Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Friday Night Frights

We the People Lost Our Rights to Privacy--GONE!
I just came off a "good" blog, Antifascist--Calling, and I came off very disappointed and kind'a dejected--every time it looks like there's really gonna be change in this sad country you get disappointed--I mean, think of this, our midwest right now is under rising floodwaters--several poorly constructed U.S. Corps of Engineer levees have collapsed leaving the Mississippi Valley inundated, and with the foulest of waters, too, worse they are now saying than the big-bad '93 floods--the Mississippi River is lapping at the foot of the Saint Louis Gateway Arch--the North Pole is melting--weather patterns are freaking out--more drought is predicted--more heavy rains are predicted--half the city of New Orleans is still in ruins--the New Orleans levee system is still not completely repaired--fires are ripping through drought-hit California, now burning up in northern California--the foreclosures are continuing, unemployment is continuing, the stock market is tumbling--and what are our politicians up to?

From AntiFascist Calling:

Friday, June 20, 2008

Telecoms Flex Their Muscles: FISA "Compromise" Locks-in Lawless Spying

You knew it would eventually come to this: a huge victory for the Bush regime and a gigantic swindle by Democratic party sell-outs posing as an "opposition."

Thursday, House and Senate leaders in a bipartisan Washington love-fest, stooped to new lows of dissimulation as they reached agreement on a bill that gives the nation's spy agencies and their outsourced "partners" in the telecommunications industry carte blanche to illegally spy on Americans.

By Friday afternoon the votes were in and, surprise! the bill passed by a lopsided 293-129. The bill now moves to the Senate where easy passage is expected next week. The White House immediately endorsed the bill.

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And How Did Barack Obama Vote--Read It and Weep/from Time Mag.
"Pelosi's centrist compromise doesn't just help House Democrats in the fall. It also gives the party's presumptive nominee for President, Barack Obama, a chance to move to the center on national security. "Given the legitimate threats we face, providing effective intelligence collection tools with appropriate safeguards is too important to delay," Obama said in a statement Friday. "So I support the compromise."" from Time/CNN Website

That's scary reading--and the pompous comments from the Fascist Repugnicans gloating over the fact Bush the Puppy Boy has successfully pulled some more thick wool over our already dumb-blinded eyes. What stupid dicks we are. What cowering fools we are. What cowards we are! As a result unless we get off our confused and scared-to-death asses and force these absolutely crooked politicians out of our hair, out of our lives we're doomed; come on, like Norman Mailer wrote about in Armies of the Night, we have to march en masse on the District of Corruption and citizen's arrest the whole lot of those "terrorists," including Nancy Pelosi and any Dumbocrat who voted right along with Little Boy Bush (Georgie Porgie's hinting that he thinks his bro Jeb (named after a Confederate general) ought to be runnin' fer prezy-dent) [Congress also gave Georgie Boy 274 more billions of our money yesterday, too, for his devastatingly wrong wars] as he makes his lame-duck effort to go on and solidly ruin this country before he has to get his ass back to his faux ranch in Crawfull, Tex-ass, and back to running successful businesses into the ground and getting his Saudi-Royals partners killed with shotguns--spreading joy and happiness among the wealthiest people ever--making them richer by stealing all of We the Peoples's money--gouging it out of us through these suddenly huge unchallenged splurges of oil prices--now Bush wants to open up offshore drilling--oh shit, oil production from those fields wouldn't even come on line for ten years--it does, however, in terms of putting those sites back into production benefit Exxon-Mobil and Chevron-Texaco and Halliburton Oil Services and Kellogg-Brown-Root (KBR), also an oil service company originally--why, hell, folks, and guess what Brown & Root Drilling was into before it merged with Kellogg Drilling? You guessed it if you said offshore drilling!

We are being owned lock, stock, and barrel by our own corporations--and soon foreign-invading corporations--like the Bank of China--we all now live on an old plantation--we have a lot of Massuhs ruling over us, too--a lot of foremen and managers and company reps and we are "selling our souls to the company store," as the old Merle Haggard song used to sing about--more coal mining companies to blow the tops off all the West Virginny mountains--a blossoming passion for building nuclear power plants reigniting itself among our crooked Congress people--these corporations are not only out to rule the world but also RUIN the world--there is no HUMAN compassion in a corporation--only rules and laws that expect a mechanical obedience. One day the wealthy class won't need any humans beneath them--they will have roboticized their industries--probably with worker clones, and also some special toys, too--hey, these guys need virgins to rape and boys to sodomize.

Bill Gates says he's quitting Microsoft to spend the rest of his life giving his money away! Oh yeah! Wouldn't you like to have so god-damn much money (on the books, not in his pocket) you could spend the rest of your life giving it away! How vain is that! Why wouldn't you give that money back to the people of the USA who made you so rich! Oh no! Bill Gates hates most people. Poverty doesn't bother the filthy rich.

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