Friday, November 23, 2007

Turkey Day Observations

From Over the Rim of a Half-full Whiskey Glass Looking Right at the Pope's Nose
"What's the Pope's nose, pops?" "That's the south end of a turkey that's headed north, sonny boy." "Oh, ho, ho, I get it. So, why's it called the Pope's nose, pops?" "You ever seen the Pope's nose?"

We made observations on Turkey Day this year:

1) First of all, every teevee network and CABLE dipstick news flush (it's like they're flushing so much bullshit down the toilets of our minds) seemed to determine that this "Thanksgiving" day was devoted to our U.S. troops in Iraq--how all the Hollywood humper-stars and the graciousness of phony "president" Bush were taking these goofy kids turkey dinners and flashpoint entertaining them--it didn't seem to involve very many soldiers really, the rest of the troops we assumed were out on patrol getting their asses shot off--a bomb went off in Northern Iraq and killed 30 or 40 people yesterday but that didn't get one mention on the news. No one is dying in Iraq according to yesterday's teevee coverage of life. Soldiers in Iraq eating tinfoiled turkey and trimmings was all they showed; no mention was given on what our troops in Afghanistan were eating--"dust, dirt, and more dust and dirt" probably--but then we forget, those are NATO forces causing Holy Havoc in Afghanistan right now so no mention is made ever of that war--and we keep forgetting that Afghanistan is the "righteous" Bush war.

2) A propaganda story that thousands of Iraqis were flocking back into Baghdad was back prominently in yesterday's "snooze news"--the story states these Iraqis are mostly coming back from camps in Syria. This story started running about two weeks ago--we first saw it headlined in Yahoo news--and it was trumpeted regally all during yesterday's "Thanksgiving Day" bullshit blasting--amidst scenes of Hollywooders and snarky looking private goons airlifting turkey dinners to the happy, happy soldiers in Irak--and a lot of re-upping soldiers, too, were interviewed, gung ho dudes and dudettes, most of them goofball kids saying they were starting, happily it was always shoveled at us, their second and third tours of duty in Iraq--oh such young and innocent fools--this war should have never happened--yet that is never mentioned in any WAR reporting--always the message is that WAR is good and the war on terrerism is a serious matter and the fact that we haven't been attacked again since 9/11 is proof that Bush's WARs are working. Along with this "good" Iraq news, the Neo-Con networks were heralding our Phony "president" Bush as just one of the greatest guys we've never legally elected president--one of the boy's retiring goons, with sparklings of love in her eyes, went in public and compared the little "spoiled rich brat" (the rascally Yaley) to George "First Daddy" Washington. Do you think Georgie Porgie has some slaves hidden away on his faux ranch down in Craw-full-of-shit, Texas?

3) We were surprised to find out that Gov. Mike Huckabee (nutjob rightwing governor of the great progressive state of Arkansas) is an ordained Bible-babbling Christian fundy minister--Praise the Hellfire Lard (yeah, you get it from boiling down pig fat).

4) The Holy Networks were still giving detailed overviews of the various Repugnican candidates's poll figures and then a deep analysis of their chances in the year-away horse's ass presidential "election." Only a modicum of interest was given the Dumbocrats--usually how Obama and Mother Hillary are "mudslinging" at each other. All the presidential candidates look like fools to us.

5) Even the stupid network game shows all had stupid troopers on them yesterday--soldiers were everywhere--at the football games--"God Bless America" wafting mightily up to the Christian God through the huge stadium sound systems--the American flag flying majestically all over everywhere. Even Macy's stupid Thanksgiving Day parade trotted out all the military services--wahooo! were we War crazy as hell yesterday!--THANK the Christian God for WAR! America's true salvation! WAR! KILLING--most of our televised thankfulness going to advertisers first and WAR and the WAR industries second.

6) Did you know that John McCain is still a viable Repugnican candidate? Who cares, you are saying.

7) And again in spite of all his shortcomings, Rudi Guiliani "Amurica's Mayor" is still trumpeted as "perhaps" the next president of this jungle we call the USA (and most of Rudi's cums are short and sweet--one of his slow seeds getting through to Donna Hanover's star egg and producing Rudi's loopy-looking male child, a kid that doesn't even speak to his old pappy anymore--"Oops, sorwy, third wife, I cummed already. Bernie, baby, how the hell do you hold your cums back so well, at least according to Judith Regan"--and how sloppy ruined is Judy's fab career now? Don't worry, though, Judy's socked away several mil down in Bernie Keric's Cayman Island offshore account--we think Rudi probably has an offshore account in the same bank, where else has he stashed all those millions he made off his 9/11 fund, which the survivors say they never saw a nickel of?--plus, back to Judith R, she'll be coming out with a million-buck book deal on the whole affair soon.

8) And Slick Willie Clinton has "written" another book; this one on "Giving." Bill's turned fundy Christian preacher, which is what he'd a been had he not gotten into politics, and is promoting "giving" (giving up your money) as a way to make progressive change happen in this country. Bill got this holy message when he hooked up with his best pal, Old Gnarly Pappy Bush, "I love that man," Bill bleats consistently now, and gleaned millions of bucks for the tsunami victims (Bill and Old Pappy weren't interested in New Orleans; I mean FEMA did such a "heck of a job" down there--besides, Bill barked, "That's a bunch of wooly boogers down there")--remember that tsunami that wiped out a lot of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Southern India--remember that? What happened to all these millions of bucks these clowns claim they garnered? Ah Sweet Charity!

So another Turkey Day has passed and today the ignorant America people are out blowing their dwindling worthless US bucks on crappily made Commie Chinese and Asian Rim products, especially off-brands that these dumbass conglomerate-owned department stores are shoveling off the shelves while their top-brand items have been marked up ten percent! God the American people are stupid--and just look at the mess our stupidity has left us grovelling in.

Happy Bullshit,

for The Daily Growler

Dennis Kucinich--Never Mentioned as a Presidential Candidate on Network Teevee; Never Given a Chance in the Staged Debates--From New Hampshire:

Standing in front of a poster that had the preamble to the U.S. Constitution grafted over a painting of George Washington — the theme of his visit to UNH was the Constitution — Kucinich said Cheney has violated his oath of office and should be impeached under the Constitution for "leading the country into an illegal war with Iraq" and "beating the drums of war against Iran."

"The Constitution is our protection," he said, and impeachment "is a process that's put into the Constitution to have a balance of power."

Aaron Leclerc/Staff photographer Dennis Kucinich, Democratic presidential hopeful, speaks to a gathering of UNH students and faculty on Wednesday in the MUB.

On Nov. 6, Kucinich introduced an impeachment resolution to the House of Representatives.

"It was not done lightly," Kucinich said.

The House voted for the resolution to be referred for review by the Judicial Committee.

"If Democrats really stood for the Constitution, we could have impeached the vice president," he said.

Kucinich is preparing another impeachment resolution he said is more than 300 pages long.

"It's gonna go down with a (bang) ... " Kucinich said, pounding the podium for emphasis.

Throughout his hourlong speech, Kucinch spoke of the country in terms of disorder and fear.

"Things are out of control now," he said. "This is a very dangerous period."

Americans are covered in a "cloak of fear," he said.

Kucinich cited a line from "The Second Coming" by Irish poet William Butler Yeats to describe the state of the country: Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.

"We were dragged into a war in Iraq based on lies and we're about to be dragged into another war with Iran," he said.

After his initial discussion of the Constitution and impeachment, Kucinich fielded questions from the audience and discussed topics ranging from other presidential candidates to the state of the American media.

Kucinich said he admires Republican candidate Ron Paul and wishes Mike Gravel would be included in more Democratic debates. He said he himself is often passed over for questions in debates, such as the one in Las Vegas Nov. 15.

Kucinich said he gets overlooked because he's "underestimated" by the American media.

"As far as (the media) is concerned, there's only three candidates (Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards). If I break into third place, then there will be two," he joked.

Kucinich said there is a lack of unique voices in the American media and called some reporters who covered Washington in the run-up to the Iraq war "stenographers" for the White House.

"The press can play a vital role if it questions the government," he said, emphasizing the word "if."

Leah Baver, a senior at Oyster River High School, attended the talk with her friend, Nora Armstrong.

"I came in knowing nothing. I had a tendency to write (Kucinich) off," said Baver, who also has heard John Edwards and Ron Paul speak. "I thought I liked Edwards but know I like Kucinich."

Baver said Kucinich "didn't reek of politician" and "seemed more human" than other candidates.

"I think he was the most sincere (candidate)," said Jessica Locke, who lives in Cambridge, Mass. "He walks his talk."

As for impeaching Cheney, Jesse Beightol, who lives in Dover, said "it's a worthwhile cause" that would "set a precedent for future administrations."

Vanessa Bennett, a member of the Students for Kucinch group at UNH that organized the event, said Kucinich has "a lot of support on campus."

She feels good about Kucinch's chances to win the primary, even though he's currently fourth in the New Hampshire polls.

"I support him so much I have to believe he can do it," she said.


ryanshaunkelly said...

Colbert gravel kucinich paul nader perot carter [conyers?rangel?] united for truth elicit fear smear blacklist.

The people know too much,
democracy rising democracy now.
Rage against the machine.

Honesty compassion intelligence guts.

No more extortion blackmail bribery division.
Divided we fall.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Growler,

Do you have a comment on removing all the roadblocks to an impeachment investigation?