3-2; Pettite's 4th win in a row. Hah-hah-hah.

The new Mets stadium, mostly paid for by the citizens of New York City, sits looking exactly like the old stadium as it looms up over Shea's centerfield fence--a new stadium that will have only a very few thousand general admission seats while the rest will be expensive field boxes--and the rest around the top rim of the stadium and between the upper general admissions and the first tier will be the real reason for building these new stadiums: a couple'a thousand luxury boxes--luxury suites I think they're called--suites that sell for millions a year--plus there'll be a shopping mall built into the venue along with high-priced restaurants and bars and shit and this new Mets stadium is going to be named after CitiCorp--yes, the old First National City Bank of New York City, which then became CitiBank, and then became CitiCorp, and, yes, it is the same CitiBank that recently fired 5,000 workers because it's on the brink of bankruptcy from its prime-rate-mortgage-lending schemes that backfired on it--but, hey, CitiCorp still has enough big bucks left over to buy the right to have the new Mets stadium named after it--a Capitalistic jive that goes directly against everything baseball is supposed to be, the American pastime that became the sport of the people--though now, it's becoming the sport of the corporate executives. No more knothole gangs--like Willie Randolph belonged to as a kid! In fact, corporate executives don't like knothole gang kids--they like only their own little spoiled brats who get to sit in the superboxes with them and their drunkard and coke-sniffing co-executives!

I just saw where the new fabby stadium for the Pittsburgh Pirates (Pie Rats) (a ballteam that in the 90s was on the verge of bankrupcy) only holds 35,000 regular-type baseball fans! The new Yankee Stadium (will it be called "the House that George Built"?) will only hold 45,000 regular folks. The original Yankee Stadium, the House that Ruth Built, held 75,000. Of course, Steinbrenner and the new owners are right: you can't fill a 75,000-seat stadium anymore--but you can fill a 45,000-seat stadium day-in and day-out, like the Yankees did last year, one of their greatest attendance seasons ever--they averaged over 50,000-a-game (amazing). This reasoning would mean the new stadiums for the Florida Marlins and the Tampa Bay (formerly Devil) Rays should hold only 10 or 15,000 folks, the numbers they usually draw to their games (the Rabid Christians in Tampa (a big Christian fundie headquarter city) made them take the Devil out of their name even though that was the whole reason for calling them the Devil Rays--that was their symbol in those days, too, the huge manta ray that is called the Devil Ray--as opposed to the Man O'War Ray! Or Man Ray! The Tampa Bay Man Rays--I like that.
Oh, yes, yes, yes, take the Devil out of that name--Praise the Holy Hell Lard!
A Man Ray--of our own beloved H.D.

I just can't get into baseball this year. The Yankees are not the same team they were last year. Joe Girardi ain't Joe Torre--Joe has taken the Dodgers to only 2 1/2 games behind the Arizona Diamondbacks as of last night when the Dodgers got no-hit but still won the game 1-0 on an error that let the only run score.

The Yanks are currently playing over .500, something it took Joe several months to do last year but he did it, coming from like 20 games under .500 to take them to the playoffs with Cleveland! The Yankee hitters look awesome and they should--A-Rod is leading the American League in batting right now--having a great year--however, and this is the big however most teams face these days, Yankee pitching is atrocious, even with Mike Mussina being the second winningest pitcher in the Am League right now and Andy Pettite having just won 4 in a row. But we know Mike and Andy won't hold and will fade eventually--Mussina will start losing games--and Pettite, too (or arm trouble will put him on the DL), though Pettite was their best pitcher when Brian Cashman went on a tear and diss-ed Andy and let him go to Houston after Andy had been their leading pitcher that year--the year Roger Clemens retired--2005 was it? The next year, Cashman saddled Joe with one of the worst pitching staffs ever--and still Joe took 'em to the playoffs.

As for the Mets, well, it looks like Willie really wasn't the problem afterall. Jerry Manual is doing no better than Willie--Manual is 5-6 now in his tenure as "interim" manager! The Mets should probably trade managers with the Yankees--Manual is an American League manager (with the White Sox for 5 years--why'd they fire him?) and Joe Girardi is a National League manager (managed the Marlins one year--was fired for subordination by the Marlins's crackpot rich-boy owner).

The Mets are only 4 games out of first--the Phillies always fold and they just lost 5 in a row--and the Mets are substantially ahead of the Nats, the losers in this division--the Mets and Atlanta the powerhouses--except, like Jerry Manual said on an interview yesterday, the Mets hitters are obsessed with swinging at outside off-the-plate pitches--like Carlos Delgado struck out 3 times yesterday swinging at pitches that were 'way off the plate on the outside, some in the dirt they were so outside. Oh well, the world goes on.

Truck bomb in Baghdad killed the normal 20 or 30 innocent Iraqis yesterday! Good news--the Splurge is still working--John McCain praises the Iraqi PM and says things are really looking good in Iraq now that he's ready to become our POW president. Like Father Lawrence Lucas says, How does John McCain's getting his ass captured in Vietnam qualify him to be president? If that's the case, then every African-American in the United States is qualified to be president! Except, Obama, who is only half-black, as Ralph "Spoilsport" Nader brought up day before yesterday--so he was never captured!

Ah the ironies are dancing around me like street rats having a ball late at night under a street lamp!

Father Lucas also says that New York Citians better be prepared for another "staged" terrorist attack on us--as warned by one of John McCain's political advisors--"If we have another 9/11, John McCain will win the presidency."

Aren't these clowns supposed to represent the Amurican people's wishes?


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BunBun4life said...

FYI, it wasn't Britain that 'paid the price' in Zimbabwe, it was #1, the simple farmers & their families who were brutally tortured & killed, #2, the simple farmers who were deported involuntarily & not allowed to take ANY personal belongings OR MONEY except for 50 pounds, and finally the blacks of Zimbabwe who are now starving to death - cause it turns out they either don't know how to farm or don't want to. So all the land stolen from people whose families lived their for a few hundred years on the same patch of land, sits barren & untended, orange orchards cut down by squatters for firewood; no soap, no cooking oil, no grain.

Zimbabweans make up the largest group of asylum seekers in the world, with no less than 300,000 a year trying to gain asylum in foreign lands - South Africa (right next door) turns out to be the country with the most APPLICANTS for asylum than any other country with 200,000 people a year trying to gain citizenship through asylum there - and since South Africans are incredibly xenophobic (and racist) they don't even like blacks from other countries, there is a spate and trend of murdering Zims. For one thing they are mostly skilled, after their employers were butchered & they got scared, left to seek good jobs in S.A. that most blacks there are not even skilled to do, so they are jealous.

In a 2 year period recently 62% of ALL animal wildlife in Zimbabwe was killed. You would think for food, since they are starving, but most of the pics I've seen show carcasses that are not eaten. Pregnant giraffe, tied to a tree, tortured to death & fetus cut out laying on the ground. Dead antelope (and they are good eats) just laying tied up with barbed wire, no meat taken.

In 8 years Mugabe turned 'the breadbasket of Africa' into the 'poorest nation on earth' the only country to EVER print a billion dollar bill - the zim dollar is officially dead - they only accept U.S. dollars, Euros or South African Rand - before 'death' of their currency, they could make more money selling million and billion dollar bills on Ebay as a curiosity, than the bill was actually worth. In two years the cost of a loaf of bread increased to the same price you could purchase a house for, 2 years prior.

Yeah, they're doing a great job.
SUFFER BRITS !! Oh yea, they're not the ones suffering.