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Existing in New York City: WAR, WAR, OH GLORIOUS WAR!!!

New York City's Times Square looking south in 1938.  That's the NYTimes original building that looms in the mist in the center of photo.  On the far right is the Astor Hotel and Astor Theater where Leslie Howard is starring in the movie "Pygmalion."  To the left is the Loew's State Theater whose marque promotes a Vaudeville show featuring Step-'n-Fetchit.  Photographer unknown.  From tgw collection.
Truckin' Away From the Front Lines
So I've decided to bury my head in the sands of my own imagination.  To divorce reality.  Impossible, you say, and I probably agree with you, but certainly today, being outside reality makes more sense than trying to plow through the Fascistic hurdles of what reality in the Good Ol' USA has become.

One hurdle: I recently had a chance to fly with a bevy of my Michigander friends to their hometown to enjoy their participation in a jazz festival big band.  OK, until I read where you weren't able to board an airliner to any destination without the equivalent of two government photo IDs or one government plus a corporate-issued photo ID.  Whoaaaa....  I was stopped in my tracks.  I haven't had two photo IDs in at least 10 years since I dropped out of the advertising rat race and decided to sail my ship alone (without a car so without a driver's license).  "Sorry," I was told, by United Airlines, "we can't let you on our planes unless you can prove who you are, which is via two photo IDs, one issued by a government or you have a credit card with your photo on it."  I asked them how a photo proves who I am and they, like my mother excused segregation when I was a kid in Texas by saying it was a shame but it was the law, said they were sorry but that was the law.  And whose law was it?  Turns out it started with Slick Willie Clinton's original Patriot Act after the Oklahoma City bombing.  Yes, folks, Slick Willie Clinton gave us the original Patriot Act not Georgie Porgie Puddin' Pie Bush.  Bush gave us Homeland Security and their version of the Patriot Act.  Slick Willie also did away with habeas corpus.  But don't get me started on the Clintons or the Bushes...because that will cause me to lift my head out of the sands of my own imagination and begin seeing the truth behind the many political illusionists and their so many illusions.

OK, sez I to our benevolent government, I once had a passport so I'll just renew it.  Not so easy, a postal clerk who processes passport requests told me.  She said I would still have to provide two current photo IDs to renew a passport since the last time I had a passport was in the 1960s when I was but a long-haired kid totally different-looking from who I am now.

Ah, to hell with it, was my final positioning on the matter.  I don't like to fly anyway.  Planes are some of the biggest germ breeders on earth.  Just think, that airliner from Liberia to Nigeria had a man with the ebola virus on it exposing hundreds of people to the virus (it's contracted from an affected person's body fluids).  It's all a matter of speed anyway.  I could have traveled to Michigan by Megabus but it would have taken me a long grueling ton of hours to get there; same with Amtrak in terms of taking at least two days or longer to get there.

Israel Ethnically Cleansing Palestine
This is purely a religious war.  The Jews being the Chosen People say that their God, Jehovah (Yaweh (same as Allah)), made a covenant with the poppy of the Jews, Abraham (he's ironically the poppy of the Arabs, too, don't you know), a covenant that gave Abe and his lineage all the land that now encompasses Palestine, the old Chaldean and Philistine lands (some say the Jews were first Chaldeans).  The Holy Land.  Besides, what a great way to let what happened to the Jews under Hitler be revenged by taking it out on the helpless Palestinian Arabs, dogs not humans to most gung-ho Israelis, and certainly in Gaza they are trapped like dogs.  Religion is behind most of the world's conflicts.  Can I prove such a statement.  Sure, it's easy.  Give it go, you'll see. 

Doing the Obama Shuffle
How 'bout President Obama doing his Uncle Tom shuffle by glibly joking that, "Yes, we tortured some folks," said with a "yassuh boss" twinkling in his eyes.  We once figured Little Georgie Porgie Bush was going to end up our worst president ever.  That's when we all put our "liberal" hopes in Obama's black-preacher-chant, "Yes, we can!"  Turned out Obama's "Yes, we can" simply meant "Yes, we can continue the same ol' shit, folks."

And, now, Commander-in-Chief Obama has decided to reinvade Iraq...well, he's sending in our invincible Air Force to, under the guise of flying in humanitarian aid, bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age.  Well, here we go again, folks.  And though 75% of We the People are against war, by God, Commander-in-Chief Obama sez, we're gonna have war whether you people or Congress want it or not.  I'm pulling executive privilege on your White man asses.

Pundits are philosophically analyzing Obama's latest reentry into another mess we made: the ruining of Iraq; the turning of Iraq into a embroiled and perpetual war zone.  We need Iraq, don't you see.  We need it, yes, for its oil, but we also need it as we try to control the Middle East.  Iraq sits dead in the middle of Iran, Syria, Afghanistan, Russia, the fact, the whole Middle East, from India over to the Mediterranean.  All of this mentioned in the original Neo-Con Manifesto whose main author is Paul Wolfowitz who is still out there somewhere promoting the Neo-Con's New World Order that old Pappy Bush warned us was being created in his "1000 Points of Light" speech.
Paul Wolfowitz Is a Psychopath/Sociopath Fool: Want Proof? Read the Following: 
We live, folks, in a War Economy.  Without war and arms dealing and stealing oil without which our war machine (the world's largest) would run dry and become totally stalled, this country would go bankrupt.  We'd be taken over by Chinese Communist Capitalists.  We have always consistently backed repressive governments, dictators, terrorists...come on, we created Al-Queda to fight with the  Mujaheddin against the Soviet forces in Afghanistan; our CIA infiltrators and agent provocateurs started the civil war in Syria; in a great revenge for Ronald Reagan, We the People, through NATO, which we control and without whose finances it would fold, attacked Libya, bombed the bejesus out of it, then when our CIA thugs found Khadaffi rather than keeping him alive and questioning him or giving him a fair trail, they instead tore his body to shreds with multiple bullets (assassination a dear stream of evil that runs through the American psyche)(remember we did the same with Osama bin Laudin and remember we hanged Saddam Hussein, a botched hanging that took several efforts to finally break his stubborn neck).

So brace yourself for more and more wars as We the World's Extraordinary Human Monkeys, the dumbest people on earth, will soon reelect a lot of Republican goons (there's a great possibility in this still-Civil-War-divided country (divided over slavery still (don't forget, the Republican agenda is all about cheap labor)) that the Republicans can take over the Senate in the coming elections).  And worst of all, We the Dumbest People in the World will elect yet another do-no-wrong sociopath as our president, whether it be Hillbilly "War Lover" Clinton or the Reverend Rick Perry (yes, he's running for president) or whatever fool the Republicans run this time.  And we will still have our Catholic-controlled Supreme(ly dumb) Court trashing our Bill of Rights out of existence and totally ignoring what few Constitutional rights we have left (name them?).  Due to this War Economy, we have lost our right to privacy.  We have a billion-plus-bucks-a-year security industry now out there working hand-in-hand with our CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, NIS, local cops tracking our every move whether in reality or on the Internet, listening to our every call, reviewing everything we write on the Internet, capturing all the photos we put up on the fact, now our newer computers allow the government a backdoor access to all our files, hardware, software, etc.

Fuck it all, I say, as I bury my head in the sands of my imagination.

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Marybeth said...

I commented on this post almost a month ago and my comment never appeared. Maybe the computer ate it. I said something about how I am a confirmed head-in-the-sand kind of person and how the world (of humans) is the same crap it's always been and always will be until we mercifully (mercifully for all the other forms of life) off ourselves.

The Daily Growler said...

Dear WTP,

Neglect is sometimes our middle name. We apologize for this neglect. We love you, MB, so you know it was an oversight.