Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day! May Day!

I just saw that the lead story on the New York City CBS 11 pm news tonight will be "Uma Thurman Faces Her Stalker in Court." Wow, I thought, must have been a slow news day. Then another channel announced it's 11 o'clock news top story would be that "Disney Is Going Ahead With Hannah Montana Movie In Spite of Miley's 'Nude' Photos." Oh, how daring of Disney, I imagined. Then I flipped over to Lara Spencer's Hollywood gah-gah show--Lara Spencer was once a New York City ABC channel reporter, big, tall, friendly blonde, not a knock-out beauty, but a beauty just the same, a tall and lanky beauty who I bumped into at a midtown Manhattan restaurant one night and found her to be a very easy-to-get-along-with woman--then suddenly she became wanted by all sorts of teevee shows--like she landed top billing on of all things PBS's Antiques Roadshow, though she was only there for a hot second and next time I saw her, she was hosting this Hollywood gah-gah bullshit infomercial for the stars with that top wit Pat O'Brien--he's the jerk while out with his wife cell phoned a chick he dug sitting at the bar and invited her up to his hotel room to snort some coke and maybe threesome--he like said things like, "Ohhhhh, baby, I dig your body....ooooooh, I'd like to see you naked, you cunt, and you can suck my...." You know, Hollywood hotshot talk, it happens every night and day here in New York City or L.A., 'cept this got low-brow Pat in trouble with his syndicate's CEO bozos and he had to give a humble interview and apologize and look worse than the fool he already was--and then gradually they kicked his ass off the show and left Lara Spencer the Queen of the Hop and doin' the show. All of that to say Lara's headline tonight was, "Is Donny Osmond a Great Role Model?" That was followed by a clip of Donny with those perpetual tears in his eyes talking about his holier than thou mother. Holy Christ on the Tree, Lara, that had been at the top of my list of important questions for quite awhile--alas, somebody had the guts to try and answer that one. This, by the bye, is a tail-end move of the 2007 famous come-back effort of the whole Osmond family--led by Donny and Marie--remember Marie's fabulous action on one of those fabby celebrity dance contest shows?--remember during this one Marie had her famous feinting spell?--and oh boy did the Osmonds get tons of teevee time during that comeback--you know, they trotted out their dead father--these are Mormon kids remember--think about it in terms of Mormons who are bound to have large families since they believe they are the Lost Tribe of Israel, the Tribe of Benjamin, in other words Mormons believe they are Jews and therefore Chosen by God--the Jewish/Christian/Islamic God Yaweh (means the same as Allah--"The One God") that white Christians pronounce "Jehovah"--and that's their excuse for polygamy and men being the lords of the roost and humping their daughters and their daughters's daughters to keep the line of Benjamin alive-- Mormon men being descended directly from Adam and good old poppy Abraham and crooked-as-snakes-at-night characters, like Isaac and Jacob and the birthright and covenant shit; why, hell, the Mormons believe Jesus descended from their lineage--and by God by golly, don't you know, the New Jerusalem will be Salt Lake City, Utah--home of our great regressive senator Oren "Nutjob" Hatch--so old man Osmond cranked out a huge family, but he was a fucking saint and Donny and Marie were shedding tons of tears as they remembered their precious father during the big comeback--about a 3rd comeback for Donny and Marie (they got a talk show the second comeback and it tanked almost as soon as they got it). Marie's sort of disappeared of late, but Lara was dragging Donny back out tonight--Donny is test hosting, I think, one of the other Hollywood gah-gah (ego masturbation) shows, or heck fire, for all I know, he's gonna be Lara's co-host....

You see what I'm driving at? Today is May Day, better known throughout the world as International Labor Day--though in this country since we view International Labor Day as a commie holiday we damn it down to a simple May Day--the first day of May--oooooh, how exciting--so we shun it as Labor Day because it's a commie holiday even though the greatest Capitalist country in the world today is the People's COMMUNIST Republic of China--I can't get that one out of my brain--so instead, May Day to us in the USA is a bunch of half-naked preteenies boppin' around a stupid May Pole--a Pagan fertility dance I'm sure, though I don't know for sure--aren't all our holidays originally Pagan fertility ritual festival type holidays--even X-mas?

Some other headlines on the news tonight have to do with this star whore here who recently popped up out of nowhere in NYC lately to knock Obama's raving maniac BLACK reverend of the top spot--she's a dishwater blonde who married some aging nutjob old saggy billionaire (a la Anna Nicole Smith) and something went haywire and this blonde is being kicked out of her Park Avenue digs--and oh hell she's pissed and she's suing everybody and she made a video and put it on YouTube telling all about how this old pussy hound abused her, blah, blah, blah, and more blah blah blah. And I'm upchucking in my bathroom sink. God what fucking nonsense unreal drivel.

Like, come on, the scumbag promotional world has always wanted to show naked preteenies--remember the shots of 11-year-old Brooke Shield obviously developing splashing about naked in her cutesy wootsie bathtub? Her mother allowed those--they showed Brookie stretching and showing her tiny boobies, then arching her back and sticking her little-girl perfect ass (don't all little kids have perfect asses?) out temptingly, invitingly--"Go ahead, big boy"--I mean, what was the purpose of those shots?--for Mom's memories? And did those nudes of little underage Brooke matter in her career?--hell no--Brookie went on to tease film audiences with her almost-nude scenes until today (when she's a plumping up middle-aging wife and mom (about her third marriage?))--then finally doing a whole horrible blatantly carnie movie, Blue Lagoon, where, still underage, by the way, Brookie's teasing about mostly naked throughout the whole film--then later, of course, after Brookie turned twenty and Dean Cain had busted her tough-as-a-nut cherry she did many nude scenes, including a fake fucking scene in one of her last low-rated films. Hypocrisy? So why can't Hannah Montana show off her little-better-than-Brookie's underage body? Daddy don't care--that old hillbilly singin' Grade B actin' daddy--hey, daddy's digging the publicity--it's helping his career, too--isn't he little Miley's legal guardian?--isn't he banking and managing all her bucks?--well, wait a minute, she's a Disney assembly-line star, I forgot, Mickey's got his hand up her cute butt--but, of course, Daddy's being treated to some good times at the same time don't you think?

That was the news that was on my mind today--and, too, I enjoyed our witty faux president's cornball goofus appearance at the Washington Press Club something--the Washington Press Club has an event seemingly every month or so--and then Bush was so sportive when he welcomed the New York Giants down to his bailiwick in the District of Corruption--it was sickening really it was--and of course the media kept Obama's wild-eyed, scary black preacher in the news--why how can this young man be president when he believes in the same Black Devil God his wild-ass Black Liberation Theology bullshitter (and all preachers whether black or white are bullshitters) preacher believes in?--I mean calling the USA "TERRORISTS"--what a sin! And watching Uncle Tom Obama grip that hat in his hands tighter as he let his white half take control--"Hell, folks, I don't know what got into my black ass over that awful division-spouting preacher I wholeheartedly at one time went along with"--since this Rev. Wright has been preachin' these same sermons since he took the church over and made it a black megachurch decades ago--you don't get black folks to come to church unless you offer them liberation--liberation from whom?, you may ask--liberation from the White Man! What the hell do you expect from a black church? So Obama shows his true color--the Midwest white woman in him--comin' out white, while Hillbilly Hillary ain't giving up as easily as those Obama-sure-thing pundits are predicting--she's diggin' in Obama's garbage as I type this looking for more dirt to bring that dichty N-worder down. Slick Willie and her with their Arkansas-states-of-mind will find something on this dichty N-worder, don't worry.

In the meantime, what else happened today--in a by the bye sense?:

The US Air Force fired a missile into Somalia to blow to smithereens a dude's family who Bush Murder Inc. had deemed an Islamic terrorist and his Al Queda clan--

Why is the US Navy bombing and missiling Somalia? Because we are monetarily and militarily backing the invading Ethiopian Army--invading Somalia to drive out the Islamic Political Party that won the Somalian elections fair and square but who the Christian US decided wasn't right so they called on their puppets the Ethiopian Christian Army to do their dirty work for them--Somalia has been divided since Slick Willie went ashore there with his stupid Marines--Blackhawk Down resulted--oh, but that's not as important as Donny Osmond's precious mother--his latest shtick--crying about how precious his mother was--sorry, I got distracted by Donny's comeback allurement.

Why, what else wasn't very important news today?--how about the people of Haiti and the Free Democracy of Afghanistan starving to death because the IMF and the World Bank won't let Haiti grow sugar or any crops making them dependent on the US for their food supply, which is cornmeal, flour, cooking oil, the prices of which are sky high and out of the reach of the scumbag-poor Haitians and Haiti has no food and Haitians are starving to death--rioting, too; being killed by police. Not a very important story--I agree. While Afghanistan has run out of wheat and flour and oils to make bread--bread is being made and distributed by the Afghan army in Kabul--and in the south the Taliban are gaining by the day--every day the people in the south suffer and starve a little bit more. We the People of the US say "Fuck 'em. Let 'em eat cake."

Also, news about the Surge forces helping us advance our victory in Iraq bombing a Sodr City neighborhood and killing upwards of fifty, men, women, but mostly children--our armed forces are especially good at killing old people and children--and Iraqis so pissed off at us--and the month of April was the heaviest US casualties--48--lately--not deserving one minute of air time--I agree! Miley's naked little skinny back threw any Iraq story into the garbage today! May Day! May Day!

Ah, how sweet we the uninformed have it.

The Federal Reserve lowering the interest rate to 2% made the news. Corporate breaks always make the headlines. Hillary and Nutjob John McCain are promoting doing away with gasoline taxes this summer--that made the news--yeah, you idiots, that's gonna take money out of the Federal and state coffers, We the People's money, still leaving the oil companies making their profits--why not put a regulation on oil companies's profits! Bush says we're at WAR. Why can't in the name of the war effort, Bush put a price-control on gasoline?--why doesn't he start a rationing program like the OPA did in WWII?

The Dumbocrat Party believes this is a solid Conservative country. The Dumbos are scared shitless of Conservatives--of the rightwing power in this country--where the big bucks are--those same big bucks that made all the candidates whether Repugnicans or Dumbocrats in this year's sham primaries and caucuses a little filthy richer than they were--I mean we're talking these birds spending millions of bucks a day--like when Slick Willie needs a $500 haircut--hell yes the campaign pays for it--and Hillary needs a new large-rearend pants suit, hell yeah the campaign pays for it. When they fly all over the US--We the People are paying their ways--how many of us check off that $1 for the politicians box on our tax returns?--I don't but I'll bet a lot of good ole uninformed Americans do. John McCain has a damn great chance of stealing the next election--while the Dumbocrats are shivering in their own pee in the loser's corner--Obama, Hillary, Dumbo the Elephant, whoever they eventually decide to run. It's in our collective unconscious to be afraid of our FEARS!

I have said for years this is all the White Man's Last Hurrah! Bush and those evil-eyed American Firsters (they've been around since the John Birch Society was formed in rightwing Orange County, California, way back in the fifties) have controlled us by playing on our fears--our fear of losing our jobs, our fear of now losing our homes, our fear of foreigners (I'm talking about White Folks now), our fear of defying the law, our fear of the IRS, our fear of State Police, our fear of BLACKS, OUR FEARS!

If we really are a White Christian Conservative (nearly Tory) nation, then we're doomed. I don't see any Dumbocrat leading us away from that doom. Nader's right, it doesn't matter which party we elect, they'll continue the same old bullshit on, and on, and on, and on. Let APATHY RULE, I say.

Sorry for my cynicism.

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