Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodbye, New York City

In a Sad Corner of Another Night
I sit in my apartment with my windows open to the night, the nicely chilled late-evening night, usually a quite time in this neighborhood, a time of luxuriating and doin' a little thinkin', too, like contemplating all sorts of possibilities and shit like that, but tonight does not reflect the usual, it reflects the "NEW" in this old city, the landing on the carcasses of this old city of a vulturous pack of what Naomi Klein calls disaster profiteers, and yes they did hit town right after 9/11 and after a little cocky lucky billionaire became mayor of this Gotham city, and yes the minute he became mayor he started trumpeting how the city budget was in fierce debt, like 80 billion or something outrageous like that due to 9/11 and the clean-up costs and police overtime and firemen suffering the brunt of the losses during their rather stupid efforts at handling such a colossal disaster with rather toy-like equipment--faulty radios, no communications hook ups between all the agencies involved in this immense and catastrophic happening (all thanks to Rudi Guiliani when he was mayor)--and here I go, set off again on a rant about the many deceits of 9/11 and how these sleazy, slutty, ignorant, cocky, cocksucking politicans, like Rudi (for Adolph) "Mussolini" Guiliani, are turning it into a sideshow, a gambling venture; and how sick does it make a New Yorker to see that pompous racist asshole Guiliani going around bragging about what a hero he was during 9/11 and now what great friends he is with the Righteous Reverend Doctor Idiot Pat Robertson, who said the USA deserved 9/11 because we condone homosexuality, murdering fetuses, and tax-free-loading flim-flammers like him and allowed them to exist (and by "make a New Yorker sick" I mean a resident of New York City--didja ever notice that? New Yorker magazine isn't for the state of New York; neither is New York magazine; and I've often wondered why it isn't the New York City Times)--and Guiliani makes me sick since I am one who was here on that day and watching live teevee all that day and looking out this window I'm sitting at now watching Ground Zero's foul and deadly smoke billowing up and being blown in all directions by gentle winds on those really smooth days of 9/11 and the next few days that followed, lusciously cerulean days, though it was especially noticeable on the day of that Islamic miracle, the successful "terrorist" attack and the quick precise destruction of two of the tallest buildings in the world and 3 more smaller towers in the same complex and the killing of 3,000 human beings, plus those on the airliners used by these "terrorists"--do you recall that the FBI knew who these Muslim saints were like almost immediately after 9/11 and had pictures of them in all the papers by the next day?--14 Muslim dudes, the majority of which were Saudi Arabians--and then after our "president" finished reading My Pet Goat to some 5th graders in Florida and then ran like the coward he is out to Omaha, Nebraska, and then finally back in D.C. and immediately bellowing about "This is wahr!" and quickly blaming Afghanistan and their Taliban government for 9/11 and an organization Bush was calling "Al Kay-eh-dah" and saying 9/11 was the masterplan of this guy Bin Laden who I remembered from Slick Willie Clinton's time in the White House, 'cause the Slick One had missiled a couple of schools and hospitals in Southern Afghanistan saying instead he'd destroyed this Bin Laden's Mujaheddin training camp--nobody asks the Clintons about the Slick One's roll in this war on Terrorism while Hillary's going around wishy-washing her way to true Girl Power--she accused John Edwards of vicious mudslinging last evening in one of their phony staged debates--I mean, Clinton's the guy who gave us the Patriot Act; he's the president who took our right of habeas corpus away from us--not Georgie Porgie Bush--check it out. Clinton went into Somalia; he went into Bosnia; and Clinton is the dude who started flying over Iraq, imposing the no-fly zones around Baghdad, bombing the hell out of certain areas every now and then, shooting a missile into the heart of Baghdad and blowing up a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility and killing one of Iraq's leading female artists--yet protecting Saddam Hussein--old Pappy Bush's buddy--and by the bye, why not ask these political geniuses running a year in advance for president if they think we were right in rushing the hanging of Saddam Hussein--instead of using him as a tool--and while I'm here, campaigning a year in advance of the election seems awfully wasteful of US citizens's time and money to me, these playboys and playgirls traipsing all over the US campaigning while hustling into the District of Corruption to appear on a vote then hustling right back out on a private jet with their political campaign coffers (suitcases full of cash) filled to the brim, some of them overflowing, with millions upon millions of tax-free captured dollars--dollars ripped off the US tax roles by the wealthy, or those who contribute heaviest to these political campaigns--corporations who pay no taxes whatsoever or rich individuals who also dodge taxes with every cheap accounting trick in the books (double sets of books always--NOTE: in the case of the BCCI scandal, now so in the past it's totally forgotten, the Arab banks who were backing Muslim terrorist groups around the world were using three sets of books, or so their accountants, Price Waterhouse, said in their defense of themselves in that scandal. "We kept an 'honest' set of creative books. We knew nothing about the other two cooked sets, 'honest' we didn't," and dear ole PW got out of that mess squeaky clean--later Arthur Anderson wasn't so lucky when it cooked Kenny Boy Lay's books down at the Enron Palace in dear ole Houston, once home of Pappy and Mammy Bush before they became citizens of Dubai--oh, they haven't yet!), which leads me back to the arrival of these developer vultures who are currently devouring old New York alive in this invasion of these private equity investment groups, the filthy rich of the world pooling their immense flows of filthy lucre to try and buy the land right out from under ALL of us--most of their monies gleaned off schemes involving huge tax credits and government rebates--and streaming them into in my case the hearts and souls of New York City neighborhoods as one of their kind, our billionaire mayor, gives these vultures first-bid access to huge pieces of open area in New York City, like the old Pennsylvania Railroad Yard, like along both sides of the East River--even Coney Island has been given to one of these private equity investment groups and they now have visions of great grandeur coming to that free public beach--intending to totally tear down today's Coney and develop it as a tourist trap, with a new amusement park and with 20 or 30 huge hotels--holy moley--and I hear the jackhammers blasting away the solitude of the night over a few blocks from my building--jackhammering up a block of 29th between Broadway to 6th Avenue, where all day long you hear the hammerheaded lugging of these huge digging machines as they dig out the super-basement of the future super-hotel (2000 rooms) that will soon be noisely built on this full-block spot and eventually block my western view and probably my southwesterly view, too, the one through which I can see with squinted eyes a scant blue of the Hudson in the distance--and God think of the traffic and the changing faces of the people that this developing will bring to my formerly Korean neighborhood? A neighborhood filled with mixed delights, like Koreans, Chinese, Vietnamese, and then Ecuadorians and Colombians who lived in the old Wolcott Hotel until they turned the Wolcott into an Indian-owned and run 125-buck-a-night tourist trap hotel, the Indians experts at running hotels, learning like they did as "woggy" servant boys and girls in the plush Brit hotels and clubs when the good Queen Vicky was the Empress of In-jah--so they learned the hotel business very well--and they were here years ago, long before the private equity dudes and the royal families of Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and the Arab Emirates saw huge futures in buying up old New York City hotel buildings and redeveloping them into expensive condos like they did to the Plaza Hotel. Just think, one day they'll turn Carnegie Hall into an expensive condo project--I can see a 50-story luxury hi-rise in the airspace over Carnegie Hall.

I had to get that off my hairy chest--this jackhammer noise is still wafting all over my once-peaceful night air that used to be so full of soothing nachtmusic, the roar of the daytime city finally passed out--but no--not anymore--wake up everybody, PROGRESS is here! Hands up, all you oldtimers, you are TO BE EVICTED. To now rent an apartment in New York City --the base rent (as low as the law allows) for a New York City apartment suddenly--on the dictates of our billionaire mayor--is $2,000 a room--a kitchen and a bathroom is considered a room, too, so a studio apartment with a kitchen and bath will cost you $4,000 a month--so in order to get that pricey an apartment, the new city rent guidelines demand that a renter prove if a single person that they make at least $85,000 a year while if a family (4 people) they have to prove they earn $180,000 a year--you prove your worth or a new New York City landlord--English is his second language, that I guarantee--won't rent you an apartment.

Rumor has it that when Bloomburg finally leaves office--2008--the bottom will fall out of the city building boom, though these investors don't really give a shit about boom or bust--they get big tax and insurance breaks the longer their finished buildings sit empty. The Empire State Building sat empty for 10 years before it started to successfully rent space after WWII began, which reminds me to tell you to remember: WAR means more WEALTH for the WEALTHY--WAR is a good investment, too, folks, but you know that because The Daily Growler stock analyists have been advising you, dear reader, to buy WAR stocks for over a year now--especially Exxon-Mobil, Wal-Mart, Halliburton of Dubai, Chevron, Shell, Google (Google's trying to buy one of those big "doubleclick"-type companies--if they're successful it will shoot them up another notch in the US top companies list--they're currently number 5 behind Exxon-Mobil, GE, General Motors (they claim they're going broke--government bailout time?), and Microsoft (I think). Get rich quick buy investing in WAR; your Congress is certainly investing the taxes ripped out of your earnings in WAR, and more WAR's a'comin'--Hey, let's hear it for making the world free through World War three! Yippee! We're all gonna DIE! Gimme an F....
For example: check out the piece-of-shit hi-rise luxury building The Donald "Phony As His Hair" Trump (his trump card is always bankrupcy) put up here next to the old Ear Inn, a landmark building, that once was a center for a certain arts movement here in NYC. Developers like Trump however came into this artist-studio neighborhood and in place of a wonderful old spice factory building from yeah long ago to put up the piece of shit building you see in the photo above. The building of this building almost tore the old Ear Inn down--Trump and the Ear Inn's other neighbor (Dino's his first name) had to save the Ear, recondition it, and also pay big bucks to the Ear's owner--a dude who's owned the Ear now for 30 years this year--30th anniversary of the Ear! Wow. See the 33-episode One Spring Morning Off Spring Street for a living history of the Ear Inn and that old neighborhood once known as BLOHO, a neighborhood that produced a lot of now-famous artists, musicians, rockers, punkers, junk artists, outcasts and has-beens, and they were all welcomed at the Ear Inn--not now; the Ear Inn is now an artsy-fartsy pretend bar and restaurant--the snobs now own the neighborhood--have you ever seen Trump's notion of fine art? All of his major developments are gaudy as hell; his towers overtall, over cheaply built--don't worry, he'll be dead and gone by the time all these glass houses will be tumbling down--why in that sense could we say Donald Trump is a terrorist, too? He certainly wants to destroy New York City as it has been built up over the years--its multicultural scenes being destroyed, too--its neighborhoods being demolished--but oh we repeat ourselves. We cease writing about it and bow our heads in fond remembrance of another bunch of "good old days" that are lost in the fogs of history.

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Ayesha said...

wow buddy, you gotta remember you live in the greatest city on earth, and greatness doesn't come without flaws! take it from someone who grew up all around the world, we NYers are just spoiled, there is a LOT worse out there.

The Daily Growler said...

sorry, ayesha, but we can't agree with you--we could at one time but not anymore--