Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Existing in New York City: The American Idiots Have Spoken

Well, get used to this sociopathic rich man's dumbass look.  He's going to be dictating policy over the next 2 years and this asshole (he was a champion of Money as a Citizen with First Amendment Rights) will set us back a hundred years with his totally backward thinking.  He's a lying dog.  A lie to him is truth.  He's one of the richest men in Congress thanks to his wife's daddy's money (he's married to his second wife (his first marriage ended in divorce), Elaine Chao, G.W. Bush's Labor sec'y. Mitch, however, is definitely a stone racist when it comes to POOR Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans.   Also he's a stone hypocrite because though he claims to be a Kentucky coal revitalizer, his wife's father, who owns a fleet of ships and is fabulously rich, ships cheap Colombian coal to the U.S. (one load of coal he was shipping contained a large shipment of cocaine, a matter that is still under investigation) thus undercutting the value of Kentucky coal.  Fuck Kentucky, is his father-in-law's attitude about this subject.  And Fuck Kentucky as well as the USA is Mitch the Bitch's attitude, too.  There's only one person in Kentucky and the USA he cares about and that's Mitch McConnell.

The American Idiots Have Spoken
Americans obviously love Chaos even more than I do.  They voted in in both state and national offices the most backward-thinking Chaotic sociopaths in the game.  If you thought the moderate Republicans were going to control the Teabaggers, think again.  Teabaggers won big in the backward dipstick states like Gawjah, Lawsbanana, the Confederate States of South and North Carolina, Rightwing Illinois, backward-thinking Arkansas, ignorant Colorado, truly dumbass South Dakota (Native Americans should own and run South Dakota), and, of course, poor little Wendy got her ass clipped by a Texas what's new in the Confederate State of Texas?  How about Massachusetts going Teabagger! And the Confederate State of Virginia and its Hillbilly relatives in West Virginia.  And the voting idiots elected these creeps in landslide ways.  Mitch McConnell conned his way into power with a victory over a very weak and Obama-ashamed woman.  And Obama was the reason the Republicans took over the House in 2010 and now for the first time in a long time the Senate in 2014.  Obama who has turned out to be the shuckin' and jivinist president since we thought G.W. Bush's dumbass lying and deceiving was our worst president ever.  Obama beats the little phony Texas prick hands down. 

The last time the Republicans had this much power was during the Hoover administration and you know how that turned out.  THE STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1929.  And, yes, this is the scenario We the Dumb People of the USA have locked ourselves into by putting the Republicans back in power.  There will definitely be economic chaos, especially if the Republicans win the 2016 Presidential election with Jeb Bush (wanna bet me?).

Obama could have stopped all of this if he had of stood up firm against this ongoing Republican agenda (an agenda that goes back to Hoover's embarrassing loss to FDR in 1932, a loss the Republicans have never gotten over).  But, no, and Obama admitted in his book that he was a fan of Ronald Reagan's, especially Reagan's free trade bullshit and his trickle-down economic theories (the theories of Milton Friedman) and the beginning of tax-breaks for the rich, who by the bye have always ruled this country.  So Obama was the Republican-Democrat and his agenda was to bring the two parties together.  "Yes, we can," he shouted in his best Black preacher imitation, copycatting Martin Luther King and his Black preacher method of repeating taglines over and over...three times at least..."Yes, we can...Yes, we can...Yes, we can."  Of course, yes, we can meant, yes we can keep this Bush Imperial ball rolling.

The dumbest voters in the world voted in the rich bastards because from childhood in this White man's land, we're all told with the right breaks and following the Capitalist rules of the game, we can all be RICH as Rockefeller.  That's the true American Dream.  We the Dumb People of the USA worship the rich man.  We envy the rich man; we may even hate the rich man; but we will always idolize the fact that he is rich so he must be doing something right.

Again The Daily Growler Advises
Now is really the time to take all your savings and whatever other monies you can scrape up...sell your house, sell your car, you dog, your wife or husband if you have to...and invest in the stock market (it will go to absurd heights until it crashes)...invest in Exxon-Mobil...invest in fracking because the Republicans will empower fracking all across the US; they will also approve of more and more pipelines (the Keystone XL will be quickly approved).  You see, with the rage for natural gas in Asia, the price of natural gas will go up and the fracking boys will make more fortunes and if you ride along with them, you'll get gas rich, too.

Also, invest in the Military Industrial Complex since the Republicans will increase military spending and keep all our current wars burning at full flame.

I would invest, too, in security stocks.  You think we spy on each other now, wait'll the fraidy cat Republicans get through with us.

[WARNING: If you're looking forward to retiring at 65, FORGET IT.  The Republicans will rip the heart out of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid.  These assholes will raise the retirement age to 70, so you'll be working for the Yankee dollar for the rest of your miserable lives.] 

So HOT DAMN, folks, here we go.  We're in for a wild ride over the next decade.  I'm lucky I'll be leaving the mortal coil hopefully before the next stock market crash (it's inevitable) and another Bush becomes president.

As George Carlin said, who's responsible for these clowns getting into office?  And surely you can answer that question just like George did.

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